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  1. Daniel-
    No one thought that this could happen. No one thought we could do this. But we did... We did create the perfect human. Did... They all escaped from lab 42. How no one knows... Funny thing is we think it was a worker... He killed us all screwed us really. Now we must just try to distort it. -John

    Point of this jump in is join up and help fellow people in the hell of earth.

    Weapon chosen:(no god mode or crazy weapons ex. M60.

    (sorry been offline so here you go) TIME: midnight,
    police are killing off innocent people so you better run find someone or people a weapon and
    a hide out. good luck!
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  2. TS002 wandered through the streets, with a revolver in his hand, a gauntlet on the other, and a backpack full o empty. He needed to find supplies, and food. "God damn stupid rampaging policemen, no fricking good..." *BAM* "Accursed zombies don't help either." The man seemed to have red splotches over his jacket, and on his shoes. He walked into a storefront, and picked through the shelves. "Bandages...where the heck is the med section..." He scoured the front, then hopped over the counter, and checked the back shelves. "Cigs, towels, water, hmm, good." He nodded in approval, then knelt to the safe. He took off his gauntlet, and pressed his hand against the door of the safe. He winced, and put the gauntlet back on. He smashed his shoe against it, and it shattered like glass. Searching through the rubble, he found ammo, and a key. "Damn thing was in here? Hmm." TS002 walked out to the front again, and tried the key on a nearby car. Perfect. *moan* the man looked around, and stared into a horde of about 10 zombies. He jumped in the car, locked the door, and sped off. After a few minutes of riding, the car rolled to a halt. Out of gas. Standing on top of the car, TS002 scanned the perimeter. Content in his safety, he jumped down, and searched the trunk. "First aid kit, and jack else." *sigh* he leaned against the car, and kicked a rock. It hit a post, and dropped into a grate. ((OOC: anyone want to team? I have a great idea if how to survive.))
  3. TS002 looked around again, and spotted a barricade police station. The inhabitants had not spotted him yet, so he had the element of surprise. TS002 took out his pistol, and aimed it at the first guard's head. Realizing the noise would alert others, he looked around for a distraction. Picking up a stone, he flung it at a window across the street. The guards stood, and one of them ran over to the sound. Taking aim, TS002 shot his pistol at the remaining guard's head. TS002 ducked back behind the car, and took aim at the remaining guard. Dead. With the street clear, he ran, and searched the dead police men. With more ammo, he looked in the window. The room seemed empty, except for a sleeping gunman. TS002 ran through the door, and gagged the policeman. "Listen, punk, if you scream, I'm going to paint the wall with your brains. Now, answer my questions, and I'll let you live another day. Alright, are there any other armed men here?" The man shook his head. "Is there food, and gas?" He nodded. "Am I going to let you live" He nodded hopefully. "Nope." TS002 put the gun to his head, and shot. Blood fell on his shoes, and he cursed. He walked up the stairs, and searched the rooms. With a canister of gas, and a backpack full of food, he walked out to the car.
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  4. Chris lay prone on the roof of an office building looking through his binoculars at the chaos on the streets. People scrambling about trying to get away from the military push through the city, shooting anyone caught in their sites. This was the government's solution: kill all personnel in a area where those monsters could be. Seemed more an exuse to take control and take out any places that may cause problems. After taking in what was going on in the streets Chris went back into the three stroy building to grab his bag and slip out through the back door.

    The building was mostly empty save for some cowering workers under their desks. Chris made it to the elevator but it wasn't working then shortly after that disappointment the lights went out. "Their in." He said with a sigh. He pulled out his handgun and got low making his way to the emergency stairs. Cracking the door he could hear the soldiers making their way up. He looked back into the room and fond a copy machine near by that he put behind the door to make it stop short of hitting the wall allowing him to hind momentarily when they arrived.

