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Isabella Hime

Winter is coming...
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Isabellas have trouble keeping up with the forums because of a full time job and being hot and sleepy all the time.. Isabellas want to know what everyone does and how they have so much free time to play on here!? Isabellas work full time and all so Saturdays sometimes so that would be full time job with overtime...

Karsikan the Berzerker

Full time job plus overtime some days

Such is the nature of serving in the Army

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Moderate to aggressive.
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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
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I'll try just about anything. I'm not overly into RPs where the prime focus is romance. I'm not too hyped on fan based anime rp either.
I am usually working 40+hours a week, But Now I'm unemployed. Hopefully things will pick back up so I can go back to work as a Carpenter, if they don't I'll have to find a different job eventually.

So yea, I have no schedule or commitments.


I picked full-time job because currently I am still at my full-time job, BUT as of tomorrow after 5:00pm I will be unemployeed (I'm also not in school). I don't know what I'm going to do, I haven't been jobless for YEARS!


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Group Roleplays, One on One Roleplays
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After 5PM EST weekdays
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Elementary, Intermediate, Adept, Advanced
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Female, Primarily Prefer Female
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Instinctively passive unless the story needs a push. I adapt as needed.
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SciFi, Fantasy, Modern, Twist Genres.
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Mature, Horror (with rare exceptions)
I'm a highschooler XD
And I don't work part time.
And it's summer :3

Poor Isabellas ;/


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Group Roleplays
Genders You Prefer Playing
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Favorite Genres
Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, all with a blend or grounded slightly in Realism
Wot, no "Other" option?

Technically I suppose it'd be a part time job. More or less it's a seasonal job. Available from spring until fall (basically when I'm not also a university student).

I'ma Farm Bit~ ... er Farm Handyman.


I was 'Parttime' though I never liked how little I was getting, but since I've been helping at the other store it's been Full and some weeks OT! Hence I really don't post much.