When the World Comes Crashing Down

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  1. There has always been problems in the Kingdom of Aleria but until now it was usually delt with easily, not so any more. The kingdom was a human one, but what happens when the vampires are tired of hiding who and what they are? And what's worse is that the humans find out that their own prince is one of "those blood sucking demons." Caught between his duty as the second son of a great king and who he is as a vampire, he runs away never to be heard from again.
    The people take this as treason and are now wanting to kill whoever they even think might be a vampire. To the vampires it's a fight for their survival and some are starting to think that maybe it would be better just to leave and never come back. But there is another group not thinking of such kind or peaceful acts, to them they think humans should be nothing but cattle to them since the vampire is the supreme race.
    But in secret there is a small group of humans and vampires that just want peace and to bring the kingdom back together again, maybe not what it was like before but maybe even better.
    Can the Kingdom of Aleria survive? Why don't you join and find out?

    These are some of the higher up positions open to all:
    The King of Aleria
    The Queen of Aleria
    The Crown Prince of Aleria
    The Leader of the evil vampires
    The henchmen for the vampires
    The leader of the humans against vampires
    The volunteers for the humans
    The Leader of the Secret Group
    The rebels for the Secret Group

    If you have a position as a Leader you may choose how your people are set up and what you all are called.

    If you wish to add another character not on that list please ask before you do. Your character can be a turned vampire or a pure blood which are just vampires that were born. (And yes they can have kids though only with another vampire, they cannot have kids with a human.....but they can adopt! And also vampires cannot go out in sunlight, except if they're wearing a lot of protective clothing and then usually for just a short period of time.)
    Thank you and have a good time!

    This is my character's (the young prince's) description:

    Name: Damien (He goes by Red now.)
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Prince
    Race: Vampire (turned)
    Height: 6'0"
    Description: Damien is very slightly built, more like a runner than a fighter. He has black hair that never wants to stay tamed and grows like a weed when he cuts it above his shoulders. His hair is about mid-back, thick, and shaggy looking which is why he usually pulls it back with a piece of black leather. He is pale but not so much that he looks sick or on his death bed, though he would think it was funny if he did. His eyes are a very dark red nearing black but they usually only either hold a careful blankness or a mild curiosity. He's far from handsome if you consider his personality and the scar that run from his hairline straight down over his right eye ending at his jawline. He has thicker eyelashes than what men usually have but not to a girls extent, those he thanks his mother for.
    Personality: He thinks himself as handsome, though he can sometimes get very cynical about himself but he mostly likes to keep a light easy tone. He very much thinks himself everyone night time dream......this is so not true, even he knows that, but he does like to pretend. Damien is very loyal to those he considers his friends though right now he does not consider many his friends. He is a very easy going person and usually tries to talk his way out of things before he tries to fight his way out of them, but when it comes to push and shove he will fight before he will ever be called a coward. His motto is that it's better to try and talk it out but when it comes down to it you better fight with all you have.
    History: Damien got turned whenever he was 16 by a woman he met at a local.....well lets just say that it wasn't a place he should have been in. He woke up in his room to find that he had been out for a week and that all his family thought he had only been sick. When he figured out he was a vampire he freaked to say the least. It wasn't the most pleasant experience but with the help of one of his servants, who he figured out was also a vampire, he managed to get through it. Than the vampires came out and he had to run, it was either that or have to face his family again after seeing how they reacted to him last time. He managed to escape, getting his scar and losing his servant and friend in the process. He managed to hide out down in the slums getting work as a delivery boy trying to keep the best face on matters and also trying to keep who and what he was a secret as much as possible. Though sometimes he thinks that maybe today is the day that humans and vampires will see the light of day and maybe start mending that rift that spread between them so fast.

    Name: Xavier Damont
    Age: He looks 28 but is really much older though he does not remember exactly how old.
    Gender: Male
    Rank: He is the leader of the Demont Vampire’s or DV (the vampires against humans)
    Race: Vampire and a pureblood
    Height: 6’4”
    Description: Xavier has extremely straight blonde hair that is almost the color white. He is very lean but still very well muscled, he is also very pale. His hair hangs down to just slightly below his hips he also usually keeps it in a very loose braid with black silk braided along with it. He has bangs that frame his face, though it does not give him a softer look unlike how it would some people. His eyes are a very icy blue that look more like ice with a tinting of blue in them than an actual blue color. His face is usually set in a very emotionless mask that takes a lot to crack. He usually wears warlike garb that covers his scarred body, he doesn’t even know where he got most of them. He has a scar on the back of his right hand that is in the shape of a flower, every time he looks at it though he has a hard time focusing on whoever is talking at the time.
    Personality: His personality is a hard one to put into words. He keeps to himself much of the time and does not like to be bothered when he is in thought. The only one he has ever showed the slightest hint of emotion to is his second in command, and even then it is very hard to get him to show it. Just below the surface of his emotionless mask though his thoughts swirl in almost a black abyss type of thought where his only driving need is to kill the humans or at least pen them up like animals where they belong. His hatred of humans is only rivaled by his hatred of those of pureblood origin who refuse to take up their heritage and use the humans as nothing more than cattle to be used and then thrown away. He never really gets angry and the only time one could know he is irked is when his eyes go an almost electric blue, and then when that happens it usually means that death is soon to follow. He believes that there is no such thing, as the humans call it, as love that it all really just a made up belief to keep the humans going in their pitiful life. He does prefer the company of men over women but if there is no other option he will spend a night with a woman, though he sends them away as soon as he can.
    History: He does not really remember his past except from about fifty years ago when he woke up outside the kingdom of Aleria. As soon as he woke up his thoughts turned black and he could only think of blood, his hunger, and an utter hatred of humans. It was strange waking up and immediately feeling these things, it was like it wasn’t even his body that was feeling this and that he was just a visitor staying for a little while before leaving. After having put the feelings as far back as possible he had made his way into the Alerian Kingdom and started to try and figure things out. He started gathering followers first and then started to make a plan, the force that was driving him was too much to ignore and besides why should he since he was a superior being to those lowly human scum. Very soon it had already been 46 years and the vampires had come out to the humans, it was all working like he had planned. The humans had reacted as he had expected and the vampires were either flocking to him or running which he didn’t much need them if they were going to be cowards. Xavier was just waiting for the day now when he could strike a blow to the humans, one so bad they would never forget his name and that day was now upon him. All his plans were coming to a head right at this moment and he could hardly wait to start the blood bath.

