What's the craziest thing you've ever eaten?

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  1. As the child of Asian parents, I have eaten some craaaazy stuff in my day. I was talking to some friends today about some of the weirdest things we've ever eaten and wanted to know about the Iwakuans!

    What was the craziest, weirdest, or most unusual thing you've ever eaten? It had to have been served AS FOOD (no like.. eating glass or something >_<). And how did you like it?
  2. I don't really consider the following as crazy, but a lot of the people here might. I might add to these someday.

    Pig's ears, barbecued - absolutely delicious
    Stewed pig's feet - the gelatinous gooeyness is heavenly
    Pig's intestines, also barbecued - oh sweet mama that's good
    Pig's face - whenever we have our version of a boucherie, I always go for the face, attacking the cheek, and sometimes the snout. The cheeks are like heaven, but the snout and tongue I can't always recommend, since sometimes those parts can be a bit too dirty
    Pig's blood gelatinized into cubes and grilled - still good, though a bit irony, and if your sources are....dubious, then definitely dangerous
    Deep fried pork skin (aka Chicharon, or Chicharrones) - not that weird, really, but still amazingly good. Most of the fat is rendered out, so it's not as unhealthy as it sounds
    Pig stewed in its own blood - and I hereby conclude that the pig is the most delicious creature on earth (this is best eaten with rice cakes)

    Chicken ass, barbecued - melt in your mouth goodness, prolly my favorite part of the chicken, extremely flavorful
    Chicken intestines, barbecued - so good, so good
    Chicken gizzard, barbecued - still good, still good
    Chicken kidney - it has a strong, acquired taste, so you might not like it at first
    Whole, deep fried, chicken head - crunchy, bony, generally flavorless UNLESS cooked so that the brain and all the inside parts are still wet and fresh. Not as good as most of these, if you ask me
    Chicken legs, grilled - good, but not as meaty (and hence not as worthy) as pig's feet
    Chicken legs in a stew - much better than those meager grilled chicken legs. I especially like those stewed in a spicy sauce
    Whole chick, deep fried - delicious, but wasteful, as the chicken tastes much better (and is less....bony) when fully grown

    Quail, grilled - quail being game, this tastes much more flavorful than chicken. Absolutely recommended!
    Balut - most of what's in here is common fare to me, since I'm a resident of the Philippines-naturally, this too is common fare. This is (from Wikipedia) "a developing duck embryo boiled alive and eaten in its own shell" (note that mussels, lobsters, and even crabs are often boiled alive, too, so this isn't as "inhuman" as you think). The natural sauce inside is absolutely flavorful, akin to slurping a raw oyster's juice [I think, since I haven't had oysters raw yet :(], and the chick, oh the chick, the chick is heaven

    Stewed dog - I remember being served this by a friend of mine. He and his pals went hunting in a nearby forest, they caught a stray dog, and....well, they killed and cooked it. I had a bit of a taste-it's definitely meatier and richer in flavor than cows and pigs, very good. If only dogs weren't man's best friend!
    Frog's legs, fried - some people say it's a bit rancid or sewery, but if the frogs were freshly caught in a nice, clean rural area, then the frog is especially good! When deep fried a la chicken, they taste....well, just like chicken! Chicken's wings, to be precise. Absolutely recommended
    Cured buffalo meat pan-fried - extremely delicious, though somewhat stronger in flavor than regular beef
    Buffalo's milk - they sell these by the bottle here; much lighter than regular cow's milk, very good

    Locusts and worms deep fried - this I happened upon in my excursion in the States. I quite like them. I was gonna have a taste of fried cricket in my home country one extended family moot, but unfortunately my rural relatives never managed to bring any insects
    Sea cucumber - feels and tastes like rubber. But when I had this in that Hong Kong restaurant, the cook managed to mask the flavor with a good sauce. Huh
    Sea urchin, raw - more a luxury than an actual 'weird' thing; absolutely heavenly!
    Fish eyes - absolutely gorgeous in flavor
    Fish brains - whenever we have a whole fish cooked, I often go for the brains. The brains are the best!
    Milkfish fat - not especially weird, but worthy of mention, since I love this. And I believe this is healthy, too!

    Durian - this foul smelling fruit is absolutely not foul in flavor, tasting all creamy and heavy and fruity and meaty and oh! How I need a taste of this again
    Lanzones - an edible fruit from a relative of the mahogany tree. Good, but I don't really know how to describe the flavor....fruity, lychee like, with a hint of citrus I guess
    Pomelo - a bit too sour for me, but in essence good
    Rambutan - tastes kind of like lychee, only more....snackier. Definitely good!
    Starfruit - oddly enough, I don't remember the flavor of this fruit. Kind of sweet, but freshly so-close to apples, but not by much
    Sapodilla fruit - sweet, like, I dunno, a chocolate fruit, but terribly grainy
    Kiwi fruit - since this doesn't really grow here, I sort-of count this as weird. But good nonetheless
    Nectarine - this one has a fresher, yet stonier, and somewhat less appealing flavor than the kiwi
    Purple mangosteen - I dislike this, though I don't remember for why....
    Caimito - this one tastes like a milky, stony apple. I don't remember this flavor much, either :(

    Of these, I can't tell which one is really the weirdest, although I guess my first incidents with the sea urchin, the kiwi fruit, the dog, sachimi, and blue cheese rank highest in the "weirdness" scale. Really, the only weird things I consider in the world of cuisine are shit, full-on poisons (not poisons with removeable, er, poisons, a la certain mushrooms), and perhaps (though maybe not entirely, seeing as I only disapprove of cannibalism when murder or prion disease are involved) human flesh.

