What's worse?

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    What's worse: Barney breaking in your house or Santa Claus eating your KFC?
  2. Barney breaking into my house.
    That mofo is creepy!! D:

    Whats worse: waking up with someones feet in your face or waking up with someones poop on your bed?
  3. Waking up with someones poop in my bed... Eew.. :( A foot is no worse than a hand, just a bit more stinky. Poop is just eew >_<

    What's worse:
    Being forced to listen to nyan-cat for a week without any breaks
    Being forced to dance to oppa gangnam style once every hour for a month.
  4. Nyan Cat, That would be toture!

    What's Worse, Having to eat a Big Mac from a dumpster, or not playing Pokemon for a month?
  5. Having to eat a big mac from a dumpster. I'm not a hygiene freak, but that goes way too far for me >_< But I don't play Pokemon either way, so it's not like it can be a big deal for me xD

    What's worse?
    Getting your dominant hand cut off without being able to get an artificial limb
    Getting one of your legs cut off without being able to get an artificial limb
  6. leg all the way

    whats worse

    to be poor or to be alone
  7. To be poor!

    What's worse, to find out your house is haunted, or to find out your mom stole your iPhone?
  8. haunted house

    which is worse

    to be in a living hell or to be dead
  9. Dead. To hopefully air on one of those zombie shows as my debut.

    What's worse, giving a speech in a mass crowd with your pants down or having to run buck naked on a busy intersection in daylight?
  10. Running naked on a busy intersection in broad daylight.

    What's worse, Having to watch a boring WWII propaganda movie, or drinking a milkshake with a booger in it?
  11. boogers are gross

    what's worse

    watching sailor moon or watching dbz
  12. Sailor Moon hands down.

    Mullet or rattail?
  13. mullet

    which did you like more - avengers or dark knight rises
  14. Wrong question. Which was worse should be the question, cause that's the game, and thus I'll answer it like that x)

    Dark knight rises. Never been a batman fan.

    What's worse?
    Knowing your death date without knowing how you'll die
    Knowing how you'll die but not when
  15. I'm actually pretty cool with either, but I'll say knowing your death date without knowledge of how you'll die adds more anxiety, thus making it worse.

    which is worse?

    A mechanical apocalypse or a biological apocalypse?
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  16. You say this like apocalypse is bad.

    Biological, because at least with mechanical you get badass Sarah Connor.

    Blind or deaf?
  17. .... I want to be able to read my roleplays... but... I want to be able to play music and hear what I'm doing... Both are worse D: ... Hmm..

    I have to say blind is worse. I can survive without music (I wouldn't like it though), but I won't make it without iwaku, or movie watching, or reading a book, or seeing nature. I would go nuts after a few minutes xD

    What's worse?
    Reading a book or writing a book
  18. Ever hear of writer's block?, faaaar worse.

    What's worse
    Missing out on a once in a lifetime chance of your dreams or consistently missing out on a minor chance of your dreams?
  19. Once in a lifetime is just once in a lifetime.

    What's worse - being a crappy fighter or a crappy diplomat
  20. A crappy fighter.

    What's worse, having to use a public restroom or skydiving? XO
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