  2. There was always that uncanny sense of a vampires when they know that the sun had gone down, that and he had just opened his eyes to look at the window. His name was Red, ok well not really but that's what he calls himself anyway, and he was a vampire yes but the good kind not the "I suck your blood out and leave you drained dry" kind of vampire. Yawning, Red slowly swung his legs out of bed, stretching slightly when his feet hit the floor. Oh how he was sore, that last delivery was horrible. They had wanted him to rid them of their possessed pet but what he had really ended up doing was helping them do a million things around their house. He chuckled slightly to himself, oh the look on their faces if they had known exactly who and what he was. He knew he wasn't the only vampire still in hiding, in his opinion it was better to hide than to come out and get killed.

    Sighing to himself he stood up finally knowing that he should get up and get about the day, or night in this case. Red walked over to his dresser and opened the one of the drawers pulling out a pair of soft leather pants. Pulling them on he then went looking for a shirt hoping that he didn't tear the one he really liked, oh how disappointed the ladies would be if he had. Finally finding his shirt, tossed to one side on an old antic chair, he pulled it on. It was black and looked more like leather than what it really was, which was amazingly wool, it was also tight on him....it was horrible trying to find one that fit like that. To complete his look he pulled his hair back at about the bottom of his neck with a strip of black leather, than pulled on his soft black boots which reached almost to his knee. Stretching again Red looked out through one of his windows and sighed almost happy.

    This life in the lower part of the middle class section wasn't so bad, even having to put up with human lords and ladies wasn't so bad, but he did have to avoid them as much as possible one never does know who knows them. He dropped the curtain back in place than turned towards his front door. His house, or hut as he called it, had everything conveniently located in one room the only thing separate was what was blocked off by blankets he hung up across. He walked over to his door pulling off a cloak as he went. He pulled it on than pulled the hood up to cover his face, than opened the door and stepped into the night....in a way his other home.
  3. (May I joing as a leader of the secret group? ^^)
  4. (Yes you may, and may also come up with a name for it if you want.)

  5. Name: Laura Danava

    Age: 23


    Rank: The Leader of LoD (League of the Damned)

    Pure vampire

    168 cm (sorry, I don't know inches)

    Personality: Laura is really secretive and mysterious. It is due to the fact that she had been leading LoD since her predecessor was killed which happened few decades ago. Apart from being such an unreachable woman, Laura can seduce any man to her liking and then manipulate him. However, she can do that with any human man and few weak vampires. She can be talkative but it is not like her. Not very often would you find her in a pub drinking, laughing and singing.

    History: Laura's family belonged to the clever ones. It is because milleniums ago, one of her great-grandparents somehow arranged that her family became nobles. At first they were the lowest ones but thanks to good marriages, Laura's family worked itself up and when she was little, she visited the royal's few times. Thanks to the position of her family noone would ever believe that they could be vampires. The reason was that they treated their servants with respect and honor. They listened to them and when needed tried to help. All along the way, they kept their true identity hiden. It was also Laura's family who found LoD an throughout the years, more and more vampires joined in to save their lives. So it happened at the end that all human servants were replaced with vampires. Danava's mansion then became the headquarter of LoD and there were strict rules that had to be obeyed. Anyone who did something against them was uncompromisingly punished. Laura's predecessor was her older brother. That fool fell in love with a human and told the woman everything. Of course she got scared and told someone else and that was why he died. Oh, how many sleepless night Laura experienced afterwards just to save her family and the mansion from being burned down. Since then their position above the people was a little bit weakened but with each passing day, Laura restores it's previous importancy to protect the vampires within but most of all, to protect her self.

    ((OOC: her eyes are not red no matter what the picture shows. Lets say that she has emerald green eyes, that would go nicely with her red mahagony hair. ))

    Name: Zack Fieral

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Rank: second-in-command in DV

    Race: Pureblood

    Height: 187 cm

    Personality: Zack is always the one who has a calm head when things get screwed up. He doesn't panic and can command his troops around very easily. He also has a great knowledge of war strategies for in the past he had been involved in many battles and those he was in, he won. Zack is also very intellingent. Being way above the avarage, sometimes his own mind plays tricks on him. However, it never got the better of him and he always could work on more than 100%. Well, to be honest, there were few nights when he got into a some sort of trance, when his brain just decided to switch off without Zack's approval but as the time passed Zack himself became more cautious of what precede those moments. This permanent cautiousness reflected in his behaviour as well. His observational skills became greater than they used to be and even from untold hints, Zack is able to tell what is the person or a vampire thinking. He can do this with everyone but not with his leader, Xavier. That vampire is still a mystery to him.

    History: Zack's full name is Zachary Fidestro Eralo. In the past, his family had an importance greater than any other's, even greater than Danava's. Though at the moment, when vampires came out his family was the first one to be killed. People didn't care about what they said, what they did. Humans proved to be crafty and one day when all of his family was resting, they broke into the mansion and killed his parents and his little sister. Zack managed to escape though since then he doesn't have little finger and ring finger on his left hand. It was still better to lose fingers than life. Also that night was the night he began to hate humans. Before that he wanted the best for them, but humans proved to be worthless and whenever he got to feed, he always tortured the person, relieving his anger that way. As for his fingers, after he joined Xavier and the organization was stable, Zack ordered to the best mechanic in the whole race of vampires, to make him two new mobile fingers. He also changed his name to Zack Fieral for the family of Eralo was dead and Fidestro was no longer alive either. Now it was just Zack Fieral, who longed for his revenge on humans and on Danava family for he believes they used them as a prey for humans to save their own life.

    Name: Marco Whitworth

    Age: 57

    Gender: male

    Rank: second-in-command in LoD

    Race: pureblood

    Height: 183 cm

    Personality: Marco is very calm and friendly. He doesn't make differences between vampires and people, he treats them all the same. Throughout his long life, he saw a lot of cruel things as well as acts of kindness. Marco is wise not just due to his age, but also due to all he came through. Only few vampires know the whole of his history and that's only because it is long, longer than anyone can imagine. He isn't a genius, but his mind works fast no matter how old he is. Marco wouldn't fight unless neccesary, he likes discussions more and thinks that violence never led to anything good. Being peaceful and open to everything and everyone, there is no wonder that others love him.

