What magics do you use, Iwaku?

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  1. Okay, so in a PM RP i'm involved in, I've seen a lot of fire magic being used. That made me think. So here's my question to everyone: What type(s) of magic do you typically use in your roleplays, if any, and why do you use that particular type(s)?

    For me, I tend to use healing and fire magics, simply because you do need to heal at times, and fire is very destructive. Not to mention that fire magic can be used to create a campfire, if needed in the rp, and you can't really do that with ice or wind. Another thing those can't do, is light your way down dark rooms/halls, or just dark places in general.

    A big part of my love for fire magic, is the fact that people tend to use different colors. People tend not to clarify the color when referring to the use of ice magic, but when fire magic comes along, I've seen loads of different colors. Even multicolored flames! I like lightning as well, and I feel not as many people are as drawn to its destructive potential.

    Again, I like lightning, but that doesn't mean I like it better than fire. I feel that fire is a magic that is used by those who are responsible, and lightning is used by those who plain don't care about anyone/thing that gets in their way. Frying someones' brain is just plain rude to your opponent, though I'm not saying cooking them alive isn't a low blow of its' own.

    So there you have it. Mine are healing and fire Magic. What are yours? Why do you use or like them? If it's an uncommon type of magic, or a player-made magic, what does it do?
  2. I've always leaned more towards healing and ice. I had an rp a while ago where I had dozens of characters that covered practically every possible magic there was, but my main character was a healer. I don't really know why I go with those two though. I do play a healer in every MMO that I've ever played so I guess it's kind of out of habit.
  3. @Nydanna, that sounds good. I've always loved healing magic. If nobody can heal themselves or others, what good will they be long term, if someone suffers a more serious injury? I know I probably over-think on some things, but sometimes it does help to do so.
  4. Dark and light, but I'm fond of ice and lightning as well and have played other elements on occasion, like wind.

    What exactly "dark" constitutes depends on the setting I'm designing. In some, dark is a name for a corrupting magical energy that causes direct internal damage to targets by causing ruptures in organs and blood vessels. Always one of the most destructive magicks in my settings (to organic creatures) but has no real potential besides killing things.

    In others, dark is basically light magic used in a different way. A rogue type character can use light just as well to move it out of an area, creating concealment, and it provides a handy distraction if you're caught. It can be used to blind enemies as well, if need be. The best users can even make illusions out of it.

    I generally use more traditional light magic for characters who prefer not to kill or who are peaceful in nature, and in settings with demons, it's effective against them too of course.

    I like ice purely for the aesthetic aspect. It can disable or kill enemies with equal efficacy, and the idea of encasing things in shards of ice is just cool in general.

    Lightning is my go-to for a character who doesn't use any of the others, since it has some utility (sparks to create fire and the like) and is a flashy destructive magic.

    Other elements are usually only used when I have specific character ideas that fit them very well.

    I don't tend to use healing magic that often (at least not without heavy restrictions), because it removes some drama from an RP regarding characters being injured.
  5. Manipulating the electromagnetic force. The applications for such a power are virtually boundless. Gravity manipulation would have to be a close second.
  6. I usually don't.
    But when I do it's lightning.
  7. When it comes to magic especially when RP'ing, I prefer to make sure my character has rules and limits they have to follow. Making sure there is some sort of resource my character has to rely on so that they cannot just infinitely use their abilities. So, if my character has an affinity towards fire, they would have to rely on a resource like Mana in order to use their fire abilities. However, if they create a fire around them by burning trees or something, now she/he has another resource to use for their abilities, thus they could be more powerful in that circumstance. Basically make sure there are rules that allow for the character to be weak or strong depending on certain circumstances. I feel it gives the character more depth. :)
  8. Usually something versatile.
  9. I don't always use magic in RPs, but when I do, I use fire magic. A little can be kind and useful, but too much can be deadly and dangerous.
  10. The manipulation of smoke. Wielding it like a combination of fire/air magics for various purposes. Even solidifying it at points to form smoke-like objects (inclusing swords that leave smoke-trails when swung.)
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  11. Wow, people use various magics for plenty of things I've never thought of, *cough cough* @Cpt Toellner.. ^_^
  12. The magic of seven point six two millimeter full metal jacket.
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  13. @Dervish, that's some sexy magic, that is. Doesn't it just fill you with energy and excitement?! XD
  14. Huh, I hadn't thought about it until I read this question.

    Whenever I get an opportunity to have characters use magic (don't get many chances), I tend to favour "shadow" and "earth" magic. My go to characters like to get in the middle of things and usually augment themselves either as "shades" or with a "rock solid" defense. They are sort of the in-your-face melee or ranged (shadow archer or assassin) characters that keep coming at you.

    Great... now I want to do a magic RP. -.-
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  15. I'm sorry @Knight, but hey, at least you have something to do now. Make a nice rp, and I may join you!
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  16. Just some raw explosive energy, no big!
  17. I leave my magic very open for everyone to use with whatever people can come up with unless it is needed otherwise for the plot.. Personally I rarely use "elements" and go for interesting 'combinations'. If I had to choose my favourite magic would be manipulation of algorithms based on the point of the viewer that everything in the world can be seen as algorithms...now that's a lot of math for magic.
  18. I think I will go find a magic RP that someone else is running. See how its done before I think about creating one myself. I am still sorta new to this site! :)

    I will let you know if I find a good one!
  19. Oh, I didn't know you were new to the site, @Knight. My bad! Well, welcome to the site!
  20. Time for a real answer!

    I tend to gravitate towards mage characters with shadow-related magics or if you include it, alchemy. The shadow magic stuff's usually related to invisibility or teleportation via connected shadows, or in some cases manifesting them in a tangible way like tendrils or some such. The alchemy stuff's usually for making stuff like sleep or poison gases or powders.