What do you like to do in your free time ?

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  1. Hello all of Iwaku I hav ea question, what do you like to do in your spare time if your not here or doing anything related to Iwaku or work? Something like going someehwere and doing something else.

    Well normaly for me I would Read a Manga book *I have alot of manga books*, Play Video games *my typical choice would be a game that I really crave at the time*, and draw pictures *as you can see in my avatar you can deduce what I draw now.*

    Well anyway I would like to hear what you do on your time other that Iwaku related stuff or work.
  2. Re: What you like to do?

    Oh my fucking god.

    It's like Isabella evolved after having awful, awkward sex with Frosty.

    This... This isn't good.
  3. BW was a good time for story and plot, but a bad time for competitive with the GENIES OF HEALTHY META, soon to be replaced by the Tapus.

    But yeah, what was said above. I don't expect you to pull a first-few-arcs-of-Berserk, but I do expect some plot elaboration beyond "Dark and Edgy".

    Well at least I can use Tynamo in this.
  4. I'm on here an awful lot, but when I'm not I like to play video games, I dabble in sewing, I like to doodle and watch anime...aaaand... play board games and sleeeeeeep. My Mr. just bought me an awesome little RC car to go driving with him. We did that today, it was fun!
  5. Guess I should list all the manga books that I have and read/read
    Black God
    Ruronui Kenshin
    Devil May Cry
    FullMetal Alchemist (FMA)
    Case Closed
    Cyborg 009

    Here's the Anime that I watch from time to time
    Case closed season box sets (1-6 for now till they come out with more seasons)
    Darker than Black
    FMA (Some times but I don't own the box sets at all...)
  6. Woo! Another anime nerd! Or at least another one who will confess to it! I can't even begin to list the anime and manga i've completed over the years. I'm an oooollld otaku.
  7. Well at least someone else here like anime and manga too. Don't know many people here who don't read manga or watch anime shows.