    History: Marco's history is way to extensive to write it all at once but there are few crucial moments that have to be mentioned. First of them was when he lost his love. She was a human and they loved one another. No, noone killed her for she died naturally, but throughout that period of time, Marco was trying to find the potion of long-lasting life. He knew that, he could turn her into a vampire but she didn't wanted to and Marco respected it. So instead of doing things the easy way, he began to search in the alchemy and tried several combinations but nothing worked. Marco who was charming and could have had any woman he wanted, stayed with his love until the last moment when she died at late age and there was no more beauty on the outside. It was heart-breaking for him, however, it didn't break him completely. The next crucial part in Marco's life was, when he was involved in the first time when vampires came out. Only then did he see the cruelity of both races and the hatred they cherrished for one another without any obvious reason. Human hated vampires for drinking their blood and vampires hated humans for not giving it to them. But that wasn't the real reason in Marco's eyes. Both races where afraid. Both races felt endangered and in order to feel safe again, they were willing kill and fight until the dying day. Back then, Marco left the kingdom. He couldn't bare it, it was way too overwhelming for him. So instead of supporting one or another, he chose travels. Returning back to the kingdom after millenium, he hoped that the fight ended. Indeed, it was but the tension in the air was almost tangible. Both races received enormous loss and were repenting of it. That was the time when he got to meet Danava's family. The only family that still stood together no matter how bad the past was. He symphatized with them and felt the need to help them for there was something that told him that one day, this family would play a decisive role in the future. With Marco's help, the family got married to aristocrat's and throughout the centuries it worked itself up to the top. At some point, Danava's family decided to establish an organization that would help felow vampires. In that time, it was only meant to support them and Marco was offered and given the role of secretary in the organization. But something went wrong again. Vampire rebels tested humans, tried their endurance and Marco felt that it wouldn't lead to anything good. He was right, it didn't. Vampires came out, the prince had to run from the palace and Marco was sure that he couldn't escape this time as he did millenium ago. He had responsibilities. At that point, he became second-in-command and was getting ready for war.

    Name: Desmond Talbot

    Age: 10

    Gender: male

    Rank: head of the research

    Race: turned vampire

    Height: 138 cm

    Due to his history, Desmond preserved some of the child within himself so sometimes he might not take certain things seriously or jokes around a lot. However, most of the times he is relaxed and easy going type of person. He doesn't have any special need apart from being around people and being occupied. When he isn't occupied he tends to reveal his child side again and fool around. Some might consider him crazy but those who know understand his need of trying to be what he once gave up to live his dream.

    Desmond has never known his parents. He was left by an orphanage and so he grew up there. Kids always considered him weird but in that kind that they didn’t bully him. They avoided him. Due to that he didn't have many friends so he spent a lot of time in the little library of the orphanage. Many may think that all orphanages are bad, that the kids are treated like animals. Well, Desmond was lucky because the orphanage where he was must have been an exception. Kids were not treated without respect. However, not many overseers tended to bond with the kids so they were mostly left on their own - bonding with each other, creating groups, gangs, sisterhoods and brotherhoods. All that passed Desmond by and ever so slowly, he stopped caring about it. Books were his best friends. Thanks to that, he found a reference about some old language which might allow him to do magic. For almost a ten year old it would be like dream coming true. Unfortunately, the book where he found the reference was the only one in the whole, small library of his home. Yet Desmond craved for more. In the times, when the kids were taken out for a walk, Desmond started to disappear to explore public libraries shall there be another mention of that language. Some days he was lucky, some days he was not. But one day he was caught by the town guards and taken to the orphanage. Yes, there was a punishment for breaking the rules and under other circumstances Desmond would have accepted it as a sign of responsibility. However, word gave word; things happen, don't they? Before the guards were able to pass the threshold of the orphanage, Desmond somehow managed to slip away and run. He ran as fast as he could and hid well enough for the guards were not able to find him. It was an act of bravery in his eyes and in the eyes of other kids who got to know about his actions. Next passing days were a misery. Not as great as a 'hero' should spend but there wasn't much that could have been done about it. One night, when Desmond was hiding under a bridge in the center of the town an old man came to him. His eyes were wise and an aura of strength was around him. Yet he wasn't scary, at least not to Desmond. He found that stranger fascinating and because of that he didn't ran away. That strange old man sat down next to him with a friendly smile on his face. "I know what you were doing," he has said and Desmond's chest tightened. After all, this man was another guard to take him away from his dream. Being outraged and suddenly scared, Desmond tried his luck to get past the old man and run. Till the present day, he can't recall how it could have happened but suddenly he was in the stranger's arm as if he were cuddled. Something he has never done before, so shock and surprise made him stiffen. "Do not worry boy. I won't betray you. I can give you a life...and your dream." That was what has changed Desmond's mind. If anyone could make his dream come true then this little boy would be grateful for the rest of his days. The old man has probably seen the excitement in the little eyes and it conjured smile on his own face. "Very well then, but first things first. My name is Marco and from now on, I will be your patron," the old man said and extended his hand towards Desmond who accepted it without hesitation. The next thing he could remember was a sharp pain in his neck. Over the years, Marco explained his actions to young Desmond whose mind was easily manipulated and shaped. Over the years, Desmond was treated as an adult. He also got this warmth of being cared for from Marco. Though, the occasions when the two of them sat together and talked like father and son, ceased as Desmond got older. Now a days, they didn’t do it anymore and it didn't matter to Desmond that much. He had his dream and with each passing day, each syllable being decoded, he was closer to fulfilling what he wished for the most - just like Marco promised. He was happy and occupied.
  6. ( Great description and awesome history. And its all right that you don't know how to do the height in inches. You can also start posting whenever you want.)
  7. Laura stood by the window, watching the horizon as it was getting darker. Not that she would watch the sundown, no, but she loved the time when night didn't rule yet and day didn't give up. Unfortunately, that period usually lasted only few minutes. Those minutes Laura spent by the window, undisturbed. She wouldn't kill anyone for talking to her during that time, it was only because other vampires were getting up after that moment, so she could enjoy the sight peacefully. Smiling to herself, Laura turned away from the outside scenery. It was over and she got a lot of things to do. It was an important day. Well, better to be called night. Important for vampires not for humans. They would probably send army at them if they would find out. Laura's informers gave an information of where young prince could be. Not the oldest one but Damien. She could remember him only slightly. However, she didn't care for the appearance but for the fact that he was a vampire...as the whole kingdom knew. Poor little boy must have been hunted down. It must have been tiring for him. A chuckle escaped Laura's lips. If her informers were right, she could get this young lad to the mansion today. Her position among vampires would strengthen due to that and it was always good to be stronger then those you looked after. It added more to your respect.

