What kind of underwear do your characters wear?

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  1. I bet you didn't know that a person's underwear can give hints to what kind of personality they have! >:D There is the freedom of boxers, the sillyness of prints, and even if you're a slutty hobag! Have you ever thought about what your favorite kind of undies say about you?

    Character challenge! Tell us what sort of underwear your characters prefer, and why they choose them and what it might say about them!
  2. @Ramboing @Kurogane86 @SoleStride @MentalDriller @Dakota K5 @RecentlyInsaneRussian

    The system updates have arrived! Brace yourselves everyone, changes are at hand!

    Any questions about the new systems may be posted in the OOC! I'll be making a gm post soon. I'll need everyone who doesn't have questions to go ahead and fill out the two forms below so we can get this implemented as soon as possible.


    An Ex burst is the best attack a person has in their arsenal. It can be anything from a giant fire tornado to Healing Rain falling form the sky. However, there are a few conditions:

    First, every Ex-Burst must have at least three prerequisites that must be met. This can be anything from having to have a certain amount of health, to having a certain amount of energy, or having used a certain power, to having to have a certain person around.

    Second, they must also have a charge time of at least one posting round.

    Third and finally, they must be related to the current person's powers and elements that they can access in general.

    Given these though, a powerful attack can have a large devastating and game changing effect on a battle. Given more prerequisites and charge time, it can be more powerful. Imagine a Noble Phantasm from the Fate series. That is basically what these are, but less OP.

    The format for such an attack is as follows:

    "Ex-Burst Name"
    Ex-Burst Prerequisites:
    Ex-Burst Charge time:
    Ex-Burst Description: (What does it do when it finally is ready to go?)

    Once you have filled this out, post it in the OOC. If given GM approval, you may edit it in to your character sheet.


    Attributes constitute your character's body. They are defined by normal human standards. However, in this section, you will receive more details about how attributes work.

    All increases in attributes increase limits. This means that, for example, a character with Exceptional Strength has his limit boosted to 200% of the human limit. Let's say the world record for lifting is 500kg and we will take that as the maximum limit for human strength for now. A character with Exceptional Strength however, has his limit boosted to 1000kg.

    All increases in attributes also increase standards. Similarly to limits, let us take 50-100kg as the average for lifting. Someone with Exceptional Strength will have his standards boosted to 100-200kg. Furthermore, the effort for a normal human to reach 500kg and the effort for an Exceptional Strength Human to reach 1000kg is the same. This also means that a strong character does not necessarily need to be accompanied with high muscle mass since the standards & limits have shifted.

    In combat, this means that an Exceptional Strength punch and another Exceptional Strength punch are not always the same. They can do more or less damage depending on the environment, one's condition and even the method of striking. Even someone with Average Strength could possibly exceed someone with Exceptional Strength given the right circumstances. Because of this reason, creativity in one's post can tremendously affect one's performance in battle.

    Below is a list of the most common attributes and their explanations:


    • Definition: Determines the offensive capabilities of your physical attacks. Slightly affects your attack speed as well.
    • Counter: Endurance
    • Explanation: Strength is directly related to the force of a physical attack. The higher the strength, the higher the damage output. Additionally, strength may also play a role in executing faster movements, especially with one's arms and legs, due to the increase in kinetic force. However, it does not affect it as much as Speed would.
      High strength can result in faster acceleration, higher jumps as well as stronger punches.

    • Definition: Determines your defensive capabilities and the total amount of damage you can take.
    • Counter: Strength
    • Explanation: Endurance is linked to the constitution of the body. It influences one's body composition in such a way, that its toughness is strengthened and thus reduces the amount of damage one receives or increases the amount of damage one can take. Essentially, endurance is the vigour of one's body which also decreases the lethality of received attacks.
      High endurance can result in a tougher body, increased damage reduction and greater resistance to pain.[/b]

    • Definition: Determines your overall quickness as well as your attack speed.
    • Counter: Speed, Accuracy
    • Explanation: Speed plays a vital role in combat due to its versatility. It is mainly related to one's movement speed and impacts it much more than strength. While strength primarily affects mass, speed affects velocity. Furthermore, speed can also slightly increase the damage of physical attacks, but not as much as strength would. Lastly, speed can be severely restricted in narrow or tight areas because it highly relies on the freedom of movement.
      High speed can result in reduced travel time, faster attacks and an easier time evading attacks.

    • Definition: Determines your evasive capabilities including your reaction time.
    • Counter: Accuracy
    • Explanation: Agility is your body's ability to effectively use his limbs in a way such that wasteful movements are eliminated and its flexibility is enhanced. Also, although speed can help to evade attacks, agility mainly helps in dodging attacks. Dodging, unlike evading, is the (narrow) evasion of an attack that is the result of efficient body movement. For example, tilting the head to dodge a bullet instead of jumping out of the way. This means that dodging uses a lot less energy than evading. Additionally, the decreased reaction time also aids in this, something that speed cannot grant. Lastly, unlike speed, agility is not affected by the available space since it only relies on the body.
      High agility can result in stamina preservation, coordinated movements and more evasive options.

