What is the most noble human quality?

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  1. No poll this time. Just to offset the darkness of the other thread, what does everyone think the most noble human quality is?
  2. In my opinion, self awareness.
  3. compassion
  4. Empathy. By understanding the consequences of our actions, we can seek to minimize pointless pain.
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  5. Curiosity. The quest for knowledge is the greatest path we can follow.
  6. Innovation. Or creativity.
  7. Hope. As a person who has very little at times, I've begun to see just as important it is. To me, someone who never gives up and always believes there's a light at the end of the tunnel is one of the strongest people out there.
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  8. Individuality. Living your life a quarter mile at a time and being yourself not caring what others think in the process is a great quality to have because once you have that, you'll conquer a lot of battles.
  9. Thanking Obama sarcastically for literally anything.
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  10. Selflessness

    Not to the point of stupidity or disregarding your sense of self-preservation, but the ability to disregard your own desires and care for those around you is, I think, at the root of most things we consider to be noble.
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  11. Beat me to it.
  12. Intelligence.

    Followed by knowledge.

    With the knowledge of selflessness, individuality, innovation, creativity, empathy, self awareness, compassion-- it's our intelligence that allows us to recall how to do these things. Nearly everything that makes up our character is through learned behaviors. We learn these things from our environment, from the people that are in our lives as children.
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  13. Wisdom.
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  14. One of these is not like the others, but I like them all nonetheless. :ferret:
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  15. +1.

    Heroism is to put oneself in danger for the benefit of others. Compassion is to choose to share another's feelings rather than to look out for yourself. Etcetera. It all boils down to selflessness. Because we are a social species, prioritising the needs of others above our own is the most noble. Granted of course, we don't do something stupid or self-destructive to a point you are no longer capable of helping.

    So basically the same as minibit said but with slightly more words.
  16. Anything related to empathy and selflessness.

    Intelligence, curiosity, and innovation are, while pretty dope from a ground-level perspective, in the grand scheme of things, and entwined with inescapable human qualities like greed and desire, major causes of why Earth is taking it up the ass.
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  17. Me personally? Pretty much all that has been said above are all noble qualities, and you can easily class each as the most noble.

    My answer is all the above. :p
  18. So INSTANTLY I thought "Hope", since I find hope one of the most important things a person should have. Then I read everyone's answers and was like huh. "I guess hope isn't exactly NOBLE if you think about the definition of noble."

    And then I over thought it a bunch and decided on Kindness. 8D Doing someone a kindness is something you can do even when you're a shitty person. And kindness has this cool ability to spread. Kindness is something anybody can aspire to.
  19. My boyfriend, being a smart-ass, told me to put nobility.
    If I was going to choose something, though, I would say mercy.

    "Mercy is to care, and care very deeply about one another. It is to care to the point where we are prepared to be involved with the sufferings and adversities of others. It implies that I am prepared to put myself in the other person's place. It means that I shall try to really understand why they behave as they do, even though it injures me. It is a willingness to walk a mile in the other man's moccasins before I criticize his conduct. It is the extension of good will, help, forgiveness, compassion and kindness to one who may not seem to deserve it."
    W. Phillip Keller, Salt For Society
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  20. The ability to not freak out at the strange doppleganger in the mirror.
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