What your favourite kind of juice ?

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    So my mom's making me drink this icky cranberry juice. She says its good for my bones or something. I'D RATHER DRINK MILK THANK YOU VERY MUCH. But ~_~ I have little choice. It takes okay when you first take a sip, but then once it goes down, it leaves this medicine-taste in your mouth.

    ICKYICKY ;__;

    What kinds of juice do you drink ? Which don't you like ?



  2. I actually like Cranberry Juice. It's nice and refreshing.

    Mostly I drink OJ if I'm drinking juice though, Pulp or no pulp, OJ is my favorite.
  3. Now we've got that out of the way...

    Apple Juice.
  4. Yeah, I love mango juice myself, though.
  5. Apple Juice...or Apple cider...

    Speaking of which...I think I'll go have some now.
  6. I love Apple Juice, too ! :D
    Because I can drink it like water~ like tons and tons of it at once and it tastes so good & refreshing ! :)

    Orange Juice is awesome, too, but I like it cold and pulpy and only like half a glass ~ I'd rather eat a real orange :)

    I've never tried weird juices like Blueberry :D Have you ?

    Andd... ~ Oh yeah ~ Grape Juice is OKAY. Depends on which company you're drinking. And fruit juices are fun, too ! Fruit Punch <3

    Except the really weird V8 ones that have tomatoes in them Oo That tastes too healthy for me. I like fruit juice when it tastes fruity, fresh and tingly~ :D
  7. I like cranberry juice! Or cranberry juice blends!
  8. I like orange juice and cranberry.
    Cranberry is a natural diuretic ^_^ It IS good for you, Saku.
    Pulp, natural, for my orange juice.
  9. My favourite would definitely be blends of juices, so thick that you could become full just from one bottle. Whether they be berry blends, strawberry/banana or other such things, I've come to love blended fruit drinks as thick as can be.
  10. PRUNE! *chestthump* Is Drink Of Warriors!
  11. Cran anything is gross. Straw-nana is win.
  12. *puts on Random Fact Hat*

    Did yoo know... pineapple juice erases fingerprints?

    The police have the documented the fact that workers who handle a lot of pineapples eventually lose their fingerprints as the acid removes the skin flaws.

    *poses in hat*
  13. Unaware that their break had ended, the cheerful sweeper continued to indulge himself in his gluttony. The boy was also unaware of a stray blonde lock of hair slinking across the ground like a snake. The lock would wrap around his ankle before pulling tight and causing Train to lose his balance.


    "Whoa!" he cried, falling to the floor. For someone who was a graceful, well-practiced bounty hunter, the boy looked like a bumbling goofball.

    Grumbling when he realized what had happened, he reached down to try and tug at the hair, shooting a look to Even when he couldn't free himself. "Dammit, Eve, let me go."

    Slowly reeling the ex-assassin toward her, Eve shook her head. "I won't let you go until you help me finish with the award show. And, this time, you won't be getting out of it by pretending to be sick."

    Stomping onto the stage with the unwilling male being dragged behind her, Eve would turn to face their audience yet again. "We're back. Train and I are going to finish giving out the awards for Civil War. We'll be starting with the Best Female Character Category. Train, tell them our nominees."

    "Train, tell them our nominees," he spat back, mocking Eve's words. The girl rolled her eyes in response.


    "Are you sure you're the one older than me? Good grief... I'll tell them then. Our nominees for this category are... Ilona, Kyoko Kirigiri, Morrigan, and Ruby. It's my pleasure to announce that our winner is... Kyoko Kirigiri."

    OOC (open)

    Kyoko was a fine, well-played character indeed! It's hard not to admire a character who was done so well. Her scenes with Makoto were especially interesting, not to mention your epilogue post with her. Great work, Jason!


    "Train, can you stand up and help me with the next award?" Eve questioned, trying to be patient with the male.

    "Sorry, but I think you're cutting off the circulation to my leg with how hard you're squeezing my leg using that lock of hair. I can't stand up," he sassed, sticking his tongue out at her.

    Letting go of his leg, Eve would instead wrap her lock of hair around his waist and haul him to his feet. She kept the lock of hair firmly around him, making sure he wouldn't try to walk off. "Now you can do it."


    "Jeez, you're a pain, Princess. FINE!"

    "So the next award is, uh, for Best Character. The nominees are... Ruby, Kieran, Ritsuko Akagi, and Ilona."

    "Good, at least you're cooperating," Eve said before adding, "And the winner of Best Character is Ilona. Congrats."

    "Jeez, that girl wins a lot to stuff. This thing isn't rigged, is it?"

    OOC (open)

    Although I've said it before, I'll gladly say again how much it means to me that Ilona had won awards like this. I put everything I have into playing her and it warms my heart to see that people actually like her enough to vote for her in things like this. Ilona means the world to me, and I'll try my best to keep up the good work with her! Thanks guys!

    "You did it. Good job, Train. Do you want to tell our audience our next category?"

    "Ugh, do I have to do another one? You do this one," the male complained.

    "With how lazy you are, it's no wonder you haven't found me yet in Murder Games canon. Do you sit around whining all day and eating instead of trying to find your friends?"

    "N-No! Of course I've been trying to find you! Just don't read the first couple pages of The Secretariat where I'm hanging out in a restaurant. Uh, anyhow, I guess I'll tell them our next category. It's... Saddest Death."

    "A serious category. Try and be gentle while talking about this one."

    "Oh, I know that. Anyhow, the nominees are... Zidane's chances with Ilona, Ilona's mishap, Genji, and Jill. Hah! What the hell? Zidane's chances with Ilona? I thought this was supposed to be serious..."

    "I suppose not. It appears... Zidane's chances with Ilona is the... winner."

    Train would burst out laughing, causing Eve to raise an eyebrow.

    "Hm, must be a Civil War joke. I don't understand."

    "Yeah, this isn't even a joke. It's just the sad, honest truth. Mason had more of a chance with Kyoko than Zidane had with Ilona. Zidane tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter."


    OOC (open)

    Oh Zidane, the poor guy. A ladies man who wanted to flirt with the ladies behind Garnet's back, but couldn't catch the attention of sweet, oblivious Ilona. Sadly, it's hard for anyone to compare to Minato or Shiki in her eyes. RIP Zidane. It just wasn't meant to be.


  14. I'd totally become a murderer if I didn't have an allergic reaction to pineapple.

    Though, only happens when I eat it...
  15. Well since my father is diabetic, we drink a lot of Crystal Light.
    My favorites are: white tea peach, peach iced tea, and raspberry peach.
    Guess the peach juice obsession started when I was six and I went to M&M Meat Shops for the first time (remember the free peach juice anyone?).
  16. Peach or raspberry juice... or strawberry... or anything Kai/Katsugi drinks.
  17. Anything apple. That includes pineapple.
  18. mango > everything else
  19. Just apple :)