What do You Dream About?

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  1. So last night, I had a dream. It was an amazing dream. There was a bunch of cool stuff, I was a cool person, and I think dinosaurs were involved somehow. I was in the middle of doing something totally awesome when...

    ...I woke up and totally forgot what the heck it was about.

    But it did get me thinking on other people's dreams. Um...I'm a non-creepy way that is. So...

    What do you dream about?

    Whether it be about a wild and wacky fantasy across a new world, being chased by a morbid beast, or a dreamlike prophecy of tomorrow's breakfast; I wanna hear it! Or read it. Whatever works.
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  2. Lately my dreams have been all about hanging out and drinking with famous people which I don't mind at all. Or that I've done school work when I actually haven't. There are a few where I have to run through a forest and save people from some masked man who just stares at us. My dreams are all over the place.
  3. I had my first nightmare in over a decade a month ago.

    It was quite simple. I woke up in the middle of the night, and after tossing and turning for a little while, I noticed what looked vaguely like a human shape on the other side of my room. I started to panic, but tried to keep quiet, just in case the figure heard me. They didn't move, but stared at where I was lying for a good ten minutes before I decided to do something. I nudged my girlfriend who was in the bed beside me and whispered "There's someone in the room with us".

    She responded with "I know," and then I suddenly woke up from the dream.

    It freaked me out more than it should have.
  4. I remember my nightmares better than my good dreams. Having all my teeth fall out is a recurring one. A few times as well I would dream I was suffocating, and wake up short of breath because I had been holding it. The later seems to coincide with periods of high stress in my life.

    I also have a lot of dreams about flying or doing something important. I never remember the specifics of the dream I just wake up knowing that I had been enjoying it.
  5. i dont dream ;__;
  6. Had a dream I cuddled with my spouse all day long in bed, ate snacks, watched How It's Made, and had a generally great day.

    Woke up to pee.

    Went back to bed and had a dream I lost my Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate save and started over with a New 3DS XL. It started smoking from the second screen so I thought to myself: "That's not correct."

    Turned into an awesome lucid dream about hunting wyverns and shit. Wanna go back to sleep so I can keep going..
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  7. Whatever you're om, gimme a bag of it.
  8. I once dreamed that I was a black tiger in a dark pit, and there were half-mechanical beetle things that kept digging their way through the walls to climb out and I was pouncing and killing them to keep them from doing whatever bad thing they were bound to do. It hurt when they landed on me. That was probably the shortest dream I can remember clearly.

    The rest of the dreams I remember usually turn into random epics. Sometimes, dinosaurs are involved. Sometimes, my family is in them and occasionally they're pretty normal. Those ones are weirder than the not normal ones, because then friends and family wind up doing things that make no sense in connection with their usual selves.

    I also remember one nightmare where I was running through the halls of my school being chased by a really scary shadow monster. I kept running, but I think I started waking up and got a little braver, and waited at the top of the stairwell to peek over at whatever was following me. And there was my dad, standing on the middle landing holding a bag of mcdonald's asking if I was hungry.....

    Most of the time, if there's something scary happening, I'm the one that turns into the monster and get to do some scaring back. Much more fun that way.
  9. 3-6mg of Melatonin twenty minutes before bed. Used to spend hours awake in bed trying to wind down. This stuff really helps, also put you into that 'conscious but asleep' state that makes lucid dreaming easier.
  10. Lies. You dream of racks.
  11. No no no

    I sleep on RACKS
    Lovely lovely RACKS
  12. If you have tart cherries available, or tart cherry juice, that can really help with falling asleep. It contains tons of melatonin. Just thought I'd put it out there since @Windsong reminded me of it :P

    Edit: Of course it doesn't literally contain tons of melatonin >_> Although I guess that depends on how much tart cherry juice you're drinking... <_>
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  13. Last Nights Dream (open)
    Some individuals and I arrived a home which I vaguely recognized. Arriving at a peculiar house in the suburbs during a rather heated summer evening. It's exterior appeared older, possibly built in the 1950's, old yellow stucco chipping away from its cinder block frame. A full lot separated the house on all sides from any other residential building, save for the skeleton of a greenhouse out back, which had obviously fallen well into disrepair. I had a sense of the uncanny and deja-vu. I know I'd been here before but I wasn't entirely sure what was to transpire. All I knew is that the evening was to press on inevitably and something dire would occur in the passage of times wake as it seamlessly drew us toward a fate worth remembering in the eyes of time.

    Somehow the houses appearance is distorted, too much space inside it's walls, rooms which don't exist yet lay right behind the front door of the shotgun styled house. You entered the front door and when peering through the living room, past the dining area and a modest kitchen, could the back door be seen. The sun was setting and its rays shined with a vivid orange through the drawn blinds. The house was beckoning us, we could not resist. Time passed into the night and my memories of what happened became a hazy torrent which pained my cheeks each time I wished to look back at the evening. Outside objects appeared, a mound of molding bags left under the porch swing to the front doors right, surrounding the porch were a series of sculptures, figures and objects from the others memories.

