What your favourite kind of juice ?

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    So my mom's making me drink this icky cranberry juice. She says its good for my bones or something. I'D RATHER DRINK MILK THANK YOU VERY MUCH. But ~_~ I have little choice. It takes okay when you first take a sip, but then once it goes down, it leaves this medicine-taste in your mouth.

    ICKYICKY ;__;

    What kinds of juice do you drink ? Which don't you like ?



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  4. Yeah, I love mango juice myself, though.
  5. hello! My name is Bekah. I've never really had anything that I've believed in, yet I've always said what's the point in living if you have nothing to live for. I've been mildly active in seeking for something to give me a solid grounding without much luck. Semi recently a friend of mine did a taro reading for me and it was suprisingly accurate. Being the type of person who does better and is more motivated when I have someone to guide and encourage me, I was hoping to find a mentor?
  6. I love Apple Juice, too ! :D
    Because I can drink it like water~ like tons and tons of it at once and it tastes so good & refreshing ! :)

    Orange Juice is awesome, too, but I like it cold and pulpy and only like half a glass ~ I'd rather eat a real orange :)

    I've never tried weird juices like Blueberry :D Have you ?

    Andd... ~ Oh yeah ~ Grape Juice is OKAY. Depends on which company you're drinking. And fruit juices are fun, too ! Fruit Punch <3

    Except the really weird V8 ones that have tomatoes in them Oo That tastes too healthy for me. I like fruit juice when it tastes fruity, fresh and tingly~ :D
  7. I like cranberry juice! Or cranberry juice blends!
  8. I like orange juice and cranberry.
    Cranberry is a natural diuretic ^_^ It IS good for you, Saku.
    Pulp, natural, for my orange juice.
  9. My favourite would definitely be blends of juices, so thick that you could become full just from one bottle. Whether they be berry blends, strawberry/banana or other such things, I've come to love blended fruit drinks as thick as can be.
  10. PRUNE! *chestthump* Is Drink Of Warriors!
  11. The spell I use is for empaths for emotion detox.
    White Candle
    Quartz crystal
    "With these words I banish thee; all emotions not pure to me."
    Repeat 3 times
    It is one that I came up with to help me release all the emotions I have gathered. I Have noted that it is more effective during a full moon.
  12. The last magick I performed was an annointment by creating my own Rosemary essential oil. I also did a small invocation asking Hekate to bless my creation for increased potency. Rosemary is particularly useful for making an impression, attracting lovers, and improving memory.

    I dabbed some on my temples the day of finals (mine were all on one day), and I passed all with flying colors, so I definitely remembered everything necessary. I also had a professor e-mail me about my exemplary performance in her class after the course had ended, so I had also managed to leave a lasting impression on at least one indvidual. I keep my love life private. However, I will say the spell worked well in all regards. Hekate has been quite gracious to me this year.
  13. Day 2: Mid-Day Update
    ooc: As of this post, one new character has been saved and one infected. Effective immediately. Special thanks to @Minerva for the magazine picture. <3

    While waiting for Mika to arrive, the Captain decided to check and see how many votes from the Social Center had been sent in. After counting the votes and seeing that Doctor Park had been chosen to be quarantined, Suzumiya couldn't help but let out a laugh.


    "Ha! Out of anyone why would they choose the doctor? She's around sick people all the time! She's gotta have a great immune system! I say there's no way she's infected, but I guess we'll find out," she said to herself, carefully typing out a message to Nurse Goto.

    "So, Doctor Park, huh? Perhaps it would be in the best interest of everyone if you let the crew know she's going to be quarantined," Daisuke reminded her.

    "I'm getting to that! Don't rush me!" she snapped back at the young man.

    I was giving you a break today, but screw that! I have something bigger and better for you to do! Doctor Park was voted out by the travelers. So I want you to go give her the special test we talked about. Go do that on the double! Get your cute little ass on the move! Captain's orders.

    After finishing up her email to the nurse, Haruhi decided to give the crew a quick announcement over the intercom in light of the very important news she needed to share with everyone.

    "Captain Suzumiya speaking. I'm bringing all of you this brief announcement to inform you of some news all of you might want to hear. It's about... ME! Look at your computer screens and phones right now, everyone! JUST LOOK!"

    Those who would look at their computer and phone screens would see an image appear for a couple of seconds.


    "Hot damn, I made the cover of a magazine. No need to praise me or anything, but feel free to reflect on how lucky all of you are to have such a cool Captain!"

    Daisuke about fell out of his chair. "Uh, Captain, I thought you were going to tell them about... the voting results?"

    "Ugh, you're such a drag. Fiiiine."

    The Captain cleared her throat.

    "I have one last thing to share with all of you: the voting results are in! Doctor Park has been chosen to be quarantined in the Med Bay, or whatever, until we know whether or not she's infected. Nurse Goto will be assisting her with a test to see if she's healthy. I'll announce the results of her screening after it's complete. Until then, have a good day!"

