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  1. The summer sun was high, and carnival music played. Echoing sounds of monkeys, tigers, and lions vibrated through the valley. Men swung mallets to hit large pegs into the ground. A large circus tent went up into the sky, the shadow grew across the green grass like a plague. A ring master ran from different tents, and cages. "It must be perfect!" He screamed at his workers, "Tonight must be absolutely perfect!" His long red and black jacket flowed behind him. A large top hate graced his long white hair, he tapped his gem incrusted cane against the ground. Wrinkles graced his face, his lips were pulled into a grim line. Long knee high leather boots, lead him to his own mini trailer. The ring master disappeared to prepare for the evenings events. Two men ran with a large sign, climbing up two large trees to rope it off. It read:
    Come one come all! It's the Delacruise Carnival!
    Children that passed screamed in excitement, begging their parents. "Please can we go please please..." Parents looked over thinking it would be a great family event. Most agreed, though others seemed worried. The scent of evil covered the grounds like the smell of death. A few animals could be seen from the streets, three elephants stomping behind trainers. Bears in cages growled in anger, demanding freedom from their bonds. It all was a show to grab a audience for the night.

  2. The red jester looked up at the sign and took a breath. This was the night they'd trained for now for months. The Ringmaster seemed to be pretty solid against the night going right, so he decided to screw around with his routine.

    He'd practiced it over and over again, weeks on end, but still messed up at a certain part here or there. If one of those times were to happen tonight, he was sure to be... "seen to."

    Bracing himself, and resting his hands on the ground as if he were about dash in a race, he jumped forward, launched himself into the air, and did a front flip. He danced in a few circles, practicing his careful footwork, and then doubled back with a cartwheel and landed on his hands, his curly shoes in the air.

    So far so good.

    The tricky part came when a comrade threw him a couple of colored balls, and he had to balance them, while doing half of a backbend on one foot. Sometimes he lost his balance, and either dropped a ball, or tripped and fell. The lesser of two evils would be dropping a ball. Either way, a failure could mean a really unholy demise.

    "This better work," he swore in a dark tone, and then watched the crowd a little while before getting up, and doing it again...
  3. Sindale walked into the large center tent. Its ceiling stretched high, yellow and red stripes met her gaze. Her red eyes shifted around the room, "Wonderful..." She mouth the words, spotting several workers. A blue ball rolled from a kick of a clown. His demonic face glared back at her, "Patients Cortez...." Her voice seductive, she said while walking in a small circle. This night was going to be perfect, she could feel many were interested in their carnival. The long crimson train of her dress swirled with each step. Strawberry blonde hair bounced around her face.

    Her lips started to move, "Come one, come all. This will be a wonderful ball. Come look, come see. Could it really be? Magic all around, for now you are bound. I'll shower you with love, make you free as a dove. Come one, come all. It is the carnival. A amazing festival. It is time to conspire, what do you desire?" Her voice echoed out, despite she held no microphone. The sound of footsteps met her ears, she turned quickly to make her exit from the tent. The sun was starting to fall in the distance. Shadows of mortal guests filled her gaze, several had answered her call. They stood at the ticket booth, shaking with anticipation.
  4. (Splice is just the anti-color of Nexus.)

    Splice hid behind the curtain, shivering. Nervous.

    Messing up could mean the end of him. This wasn't really something he wanted to screw up, not now, not ever. His little golden bells jingled a little, and he stepped back from the curtain, away from the view of the scores of people filing in. A sinister smile crept across his lips, his jagged fangs gleaming in the multi-colored light. "This will be fun. It has to be," he said to himself.

    He stepped back, and looked around the room at the other clowns, and freak shows. The performers lined up and ready to show their part in the ring.

    A demon girl walked up to him, her wings and tail twitching slightly. "You fuck up, you're done. Do you hear me? I highly doubt you want to face the ringmaster because you had to be an idiot for one very important night."

    "Relax Katie, I got this," he said slyly, and stuck a forked tongue out at her. "You panic as if you're the one messing up your routine, you high and mighty bitch."

    But Katie just smiled, and placed her hands on her hips. "So says the one who actually messes up. We'll see who has the last laugh, clowny boy." With that, she walked off. Splice felt his temper rise for a quick moment, his smoldering red eyes with the white slit narrowing in annoyance.

