What the hell is wrong with Twenty-Somethings?



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It's a very interesting article. As a high school drop out at the age of fourteen I was labeled a failure from the git-go. At age twenty three I got married to the woman I had lived with for three years. I've always worked, but no I haven't gone to college. I'm working on that recently though. I had computer jobs rammed down my throat from my parents because I had a knack for it and did that for a while. E-comm specialist and tech service, but boy was I freaking miserable. You can only take so many e-mails and calls from idiots and repeat questions it didn't matter the pay was good I couldn't do it anymore. Now, I work in a restaurant with a game center on one side and deal with people from the age of 13-38 on average and freaking love it. At twenty five I'm pretty happy, but, me and my wife work all the time.

I don't get great pay (my wife does though), I don't have kids and my biggest accomplishment in school is my G.E.D. But, I'm happy. When it boils down to it that is the most important thing no matter what age you are or what you're doing. Just a matter of everyone getting there in their own way.

If that made any sense, I don't know. Haven't slept in thirty plus hours. Almost time for bed.