    I should also probably mention, and this I think is much more genuinely weird for me, my first tasting of pickled herring (which was really quite gorgeous), Kefir (a fermented milk drink - strong, but retrospectively good), Kvass (a drink made from fermented rye bread), Borscht (beet stew) and various other beet and vegetable salads, rye bread, and yeast pancakes in Russia.
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  3. I think the 'weirdest' thing I've eaten was a century egg. A duck egg, to be exact. I remember it being delicious. It was served to my 6th grade classmates one day and I was the only one willing to sample it. I'll try almost anything once. Emphasis on the almost. >>;


    I've also eaten fried worms, which I liked but wouldn't eat regularly. I used to be one of those kids who you could pay to eat a live worm (amongst other things e__e), so eating them fried was not even a big deal.
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  4. Today, I ate something my family ordered at a restaurant. Little did I know, the food I was eating was pig intestines and lungs...
  5. Oh, century eggs are delicious, yes :)
    Quail eggs, too. In fact, any egg is a delicious egg. Except maybe uncontrollably rotten ones.
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  6. RiverNotch that's quite a list! But yes, century eggs ARE pretty delicious.

    Personally on the weirdness scale I think Balut takes the cake. I have had it too and while I think it's okay I wouldn't actively seek it again. The concept of it is too strange to me.

    I've had almost everything on RiverNotch's list. Other weird things I've had include snake, turtle, and dog as well.
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  7. Bananas. lol Get it? ;p
  8. Rocky Mountain Oysters.

    And no, I was not informed 'nor did I happen to pay close attention that day, having asked somebody what would be something good on the menu.

    ...they were quite good, despite being coated in various spices after being peeled and pounded then deep fried after the coating. It's like eating Okra in my opinion.

    Did I mention those are calf, sheep and pig testicles?
  9. Oh gawk, they say those are extremely good. That's one of the few things I wish I had when I went to America, that plus funnel cake, alligator, and Soul food cooked by, er, soulful people (I remember this friend of mine suggesting that if I ever went to Georgia, I should go eat at her place and all that). But at least I got to taste fried steak :)
  10. There used to be this excellent soul food restaurant in Kansas City (I think it went out of business) called "The Peach Tree" which served what you would call soul food. I'm talking the whole shabang; breaded and baked, tossed and fried and tender juicy chicken, the best cornbread and apple butter I'd ever tasted, okra, beans and asparagus just to name a few were cooked with such flavor I could only express the taste through telepathic communication.
    That and funnel cake is delicious (and horrible for you). It's the cake equivalent of a deep fried Twinkie, sweet wonderful bliss ready to clog your corroded arteries.
    Never had alligator however, then again, I've never had the chance. :P

    Another strange thing, or at least I find it to be strange.
    Haggis, had it imported Scotland, expensive and delicious. It's like a f*cking pudding! ...made of meat!
  11. Oh, haggis... Yes. I used to love haggis. Same with black (or white) pudding, which is pretty much just congealed blood.

    Those (along with sausages, which are kind of weird in their own right) are the things I miss most about being vegetarian. The "normal" meats like beef and chicken don't bother me in the slightest, it's just the food from the "Do you really want to eat that?" category that I miss. :/

    As for me, well, if we're talking craziest then it has to come down to my obsession with spicy food. This stuff probably takes the biscuit for being the craziest; at four million Scoville, it's twice the strength of standard grade pepper spray (~2000000 Scoville) and only a little behind police grade pepper spray (4900000 - 5300000 Scoville). I can't say that it's nice, because, honestly, it tasted atrocious, but it did do exactly what it said on the bottle, so I can't complain. It took a few days to recover from it... ^^;
  12. Ah, yes, the glories of blood. I'm so lucky I weren't born Jewish/Muslim/Vegetarian Indian/Allergic.
  13. [​IMG]

    That shit is literally eggs and oil. Whathefuck.
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  14. The only weird thing which I tried was In London .. And it was a Chocolate covered Scorpion xD

    Pretty crunchy and.. Actually not very bad at all. ^^

    That's it..
  15. I love balut.

    Everyone who listed that on their weird list, give me what you don't eat.
  16. Right, I was camping with my Dad. He brought pudding mix and thought it would be yummy, never mind there was no way to refrigerate it. So he shook it up in a jug then cooled it by dipping the jug in the river. Last he drank it! I tried it and sure enough it was warm liquid pudding. Not very appetizing.
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  17. O_O How can you LIKE it? I mean, I don't dislike it, but I don't particularly like it either.
    It's not the taste it's the fact I just committed murderous duckling abortion with my own face. It doesn't help I tend to name each duckling as I eat it, crying out "I'M SO SORRY, WENDY" as I break grind her skull in my teeth.

    Also, crickets. They're actually really good.

    Also, pig's anus. Smells like shit...tastes like heaven.

    Dinuguanis Filipino pork blood soup. My favorite, but quite greasy. Best paired with puto. If you speak Spanish, you might snicker, but no we do not eat our food with male prostitutes. Filipino eat it in spongy, steamed, sweet rice cakes which is puto.

    Then there's bopis, which is a spicy pork lung and heart stir fry. I'd need to be a little inebriated to eat that. :/
  18. So I take it you don't eat regular eggs, too? Coz' a lot of that's also abortion, only the chicken doesn't exactly look like chicken yet....
  19. The regular egg isn't fertilized yet, so its literally an empty egg. Basically, its just chicken menstruation.

    Balut is actually fertilized.

    And I consume it.

    And steal its power.
  20. Well, some regular eggs are actually fertilized. Some eggs, if you haven't noticed, have actually developed veins and such, a characteristic of fertilized eggs. So yeah, some of our omelettes are made of abortions.
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