What is something you never thought you would like before trying it?

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  1. Whether it's roleplay situations, food, music, games, books, cars, lifestyles, activities, fields of study, anything!

    As a girl native to Southern California, I grew up listening to a lot of pop, rock, hip-hop and R&B, just like my friends. Everyone around me in school seemed to have this notion that country music was this godawful thing, and I had never tried listening to it but I figured that if all my friends seemed to hate it, then I must hate it too.

    Wasn't until somewhat recently I fell in love with Florida Georgia Line (a country music duo), then found myself coasting along country radio stations hoping to hear one of their songs and totally rocking out to all kinds of other country music.

    It's now virtually the only genre of music I still listen to for leisure.

    Apparently, country really is countrywide.

    What about you guys? I am curious!
  2. Tirimasu and Bailey's. Both are delicious.
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  3. Boss introduced me to Tiramisu from a bakery next door to the sandwich shop we worked. I must've eaten one a day for a month straight before I stopped. Had always thought it was some alcoholic tasting food so I avoided it. Found Bailey's from a recipe my wife made in the back of the fridge. No expiration date. Tried it in chocolate milk. Aw man...

    Wasn't expecting much out of Fallout 4 from what I'd seen of early reviews and a few friends. Wife got it for me anyway cause she thought 'he sure is talking about it a whole lot, nevermind being negative about it, ah well'. Put a solid 60 hours into it and played nothing else for a few weeks.
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  4. And spinach - sure as hell didn't make me strong, though.

    EDIT: Coffee. Motherfucking coffee.
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  5. As a kid, my tastebuds never sort of suited the tiramisu taste, but now, it's actually kinda good. And bailey's is just chocolate alcohol, so YUM XD
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  6. Don't even get me started on tiramisu. That dessert is so good it makes me wanna slap my mama.

    As for things I never thought I'd like before trying: Coffee, marijuana, sex, and Firefly.
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  7. Sums up the teenage years perfectly.

    Damn you people for having more ideas than my cold-addled brain can muster.
  8. [​IMG]
    @your avatar

    I never thought I'd like Brussels sprouts, BUT OH MAN!
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  9. Wait what

    How is this something you didn't think you were going to like?
  10. Not to answer for Fluffy, but from someone with a similar perspective:

    Sex is not automatically appealing to everyone. I know for me, personally, the thought of having sex with a man was utterly repulsive, and I was terrified of one day having to do so. Now I know I'm a lesbian, so sex is less repulsive to me as it is something I'm not entirely interested in. I have a very low libido and it's not something I feel is necessary for my enjoyment of life. Maybe it's something I will enjoy, but I'm unsure of it. The thought makes me a bit uncomfortable.
  11. Drinking socially.


    Hugging, kissing, or other gestures of affection.
  12. I discovered last night I actually like eating squid at Chinese buffets. Colour me tickled.
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  13. Funnily enough BEFORE I started reading romance novels, I thought I would hate them. o__o Somehow I got it in to my head that books about mush were dumb.

    And Vampire Diaries. @_____@ I did not think I would like that show.
  14. I wouldn't say it's something that I like doing, but something that I found a fondness for that I never expected. I absolutely love having a pet lizard. Any kind, from geckos to bearded dragons. When I first got my dragon I didn't want to pick him up. After a week, I was walking around with him sleeping on my shoulder. Now I want another lizard. I'm trying to talk my husband into a chameleon, although we are getting a new ferret first. :(
  15. Mean Girls
    It kept coming up on my Netflix recommended, but I was like

    Pink? High school? Lindsay Lohan? Ew.

    Then I was bored and thought "omfg like ALL my friends have rated this movie. Fine, I'll watch it."

    It's beautiful, it's hilarious, I will never not watch it.
  16. Food? as dumb as it sounds: Strawberries, man oh man I could eat a box a day of strawberries! Throw in battered Fish and chips too.

    Movies? Pulp Fiction. Became one of my favourites.

    Games? The Persona series mostly, throw in some RTS games and other stuff.
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  17. I'm pretty sure I could live off of fish in chips.

    I actually watched Mean Girls and enjoyed it. It's a genuinely good movie!
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  18. Pulp Fiction is a good one! I went most of my life having never watched it and only recently (maybe about a year ago) watched it for the first time. Great, great movie that I honestly did not expect to enjoy.
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  19. There used to be a place by my parents called "King Neptune's Cod Shack" and their Fish and Chips were heavenly gorgeous. I think they eventually renamed or closed, fuck now I want some D:.

    I can defo concur!
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