    It was shortly after giving her message that the Captain took notice to Mika arriving. "MIKAAAAAAA!" the quirky teen exclaimed, giving the other girl a traditional hug tackle of some kind, followed by a not-so-traditional, yet subtle groping. She was a slight pervert, after all. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    "Damn, it seemed like you were gone for ages! Now that you're here, I can finally show you the surprise I had for you!"

    "I think you already showed it to everyone, Captain," Daisuke remarked, rubbing the back of his head. His comment earned him a scowl from the Captain.

    "Shut up. I wasn't talking to you," she replied to Daisuke before looking back at Mika. "It's not like I'm that self-centered. My present isn't that magazine, it's..." Out from behind her back, Suzumiya whipped out a video game case. "DUN DUN DUN... it's the new Call of Booty game! Now we'll totally have something to play after work today! Am I great or what?"

    @Everybody @Krieg @CommandStation

    Meanwhile, at the Med Bay, when Doctor Park would walk over to check on Ms. Chihara the girl would say nothing. She would look past the doctor, instead staring directly at Mr. Smith. It was an awkward stare, considering she neither blinked nor looked away for even a moment. There was a twinge of sadness in her eyes, but the trace of emotion was so minor that it was likely nobody even noticed it.



    The girl remained quiet until John walked off, finally glancing to the doctor. "Fine," she replied, glancing to the door. "May I leave?"

    After John approached his sister, the girl frowned and reached out toward him. "Joooooohn, there you are! Tell these mean people to let me go! I'm not sick! I just hurt my foot... a little. It's not that bad. I just want to go!" she whined, wrinkling her nose.

    Next, Nurse Goto entered the Med bay, appearing defeated with her arms hanging at her sides. "D-Doctor Park, the Captain... she sent me to come here and help you with a blood test and... one other test... to see if you're infected. I'm so sorry. I don't think you're infected, but... she said I have to!" the young woman exclaimed, her lower lip trembling.

    @Verite @Minerva @Atomyk @Jeremi @MedBay


    Oswin rubbed her temples with one hand and let out a sigh, shaking her head when Raven experimented with his sonic screwdriver. "I didn't mean the tool could do absolutely anything. It can do a lot of things, but-- Oh, never mind. Don't worry about what it can't do, Just focus on what you need to do with it, okay?"

    Clearing her throat, Oswin stepped forward and grabbed an axe off the shelf. When she heard the others forming groups of some sort, she nodded. "I'll be with Elias then, yeah? Sounds good. We'll take the valve furthest away. Anyhow, there's nothing else I really have to tell you. It's hard to prepare for such a thing. Just watch your backs and if you find this job getting too dangerous for you to handle, feel free to pull out," she said, her eyes instinctively drifting toward Caldwell when she spoke.

    "So, whenever all of you are ready, let's go," she told them, walking over to open the door to the shed. "On the count of three we'll run out, alright? One... two... three!"

    The young woman threw the door open and rushed out, waiting for the others to follow suit. Slightly surprised by Oswin's appearance, the creature began pull some of its leg-like roots out of the ground to trip her up and lash at her. Because of this, she found herself blocked and had to stay back.


    "Now would be a great time to start distracting it," she told the others, gripping tightly to the axe she held in her hands.

    @penguin055 @Kaykay @Crow @Savannah Clause @Takumi @GardenArea

    @Crow as Emily Cutt & Raven Summersnow Slowmercury
    @Krieg as Mika Sikou
    @Bomb as Uta Komiya
    @Yun Lee as Daniel Wong and Ophelia Wong
    @Gummi Bunnies as Lauren Lynn
    @The Tactician as Jin Tajiri
    @Verite as John Smith
    @Minerva as Doctor Suyong Park
    @thatguyinthestore as Craig Cole
    @Atomyk as Alec Boulton
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as Jo Tajiri
    @Jeremi as Daren Masih
    @york as Anna Amherst
    @LuckycoolHawk9 as Sterling West
    @Kaykay as Melissa Mibu
    @Takumi as Luka Sinclair
    @Yatagarasu as Christa Park
    @penguin055 as Elias Klein
    @Nater Taters as Derek Craven
    @Hospes as Caldwell Pernicious
  14. I'd totally become a murderer if I didn't have an allergic reaction to pineapple.

    Though, only happens when I eat it...
  15. Well since my father is diabetic, we drink a lot of Crystal Light.
    My favorites are: white tea peach, peach iced tea, and raspberry peach.
    Guess the peach juice obsession started when I was six and I went to M&M Meat Shops for the first time (remember the free peach juice anyone?).
  16. "Victoria ? She is with ichiru and evelyn."
  17. "I haven't seen her in forever." Mars started walking to the children's room.
  18. "The only one who can talk her into calming down right now is father. She thinks I sold father out, anything I say now will only make things worst." Mars open the door to the door.

    Ichiru look up at Mars and John, "The only one huh?" He said to John, he felt a little betrayed though he know it wasn't John's fault.

    The girls could be heard laughing and running around the room.
  19. Melody seem stunned to have water in her face.

    Harmony chuckle softly, "She's so cute."