What is your morning (or wake up) routine?

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  1. This year I have to rebuild my entire life's worth of routines, from how I wake up to what I do on the site everyday, all because of a year of being endlessly sick. O___O Without these habitual routines, I am a wild uncontrollable stallion that doesn't get jack shit done. I have zero self discipline, so routines are important for me!

    The routine that starts your whole day off is prolly one of the most important ones. I found this site mymorningroutine.com that had some cool inspirations for how other people start their days.

    Now I am asking you! 8D

    What is YOUR wake up routine? How does it affect the rest of your day? What is working for you and what isn't?

    Maybe some of your stories can give me a little inspiration. O__O
  2. Poop



  3. Wake up, check the time (it's always fucking 6am), go back to sleep, wake up three hours later, listen to the neighbours flail around their apartment, get irritated, try to sleep some more, eventually get up at around 10am, make tea, check email and internet retreats.

    That's the life of an unemployed 20 year old. While working it's more like-

    Wake up at 6am, shower, skip breakfast in favour of getting some peace an quiet, run to the bus, arrive at work, tea (previously coffee), make sure everything is ready, get ass in gear and get to work.

    I generally skip breakfast, aside from tea, and eat an early lunch instead. Breakfast takes too much time and it doesn't change much aside from making me feel nauseous for the remainder of the day. It's overrated. Getting my ten minutes of snoozing is important, too. If I just jump out of bed at once I always get really, really grouchy and cynical and irritated. Snoozing is good for the soul.

    In reality I have no routine aside from the last few steps. It all depends on how lazy I'm feeling.
  4. Wake up to my first alarm.
    Turn off first alarm.
    Fall asleep again.
    Wake up to my second alarm.
    Turn off second alarm.
    Fall asleep again.

    Rinse and repeat six or seven more times, then get up, have a shower, get dressed, and make myself cereal and a cup of tea.
  5. Well, I will try to see if I give you any inspiration from my very normal routine, shared through bullet points because less words XD I do stay home a lot longer though, since I'm homeschooled, so this may not help anyone at all *_*

    • Wake up to an awesome 7:30 alarm of the Forest Temple theme from Ocarina of Time
    • Go and check my hair, redoing the braids/bun if needed
    • Wash my face or put on face lotion
    • Brush teeth
    • Go eat a small breakfast of like a half box a bowl of cereal.
    • Open up computer to check grades
    • Start up some school work
    ... I am so boring, I'm sorry I put you all through that.

    • 5:15-5:30: get out of bed.
    • Put on contacts, brush teeth
    • Make lunch, make breakfeast
    • Eat breakfeast while reading news
    • 6:20: get dressed and leave for work.
  7. I wake up, poop, get out and go running for an hour before I do anything. Then I come back, eat, then start dicking around on the internet.
  8. - Saturday-Wednesday I wake up at 6:00AM-8:00AM (Depending on what time I work)
    - Shower
    - Eat Breakfast while watching TV
    - Get dressed
    - Gel da Hair
    - Leave for work

    - Thursday-Friday I wake up at around 11AM-12PM
    - Shower
    - Eat breakfast while watching youtube
    - Stay on youtube for a an hour or two
    - Play Video Games or read articles on the internet for another hour or so
    - Get dressed
    - Head out to meet a few people if (I was asked to hang out)
  9. I placed my bed in front of my computer so when I wake up I just get on it. I can just reach upwards and turn the computer on without the whole getting up thing. It's pretty fucking great to be honest. That would be my wake up routine, and whatever else happens happens.
  10. Non busy days: I wake up to both of my alarms ringing, only to turn them off(I'm one tough nut to crack)and fall back asleep. I wake up an hour later either to me being fully rested or having my willpower force me awake. I go and brush ze teeth and rinse my face before doing whatever. I don't take morning showers because I dislike doing them as well being able to jump out the door at a moments if I'm late for something.

    Busy days: I wake up to both of my alarms ringing at around 4:45 - 6:00 before. I eat before brushing my teeth. Depending on what I'm busy for, I might do some neck twists, jumping jacks(20+), weight lift ups(25+), that touch your toes thing(20 secs+), and some push ups(10+) in order to get my body up to speed for physical activities. After that, I chilax and bullshit around for a couple of hours(Maybe try to squeeze in another warm up exercise in there) before finally heading to work.

    That is my current daily morning routine so I hope it helps ^_^ Also, you should get something like a marker board/chalkboard and use it to remind yourself of your daily requirements if you have trouble keeping up with by yourself.
    • Wake up.
    • Spend ten minutes staring at ugly mug in mirror citing what needs to be done.
    • Shave. Because I get an awkward Mexican/Hitler combo mustache that cannot be allowed to see the light of day.
    • Eat breakfast. Usually bagels. Prepare a lunch in advance if I have work that day.
    • Create checklist of shit to do on phone.
    • Do that shit.
    • Have spare time I don't know what to do with.
    That about summarizes it neatly.
  11. My typical mornings aren't that interesting either.
    • Wake up at 6:30
    • Shower and take care of all the hygiene stuff
    • Blow-dry
    • Get dressed
    • Feed the dog
    • Fix a quick meal - usually just scrambling eggs or heating up something
    • Out the door hopefully by 7:30 to get to work at 8!
  12. Alarm goes off.
    Roll over and slap alarm, usually unplugging it.
    Sleep for half an hour more.
    After that it's usually a scramble.
  13. Wake up at 4:45
    Bathroom routine
    Feed dog breakfast, let him use the "bathroom"
    Brew coffee
    Eat breakfast
    Get dressed for work
    Drive to work (around 6:15)
  14. 5:30-5:50 - Wake to mom calling me.

