When do you put up your Christmas Tree?

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  1. I'm kind of curious as to when exactly everybody else puts up their Christmas tree as the title says or maybe you don't put one up at all. My family tends to put up our tree a few days before Thanksgiving. I've known other families whom have put theirs up earlier. So, enlighten me and tell me your times.

    A picture to fit with the topic:

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  2. Usually towards the beginning of December is when ours goes up, it seems kinda silly to do it any earlier. There was a period time where my family was tempted to not put up the tree because the cat kept climbing in it and even knocked it over once, luckily I convinced them otherwise. Now our cat knows better and generally doesn't try to climb the tree anymore, instead he just knocks off all the ornaments on the bottom branches.
  3. I put mine up the weekend after Thanksgiving! :D
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  4. As soon as possible! I decorate for two holidays a year - halloween and Christmas. I'll hopefully have the tree up by December 1st, though I use a fake tree, real trees are too messy.
  5. I don't. Honestly, I hate Christmas, but I have a very good reason! My middle daughter's first Christmas was spent in the NICU. I couldn't hold her, or touch her because she had an IV in her umbilical cord that kept coming out each time she was moved, so all I could do was sit at her side and stare at her. On top of postpartum depression, I was absolutely miserable.

    Skip to the next year and my husband and I had outdone ourselves with Christmas shopping. I had everything wrapped up, under the tree just waiting for the kids to open. It was Christmas Eve and we went to my in-laws for early Christmas dinner because his mother had to work on Christmas. We come home, our kitchen window was shattered, and guess what? All of the Christmas presents along with our TVs, game systems, computer, and my motherhood ring was stolen.

    Two years after that, it was our first Christmas in Florida and some idiot decided to drive drunk and crash into our electric pole, and burst our water line. We had no power, no phone, no water. The turkey was still in the oven half done, and no way to finish cooking it. Our power didn't come back on till after midnight, and by then it was too late for me to talk to my family in Maryland, and my kids went to bed with a dinner of Lunchables.....

    Four Christmases ago, our first cat died, and last Christmas my husband was laid off from his job.

    So no, I do not like Christmas at all, and I refuse to put up a tree. I buy my kids presents and try to make a big fuss over it for them, but I cannot get in the spirit myself. I am the embodiment of the Grinch, and I'm proud of it.
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  6. I actually have everything up already. #judgedharshly
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  7. I like Christmas. But I'm lazy. So I don't put up a tree, unless it's a tiny little thing that takes maybe 5 decorations before it's falling over.
  8. I yell at him to put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving.
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  9. put it up last night
  10. I don't celebrate Christmas much. I'll give a couple gifts out, but it seems silly to me to need a specific day to celebrate giving things. I give things year-round out of random acts of charity, I don't need a holiday to do that.

    Mind you, I do like Christmas prices...
  11. December 10th!

    Oddly specific, you say?

    My birthday is the 9th, Santa doesn't upstage me! Mom always made sure when I was a kid that Christmas didn't overshadow my birthday.
  12. give me a pony then! X3
  13. OMG when I had a cat mine did the same thing.. like what's up with cats and doing that?! XD
  14. That's a little expensive for a night shift working home depot associate... But I will see what I can do, grasshopper.
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  15. Lol ok XD
  16. @AlisterVanKleiss Pfffft, as if I know, they just do whatever the hell they want.
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  17. I know right like its so strange how they do it. XD
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  18. We put up all the Christmas decorations this weekend. Normally we would do it during the weekend closest to the 1st December, but my parents will be gone next week and my brothers children will be over this week, so they thought it would be better to do it this week with the kids instead of waiting an extra week.
  19. December 7th. Every year. Without fail. Since I was wayyyy little.
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