What the hell is wrong with Twenty-Somethings?

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I agree. The generation is doomed.

Seriously. Big giant fuck you. (Not YOU. XD To Society.)

Yes, past generations have been all about going through the steps of Graduation, College, Job, Marriage, Family before you hit 30. RIGHT AWAY. Or else you're seen as a misfit, failure at life, etc. etc.

But how many of those SAME people have ended up getting a degree in a field they hate, stuck in a job they despise, a marriage they inevitably divorce from, and children they were never ready for? A LOT. A WHOOOOLE LOT.

People think they need to follow this exact life pattern in order to be "happy and successful". But it's a load a bullshit. When you speed through it so fast, you never have time to catch your breath and really think about what YOU want out of life. How many of you right now are feeling like you're getting pushed and prodded in to something you don't want because you know it's expected of you? How many of you are stuck in a life you hate big time because you did everything "the right way" and then later found out it wasn't what you wanted?

I am a firm believer that you should accomplish things at the pace that is right for YOU. Some people WANT the school, the job, the marriage, the family right away. But there are just as many people that want to do things in different orders. Maybe they want to have the family first and then go to school when they're older and have a career. Maybe someone wants to run wild and try a bunch of different dorky jobs before they settle down with something they like. Maybe they need to change majors a few times to discover their passions.

And this in no way says that people should be lazy moocher bums and 'do-nothings', though. D: I just think that people should be searching for the life passion and loves in the way that works for them. In a -productive- way that works for them.
I just use big words and complex philosophies to confuse people. I am a nerd, so yeah.
Being one of societies "Adults" is no fun, all humdrum mortgage and credit card bills and work...no time for actually ya' know enjoying life for what it is.

maybe I just don't take life seriously knowing that I won't get out of it alive.
I dunno. Sports bars and the upcoming 49ers game seems to be plenty of life enjoyment
But I think too people have different concepts of 'success'. I know I would love to get my degree in higher maths and teach, and spend all my free time writing or on iwaku writing, but as a wife I have responsibilities that keep me pretty much bumming around the house with very little time to work on my novel(s) much less role play *sob* but I'm a good wife and I think that's a worthwhile life.
I will be calling bullshit on this one as well. As someone who did everything right through high school and satisfied most every expectation others had of me, I can personally say being secure isn't worth it if you haven't done anything to make yourself happy. You don't instantly become a responsible, fully-functional adult upon reaching drinking age anymore than you do when you are old enough to vote. Your 20's should be about making a transition, but it shouldn't have to take place within a certain limit of time. Personally, I think it's sad when twenty-somethings rush in to marriage and having kids because they think they have to get it out of the way. Conversely, I also don't think it's good for young people to be completely careless and do too much much too young, ending up trapped in unfortunate circumstances without any better options.

It's important for people to acquire a sense of responsibility as they get older, but it shouldn't be forced down their throats and it shouldn't have a deadline. They may need a kick in the ass to get them on their way from time to time, but one way or another, they will do what they have to do out of necessity and not just because they feel it's expected of them by their families or society in general.
I'm actually somewhat amused, here.

First and foremost, remember that this community is but a small segment of the overall population. There's a certain someone who moved to bumfuck Arkansas who I know knows someone who exemplifies what this article is getting at.

Just because you aren't what this article is talking about doesn't mean it's not commonplace. Look deeper, because there is some truth to the point the writer is trying to make. This is despite the fact it's sitting on a comedy website.

Where do they come off thinking they're better than us!?

Just because I like to steal my neighbor's mailboxes and fill 'em with used kitty litter doesn't make me less of a human being!
That's a silly list of theirs, everyone is different and has their own way of things. No one should or can force their rules onto other people, it's just not right.

Where I live houses are expensive so it's not strange for children to be in their 20's and living with their parents.
I myself, I am almost done with college and I'll be getting a job of some kind soon.

As for marriage, I don't believe in marriage. Heterosexuals have ruined marriage in my opinion because they are always getting divorced, marriage isn't about getting divorced, it's about staying with that person forever!
Not to mention I can't get married even if I wanted to, unless I went to Vermont or something.

I despise children, so I would never want one anyway. I find them very annoying.

I feel like such an adult right now! *fist pumps*
I am guilty of all of these I think.

Yeah, people need to get out of the mind set that if you don't have all that by the time you're 30 you're doomed to be a failure. Fuck, my mother's been calling me a failure for the past 4 years now and been riding me to take classes for shit I. DON'T. WANT. TO. DO.

I'm skeptical of this generation to break the "Have this before 30 or you're fucked" shit. This generation will strain it. The next one will probably be the one to break it over its knee with a sickening snap.
I think it just depends on where you come from, really....seems like Americans take this list more to heart than other people do...At least from what I've seen.
You know, AS AN IRONIC COMEDY PIECE, this is solid gold. As a real piece of journalism, go fuck off. I'm married, 21, four kids, in college, my own home, employed full-time to boot. I fill all of these 'qualifications' of being an adult. I wish I didn't. I wish I had the chance to be a kid into my mid twenties, as was my plan. I don't have time for fun - no Mariner's games or Seahawks games going on in MY house, on MY T.V., no sir. No D&D, no MTG, I'm not even supposed to be HERE. Shove it up your fucking asshole, society. Know how long it's been since I've picked up my true passion? A fucking comic book? An entire year, and the next year doesn't look too promising, either. Or the one after that.
I freely admit, medical school was a massive adjustment because now I wasn't working with only 20 somethings with fraternity pledges. First day of med school years back, the student next to me was a 30-something year old mother of a 10-year old. Two of my colleagues had their firstborns by the end of the first year. In addition to the bookwork, the godawful hours in the hospital, the call nights, paying mortgage, the caring of infant children, and their spouses, I'm amazed they retained their sanity. I asked one of them how they did it all. He was the gentleman who never bitched or moaned about anything, even when his kid got sick and was hospitalized at the same hospital he was working in, even when during that same period of time he was pulling 18 to 20 hour days and had giant bags under his eyes.

His answer was that at his house he has a Man Cave that he hides in. Maybe you should convert a room in the house into one? I've since turned my closet into one. Its been a great retreat.
I've never been treated like a kid by parents...So I make up for it by being a lunatic on-line. Works, I guess.
Somehow I have a feeling that this is created around the assumption the persons in question are all middle-class white kids.