    "Madam," said one of the vampires as she was passing by and regarded her with a slight bow of his head. She replied in the same manner. This night she wasn't wearing her usual robe but comfortable clothes suitable for running and fighting. Once outside, you never knew who could attack you out of blue. Humans were so suspicious these days. Arriving in the hall, Laura immediately saw two men, informers, who carried the information her ears desired to hear. They were a little bit nervous for they knew that if their info wouldn't be true and due to that they would put Laura in danger, it might end up with a punishment. On the other hand, walking out at night was dangerous on its own anyway. Requesting what they had to tell her, Laura listened carefully, nodding from time to time.

    "So you are sure that he will pass by that building. You have no doubts about it," she said curiously. Her casual way of speaking remained with her since the time when there were human servants in the mansion. They were all treated like family. With vampires it was different though, at least in her mansion. Each vampire deserved different level of respect depending on which possition he/she held within the structure of LoD. Everyone in the mansion was a member of LoD and if you were a cook you might had higher position than the one who swept the floor. Each position in the mansion staff reflected on how high positioned you were in LoD. Simple and hardly traced by an uninitiated observer. Once Laura got an affirmative to her previous comment, she nodded herself. Pulling the hood up, so that she would be hardly recognizable if she got to meet a human, she left the mansion, using the exit in kitchen.

    The night and the air was chilly. It stung in Laura's lungs like thousands of tiny needles. Grimacing at the sensation, she began to trot towards the the first houses that were at the end of the long driveway. Her enhanced hearing didn't catch any sound of moving around so once she entered the narrow street of the town, she could get into the full speed, using only sidestreets. No eye could see her but there were still people that would attack any shadow thinking it is a vampire so Laura had to be double careful. After no more than few minutes she arrived at the destination. She still didn't have much of a clue what the building was because her informers didn't provide her with any useful information on that matter, but their description was perfect and truthfull. Waiting in the shadows, she waited for her target to arrive. Another minutes passed till a shadow appeared on the corner, walking in her direction. Taking deep breath in, Laura smiled in the dark of her own hood. She didn't know if other vampires knew about it, but when you really tried hard you could smell a vampire. Yes, vampires had a slightly different scent than human though human's sense of smell wouldn't be able to detect that. When Damien, or rather to be called Red nowadays, was close enough that he could see and hear Laura, she started to talk.

    "Cold isn't it?" she asked friendly yet with a hint of awarness. She should be carefull for the hood of that man covered his face just as well as hers did. Knowing that Red had a scar on his face, she had to see it to be sure that she met the right person.

    "How is it that you are walking here alone? Don't you know about the vampires?" She carried on and bounced herself off the wall on which she had been leaning.

    "Or are you one of them?" A suspicion got into her voice as it usually did when a human spoke. Walking closer to Red, Laura hunched a little bit, showing that she would attack anytime he would show any intention of attacking her. Overall, her behaviour resembled a human on a hunt for a vampire. Indistinguishable until it would come to fight.
  8. Red looked at the woman warily, he was used to people coming up and talking to him sometimes though mostly only at the local pub but something was off this time. He tilted his head slightly to one side doing a quick check around to make sure this woman was alone. He smiled slightly hoping that she would see it so she would know that he meant her no harm and that he was just another human passing by. "I am sorry, or maybe not so sorry, to say that I am not one of those evil ones. I must ask though, why are you out and about on your own?" He asked, genuinely curious about why this woman would be out and about at this time of night. But then again he was out and about so maybe this woman just had things to do. Shrugging to himself he looked this person over, the stance was that of a human ready to attack if necessary but he just couldn't put his finger on what exactly might be off about this person. Maybe it was just his imagination or maybe it was just that he needed to feed, it could be a million things, so why was it that his brain didn't believe any of that.

    Hoping that this was not another one of his bad ideas he decided to stay instead of walking away like he usually did when he got that odd feeling. Red shifted his position slightly to a stance of someone ready to fight if necessary, he may have been a prince but he was a vampire also and he did have to learn how to fight even if his brother had always bested him in every match until he became a vampire. Sniffing slightly, and very quietly, he tried to figure out this woman's scent and is she was a regular citizen, an official, or if she was something even worse....which was kind of hard to believe if you think of the fact that humans were the ones wanting to kill them, but you never know and it's best to be on ones guard.
  9. "I am on a hunt...obviously. But now take off you hood Stranger," she barked and reached with one of her hands under her cloak in a motion like reaching for a weapon. Laura knew that she could provoke a fight due to that but she also could already feel the adrenalin running through her body. If he wasn't the right person she was after, then she could have some fun, feed herself and leave. Yes, it was cruel but there was always use to different situations. After all, she might take the unconscious body back into mansion for other to eat as well.

    "You know, those vampires... their beauty best us humans. I hate it," she said spitefully and spat on the ground. That might have been a little bit too rough for a woman but Laura felt it appropriate. In these days, lot of women were behaving like man. Especially, those who were really hunting vampires. They were well-built and you could mistake them for man sometimes. Disgraceful, woman should look like a woman not a soldier or anything like that.

    Starting to move to the right, Laura planned to circle around the man. She felt pleased as he took a fighting stance as well. Obviously he was aware of the situation and how dangerous it could get. On the other hand, if he was a human he wouldn't have to be scared to do this. Or he could. Laura never really understood people. At one moment they would hug you and kiss you on cheeks and then by the twist of a second, you could fell a cold steel sliding into your flesh. So by any means, she wasn't any closer to finding out who the person was without pulling down his hood.

