What gadget can you not live without?

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  1. what ONE piece of technology could you personally not live without?

    To keep this thread from being boring or predictable, I'm outlawing 'necessity' answers like

    • Phone
    • Fridge
    • Stove
    • Shower
    • Toilet
    • Faucets
    • Car
    • Internet router
    • Computer
    • Locks
    • Clothing Washer/dryer
    • Furnace
    • Hot water tank
    • Electric line
    Et cetera. We're lookinj for the little 'extras' type gadgets in your life that you couldn't stand to do without!

    For me, it's probably my toaster. I love me some toast, waffles, scones, reheated pancakes, and other toaster treats, and rhe oven just isn't quite the same, and it's definitely not that quick.

    After my toaster probably my radio; I love tunes and talk shows and funny ads!

    EDIT: add my hair straightener and microwave! Obedient hair and delicious instant food!
  2. There are so many things that I can't live without; but, I have to say my phone is very important to me.
  3. Hmmm, I'd have to say my fan! ; A ; it gets quite hot in my room without it.
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  4. D8<
  5. duct tape
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  6. The Internet.

    "Oh hey I need a new book to read." *Google*
    "Oh hey I wonder how I can cook this." *Google*
    "I need to find some job opportunities." *Google*
    "Think I'll just write a post in a role play." *Google*
    "HOW DO I SPELL THIS WORD?" *Google*
    "I need a new TV show but have no money!... *Grabs a pirate hat*"
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  7. swiss army knufe
  8. But... phone is important to me...

    Fine. I have to say the machines that make Oreos. I can't live without Oreos.
  9. My wrist watch. I've had it since last Christmas, I was practically begging for it beforehand. It is soo incredibly useful, I wear it so often that it's essentially a part of who I am now; when I don't have it on everything just feels wrong.

    It's a digital clock, by the way, because for some reason I can't read analog ones very well.
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  10. Apart from those necessities listed, I don't think I could live without my PlayStation 4. Or any other video games console that I own. Video games have always been a huge part of my life and I play games on a regular basis to keep myself entertained.
  11. I'm pretty much a minimualist, but beyond the outlawed list, right now I love my mom's massage chair and inferred sauna. Yay car accident :(
  12. You own amachine that makes Oreos?
    Nobody reads OPs around here T.T
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  13. Yeah... My bad I'm a moron. Every ferret has that one moment of complete stupidity. My bad.

    So if I had to redo and pretend that I'm not an illiterate moron: Alarm clocks. I get so easily lost in video games or writing stories or et cetera that I will totally forget deadlines. For instance: I forgot to visit my therapist today and had to call him. If you want me to stay on schedule, give me an alarm clock, a stop watch, or otherwise--else I will probably forget the moment I hit anything remotely emotionally involving.


    Also, since you mention it, toaster. I love bagels. I love toast. I can't live without these things in my life.
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  14. My blender, hand mixer, crockpot, glucometer (I literally couldn't live without that one!), and my Keurig! I'd be lost without all of them, and my kitchen would be a disaster.

    Oh wait....I forgot my Swifter.....@_@ Yeah, don't want to go back to scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees.
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  16. Vibrator
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  17. MINIIIIIIII I updated my answer! Now get rid of that dislike rating before I kill Batman. D:
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  18. Dislike is a neutral rating, the Iwaku equivalent of a frowny face, for the record
  19. But But...dislikes D: back on topic!

    I also thought of another thing which is my GPS because i'd be lost as shit with it
  20. My Binoculars. Odd huh?
    My camera. They're still useful...
    My laptop.
    My flask. Used for water right now, but still.
    I honestly don't think I'd remember to bring stuff with me if I didn't have a messenger bag.
    And my Vita. Yeah, yeah I know... But I play the games from Nippon you see...

    I can deal without a phone, I hate talking to people over them anyways.

    Edit: Nihon is a bar... I don't get my games from there XD