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  1. "What's in a name? That which we call a rose
    Would by any other name smell as sweet"
    -from the play 'Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakespeare

    And yet, think about it, would a rose really smell as sweet if it were named, say, 'Dungstinker'? Anyway, that's not actually the point of this thread: we're not gonna discuss here the actual importance of names and what not. Instead, we're gonna discuss our usernames, or rather, the stories behind them.

    So yeah, what's the story behind your username? What does it mean? Why did you choose it? When and how did you come up with it? And, well, you know, all that....Anyways, here, I'll begin:

    RiverNotch - The name is a compounding of two other names: "River", the name of a character in this video game that made me cry for two hours straight (the game's name is "To The Moon", btw), and "Notch", the name of the creator of my favorite ever video-game, Minecraft. I came up with it when I joined this certain minecraft server a couple or so years back, and I chose to use it here because ever since then it has been my "stock name", or the name which I use for pretty much any account wherein I want immediate (yet not necessarily absolute) anonymity. So if you see a RiverNotch in some other site, well that could very well be me (except in NationStates: my name there is much older than the RiverNotch thing. I do have a puppet named River-Notch there, though).
  2. XD mine's not that special it's "york" the name people usually call me by, but not technically my name because my parents prefer having my foreign name (either that or they're too lazy to do the paperwork). :P I usually eithe rgo by york117 114 or other names like that, occasionally 343griffin if all else fails (that was just a ranom name I came up with later on really o-o)
  3. The name Viceroy means two things.

    1. Governor representing sovereign in colony: a governor who represents a sovereign in a province, colony, or country.
    2. Orange-and-black butterfly: a brightly colored orange-and-black butterfly of North America that resembles the monarch butterfly.

    I was aiming towards the first meaning, but, you're allowed to call me a fabulous butterfly if you want.
  4. I shall call you fabulous butterfly that's "Monarchy" (Oh god that was a really bad pun...)
  5. The name Urdnot Grunt.

    From the Mass Effect Trilogy, Grunt is Krogan that joins the Urdnot clan. Blah Blah.

    Got the name from Mass Effect
  6. When I started using Diana online this was the height of the Sailor Moon craze, and everyone in my local chat thought I was Diana the Cat. D: I was not Diana the Cat. After awhile I got tired of screaming "I'M NOT A CAT!!" to all the Reenies and Chibi Usas that were trying to pet me, so I just tacked on Notacat to my name.

    Henchforth I have been Diana Notacat. >>

    As for the Diana name itself, I was a strange child who felt her name didn't suit her. Since I could talk I was always trying on different names. I was in 4th grade when I discovered Diana and that has been my name ever since. o_o Only my family doesn't call me by it.
  7. o_o

    Thanks. Thanks a lot.

    My name is a vague reference to the Simpsons. A rare few ever get it.
  8. Fluffy was a nickname I've had since high school. My friend, Babette, named me this because I used to have very very very long, thick, fluffy hair. o__o It was so long that I'd end up sitting on it.

    Additionally, an old user from Iwaku named Lycan Queen "captured" me (because my username used to be Umbreon, one of my favorite Pokemon) and nicknamed me Fluffy. So I changed my UN to Fluffy for funsies. Unintentionally, the name ended up sticking. I'm called Fluffy by various people in real life and here on the internet. It's even what I used for gamer tags and such. I couldn't imagine being not-Fluffy.

    Even though I have short haircuts now, it's still quite fluffy. *preens*
  9. heliacalRebirth

    heliacal- being close to or relating to the sun.

    like a phoenix
  10. Well obviously it comes from my sunny and cheerful disposition.

    ...FUCK YOU YES IT DOES. >:[
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  11. There is no meaning

  12. Small things are cute, right?

    A bit is the smallest unit of memory, so a 'minibit' would have to be super tiny and therefore super cute, right?

    I was studying computer science when I came up with it. It sounded good and was usually unclaimed so I kept it
  13. I used to only make characters that had very little difference except what creature they were. I'd make a wolf, and give it a black coat with white markings. Made a cat, same colors and personality. I'd make a dragon, the only difference was the amount of white. A horse? No problem, just give it a brown mane. They all had the same personality, mostly the same history, always female, and they always had the same name. Starnight.