    Fear washed over my very soul and yet I didn't want to leave this magical place, no matter how much it restrained me. I thought I was falling in love with the house, thinking it could show it's love and devotion back. But then one of them wanted to fight back. A dark skinned girl, seemed roughly my age. Somehow she'd lost her top and was wrestling with a perched figurine of marble which depicted a horse trampling an older woman. She screamed nonsense until she finally toppled the figuring. It shattered against the dirt with a roar and I noticed the world around us had changed. The neighborhood was different, too much time had passed.

    I had a sudden moment and my mind cleared, I had to run for dear life. I grabbed her by the hand and without a word we leapt from the porch and found ourselves in a massive rain storm, I wanted to yell "run" but no words came to, my bones and muscles felt weak but we attempted to trudge on in the expansive marsh which appeared before us. I turned feeling her pull back and saw the woman being sucked into the ground with an expression of absolute horror plastered across her wide eyed face. I pulled as hard as I could and fought with the monstrous ground, but to no avail. She fingertips slipped beneath the surface and I could only leap back to the porch. As I did I felt something block my footings path and I stumbled across the porch and fell to it's other side.

    The scenery changed again, it was a dry dusty day and no other residence could be seen. The greenhouse appeared in my vision and an elderly pale man sat stapling sheets of plastic to the greenhouses. He stopped and turned his head further than his neck could have allowed and spoke to me.

    "What was it that you saw there?" His hands continued their stapling work, "I cannot finish this alone. The statuettes and the little figures." He became silent as his nose wrinkled away and fell to the ground. In shock I turned back to the porch and stepped upon it yet again. The world became surreal, a green sky hovered above and the strangest silence crept about as if it were a plague. The world around seemed burnt but functional, houses with burnt people continuing burning lives. The roads seemed to boil their asphalt and energy seeped from overhanging power lines. But it was the yard which concerned me. The pile of bags beneath the porch swing had grown to a massive size, limps jutted from the pile, as did the belongings of others who were here before and after I'd arrived.

    Then I saw the yard. Statues and figurines jutting from the ashy soil, each a representation of each soul which had passed through this place. For each of them had a face which did not match their pose, a face of morbid amusement, twisted like a piece of foil, bent to many times. I wanted to escape and I raced for the front door and tripped my way inside and then I woke to my bed.

    There. That was last nights dream. Not usually so malicious and dark though. Usually more absurd and surreal, if not borderline comedic and arbitrary.

    Edit: Repeat dreams are a bitch and three quarters.
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  14. I have very odd dreams that make me question myself.

    This one dream I had is in the top weirdest. I was leaving work, don't actually have a job, but looked out my window and saw a giant fish with legs dancing around in the ocean. Because of this giant fish dancing around people started partying. It was weird considering dudes were in speedos dancing around and I'm pretty sure there were plenty of nudes running around. Some had odd costumes and I stood there staring for a long time trying to process what the hell was going on. I do think there were some cars that sprouted legs and everyone was headed towards this giant fish. Before I could do anything this old man came to me saying I needed to capture that fish. Of course I questioned him about catching a fish. He told me that a giant snow storm was coming and will kill everyone. I was their last hope considering everyone was partying nude. I sorta agreed and went to go capture the fish, except I ended up the worlds biggest bouncy castle/ ball pit. The snow storm came and killed everyone, died horribly just to wake up again and repeat the dream. Ended up having to repeat the dream 3 times. Each one different in some way until I capture the fish which dies in the end.
  15. My dreams have always been a weird black-and-white two sided coin type deal. They're either so goddamned depressing or I find them to be really weird and cool.

    For example, when I was still taking lessons on German, I remember in the dreams where I was happy, some German phrase that I can't translate well anymore would pop up. Someone would say it to me and I find that really cool looking back. There was also this dream where I thought life was going on just as normal without any dreamlike properties (that I could tell at the time) until I realized I had boobs. Don't ask, because I don't know either. Other ones that have been cool would be where I was in this weird alien realm and fighting these other beings. Needless to say, I kicked their asses, it being my dream and all.

    On the other side of it all, there's the ones where I wake up in a pool of sweat, or on the verge of tears or just generally bummed out for a while. The most recent one was confronting one of my friends about his heroin addiction. He isn't even addicted to heroin or any other drug but goddamn if that confrontation and my pleading for him to stop didn't make my chest ache as if I was actually confronting him in the waking world. Of course, these being my dreams, this particularly scene filled with drama and tension switched to a montage of me and different male celebrities pumping iron and laughing.

