What do you LOVE about Christmas?

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  1. lets gush in our safe space :)

    • I love having the family together! My dad comes home off the road, my sister and brother in law drive into town, and my uber-busy-business-running sister and her boyfriend all converge at moms house for Turkey and lols! This year my brother joined the Canadian Armed Forces, and the army is flying him home for Christmas!
    • I love presents! I love giving them, and come on, who doesn't like getting them?
    • I love Christmas crafts!
    • I love trimming the tree!
    • I love Christmas treats!
    • I love turkey. I really, REALLY, love turkey.
    • I love playing games with my family all night on Christmas Eve!
    • I love the Dr Who special!
    • I love wearing my Santa hat to work!
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  2. Everything except deciding what gifts to buy because i'm afraid if they might hate what I get them. D:
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  3. Nothing.
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  4. The presents?... And the anime specials? And the game sales?
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  5. I love the Holiday cheer!! Everyone, even if it's fake, is just a little happier-- a little more joyful, a little more chipper. There are more smiles, and even in those cold, grumpy cities, people are more likely to say hella.

    I love the music (even if just for the first 14 days lololo).

    And, um.

    I love wearing Santa hats!
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  6. I love trees. Not those plastic-y ones that get stored in the attic and recycled for next year, but actual trees. Were it not winter, I'd decorate a tree outdoors so it wouldn't have to be killed in a ritual gasoline-powered sacrifice and gather my friends 'round it at night for gift-giving and hugs and foods! This might be why I'm pondering doing something like this on the eve of the summer solstice.

    I love the songs titled Merry F@#%ing Christmas, both the Denis Leary one and the South Park one.

    I adore Christmas With The Devil, which was on the Spinal Tap album.

    MST3K specials with Santa! <3

    I enjoy saying "Happy Holidays" just to enrage the people who are offended by the phrase. When confronted, standing my ground is also fun: "I don't celebrate christmas. I'm of norse descent, and my gift to you is not burning down your church on this most amusing of nights." (Not sorry, Mr. Leary.)

    My nerd friends like Dr. Timelord. I don't like Dr. Timelord, but I like my nerd friends. My hatred's fire can burn light for just one night, while we gather 'round the box to watch aliens with delight~

    Christmas themed bondage art is adorable, too.

    Oh! and the It's Christmas Time in Hell song from South Park!

    Turkey'd be nice too.
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  7. Uhm, well I used to love it because I got to see all of my family that I never got to see! Nowadays, a lot of my family has either moved/passed away so not too much of that anymore. Nowadays it's about giving gifts to people and seeing the happiness on their faces~
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  8. Time off work and awesome weather.
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  9. Free shit yo
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  10. Presents and sales.
    That's pretty much it.
    Hey, if I have to celebrate a holiday that's about little more than what's under a plastic tree on December 25th, I feel obligated to at least take advantage of it.
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  11. i second and third this
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  12. I also love the nostalgia! Mom and I were going through decorations today and we found some I made in kindergarten!
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  13. My family also ended up finding a really old ornament from 30 years ago. Apparently they bought it when my oldest brother was born and it's in perfect condition. =0
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  14. Oooo I remember when I used to decorate the Christmas tree with all the decorations that I have even today that I made in kindergarten aswell, and it hasn't gotten old ever since.
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  16. It's all about the gifts that keep giving.

    Santa Claus is coming to town.

    He knows when your awake.

    Dreaming of a White Christmas.

    Sit on his lap and tell him what you want.

    I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.

    Run Rudolph Run.

    Sleigh Ride.

    Santa Claus is watching you.

    You're My Christmas Present.

    Take the girls tonight
    and sing this sleighing song

    Correction. This is what I LOVE about Christmas.
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  17. Spending time with family.
    This year, My younger sister is driving up from Arizona, Its been almost two years since I saw her last
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  18. Krampus.
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  19. There are many things I love about Xmas! Here's a few to list:

    • Seeing and spending time with relatives who I haven't seen in a long time.
    • Receiving and giving presents.
    • Eating delicious food.
    • General cheery spirit of Xmas.
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