    "As I said, show me your face so that I can be sure of who you are," Laura repeated, putting more threatening overtone in her speech. The tickling in her body increased. Now, it could either break into a fight in which she would find out who the person really was, vampire or a human, or the man would reveal himself. At this moment, Laura was grateful for the cold night air. If anything else, it didn't make her feel hot; moreover, it freshened her skin, cooled down her head and made her fully aware of her surroundings.
  10. Red tensed even further, this woman had to either have been trained or gone through enough to let her know the ins and outs of fighting. He really didn't want this to break into a fight but he also didn't want to give himself away just because a woman came along and demanded it, though he would definitely think about it if she was good looking. Keeping an eye on her, he started to look around for either a way to escape or things the use if this broke into a fight. Finding everything he wanted and a few he didn't care to have around he turned more in her direction and asked, "Why do I need to pull my hood off? Is it now against the law to wear a hood in public?" Red did hope she would answer instead of attacking, nothing good ever came out of violence.

    He shrugged the cloak back over his shoulders to free his hands up just in case. He did not have any visible weapons, but between his teeth nails and a boot knife he almost always had on him he thought he was well enough for right now. He winced inwardly at how the women of Aleria had changed since that day, they used to be able to be who they were not having to be scared or fight for their lives. He sincerely hoped that this woman was just some human wanting to protect herself and her family because if not he might not be able to change her mind, women with a plan were always dangerous. But then again so were women with something to protect, why oh why did it have to be this night that she had to show up.

    'But at least she didn't show up near my house.' Red thought, genuinely glad that his safe haven hadn't been found out as of yet. Now if only he could get her to maybe reveal something that could give him a hint of who she was, he might be doing then.....so far not so much. He moved his hand slightly towards where the knife was at but not close enough to give her any suspicion as to what he was doing. He was not a fighter, he was a lover, if only his appearance could scream that he would be on his way to a better life.....or not, people might still attack him for his good looks, oh well one can not pick or choose ones strengths.
  11. Laura grinned. This fella was a clever one. He knew how to escape what he was asked to do and he did it in a crafty way. Well, if he didn't want to reveal his face willingly then force would have to be used. However, Laura didn't want to attack first. Well, she could but it usually happened to her that during the fight as she was getting more and more excited her speed would increase until she would reach her top level. Usually after few minutes of a fight it was obvious that she was no human but a vampire. She couldn't afford to reveal her identity to this man even thought he might be Red or not. She had to be craftier then him.

    "Then you admit that you are one of those blood suckers," she said in a victorious tone of voice. In a slow motion she pulled out a casual dagger any human would use. Unfortunately for such missions, she couldn't take hers which had better endurance, looked better and she could use it with more flexibility. She also noticed that slight movement he did. Human probably wouldn't notice but, Surprise!, she was a vampire.

    So he has some weapons as well, Laura thought for herself with a sort of respect. If you went out unarmed these days, you might as well go into a war just in your underwear.

    No matter how determined she looked on the outside, deep in the inside she scolded herself for using the word 'blood suckers'. It was so dishonorable. Laura admitted that they required blood for survival, but this term sounded so vulgar. She wanted to spat on the ground again and didn't hold herself back. It might have looked like she was disgracing her opponent, thinking less of him.

    "Pull down your hood stranger or I swear I will gut you as a pig," she said once more in the threatening tone of voice and felt it almost inevitable that the fight would commence. In this case, he could attack first in order to preserve his life and take her by surprise. He could think and try to slit her throat or just to daze her. No matter what, Laura was ready for any type of attack. Her heart which ought to be thumping fastly, was slowly beating into the rythm of her foot steps. Hunching even lower, Laura could seem to want to jump any moment possible.
  12. Red watched her warily, she wasn't stupid like he thought she was. This was an unexpected surprise, though he didn't know if it was a good one or not and judging by the stance she was taking he was thinking kind it wasn't a good surprise. Mentally calculating how this could turn out if they got into a fight he didn't kid himself that he was the greatest fighter in the kingdom, there was always someone better than you out there and there were always better and older vampires as well.

    He pulled out his own knife, which was actually not a bad little knife, and got into a more relaxed but ready stance. "I did not admit that I was a.....blood sucker, as you so kindly put it, all I said was that there was no reason for me to pull down my hood. You see I am a very well known person around the market place and I have done a few things that might make the authorities come and get so I would rather not show everyone my face. Besides you have not shown me your face and it is only fair to let someone know who you are before you start demanding it of other people." He said, then held his right hand out to show there was nothing in that one and that the only weapon he had was the knife in his left hand.

    Shrugging slightly at her he said, "I do not mean to be rude miss, it is just that these are hard times and not very trusting ones either. You do not have to show me your face if you do not want to, but please respect my decision that I will not if you do not." He smiled very slightly to himself, she was a very forceful woman of that he was sure. This was not necessarily a bad trait especially in the times they were living in, and it was kind of nice to finally see a woman who did not cower at going out at night. Red shifted slightly to get into a better position if she were to attack and realized how late he was going to be picking up that package at the local pub.

    It would almost be worth it to get into a fight right now so that he didn't have to show up for his job with a poor excuse for why he was late. Thinking about it Red decided that maybe he could avoid this fight and get her to come with him so that he could show the man that he wasn't avoiding his job, or if he got into a fight he could just say that he got ambushed which is why he was late. Now he just had to hope the bartender would be ok with that excuse.

    Putting those thoughts to the back of his head at the moment he thought of the more pressing issues of the woman in front of him and the gnawing hunger pressing down on him, he knew he should have fed before he went to sleep but he had been tired and just kind of shrugged it off at the moment. Now it was coming back to bite him almost literally, this is what he got for being lazy. Taking a deep breath and realizing he couldn't define this woman's scent, he started to get uneasy. He'd been hearing of the human against vampires people and about a group of vampires set on enslaving the human race, he just hoped she wasn't a member of either.

    He let his breath out after holding it for a minute and watched her closely looking for any sign that she might attack. He didn't really want to fight for another reason and that was because he hadn't quite learned how to control his strength or speed in battle yet, there had never really been a reason before and when there had his vampire friend wasn't around anymore to help. He still missed the man, he had been a good friend and a good fighting buddy. Ridding himself of these thoughts he cleared his mind and calmed himself like he had been taught and got ready to fight just in case.
  13. Laura grimaced for herself. Yes, he knew how to get out of a trap but with each passing minute of their conversation Laura was getting less and less patient. Not even a human would endure that long without either, breaking in the fight or wavering in what he was saying. Laura's sixth sense made her sure that she found the right person. However, she still wanted a proof. As Red finished the thing about pulling down hoods and how fair it wouldn't be if she wouldn't pull down hers, he fell silent. Laura didn't answer at all. Words were useless at the moment for they would be talking about the same thing all over again. The two of them were circling one another for few more step, before Laura barked out.