    Rushed footsteps came to a halt at the door then seconds later the door flew open hittig the copier just as planned. The squad poored in and took no notice of Chris' position behind the door and went to the other parts of the floor allowing him to escape through the stairs to the base floor and out the back door.
  5. TS002 ran the car through the street, and stopped by a few cop cars, parked at a office. He hopped out of his car, and searched the cars. *Item Gain: Magnum Bullets 16, Bandages 6, Canned Food 2, Silencers 2* He walked in the office, and fitted the silencer to his magnum. He scanned the area, and ran to the back of the office, to escape from the police, leaving the office. He spotted a man coming out of the door, and called to him. "Hey, pal, get over here. You've got more police coming around the block. I've got a car! Come on!" TS002 waved the other man over, and started up the car. He unlocked the passenger door, then waved to him again.
  6. Chris was just about to sneak around and hijack a police car when the back door to the building opened again. He whipped around pointing his handgun at the other man in back alleyway as he called him over. Great he thought now they'll be on to us. The other person didn't look like he was a cop and Chris really didn't have any other options.

    As he rounded the corner following the stranger three officers emerged from the building. Chris hopped in his car and looked back gun drawn. "Go, step on it!" He said firing a few shots making the others take cover. They returned fire taking out the back window.
  7. "Heh, with the police going mad, the last people alive have to work together." TS002 swerved to dodge a parked car, "Here, look in my bag, there's a silencer for your gun." The police kept shooting at the escaping car, but seemed to give up.
    "These jokers have been killing everything that moves. There's more cadavers than zombies, these days." The car rolled to a halt, outside a truckstop. "I have an idea. If we can find an electric bus, or truck, then we can round up a group of survivors, and go for DC. If we get in DC, then we have options of what to do."
    TS002 walked out of the car, and scanned the area. It was a large truckstop, with a gas station, motel, and a restaurant. He ran over to the parked trucks, and inspected the numbers on the side. "D-274, D-814, D-339, D... Ah! Here we are, E-028."
    He tried one of the doors, and found it to be locked. "Well then. Hey, any ideas?" He turned to Chris.
  8. Eric bit her lip as she searched the body of an unfortunate man that strayed too far away from civilization to relieve himself, ignoring the acrid stench of his body. She knew the dead released their waste pretty quickly, but for it to smell so awful was something she wasn't ready for at all. Still, she managed to score a tazer and a few bullets from the man's belongings before she heard activity nearby. Was it the police? The girl pressed herself against the side wall of the gas station she'd murdered the man at to get a good look at what was going on, soon finding that the two men she spotted... didn't look like officers. Who were they?
  9. TS002 climbed on top of the freighter-truck, and looked around. Spotting a group of 5 zombies, he unholstered his gun, and took aim. He shot six silenced shots into the crowd, and scanned the area from his vantage point. From on top of the truck, he spotted a shadow coming from the side of the gas station. He shouted across the pavement, "Hey! I won't hurt you, I'm just looking for the key to this truck." He climbed down from the truck, and walked halfway to the other person. "I won't come any closer, I don't mean any harm. We've got food, and a possible way of survival. I killed the remaining zombies in the vicinity, its safe."
  10. Chris listened to the plans of the person who was giveing him a ride, tho he didn't trust him he needed a safe get away at the time. He scoffed a little when the person mentioned going to DC as a plan, but didn't object to finding others. "I don't think it is a good idea to head for DC." He said stepping out and helping check out the rigs. "The Cops and NG seem to be working together at killing the populous off, and they are getting their orders from someone. " he explained. Then the man said he found an electric truck but the doors were locked. Chris walked over and thought a moment. He looked over to the stores and had an idea. "Wait here, and don't shoot anyone not trying to kill you." He said taking off his jacket reveling his knife in his belt and 12 gage shotgun on his back.
    Chris made his way to the motel, puting his pistol in it place on his belt and shouldering his shotgun. He went to room 3, kick in the door and disappeared inside looking for a wire coat hanger.
  11. "You're not a cop, are you!?" Eric yelled back, trying to make her voice sound much more booming than it really was. She needed to be certain she could trust these people, especially now that she was guilty of a mostly unprovoked murder. She exposed the small but deadly handgun she was carrying as she came out just a little further, keeping her finger off of the trigger to avoid setting off any defensive responses.
