What you do when you're bored?

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  1. Basically what kind of things do you do when you're feeling bored?

    For me I'd have to say:

    1. Kill time on video games (or stare at my game list blankly).
    2. Over-post on Iwaku and/or come up with new topics to make to boost activity.
    This is totally not my reason for making this topic.
    3. Wander to and from my fridge and computer constantly, only rarely coming back with food to eat.
  2. I like to fiddle around on my laptop.
    Play the Cello.
    And then watch videos like this soon after
    You have been warned (open)
    Not for the faint of heart... Or ponies (open)
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  3. Play video games
    watch videos on youtube
    listen to movies I've seen a million times while I try to find anything to do
    I also do the fridge walk.
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  4. You sure number two shouldn't be number one, @Gwazi Magnum ?

    I haven't been bored in a long time, I always have plenty of purposeful shit to do. Projects, commitments, jobs and whatnot.
  5. None of your damn busniess, @Gwazi Magnum. Stop being so nozy. Gosh.
  6. They're not in any specific order.

    Plus considering Payday 2 isn't even a week old for me but I already have 61 hours in it?
    I'm fairly sure it's higher up on the list regardless. :P
  7. video games
    read abook
    neing up late
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  8. I'm excited that Payday is coming out for the Xbox one. Maybe I'll get back into it again after I finish playing Mortal Kombat and Battlefield.
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  9. I can't speak for the 1st. But the 2nd is absaloutely amazing.
    It and Saints Row IV are both games I picked up cheap on a steam sale thinking "I might as well give it a peek and try it out" and then walked out going "THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!".
  10. Oh. I meant payday 2. Whoops.

    I haven't played SR4 yet, but I have played 3 and I looooooved it.
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  11. I've only ever played SR4, which is why I was only casually interested at first and only snagged it when it was insanely cheap.
    But by God did my "ERMAGAWD!!! BIOWARE AND TELLTALE STORYTELLING! FAP FAP FAP!" obsession with gaming blind me to some other great titles for a while. :P

    Granted, I still love Bioware and Telltale.
    But I'm not mainly looking at games with a lens of "How good is the story and characters?" anymore.
  12. Heh, I don't think I ever looked at games through that lens. I usually Play COD and other FPS's, as well as games like rock band and Moartal Kombat where there is not much of a story, IMO.

    But I have downloaded a couple of games like tomb raider and Fallout and Darksiders 2 and yeah. I really enjoyed playing the story modes.
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  13. What happened with me was that when I was younger (Like 6-10 years old) there were four main games I played.

    Halo, Red Alert 2, Pokemon and Kotor.
    Halo was a great social game, Red Alert 2 I fooled myself into thinking I was a skilled Russian General.
    Pokemon was a pass time and a good social game when link cabling, and then there was Kotor.

    Kotor had the perk of being Star Wars, so being the huge star wars fan I was I instantly grabbed it.
    But what I got was far more than I expected, I feel in love with the mechanics, the characters and the story.
    It became the main game to define my childhood, and will probably go back to play many times in the future.

    But as a result it set a new standard of gaming for me, it made me demand strong story, dialogue, characters and choice in my games.
    Which for a while only Bioware was able to deliver with Mass Effect and Dragon Age. And then eventually Telltale entered my radar with Walking Dead and did even better.
    And although both of those companies and all their games I've played are among my favourites, I won't deny that my obsession with such a kind of game might be blinded to a couple of titles I may have enjoyed otherwise.
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  14. Life is too short to be bored. You haven't visited every place in the world. You can't be bored (though I have a perfectly valid reason for being "bored" all the time).
  15. Read, write, draw, go for a run or walk... mostly walk yeah. Play LoL.

    Sometimes being bored makes me do school work. That's just weird as hell.
  16. Procrastinate! : D
  17. go on iwaku
  18. Doesn't this assume that one has the means to travel though?
  19. No, it's a metaphorical way of saying you can't be bored, there's too much out there that you haven't seen or done to be bored.
  20. In other words? There's always another cat vid on the Internet to see? :P
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