    From there I either dose, write, read, draw depending on how motivated I feel until 6:15.

    6:15 - Wake up little brother and get him ready for school.

    6:55 - Leave.

    7:00 - Return and resume what I what I was doing previously before (if dosing then I simply choose another activity like play chess [on level one because I suck but it's calming] or my DS).

    10:30 - Mom comes home and this is usually the time I remember to eat something if I ever remember to eat something.

    11:00 - Walk to the library and finish up my obligations for the next three hours. Whoo.
  15. On weekdays, I have to get up at 5:30 am. I'm happy if I oversleep because I hate getting up that early when my school is just approximately 15 minutes down the road and it starts at 7:30 on Tuesday and Thursday, but 8:45 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On weekends, I wake up, look at the clock, settle in my bed for a while, then decide to move my ass after I've forced myself out of the comforts of my blankets.
  16. Wake up routine:

    7 AM: Phone rings, click snooze, go back to sleep
    7:05 AM: Process starts over
    7:10 AM: Same process again
    9-11PM: Finally wakes up, takes computer and start surfing until stomach reminds me I need to eat. Then I'm usually reminded that I'm also in need of visiting the toilet.

    And that's it! I have the best routine ever! -I'm so screwed once I start working-
  17. 5:00am GET UP! I usually beat my alarm, but when I don't iphone plays THIS

    5:10 COFFEE, strong and black. Just like I like my.........

    5:25 LUNCH IN ICE CHEST. Healthy shit, son. Gotta fuel my engine with the good stuff. Junk food is for the weekends when I don't need the energy.

    5:40 EAT BREAKFAST (Fruit + peanut butter on wholegrain bread) Again, power in power out, yo.

    5:50 STRAP ON (hehehehe) BOOTS + GET EQUIPPED FOR THE DAY. I always pretend imma a jrpg character equipping my slots with items. NERD ALERT.

    (Sometimes I do a super quick mega-set of push ups and squats here. Just so I feel like a beast before heading out the door)

    6:10 WARM UP TRUCK (Sometimes she hates when I wake her up)

    6:18 HARASS MY WOMAN WHO'S STILL SLEEPING (Sometimes she hates when I wake her up)

    6:20 DRIVE TO WORK. Listening to conservative talk radio (There is a concentrated infestation of hippies in my area and I need some reprieve) Or Mark Rosewaters Mtg podcast.

    5 days a week.
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  18. While I'm in school, my schedule is like

    - Alarm goes off at 6:25 that I ignore
    - Alarm goes off at 6:45 that I put on snooze
    - Alarm goes off again at 6:50 that I put on snooze
    - Alarm goes off AGAIN at 6:55 that I turn off
    - I get up out of bed and (in the winter) change first so I can put my sweater on because it's cold
    - Brush teeth & bathroom stuff (the bathroom is next to dads room, so this is how he knows I'm awake and doesn't lazily text me in the morning asking if I'm up yet or not)
    - Change (if it's not cold and I've done it already)
    - Brush my hair
    - Get together any things I need for school and throw them onto my backpack
    - Go back to bed at around 7:10 for ten minutes because that's how I roll
    - Get back up at 7:20 and put my shit into my bag and leave and hopefully don't arrive late

    I skip breakfast because if I eat and then get into a car I get nauseous. Actually, if I eat in general after I've woken up I get sick. I randomly get sick after eating. It sucks.

    If I'm not in school:

    - Alarm goes off at 8:30 that I put on snooze until I decide to get up, usually around 9:30 but today it happened to be 10:30
    - Put sweater on because it's snowing outside and cold as fuck, then go and turn the laptop on
    - Bathroom stuffs while laptop boots up
    - Grab a cup of water, check the cat's food and water
    - Sit down and log on to all of my websites-to-check (Iwaku, e-mail, Facebook, blahblahblah)
    - Do nothing all day

    Some people say it's weird how the first thing I really do is get on my laptop but I mean what else am I gonna do, sit around and enjoy the sunlight until noon? I'm a single child, what the fuck do people want me to do xD
  19. I never wake up a second earlier than I have to to make it to an appointment. If I have no appointments, I basically stay in bed until I have to pee or get hungry or something.

    I usually set like five alarms, get dressed, brush my teeth/hair, maybe do makeup, and roll along.

    Not a breakfast person, coffee/tea would mean getting up earlier.
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