What do you like to do in your free time ?

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  1. Errr! But that mean the first time that I have to do an entire day straight, and then another....to get a headstart for the new week. >.<

    Hmm...maybe do tomorrow work, the new weeks work on Thursday or so, and then the following week on Monday that way it wont be day to the next day with the work.
  2. Melody snuggle close to him.
  3. BW was a good time for story and plot, but a bad time for competitive with the GENIES OF HEALTHY META, soon to be replaced by the Tapus.

    But yeah, what was said above. I don't expect you to pull a first-few-arcs-of-Berserk, but I do expect some plot elaboration beyond "Dark and Edgy".

    Well at least I can use Tynamo in this.
  4. Astorath stood and began walking tow
  5. Yes. Ill getthat started shortly. Sorry burnt out. Working a lot lately
  6. Hello again y'all! Bored, whatcha talkin about?

    [No I ain't western! :P]
  7. yea we use this to chat. I made it in the forum because I wasn't sure how...sexual it would turn out XD
    Though to be fair next is the genie and family rps the family is definitely more innocent so that can be here no problem