    Why do I dream what I dream?
  16. When I was a kid, I dreamed Gladstone Gander turned by precious charmander plushie into a real baby. The Powerpuff Girls tried to save my fabulous charmy from the heinous villain but they were too late.

    It was friggin' terrifying.
  17. I dream eldritch.

    I'm not kidding.

    I don't know what's wrong with me, but literally every shape in every one of my dreams makes zero sense in real life. I can't even replicate them in my mind when I'm awake. The instant I wake up, my imagination can no longer render whatever bizarre thing I saw in my dream. But when I'm asleep, it makes perfect sense, I can tell exactly what everything is, and I don't question a thing. But seriously, even the tiniest blade of grass is scribbled in Finnegan's crayons by fucking Cthulhu.
  18. Pulled this one from another site:

    vivid Dreams...

    by Roose Hurro » 09 Mar 2006 12:27

    I've had dreams even more vivid than real life... so intense and detailed, they've made "real life" feel like a dream. Funny thing is, most of these dreams have been pure fantasy....


    The one I remember most (from many years ago) involved an Empire, protected by a magic Hedge that kept all enemies out... and I vaguely remember being a refugee... being very young, and carried in my mother's arms... fleeing one of these nations Beyond the Hedge, with both of my parents. We were let through a guarded Hedge Gate... my mother and father having asked for, and received, asylum... but we were not welcomed by the people of this Empire... because we were not human. Rejected... having given all they had to my survival... my parents, a few years later, died (I can't remember how)... and like Aladdin, I became a "street rat"... somewhat appropriate for a bestial creature, though I possessed the physical attributes of mammal, reptile and bird... looked nothing like a rat. I remember growing up... I had still been very young when my parents died... but time passed, and I remember going through puberty... surviving by my wits, and with the help of those few who showed me kindness. I spent a great deal of time living in the wilderness, teaching myself woodcraft... learning what was good to eat, how to make shelter, how to patch my clothing... maintaining my health and wellbeing, despite circumstances (healthy as the proverbial horse, strong as the proverbial ox)... and retaining the courtesy and fairness my parents had taught me, before they died....

    I was very smart... very resourceful... and, through the years, I traveled around the Empire... visited... and was kicked out of... every village and town... knew how to reach anyplace in the Empire from any other place... knew the Hedge well, having traveled the roads running next to it... all the way around. I learned to recognize faces and names... and I remember this one man (this dream is from so long ago, I can no longer remember the man's name), a leader in one of the biggest towns... and I remember returning to this town, after spending two years circling the Empire, again... the last time, I had met a family, living in a rural area outside of this town, who had sheltered me... during a thunderstorm, I believe... but I had to pass through the town in order to reach their farm, given the direction I'd come from... and I met this same man, and I believe around four or five others... who stepped in my way, and made it quite clear... while glaring at me... that I was not welcomed again, and that I should turn and leave the way I had come... I made no mention of my desire to visit my friends, since I did not wish them to get into trouble for having sheltered me two years ago... and so, I turned to leave, planning to skirt the town, even though that meant a longer trip... but a man on horseback had just ridden up, and heard the last of the "conversation"... I believe he asked me my name, and I gave it... and realized, as the lead man and his cronies did... looking at the horse, and the man astride it... who this was. The man on horseback was the Emperor's Heir.

    I seem to remember the Emperor's Heir (again, time has removed his name from my memory) briefly chiding the men for their mistreatment of me... but he focused his attention my way, and asked several concise, intent questions... which I answered honestly, truthfully... and with fairness and forgiveness. And... to mine and the townsmen's amazement, the Heir reached down, offering both a ride, and a position at the palace... to me, a lonely young nonhuman street rat and wanderer. I was so dumbstruck, the only answer I could give was to take the offered hand, careful not to do injury with my claws... and allow myself to be pulled up, and set on horseback behind him....

    I don't remember much of that horseback ride, but I remember the palace... the time I spent learning there... how quickly I was accepted, not just because the Emperor's son was liked and highly respected... but because I proved myself worthy of this man's trust... and of his judgment of my worth. And then... the day came... when the Heir became Emperor, years later (I believe it was around ten years since I had been pulled from the streets)... I was no longer a teenager, but a mature adult, familiar with court life and procedure... and when the Heir became Emperor, I became his Right Hand... his most trusted advisor.

