What instrument you play?

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  1. Guitar!!! *Turns amp up and plays guitar* *slams guitar on the ground*
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  2. I play the clarinet :3
    Why? Because
    I'm squidward, I'm squidward, I'm squidward squidward squidward!
    (but seriously I do play the clarinet xD)
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  3. Cello. The big thing that looks like a viola on steroids. Played for six years and on several concerts/events.
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  4. Piano.

    And Voice if that counts.
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  5. I imagine this thread title delivered by an angry Orc during a tense tavern scene.
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  6. It's now canon.

    For the record, I play bass.
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  7. Iwaku should have a chaotic orchestra or band made up entirely of members.
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  8. That is an awesome idea :'D
  9. I play Piano, Drums and the Violin!
    I adore music. I prefer the piano and I feel way more skilled on a keyboard, but I've been playing the violin for about 10 years. I haven't touched a drumkit in ages >_>

    Let's become a big ass orchestra and make music:D
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  10. If I press my lips together and blow air quickly I can make a noise that sounds like a horse, but that is about the range of my expertise.
  11. In Communist Colony Blorb, instruments play YOU!

    I play the piano though
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  12. Piano, and a confusing thing of trumpet and trombone. I used to be able to play trumpet then kinda forgot about it, and then the blowing into a trombone is exactly the same, so now I'm learning that.

  13. I play some guitar, but I'm not that good.

    Does DJ equipment count as an instrument? Because I can mix songs like on one's business.
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  14. The violin. Briefly and badly. Unfortunately.
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  15. I kind of want to play piano. I want to become better on guitar first though.
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  16. I play clarinet. Though my goal is to learn both piano and guitar- I did know to play a few songs on the latter. One by Metallica is a song I knew how to play well, but it's been so long since I've picked up the instrument that I doubt I remember how to play it, unfortunately.
  17. Piano and guitar would be a great combination for composing. Because its easy to compose stuff on the piano once you get used to it, then you can play the chords on the guitar and it would be awesome
  18. The two are pretty good together.
    I have learned one song that was more meant for a piano on guitar, but I forget how to play it.
    It was Glory by John Legend and Common.
  19. I can play the piano :)
  20. Violin and Piano over here, I also do professional singing and acting.
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