What is the sex of your characters?

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What is the sex of your characters?

  1. I am male and exclusively play male characters

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  2. I am male and mostly play male characters

    11 vote(s)
  3. I am male and exclusively play female characters

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  4. I am male and mostly play female characters

    7 vote(s)
  5. I am female and exclusively play male characters

    2 vote(s)
  6. I am female and mostly play male characters

    14 vote(s)
  7. I am female and exclusively play female characters

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  8. I am female and mostly play female characters

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  1. Just a little thing I was wondering, considering I'm seeing a strong bias nowadays.

    Here's a quick inB4 for the poll; 'mostly' can indicate anywhere from 51% up to 99%. There is no equality option because that dilutes the results of the poll. If you believe you play both sexes equally, my suggestion is to either count your characters or not vote at all.

    Anyway, vote away. Feel free to leave comments also.
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  2. I play male NPCs happily, but I prefer my primary (in groups and 1x1's) to be female because that's what I am. I do this because slipping into their heads for longer posts as well as hopping between different RPs and different characters is made easier when I have that one less thing to shift my view on. In straight up writing I'm more 50/50 with characters.
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  3. I voted male who plays mostly males. Something around 2/3 or 3/4 of my roleplay characters are male (or masculine entities, because some things don't have a meaningful gender), but I don't have any problem playing female characters.
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  4. I'm female and play mostly females, probably around 70% females and 30% males (not counting NPCs). It does depend on time though, at times I can have 100% females in active roleplays and other times I can have 90% males and 10% females. Usually the latter follows by a period of only females before going back to a few females and a few males.
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  5. To answer my own question; I'm one of those people who had to go and count. Which at the moment marginally leans towards male characters.
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  6. Im Male but i most play female characters since i'm mostly comfortable playing those roles, i do however play a few male characters at times but mostly when there villains or animals, but i do enjoy writing both genders in story's and such, but for roleplaying i mostly play Female.
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  7. I am a girl and I only like to play girl characters! It's my interest and comfort zone. I CAN play male characters and it will happen on occasion, but it's so rare that I didn't even bother choosing that option. Cause I won't play a guy if I can help it. c____c
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  8. I'm female and mostly (90/10) play female characters. It's rare that I'll play any male characters (NPCs or main) but if absolutely needed, I'll play a male character.
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  9. :/ I'm just going to say that I'm female and I hold no preference for the sex of my characters. Sure, I could count them, but that would only be a representation of all my characters right now (as opposed to all my RP characters ever, or even within a not-too-crazy span of time), and I'm sure it would change down the line. There have been times when I've definitely had more male characters, and times when I've had more female characters. I think I currently happen to have a majority of males, off the top of my head -- but I don't want to vote for "mostly male" because I feel like that implies that I generally have a slight leaning towards males overall, when that isn't the case. I have a feeling the scale might start to tip towards female once I get that SU RP running in December, anyway. Point is, the sex of my characters just depends on what roleplay it happens to be and what ideas I happen to come up with -- and I feel like just counting up my characters at this current moment wouldn't really be an accurate representation of that.

    If you don't want to put a poll option for playing them equally then that's your choice -- I just thought this was worth mentioning.
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  10. While I don't think that the gender of a character is altogether that important(although it does depend on the rp), and I know I can write both of these genders equally well, I also know that I do have a preponderance of males, were I to count all my saved character sheets. So I put that I'm female and play mostly male characters. That being said, I don't actually have a preference for male characters. I just don't care what gender I play. If it makes sense that my character be male instead of female or agendered or bigendered, or what-have-you, then I will write them as male. If it makes more sense for them to be female, than they'd be female. If my partner would prefer I write a male, I'll probably do that. If there seems to be a weighted number of characters in a group that are male, I might try to add in a bit of balance with a female, unless that's not what's wanted.

    The gender of the characters I play depends far more on the situation and setting of the rp, than on whether or not I care which gender they are. Which might mean that if there is a bias, I'm affected the other way. *shrugs* Dunno.
  11. There is some sort of strange block in my brain that forbids me to roleplay a male character. It is an odd thing.
    The Choice of Games Games/Novel also sometimes suffer from it as I can't bear to read them from a male roleplay perspective and even though the game/novel itself is really good, my brain refuses to.
  12. I'm female but I can play both main female and male characters along with a whole onslaught of NPCs too. Sometimes I like to play the guy, sometimes the girl, it just depends on the roleplay.
  13. My characters have exclusively the best of sexes. All of them, only the good ones.

    Otherwise, I'm male and tend toward playing female heroines when RPing in a setting like Iwaku. I'm thinking a 70/30 split.

    I could go on with the reasons why but to name a few it's the challenge of portraying a female character in two genres that are so heavily dominated by male protagonists. And more importantly, doing so without brute-forcing the issue and still making an interesting, multi-faceted, flawed yet badass character.
  14. Male here, last time I checked! Er, anyway, whilst I haven't strictly counted, I think I'm actually rather close to a 50/50 split between the sex of my characters. Whilst I break the rule now and again, I try to make my character creation cycle go Male/Female/Male/Female. I dunno why, but it brings a lot more variance and a fresh feeling with each character, because recycling old characters/reusing the same concepts just gets boring to me.

    If there was an option for playing both genders equally, I'd probably pick that. But I'd guess I've made a little more males than females, so mostly males it is~.
  15. I prefer to play male characters because I am a male.

    I really on play female characters that are villains or really slutty. I play a damn good slut for some reason. lol
  16. Male/mostly male here. I play females, yes, but normally "attached" to a male character as mate/girlfriend/love interest. Or as a male character's sibling. Or female child of a mated couple. I do have some (I know of at least one) "lone" female characters, but I've just not had opportunity/reason to use them. Yet.
  17. Most of my characters in the past have been male, though I have played a number of female characters as well.
  18. I play exclusively male identifying characters, whether cisgender or transgender. I don't have any particular thing against playing female characters, and I genuinely wish that I felt more comfortable playing them.

    I think that as a transgender guy growing up, playing male characters in video games was a way to embrace my identity in a non-outright way. Now that I'm well established as a dude, I still get a sense of security from playing as a male character. That being said, in video games where the protagonist is female, I don't feel any particular animosity and can enjoy the game in peace.

    Just, when given the option to create any character I want, I'll invariably make a male character. The one exception to this was Diablo 3, where I loved the female witchdoctor's character so much that it absolutely forced my hand to be a lady. However, in RPs where I can make any sort of dude I want -- I'll always be a dude!
  19. See, I'm the opposite. If I have a long-running canon or big "world" with all of my characters in it, I see no reason why I can't get them more development. Often I end up learning things about them I wouldn't have otherwise.

    Anyway, it's hard to say. I have a few character "families" (two actual families of which all members see use somewhat often) and some standalone characters linked by group association (with one group building on top of one of @Red Revolver 's concepts. hooray for collaborative supersettings!). All of these characters, regardless of sex, are "strong" characters in their own right, and some have some pretty neat concepts--one uses an electric guitar to channel elemental magic!

    I tend to develop characters based on an idea, and fill in stuff like sex later when I've cemented the idea as a backing power / character trait. Listening to music helps a ton with this. Could be a dude, could be a chick. Could even be genderless, in the case of some deity characters.
  20. As of now I strictly create/portray male characters. Their gender idenfication more often than not aligning with men, but at times they may by gender fluid and/or in the case of an extraterrestrial I may broaden the gender spectrum further for said species.

    Overall my range lies in males. In the past I also made females but now dont even bother doing so. I dont have much interest in creating females, nor hetero pairings if romance is involved.