What Lurks Beneath the Sky

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  1. The setting of this roleplay is in a steampunk type world that is run by a tyranical government that give it's people the illusion of freedom through much the same methods that the ancient Romans did (false votes, gevernment based vito's, etc.) and corruption was the foundation of the governmental body. Some spiecies of sub-humans such as vampyres are hunted by the government and must live in hiding along with humans born with the power of the Lifelink. The Lifelink is an awakening of power that grants it's carrier the powers of magic. The government fears these individuals and has a wing devoted to hunting these individuals. The Magehunters. The form of this world is entirely up to the RPers. It is freeform with the exception of the central city in which the government presides. As for the choice of characters, it is also pretty much up to Rpers. Have Fun!.


    Asura ran through the alleyway in the pouring rain. His cowl and hood were damp and stuck to him like glue. We was being persued by Magehunters. Bullets whized around his ears and pinged off of the protuding brinze pipes that lined the alleys of any major city. He ran through a puddle and counted the seconds before the Magehunters behind him would run through it. He flung a static bolt behind him into the puddle just as the Hunters stepped into it. The Magehunters convulsed wildly, lightning arcing from them to the piped around them and then went limp. Asura laughed shortly and did a little jump as he ducked into another alley and tried to catch his breath.
  2. Andrea, or Andy, sat quietly on the roof of a tall building. She had found that Magehunters hardly look up when hunting.

    Running her tongue over her sharp canines, she wondered how long it would be before the Magehunters got wise. Looking down into an alley below, she watched as Magehunters ran after their latest prey. Smiling slightly as the person sent a static bolt.

    "Never run into puddles," she sang as the hunters went down. "You never know what you could be chasing." With that, Andy jumped from the building and landed a few feet away from the downed hunters. She sauntered in the direction she had seen the other person go.
  3. Asura panted and then his breath stopped cold. One too many splashes... He charged a bolt in his hand ad stepped out aroun the corner again, ready to blast any Hunters that might be picking up the trail. He stepped out and to his surprise, instead of a Hunter, he saw a woman. Sharp eyes, her smile revealing canines. He lowered his hand and the bolt fizzled out. He sighed a sigh of relife. Mages were wanted just as much as the vampyres and as such, the two groups often looked out for one another under a quiet, unofficial truce. "Thank god! I thought theye were never going to stop coming!" panted Asura. He flicked his soggy hood back to reveal a strong face with a ponytail tied up with a red bandage. He panted once more and asked: "So, what's your name? I havn't seen you in any of the Sanctuaries around here. Mine is Asura, by the way."
  4. Andy flinched slightly when she saw the bolt in the man's hand. Fortunately, it went away, but Andy made a mental note to stop sneaking up on someone who had been hunted. "Don't worry," Andy said, "They have other things to hunt and you took care of those guys pretty well."

    "My name is Andrea, but call me Andy," she said, bowing slightly. "You haven't seen me in any sanctuaries, because I never go to any." Andy's eyes glittered as she smiled.
  5. Veela was just looking around, or at least that's what she'd tell people. She was always hunted for being born with her powers, being able to create fire as easily as the snap of her fingers. It made life interesting, but having to constantly change her appearance was constantly irritating her. She had heard of the sanctuaries, but had only used them to change her appearance and leave shortly after, as far as she knew, unseen.

    "What's next, I wonder?" Vee had said to herself. "Am I going to be chased again tonight? Will I have to defend myself, or will they be smart, and realize who they're chasing?" Veela considered herself a bender of fire, though she knew it was magic powers. Bender just sounded cooler.

    She wore a black hooded coat, and a mask to conceal her facial features. A pair of blue jeans and a pair of flat bottom shoes for comfort were on her lower half. As she was walking by an alley, she had noticed two people conversing. She had also noticed that there were bodies laying there. "These must be others like myself." Veela thought about making her way over to them, but quickly changed her mind when she seen a small pack of Magehunters coming her way. "Run! Hide somewhere! They're coming!" Veela yelled and began running back the opposite way, as the Magehunters took pursuit.