    One of my responsibilities, as the Emperor's Right Hand, was to arbitrate disputes that could not be settled, by local magistrates, in the towns and villages of the Empire. And I remember being informed of a dispute... in that same town I had been in, on that fateful day. So, I returned... no longer the teenaged street rat, dressed in patched-together rags, but a member of the court... dressed in the robes of my office. Turns out the dispute involved the same town leader who had tried, with his cronies, to throw me out... all those years ago. Only this time, fear replaced the look of hate on his face... as the Emperor's Right Hand, I had the power to speak Law... the authority to make this man pay for how he had treated me. I knew it... he knew it. But I felt no desire for revenge... I lived by the ethics my parents had taught me... a code that had served me my entire life in this land. And I would not break the Emperor's trust by abusing my authority in such a base manner. Instead, I listened to all sides of the dispute... and by listening, and watching the others as they spoke, coupled with my sharp mind and observations... I made a judgment that was fair to all. And I remember the look of surprise, relief... and... a note of respect... pass across the town leader's face, as I graciously bowed... and made leave of the town, to return to the palace... though I do believe I made a short stop at the farm of that family who had helped me... and gave them my thanks in person.

    Then, more time passed... I became well known, and respected for my fairness. I remember the day I received a report of a breach in the Hedge... I believe, on our southern border. And so, I arrived at the place, and met with the man who had discovered the breach. He showed me the breach... I examined it, very concerned... never in the history of the Empire had the Hedge ever been penetrated by hostile forces... but, in this one spot, the Hedge's perfection had clearly been disturbed. I hurried back to the palace, with confirmation of the report... and the knowledge we were headed for war with an enemy powerful enough to Breach the Hedge.

    Further confirmation came not very many days later, when I woke in the night... to find a cloaked assassin, standing in the dark... off the end of my bed. But I was neither weak, nor afraid... only startled, and glad my nonhuman senses had woken me in time. The assassin pulled a blade, but I was first to attack... though I had no weapons, other than what nature had given me... and realized I wasn't wearing anything more than what nature had given me! But, my moment of embarrassment was very brief... I struggled with the assassin... took control of the blade... broke it... and the assassin ran. In the dark, and wrapped in that loose black cloak, I was never able to identify the nature of my attacker... who... or what... they were... but I now knew what had breached the Hedge... and why. I threw on a robe, one that had been draped over the footboard the night before... concerned, as I left my chambers... that I had not been the first one visited. I shouted for the guards... found the Emperor alive and well... but a search turned up nothing. The assassin was gone....

    But, I remember going over my struggle with the assassin, in a meeting a short time later... and realized that I had been the main target... and that the assassin had most likely been instructed to flee if unable to complete its mission... so that its true nature could not be found by examination of its body. I know, if the assassin hadn't fled so rapidly, I would have killed it... knife or no, I had turned out to be the better and stronger fighter. So... all we had was the knife, snapped in two by my own hands. And so... from this incident, we prepared for war....

    More time passed... several weeks of gathering and preparing a great army... I remember the Emperor, astride his horse... examining the troops... remembered the respect and loyalty of those men... knew them all (having been responsible for gathering and organizing them), and that not all of them would be coming back... but that they would die willingly for their Emperor... and I remember being worried, because the Emperor... my friend... the man who had raised me up off the streets... because he was leading this army... I feared for his safety. But... he would do no less than put himself at risk, rather than hide... rather than let others take a risk he was unwilling to take (he was NOT unwilling!)... to give his own life for his people, as the men under his command would give of their own, in return... if that was what it took.

    And then... the Emperor, armored for battle, rode up to me... I wish I could still remember what he said, but I know it made me feel humble... and then... then he presented me with the badge of his Position... the Amulet worn around his neck... Symbol of the Empire... I was overwhelmed by the honor of what I had been given... gave thanks, and swore my oath of trust... and wished him victory, and a swift return....

    I placed the Amulet's chain around my neck, and watched as my Emperor led his army off to war... unsure of what the future held, but praying for his safe return....

    Then, the dream faded... and I woke up....
  19. I once dreamed I was in some kooky video game. It was... A platformer, I think? And it was in first person and 3D, so it was really weird doing all that hopping and getting coins. Or whatever it was. Really, really weird, but it was colorful. It only started getting a little scary when the levels started to go underground and darker, and darker.

    Then there was the dream where I was in some Minecraft-looking world and flying around. Like, unlimited flying in this block world full of weird flying things. Which looked like goblin zeppelins. And then I'd fly downwards and downwards in some cavernous part and it would start getting darker and darker.

    Generally my dreams all involve some sort of going downwards, closer to the earth. Or in some cases, deeper in the ocean. I've had lucid dreams where I just drift around ina weird underwater world and watch the strange marine creatures go about daily life. It was a little scary in the darkest parts, but even if it was really dark the creatures - a giant angler fish just swam past me, and a whale, etc etc. Some sharks even going after other fishes. It was nice, but lonely. I was the only human in the dream and the living creatures around me didn't seem to notice me, like I was invisible or part of the background.
  20. Had to go to the washroom during sleep, went to the washroom, realized I did it in my dream...
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