    "Liar," the moment she finished the word, Laura darted forwards not caring about how quickly a human would move. She got into her full speed and force stabbing at the man's left side then as swiftly as she could, Laura sneaked by his right side where he didn't have any weapon. As she was moving quickly and a breeze just went into her face, a strand of her red mahagony hair pulled loose and flew behind her. Due to the quickness and suddeness of the movement, she appeared behind his back and without a moment of hesitation, Laura grabbed the fabric of his hood promptly pulling it down and in flow of the motion, she jerked it backwards. At the same moment, she knelt down and kicked on Red's feet which resulted by him falling flat on his back. Pliably getting out of the way, Laura moved to the right again and as soon as Red was on the ground she sat on top of him pinching his hands down, immobilizing him.

    It is you! She thought as she saw his face with the scar. A triumphant smile appeared on her face and half of it was visible from under her hood. Actually, defeating the man so easily made Laura a bit disappointed. She expected him to be a little bit more competent of his powers. But the truth was that he probably didn't have anyone to help him getting under control his new abilities. Well, that could be helped with once he was in the mansion.

    "As I said, you are liar but a very good one, Red," she whispered to him yet didn't move an inch. Quickly looking around and smelling the air, Laura made sure that there was noone around who could hear them and who might have witnessed their little fight. Well, if there was a human witnessing their battle then the person would probably raise an alarm by the time,Anna was on top of Red.

    "I am from LoD. I came here to take you with me to the mansion. You'll be way safer there than here, or in the slum and you would still be able to do what it is you're doing for living," Laura carried on, dropping her voice under the whisper but still audible noise. Audible ony for vampires actually.
  14. Red blinked slightly, a little bit dazed and kind of speechless for the moment. With what she just had said and done he managed to figure out that yes she was a vampire and yes she was stunning. In a way it was kind of embarrassing to be taken out by a woman but than again he really couldn't say he was upset, the woman had skills. Shifting just slightly he looked at her face and thought to himself he actually had to be kind of lucky at the moment, she wasn't a human after all and not just that but she was actually working to help vampires survive the humans. Or at least that's what he was hoping at the moment. "I'm guessing since you haven't kidnapped me yet, your wondering if I might come willingly instead of fighting it?" He asked, thinking to himself that he shouldn't be so calm at this moment. He was in a kind of dangerous situation with someone who was more skilled than he was at fighting.

    After a second of thinking about it he asked, "How did you know where I would be at?" The fact that there might be more than one person, even if there a vampire, knowing where he was at was kind of unnerving. Then again maybe she was just good at what she did, which he had no idea of except that she may be telling the truth and helping vampires. Now all he needed was to figure out if she was really actually telling the truth or not and where she learned to fight. Well he never did like simple things, which might be one of the reasons he never really entered into any relationship. Red closed his eyes momentarily to think and maybe not creep her out by staring at her, and started to calculate how he was going to get out of this one.

    Maybe she didn't know where his house was and she just had learned his route that he took almost every night to get to the pub, he knew a few people that knew that route. Sighing to himself because just thinking on it was getting him nowhere he opened his eyes again and continued to memorize at least what she partly looked like. She was, like he had thought earlier, stunning but it didn't seem like just an outward stunning she seemed to radiate strength and ability. In a way it was kind of intoxicating, enough so that he kept a firm hold on his thoughts and expressions. Now that he could see her it was more obvious that she was a vampire, no human could look like this....or at least not most humans. Silently to himself he started to recite a poem that he remembered his mother reading to him one night when he was 8 years old. She reminded him of the woman of the story, strong and daring as well as cunning and beautiful, his mother had always told him that if were to ever meet a woman like that to be wary and he was.
  15. Laura smiled again. He was so helpless in the moment and yes, Laura liked when she was the one in control. The one that decided what would happen and how it would happen. The strand of her hair was loosely hanging downwards and somehow disturbed her in her concentration yet she did not dare to move an inch or to lessen her force with which she was pinning Red to the ground. However, that bit of hair and how it was swaying in the breeze...Laura would grit her teeth if self-control wouldn't be one her good qualities.

    "Yes, I am giving you a choice. If you decline, you will sooner or later come back and join us for this is no safe place for someone with your history. But you know how it's said, the sooner the better," she said and shrugged as much as the situation allowed her to. Breathing the cold night air with all the adrenalin subsiding, Laura's lungs stung a little bit again. Hopefully, this would be over soon and she would return back to the mansion. Not that she would mind being out at night, it was just that this particular night seemed to be more chilly than the other ones. Oh and by the way, she shouldn't forget about the reward for her informers. They were very right, indeed. In the corner of her mind, Laura began to think what could give them. There were plenty of possibilities.

    "Well, there are spies all around the city. So I would think that once LoD knows your position then maybe the others do to," she suggested and looked around controling the surroundings again. Clear. Who knows for how long. Returning her gaze back to Red, for the first time she looked at him properly. The scar was rather...how to put that...distracting, yes. It wasn't hideous for it gave Red the image of someone who was in a great fight and managed to survive, escaping just with that injury.. Apart from that, the rest of his face was sort of charming. Laura wondered if he was like that even before he was turned into a vampire. In addition, there was his smartness he presented her few minutes ago. It was such a pity that the kingdom lost a great man like him only for the fact that he was a vampire. Maybe if he would become king himself. But the would mean... A plan began to develop within her mind but Laura had to put it aside for the moment. There were more important things to consult. She had to get an answer from him, if possible to get an affirmative.

    "So are you coming for your own sake, Red?" Laura whispered her question, debating with her at the same time whether she should release the pressure on his arms a little bit to give him an impression that the choice was completly his and she wasn't forcing him to anything. On the other hand, if she would do so then he could shook her off and run away, but that Laura doubted. She might be able to catch up with him within few minutes. At the end of this quick mind record which didn't take any longer than half minute, Laura lessen the strength with which she was holding Red down yet she still kept some of it just to be on the safe side in case Red would get the idea of taking off. Somewhere in another street, Laura's sensitive ears caught a noise of people leaving some vociferous place, maybe a pub. They were far away but what made Laura feel uneasy was that she could hear how the voices were gradually getting closer. Not quickly because the people were probably drunk and were skirting the street from left to the right, but still they were heading their way.