    About a block into the chase, she decided this was futile, and threw a few fireballs at some buildings, because though they could chase her, would they risk getting caught in her own created explosions? As some rubble from the buildings fell, she slid into an alley and up a fire escape to lay low on the rooftop of one of the nearby buildings. She thought this was a better place than any at the moment to catch her breath.
  6. Gregor was walking slowly in an abandoned alleyway when he heard the sound of multiple explosions and patter of footsteps so in-sync that it could only be the mage hunters. His instinct was to run towards it, but something stopped him. An immense power like his own, could it be another mage? He ran out into the street and drew his Pistol, not having to worry about his ammo supply considering the gun shot energy like bursts made from black magic that caused the same amount of power as a .50 Cal. He pointed his gun at the backs of the unsuspecting Hunters and let off 5 shots, each of the killing one or two hunters each. After the smoke cleared, much to Gregor's surprise, a whole new squad of hunters were attempting to pursue him, each of them letting off a clips-worth of ammo, all of them missing horribly. From his pocket, Gregor produced a deck of cards, each card being an ace of spades. he drew 3 cards, uttering the words to an ancient black magic spell, causing the cards to become a dark transperent black. Gregor smiled at this, throwing each of the cards at grounds nearly in front of the group of guards. He uttered the word "Release", and with that the cards each shot out dark snake like figures that began ripping the guards apart limb for limb.


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  7. Her eyes snapped open as she felt several more souls add themselves to the power many called Lifelink...if they only knew the truth. She scoffed. They wouldn't stop, they couldn't. It was a part of their nature.

    Lazily, Augustina pulled herself from her opulent bedding, pulling her nightgown around herself, and crossed over to a near window. With a wave of her hand, the pane was cleared of water, allowing her to see the city better.
  8. Andrea bared her fangs at the sound of the shouting. Fantastic, Magehunters, exactly what she needed. She turned to Asura with a slightly-malevolent smile. "I think I'll get out of here, in just a moment. I really hate confrontations, but I'm in the need of some blood."

    Andy turned to see explosions and something dark. The hunters seemed to be dropping like flies again, so she wouldn't have to work to hard to feed. That was good, because she didn't seem to have too much energy suddenly.

    Once again, she walked casually in the direction of the explosions and hunters. "What a day, what a day," Andrea said as she walked.
  9. Asura flinched at the noises of the distant explosions and gunshots. The city was full of them. Mages were being hunted constantly and so constantly they had to defend themselves, but never on this scale before. He followed Andy down the alley and towards the frey and undoubtedly the bodies of the Hunters. Asura was accustomed to seeing vampyres feed. And, becausde the city was constantly draped in a thick smog, they were able to do so at any time of the day or night without having to hide from the sun. As they reached the end of the alley, waves of basic Hunters had set up blockades around one of the many central squares. He grabbed Andy's hand and dragged her into a narrow street. Before him he saw a pile of limbless and torn up bodies. "Well... It's not neat, but if you need to grab a bite, then now is a better time than ever. Be quick, though. We need to get to a sanctuary as quckly as possible... Don't worry, we will be safe there." said Asura cautiosly.

    (( Let's slow down a bit on all the action for a while and get to actually know the characters first before we jump into anything major =] ))
  10. Gregor again emerged from the shadows of another one of the countless alleyways and back onto the narrow street he had been on. He quick drew his gun and pointed when he seen others standing over the bodies. "You're not Mage Hunters, are you" and with the hiss of the are you, he pulled the hammer back on each of his guns.
  11. "How about you stick around and find out..." said Asura with a cheecky tone as he sparked a bolt in his hand and then put it out. "My name is Asura. And no, im not one of those damned Hunters. And guns wouldnt have done you any good in this... wet, puddley, waterlogged street anyway." he smiled as a spark juped between his fingers.
  12. Hearing commotion below, Veela had curiously peered over the edge of the building to see what was going on below. It was on a narrow street and it was a man with a couple guns pointed at what looked to be a vamp making her meal of one of the bodies she had seen earlier. She was with another man, whom she had overheard his name being Asura.

    Veela took this chance to lay low for a couple minutes before making her entrance by dropping down from the rooftop. Let's face it, a couple stories isn't much of a drop to a vamp or at least a half skilled mage. At least one who learned to harness the qualities of air to her will. You have to put out your fire somehow, right?