  12. "No, I just escaped and killed a couple of cops. Everyone who lives these days has blood on their hands, somehow." TS002 placed his gun on the ground and spoke again, "My and the other guy there are going to hijack one of those big-rigs, the electric one. You can join us if you want, or we can leave you alone."
  13. 20 year Aaron Waters runs through the streets innocent people getting shot I take a turn into the alley ways and climb up into the apartment through the fire escape on the side the bell rings loudly as I run up into my apartment grabbing the kitchen knifes and strapping them to my belt weilding one as it was a hunting knife I hear loud footsteps in the hall way I brace myself and loud knocks fall upon my door. he goes to the door and hides in the shadows on the side the lights were all turned off and the booming became louder. All Aaron knew was that he wasn't a fighter the only advantage he would have had would be stealth in this case. Finally the door busts open and Aaron runs in tackling the cop in suprise and slipping off his mask forcefully. He struggles as the cop reaches for his gun on the floor and then Aaron thrusts the blade down stabbing the cop in the neck. Then he drags the body out fo view and a small radio is on the cops vest he carfully takes it out and mutes it sticking it in his pcoket for later. He grabs the gun and heads back out on the streets to look for any sign of people he can. Suddenly yet another cop runs past the corner Aaron quickly takes out the gun and shoots two bullets near the cops head. He watches as the cop falls to the ground. Aaron loots him quickly and begins to run straight for his car in the apartment complex parking lot. Once he gets there most of the cars are gone and his is one of the ones that remain. bullet holes in it and broken windows it's probably not going to start. He tries to start it and it works he smiles and begins to drive straight out fo town even though most of the roads are blocked he stuck to the alley ways until he drove straight out of town to a gas station not far from town eyeing the people there cautiously he pulls in noticing that they are indeed not cops but normal people. Aaron gets out of the car and begins to fill up. He leaves the fuel tank to fill. "Uhh hello!" Aaron says waving awkwardly.
  14. "Hey, pal, all your car is getting is fumes. They shut off the gas, but left the electricity on." Turning back to the female survivor, he spoke. "Listen, I'll be on my way soon, you can come with us, or not. I don't care." He walked over to the new person and shook hands, "Hello, I'm Ahzera. And you are?"
  15. Eric grimaced. If she was going to get out of this mess alive, she'd have to trust someone. She supposed these people were as good a start as any. She pocketed her gun and slowly approached the man that approached her in the first place, and this new sap.
  16. Chris emerged from the motel dismantling a wire coat hanger to slip in the window of the truck and unlock it when he saw the new person standing with the others. He stopped a moment and then continued to the truck qhere he inserted the wire through the top of the window and down towards the locking mechanism. "So, who are your friends?" He asked working at the lock.
  17. "We can get introduced when we get on the road. I saw a slowmoving swarm on their way here." Ahzera looked around, and spotted the swarm coming closer.
  18. "Damnit, are you serious?" Eric asked. She didn't want to panic, but knowing that those... things were on their way really put her on edge. She couldn't very well expect to make it very far running from them, of course, so she had to wait until everyone was absolutely ready to leave.
  19. "Uh.... If it to much trouble I don't have any fuel or a plan and you seem like a group of nice people so... Can I sort of tag along. If you don't want me that's perfectly ok!" Aaron quickly turned his head as a car sped down past the gas station.
  20. "We wouldn't be any better than the police if we left anyone. Besides, with a swarm coming, you would most definitely die." ((Sorry for godmodding slightly, but he seems to be offline.)) Chris finished the door, and opened it. "EVERYONE IN NOW!" Ahzera ran inside and started the engine. With a car full of passengers, he pulled out, and sped down the road. A few zombies had latched on to the bumper, but as they drove, their lower torso was ripped off, due to the road. "Alright, this is how we're going to do this. I'll drive for 10 minutes, then you." He pointed at Aaron, "Then you, and you." He pointed at Eric and Chris. "I think there's some supplies in my bag, and in the back of the rig." He pointed at a door to the back, and turned back to the road. ((Now we have a survival tactic, and a place to protect. The question is; where to go?))