    • Definition: Determines the precision of your attacks and enhances perception.
    • Counter: Agility, Speed
    • Explanation: Accuracy is indispensable for being able to hit targets, especially fast and agile ones. Those with high speed can easily outmatch the movements of the human eye and dominate the battlefield. In this case, only accuracy can counter it. It improves one's visual acuity and thus allows one to clearly track down those who are nearly invisible to others. Also, it is not limited to people, but also permits one to spot changes in environment, reveal hidden dangers and see far into the distance.
      Furthermore, accuracy is not limited to eyes, but also affects all other senses.
      High accuracy can result in heightened perception, awareness to detail and landing critical hits.

    • Definition: Determines the maximum limit of your physical stamina reserves.
    • Counter: None
    • Explanation: Stamina is the energy supply for the utilization of the body. Any action costs energy. And stamina acts as fuel for using one's body. Whether it is a physical movement like running, jumping or walking, stamina is required. Naturally, the greater the feat one performes, the more energy will be necessary. Running is more costly than walking. Especially the usage of powers which can take a heavy toll on one's body.
      Stamina recharges at a rate of 10% per turn Maximum. This can also apply when stamina is being used, but the maximum can only be achieved through a turn of complete physical standby. This recovery can be multiplied by how much Recovery you have.
      High stamina can result in boosted physical capacity, reduce fatigue and maintaining one's performance.
      Stamina can only be regained out of combat when an Admin makes an official Recovery Post.
      Lastly, the general value for Health & Stamina is 3:2 respectively.
    • Definition: Determines how quickly you replenish lost stamina/. Also affects your stun time.
    • Counter: None
    • Explanation: Recovery, not to be mistaken as Regeneration, is responsible for regaining expended energy. Unlike stamina, it does not boost one's maximum capacity, but instead increases the rate at which one recovers energy until the maximum capacity is reached. However, this is not the only thing recovery accounts for. It also influences the rate of recovery from being thrown on the ground, flinching from strong attacks and even recovering after a dodge or evade. Essentially, the period of downtime when a character is unable to perform any action is reduced.
      High recovery can result in fewer opportunities to be attacked, preventing exhaustion and regaining more energy.

    To use the attributes, you must distribute a certain amount of points. Also, for those who chose to train under Founders specializing in a certain Attribute, you get 1/2 off the price of the level of that attribute. Also, a GM may judge your background and give you a starting stat based off of that background! Here are the following Founder Specializations, and their stats:

    The First Founder Specializes in strength and endurance. He starts at True God in all stats though.

    The Second Founder Specializes in speed, agility, and recovery. He starts at Godly Imitation in all categories.

    The Third Founder Specializes in Stamina and Accuracy. He starts at Immortal in all categories.

    Currently, each character has 12 points to distribute in each category. You will gain an additional 4 points to distribute each time you gain a level. Additionally, a GM may reward attribute points for the completion of a fight.

    The costs for each rank are as follows (keep in mind that each multiplier identifies how many times the strength of a human attribute it is, so above average strength is 1.5x the strength of the average human):
    Rank E - Average (x1) No Points
    Rank D - Above-Average (x1.5) 2 points
    Rank C - Exceptional (x2) 4 points
    Rank B - Superior (x3) 8 points
    Rank A - Extreme (x4) 16 points
    Rank S - Uber (x5) 20 points
    Rank T - Burst (x10) 30 points
    Rank U - Demi God (x15) 40 points
    Rank V- Immortal (x20) 50 points
    Rank X - Godly Imitation (x50) 75 points
    Rank Z- True God (x100) 100 points

    Attribute Distribution Form:

    So, to add attribute levels to your character, follow the form provided below!

    Additionally, given their backgrounds, the following characters have earned starting ranks!

    The Gym Teacher has earned a Stamina, Speed, and Recovery rank of above average!
    The Viking has earned a Stamina, Speed, and Accuracy Rank of above average!
    The Man with the Shadow in his head has earned a Stamina, Speed, and Accuracy Rank of above average
    The Russian boy has earned a Stamina and Speed rank of Above Average
    The man with the Pervert controlling his mind has earned a stamina, speed, and accuracy rank of above average

    Total points Used: 0/12 (Your used points goes on the left side and the total points available on the right.)(It should be noted that costs do not stack. So you could simply purchase a rank of superior strength for 8 points, then endurance for 4, without getting any of the lower ranks as well. Also, Attributes do not stack, so getting above average endurance and superior endurance will do nothing for you besides give you the superior rank.)