    Come on, Red. Talk! she said and maybe some of her uneasiness got into her eyes. In such a situation when she had to do something important but was running out of time, Laura got this unpleasant feeling in her back. It was likely millions of ants were running up and down her back and she couldn't get rid of it not even suppress the feeling until she was done with the problem. She just hoped that this wouldn't have to end up badly or that it wouldn't be rushed. So many things got screwed up in the past because they were rushed...like her brother.
  16. Red had to give the woman credit, he had known that someday he was going to have to leave his hiding area and find somewhere else to hide. He wasn't exactly a hard person to miss, the only upside is that not many people except those higher up knew what he even looked like. He had never really been allowed to leave the palace much and the only place he had ever gone that wasn't the palace was the local.....well he probably didn't need to dwell on past events also known as his other life. Nodding slightly to the woman he said, "I do have to admit that I need to find another place to hide, but how do I know I can really trust you?" He watched her face and the bit of hair that had escaped and suddenly felt an urge to tuck it behind her ear. Shaking his head as much as he could he dismissed the feeling, there was no point in thinking of things of that sort at the moment for all he knew she was lying about everything.

    Listening intently to the surrounding sounds he looked as much as he could towards where he thought the sound was coming from and said, "This might be a hard thing to explain if anybody walks up. Maybe we should continue this conversation somewhere else." Red may not know everything about what he could or could not do but hearing things from far away was definitely one of those he did know about. Though the men sounded drunk he didn't want to take any chances, for all he knew they could be faking it and maybe were hunters out looking for vampires or even vampires themselves though he highly doubted that one. 'I really need to get my imagination under control.' He thought to himself silently upset that he was starting to act like he had never even been in a fight. He had been in several and every time except for once managed to escape unscathed, well and this time too but this one didn't count since he really didn't do any fighting back.

    Calming himself through sheer will of inner strength he tested his newly found movements in his arms. Trying not to move enough that she might think he was escaping he pulled slightly to test the strength of her grip. Finding that she was most likely at the time stronger than he was he decided to stop while he was ahead. Glancing at her face yet again he again had the urge to tuck that piece of hair behind her ear, he really needed to stop daydreaming or better yet nightdreaming about this woman and she definitely a woman. He tried to figure out what she might do next but the only thing he could think of at the time were battle strategies, the surrounding area and how he could use it to his advantage, and the sounds of the men getting closer. He was getting to the point where he would say yes to going with her even though he knew nothing about her and very little about the LoD and most of that was from second hand sources. It was very hard to keep in contact with what was going on in the kingdom when it was hard enough staying hidden, and the less questions you asked the easier it was to blend into the background. Tensing slightly when he heard the men getting close enough to almost be rounding the corner he looked at the woman and hoped for the best.
  17. Trust. Did it really have to be about trust? Wasn't she credible enough? Considering that she attacked him and previously threatened him with the gutting thing...she might have acted the same if she were in the situation as Red was. Yet still, if you would want him dead she would already kill him. It was complicated. As well as Red did, even Laura could hear the man getting closer yet she took her time to think about the more important issue to solve. In that moment, those intruders were still far away to see them or hear them. By any means, Laura wanted to explain to Red most of the things but suddenly there was not enough time for that. The group was getting closer faster than she thought at first. The breeze again played with her hair and Laura's back itched as never before.

    "You're right. Let's hid between those two houses," Laura jerked her head to her left where there was a narrow gap between two houses. They should be able to squeeze in far enough for the men not to see them. "I'll explain the rest later. As for now if I wanted you to be dead I wouldn't be sitting on top of you right now, would I?" She added a little bit cynically and at the time that Red pulled against her hand, she released the grip and quickly stood up, looking in the direction from where the voices came. Hearing the group being around the corner, she offered a hand to Red to help him up. Waiting for him to take it or not, when the time was really tight and Laura could see the shadows just about to turn to their street, she sprinted to the gap and wedged between the walls as far as she could. Due to the fact that she was a woman and thanks to that, she was thinner and not so broad in shoulders so she could travel to the fartherest edged of the gap. Thanks to that, there was enough space for Red to join her and he would still be hidden in the shadows.

    The group entered the street where Laura and Red few seconds ago were. They were loud and telling one another a lewd jokes. Laura grimaced at it and thought how primitive those humans were. In the space that she had, she quickly tucked the loose hair under her hood and behind her ear. However as the drunk men were passing by, Laura tensed. She didn't make a slight move nor breathed. One of them glanced their way but didn't seem to notice anything for it was really dark in the gap. The group disappeared behind the edge of the building yet Laura still could hear them. She wasn't moving until the intruders turned two other corners and it was sure that they wouldn't be coming back. Even after that, she first searched the surrounding for any other problems. Only then, Laura slowly released her held breath and took in a deep one, not caring the chilliness of it. Looking up at Red, who was a head taller then she was, Laura thought about her next tactics. Her face was completely hidden in the shadow of her hood so none of her expression could be visible. Not that her stony face would give away any of her secrets, anyway.

    "So do you want to talk about it here or somewhere else?" She asked him curiously, for the first time truly wondering where he was going at night when it was so dangerous out here. Did he have a job? Was he out to eat? Laura added all those questions to her mental list almost to the top so that she would definitely ask Red about them.
  18. After then men had passed Red's imagination finally slowed down to a more manageable area of thought. He glanced at the woman next to him and was a little bit surprised to find how much shorter she was than him. At first he had thought she was shorter because of how she had been standing but now he saw that he really was taller, though how this could possibly help him he had no idea. Glancing around at where they had been he decided that talking here was getting a little bit harder than if they went somewhere else. Looking back at the woman he said, "Somewhere else, it's not safe here anymore especially with what we are." After thinking about it for a second he asked, "And what is your name? I mean I can't just call you the LoD woman." Shaking his head at the thought he decided he really needed her name, calling her by that was just asking for trouble.