    "So you guys are making enough commotion down here. What's going on? May as well introduce myself." Veela was staring them all down. "I'm Veela. There a reason you got your guns out, cowboy?"
  13. Andy lifted a hand in greeting as she chose a body to feed from. "Call me Andy," she said simply. "Pleasure. Thanks for the easy meal."

    She finally chose a body and lifted the hunter's wrist, biting deep into it. The sweet taste of blood flooded all her senses. She could hear people talking, but couldn't understand what they were saying. Andrea, without a doubt, would soon have to learn how to feed without losing her senses. Especially if she was going to stop hiding on roofs and hang around with others.
  14. ((Asura is a dude. I said "he" lol))

    "Nice landing... Veela, was it?"said Asura as he gave a friendly nod, the spark still jumping between his fingers. "As for the gunman at the end of the lane here, I'm sure he was just a bit shocked. Pleasure to meet you!" He shook Veela's hand after put the park out.
  15. (( My bad, I edited my post to reflect my mess up. ))

    "Thanks. I pride myself on what I've learned to do with my powers. Yes. That's my name." said Veela, nodding back. She stood, as if almost in an aggressive stance, so-as to protect herself if anything went down between these two and the lone gunman. "Well, I'd feel better if I couldn't see the guns. I've seen far too many today, wouldn't you agree?"

    Veela looks to the gunman, and stares, aggressively at the weapons he seemingly still held in his hands. "You planning on using those?" she inquired and then quickly looked back to Asura.

    "So I'm guessing your power has something to do with electricity, no?"
  16. "Well, i can do a bit of everything, but you could say that elecricity gives me the biggest...buzz. I love to watch the skin peel off of the Hunters as they get cooked from the inside out." said Asura as he gave a malicious grin at the though of a Hunter frying. "I've seen you around at some of the sanctuaries. You specialize in fire, don't you? Not too useful in this kind of weather, I must say." Asura looked up towards the sky. The rain continued to come down at a steady pace, slowly drenching everything under it. He looked back towards the gunman. "Any money, he's a dark mage. They always carry something a little extra on them and in my experience, they like to... make a mess..." said Asura, looking down at the body bits that Andy was having a good old chew on.
  17. "Yeah, I specialize in fire. I like to watch things....EXPLODE!" Vinyl thought back to making a few stores explode a little bit back. "I have a bit of practice with air as well. I can do some interesting things with it, like what people would look at as a super jump, or that landing you seen a few minutes ago." Vinyl looks back at the gunman she had previously referred to as 'cowboy'. "He looks like a dark mage. Kind of abrasive, yet still has that look of....darkness to him. Clean cut though, so he obviously lives somewhere nicer than a sanctuary."

    Vinyl walks over to the closest wall to lean against it. "Yeah, I've been to a few sanctuaries, but I don't stay. I go there to change my look so I get caught less often. It's annoying and time consuming, but it works in my favor. Those stupid Magehunters think I'm a different person every time!" She glances around real quick, as if scanning the area. "Did you know being able to control the air, I can feel any extra presences around? It comes in handy. Luckily, we're safe for now."
  18. She finished about five minutes later, having completely drained the body of all blood. Andy wiped some extra blood away with the back of her hand and smiled. She was now comfortably full and feeling energetic. She turned to the others.

    "Pleasure to meet you all! As I said, call me Andy," she said happily. Andrea turned to Asura. "Where's this sanctuary you speak of? I like taking a nap after my meals, but I don't think it's safe for me here though."
  19. "Well, there is one a few blocks away, under a pub. The Husk if I remember correctly. We should go there as soon as possible so that you can get some... nappage." he said nervously, looking at the shrivelled body bits and then at Andy's bloodstained mouth. He looked to Veela. "You are welcome to come with us, if you like. I don't think there is any more need to stay here. If he was going to shoot us, he would have done so already..."
  20. Veela, staring at all the blood Andy left contemplated the decision, and then felt that even though she won't sleep there, it'll be better than staying soaking wet. "Yeah, I'll come until this rain subsides. I won't be staying though. I really don't like those places." Veela had thought about the last time she was in one and had gotten in a fight with one mage who was jealous of her capabilities with fire. "Some people don't seem to like me in sanctuaries, and they are those who frequent them quite a bit. We'll see how this one goes though."