    Endurance: (Put Rank name here)
    Strength: (Put Rank name here)
    Speed: (Put Rank name here)
    Recovery: (Put Rank name here)
    Agility: (Put Rank name here)
    Accuracy: (Put Rank name here)
    Stamina: (Put Rank name here)

    Once you have completed this, post it in the OOC and if a GM approves, put it in your character sheet! Once there, start using your attributes!

    (A small note, Alkura will not have any attribute increases, as she is at average in every stat currently.)
  3. For all those who want one, this is a good ex burst example. This comes from a character who is a lightning mage. It makes great use of the power of electricity to create a powerful attack. In this RP we don't use prana, but you can pretty much make it the equivalent of magical energy. Given that this Mage's attacks all use Prana, it's a pretty big deal for her to use all of it in one go. Of course, with higher Attributes this cost could be lowered. In the case of an attribute like "True God" it would be nothing to do an attack like this.


    Lightning Railgun

    Misaka charges up electricity for one round, gathering residue sparks from the surrounding area: Lightbulbs, Sockets, and even cloth rubbing against cloth to make a spark, Misaka gathers it. To make the attack more powerful, Misaka also takes energy from herself.

    After one round of charging all the electricity from the surrounding area and from herself, Misaka reaches into her pocket and pulls out a simple 100 yen coin. If she doesn't have a coin on her at the time, she will use a rock. She will then flick the coin into the air and, using all of the electricity she has gathered, launch the coin at speeds equal to Burst Speed, at which speeds the coin will explode, dealing 150% damage based on Average Endurance and blinding anyone within 5 feet for 1 turn.

    While it seems that way from how the coin fires, this attack will not release ANY discharge into nearby allies or enemies. It must hit a target to do damage.

    Afterwards, since Misaka used all the electricity in her storage, she becomes exhausted, and must rest for 2 rounds.

    • Must charge for one round
    • Uses 100% Prana for this attack
    • After the attack, Misaka suffers two turns of exhaustion
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  5. I have several characters, but Ill just post the ones I've played on this site.

    Kumo Blackwind wears a cloth wrapped in to the uniform shape of a pair of undies then tied into a knot at both sides.

    Lance Silver wears boxer briefs. They don't ride up and hold everything in place quite nicely.
  6. Ampoule: B-but girls shouldn't talk about the undies they wear i-in front of other p-people...*heavy blush as Ampoule daintily devours another character*

    That being said I'm pretty sure they'd either be boyshorts or s-something g-girly. But golly-gee-wiz you never know with them cannibal shapeshifters. I suppose they'd end up with whatever undies they snag off their last victim.

    Ampoule would wear THESE!!!
  7. *Chuckles* I really need to find the IC.... I remember getting alerts at one point.

    team MEEM
  9. Dammit
  10. Vay wears no underwear..

    Gunter wears black boxers

    Hanse likes bright breifs

    Jordan was woolly boxers usualy gray

    Drake (wow havn't played him in a while) black or red briefs and maybe the odd g-string (he is wierd)
  11. Welcome @Nomad-22 To Epic Crossover! Please check out the discussions to see what's going on and for help getting a character going!
  12. Magdelene would probably wear cotton, frilly bloomers.

    Pluto would wear the white ones with pink scalloped edging and a pink bow in the front middle.

    Chanelle would wither go commando or a g-string.

    Willis would wear silk boxers from Italy.

    Amelia would wear black briefs. Maybe with kitty patterns on it.

    Jesse would wear last week's unwashed underwear.
  13. *Top steps in with an ironing board and a bag of laundry. He sets a pair of boxers on the board then headbutts them.*


    *Another headbutt.*


    *More headbutting.*



    *Another round of headbutting ensues. Top folds the boxers and sets them aside, taking out another pair.*

    Well look what we got here, a fucking comedian.


    *Top viciously headbutts this pair then folds them.*

    Before you guys say anything, my psyevals always come back positive.
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  14. I finally posted. Hmm....not sure about how I ended it. But I suppose it works. Hmm...well she is a succubus so I suppose it makes sense she gives into some urges so soon.
  15. How many characters can we have?
  16. Once the rp starts, Seven will steal clothing from a designer store -underwear would be boxer shorts- as long as it's comfortable, he'll wear that. Not anything else- he sees those white briefs as panties-they remind him of those. EVEN IF THEY SAY MEN ON IT- he wouldn't be caught dead in those.

    Xooki would wear cute lacey, pink undies. Especially the ones with Hello Kitty on them, classics! ^_^
  17. Wait, hold on.

    The pre-edit post vaguely depicts Madoka lifting Kyoko from the ground and slinging her arm over and stuff, and that's that.

    The post-edit post shows the same thing, but it can be either intepreted as Madoka handing Kyoko over to Robin, or Madoka... approaching Robin is a regular fashion.
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