    With how things were turning out he really should just except that he wasn't going back home, but there was still that need to be free away from others. He slowly, so as not to startle his stunning companion, raised his hand to his forehead and closed his eyes briefly. Remembering that he hadn't eaten yet he thought that it may be a good idea to go and get the blood he needed before having a long talk, yet again his decision to wait was coming back to bite him. He lowered his hand again then set his face so that his emotions weren't showing and looked back at the woman. He wasn't exactly upset at her, she was trying to help after all even if it might be more for her benefit, but he would have very much liked it if he had been less hungry when she attacked.

    Red did take a moment to try and figure out what the rest of his companion looked like, she most likely was even more stunning then he thought no vampire that he had known was anything less. He also tried figuring out how old she was, she would either have to be an extremely old vampire or a pureblood to have the strength she did. The thought of her being a pureblood was unsettling though since most of the vampires against the humans were purebloods. 'I still have to trust her though, especially now since things are starting to get bad.' He thought, putting aside his uneasiness for the time being. He still didn't feel like the danger was completely gone from the area and was starting to get the feeling that they needed to go as soon as possible. He hated those kind of feelings, even more so when he didn't know where it was coming from. Glancing again out and around the area, Red felt a slight chill at the back of his neck. He was a vampire, he didn't get cold, so why did the back of his neck feel cold? Looking back at his companion he hoped she noticed as well and might know where they could go, if not then he thought he knew a place where they might be able to hide out at least for a few hours even if it did mean giving up on no one knowing where he lived.

    Red breathed a little bit easier knowing that he did in fact have a place to hide just in case anything happened. Red couldn't understand why but for some reason he felt he should at least protect this woman, though how since she was stronger than him he didn't know. Maybe he could if it came down to hiding places and knowledge of the kingdom, he was good in a fight but he wasn't sure how he would do against purebloods. Thinking about it he decided to ask this woman later, if she was really who she said she was, if she could teach him a few moves. The chill was still there and he was starting to smell a familiar scent on the wind, he wasn't sure though if that was a good thing.
  19. Laura nodded and breathed in the air as well. Just at the point when she caught a suspicious scent Red asked her about her name. She stopped trying to detect what she smelled and looked at her companion curiously. Her name? Why would he need it? Even though he was right with the fact that calling her LoD woman would sound rather ridiculous and it would be even more dangerous, Laura thought wether to reveal her true name or not. Amongst the vampires noone knew that Laura Danava was the leader of LoD. Noone even thought that she could be a vampire or anyhow work with them. In the end, she deducted that mentioning her first name couldn't do any harm.

    "Call me Laura," she said and sniffed on the air once more, now smelling the scent way strongly than before. It unsettled her for she ears couldn't hear any noise of someone moving about, but it was obvious that whoever was getting closer was fast approaching. For the first time, Laura regreted that she didn't come out to the city more often for now she was helpless where else to hide. Well, she came here from time to time when she was longing for some adventure or wanted to help her hunters but never did she need a hiding place. Usually she would stand against them all alone and get rid of them one by one, risking an injury. However, she couldn't do that now. Not when she had Red with her. Noone was allowed to know that it was him because if someone would find out and then if they would see him leaving with her, it might evolve into a catastrophe or maybe even war. But haven't they been in a war already?

    "Do you know any hiding place? I think that right here we are quite an easy target," she asked Red and tried to move past him to the edge of the gap which she managed but she had to press against Red for a moment to get closer to the orifice. Once there, she could peek out and look around. It was rather confusing for her that she couldn't hear that someone, whoever it was, was coming so quietly. That fact only made her worried and brought to her mind two possibilites. It was either another, very well trained, vampire or a hunter. Laura didn't like any of those two. However, as she peeked out, she saw noone, not in the street, not on the rooftops, not even in the shadows. Their surrounding was clear as the sky above them which could mean that either, that someone was still far away, or that he or she was hiding somewhere else.

    "I think we should leave now or then we might really end up fighting," Laura said to Red and stepped out of the shadow being wary and keeping her back close to the wall so noone would be able to attack with her noticing it. She began to wonder whether Red knew of any place where the two of them would be safe for some time so that she could explain to him anything he would ask about and then they could leave for the mansion. Yes, deep inside she wished for Red to accept her offer otherwise this mission would come in vain and that would make Laura grumpy. But now, she prayed for Red to know about a place to hide otherwise both of them were screwed.
  20. Red nodded at her slightly and said, "Thank you for telling me your name Laura, and I think I have somewhere where we can hide for a little while at least." He looked back and forth trying to get a good look to see if they were any closer. He could still smell them but for some reason it was getting harder to. He couldn't put his finger on how he knew the scent but it seemed really familiar for some reason, he also was worried because he couldn't hear them. He knew the scent was human and since he was a vampire he should be able to hear them, but it was like his ears were full of cotton when it came to trying to hear the people coming towards them.

    Looking at Laura he asked, "Do you trust me enough to listen when I say that I think I know who those people coming towards us are?" He thought it might be a good idea to let her know as much as possible if he might be going with her, and one of those things was that they had a very good elite group of vampire hunters that made the slums their hunting grounds. The only reason he had ever been able to escape them was that he made sure to go out and do his job during the day when they were supposed to be down in the slums. Thinking about it he did wonder why they were down here today, this wasn't their usual hunting time. The usually came when there had been some disappearances or when it was just dark enough that vampires felt safer going out at night.

    It was neither dark nor had there been many disappearances in a while, so why in the name of the Great King were they here tonight. Red knew better than to put this thought to far from the fore front of his mind, them being here tonight meant something and it might be bad for him and Laura. He did like her name though, it sounded like she looked or what he had seen of her. He hoped that when it came down to it he could trust her, she didn't seem like such a bad person a little forceful maybe but that went with the times they were in. He wanted to warn her about the hunters right now but he didn't dare draw there attention by going into a history lesson right then, and besides it would do no good at the moment when there was a chance they could just get away without being seen. Getting away even seemed like a possibility at the moment, but waiting to long might take away their chance of getting away.

    Red pulled his hood back up and adjusted it to where even up close you would not be able to see his face. He grabbed Laura's hand, hoping she wouldn't get to mad at him about it, and tugged her slightly towards the entrance. Leaning as close as he thought society deemed appropriate he whispered, "We might need to be extremely fast and light on our feet. We also need to be leaving as soon as possible, we do not need a run in with these people." Putting his mind into that mental fighting calm he continued to listen to the men getting closer.