    Eventually, I forgot the origin of this name, and these colors, and the history and personality. I just remember that I had to do that, because that was what I'd always done. I knew nothing else. I couldn't RP a male character, because I thought they were so different I couldn't make them believable. To a degree, I still do. I can't remember if I've ever played a male character.

    Eventually, the cycle of Starnight reached My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It continued until I realized how unimaginative I was being. So, I tried branching out, but looking back I was still being restrictive, and twisting the world to make a place for this character. Heck, I was even breaking out of the fandom, but it sucked me right back in. :I

    My other username of choice is my first two initials, followed by my last name. That's usually on sites where you don't really need anonymity, where you're expected to give out your real name. Except Facebook. I use my real name of Facebook. As an example, let's say that my hypothetical last name is... Fresser. Same first letter, it works well. Since my first two names don't matter because they'll be initials, I would put in EKFresser. But in real life, I'd put my actual last name. :)
  14. Ze- German pronunciation of the word 'the'

    Awesome - Cause I am

    One - because I am the one and only

    Ego went to my head when people were telling me how awesome I was and one person pointed at me and said, "this person is awesome." and I was like 'Yes, I am the awesome one." and thus the idea was born. I used 'Ze' cause it sounded cooler.....
  15. Yuuki is an old nickname my friends used to call me and when written like this 勇気(idk if you guys can even see this but it's in Japanese) means "Courage"

    and Tatsunohi is means "dragon of fire" as what my Japanese teacher told me

    all together that makes "Courageous Dragon of Fire"

    Lame, sue me idc :P

  16. I came up with mine years ago. I was part of a roleplay group (I won't get into details...) and the names of the characters were a compound suffix and prefix, the suffix changing to declare rank. There was one rank that would be like, no rank, where you're name was just you're name without a special suffix. The suffix was just part of your name. And that was my character's name. She later had the suffix changed when she went in rank but I usually use this version of her name instead. I picked Rain for it cause a friend suggested it and I realized I really like the rain.

    Andddd then obviously my picture matches :P
  17. I am not going to lie to you. I choose Hisoka simply because I like how it sounds outloud. Then I found out Hisoka is a character in the Hunter X Hunter series. A chaotic netural Jester type. Thought that was cool but I could never get into the series.
  18. Oh my gosh I did this too! My favourites to switch between were Stacey and Mrs. Elizabeth. I came up with a distinct personality for each name, too; I had a Paint 'n Putter (like an arts & crafts preschool) teacher who would ask at the beginning of each class who I was that day so she knew how to call me n_n;;
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  19. "Hatsune" comes from my love of Vocaloids and "Candy" comes from my original name Mrcandyman2000, which is still my username on certain websites. I came up with that one kind of random and it just kinda stuck, it's kinda nostalgic now.

    So combined, Hatsune Candy is the name of my Internet persona, a long forgotten Vocaloid constantly being overshadowed by his sister, Hatsune Miku. Hence why my member title is "The Soul of a Forgotten File".
  20. I'm one of those people who likes to be clever with names. Yeah, I know, I'm really not supposed to do that with rpc's, but I just can't help myself. Although, in my defense, I never make up names based on personality traits, but physical traits. For instance, a character I named Chrysanta has orange-red hair and I named her such for the Chrysanthemum, an orange-red flower that can also be yellow. Buut, that's not the point here! o w o

    My name Akiko Yukito came from a friend. At the time, I was creating a character for whom I could not come up with anything that sounded right to me. I asked my friend - my dearest friend - for a random name - any name she could think of - and I would use it. She came up with this, and so it became my character and later my user ID for almost everything. I never had the heart to get rid of it because it came from her. Sappy, I know lol. ' u '

    EDIT: Funny I never looked into exactly what it means until now. Akiko - sparkle, bright, autumn; Yukito - traveller, snow rabbit, happiness, blessing, fortune, and person. If I had to put its meanings together, I would go with 'sparkly snow rabbit.' :3
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