    "No sense of humor," he mumbled to himself, and peeked back out behind the curtain.
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  6. A crowd began to fill the carnival grounds. Children screamed with joy at all the animals to be seen. Some cried in fear at the sight of demonic clowns and bearded women. The ring master walked around idly, a huge smile wrinkled his face. All their souls called out to him, begging for him to take them. Still he had much to do, he paced over to the red jester. His voice stern, "You better be ready for your act...If you fail me this night it will be your life I will take." Each word held a promise of death. His dull eyes drifted over the jester, the look of disgust on his face. (sry short got writers block)
  7. This outfit was mortifying. A delicate black disaster stretched over every inch of her dark golden skin, clinging to every inch of a diminutive and short-limbed body that lacked the lush curves that many preferred. Pira was well past growing age; there was no hope of growing fuller breasts or more voluptuous bottom half. At least her waist was little, she mused, smoothing silk-clad child's hands over the moronic costume that although kept her covered from neck to mid-thigh, left very little to the imagination otherwise. Uch. It was miserable. Pira tossed her hip-length white braid over her shoulder, grumbling at the free, chin-length underlayer that a "stylist" had insisted would look intriguing. She strode out of her shared trailer and towards the angry growls of animals, spinning a ring of keys around her finger.

    Shocking lavender eyes scanned the growing crowd for someone. There; there were the strawberry blonde locks she had been looking for. Pira approached her anxiously.

    "Sindale..." she whispered. "Even the animals are more riled up than usual... Should we be nervous? Will someone know something is... different?"
  8. Sindale did not turn to face the person who whispered her name. She stood with her eyes closed, a bright smile pulling at her ruby lips. The animals were echoing louder than normal. Their hunger beat at her, "Pira...." The voices owner's name rolled off her tongue. She turned slowly, her long crimson ball gown swished around her legs. The long lashes that caressed her cheeks lifted to reveal the red piercing gaze of Sindale's eyes. "We should be nervous. Tonight is the night. Everything we desire will come true. Do you not see the crowd I have summoned to our stoop." Even the whispering of her voice held excitement. She lifted on hand to point around the area. Several children ran and laughter spilled from their young bodies. Parents watched with proud faces, not even aware of the appending danger that shadowed over them. "They don't seem to even notice. The must not be around the wild much. Do not worry so much everything will go according to plan." Sindale looked more cheerful than normal as she lifted one arm to loop around Pira's. "We must find the ring master! It is almost time.!" She screeched in delight.
  9. Sindale's words slowly seemed to liven up Pira's mood. Of course everything would be okay; no one had any idea what was about to happen.

    "I just hope the tigers don't get too feisty," she mused, briefly laying her cheek against Sindale's shoulder. "I'm not worried about them so much. They always listen, even when they're feisty. Anyhow, Sindale; I must continue as if tonight is no different. I will be off performing if you need me."

    She hopped away to the animal cages, releasing her tigers first. There were three, all of the orange variety. They truly did love her and heed her directions, even without hearing her speak, but nonetheless she kept them on a ropes to keep up appearances of normality. Next she released two lionesses, the more finicky of the two breeds. The props she would needs were very few; just a few hoops and soccer balls. Holding onto all five ropes and her props, she led her big cats through the back of the tent and settled behind the clowns as she waited for her turn.
  10. GetterJaanigetter3-1.png

    Janice walked into the tent with her ticket in her hand. She could see a crowd of people. Some in the stands laughing with their families and others waiting for the show. She saw an empty seat in the very front. With a goran she headed towards it. She hated being in the front because she felt as though something horrrid would happen to her. I mean the animals were bg and could easily hop over to her if she wanted to. Quickly she gave her head a quick shake. "Just relax, stop thinking about the bad stuff all the time." She seemed to always be lurking in the past and thinking bad things since she lost her parents in a fire.
  11. Sindale watched Pira go back to the animal cages. Her personal tigers ran freely around, there orange and black stripes were mesmerizing. Several onlookers gathered around to stare in awe at their beauty and Pira's courage. "I could never do that.", a few gushed aloud. Sindale smiled brightly at their reactions before turning on her heel. "Oh papa! PAPA!" She screeched loudly, as she disappeared into the crowd. It only took a few moments of pacing before she found him. He must of left his trailer early, anticipation gleamed on his face. Sindale ran up to his perch, and watch with huge eyes. "Father it is almost time for your great appearance...Why haven't you made your way to the big top?" She spoke while reaching out to grab gently at his wrist. His voice boomed like always, "Wait...Child. You're excitement is causing you to hurry. I want to see the last bit of happiness on their faces.
  12. [​IMG]The large amount of revision had finally gotten to Elise, there was no way she was going to be able to sit and look at her revision books anymore, and she doubted her poor hands could take any more of the writing. She quickly changed out of her lounge wear, a simple pair of Victoria Secret yoga bottoms and a Levi top, and changed into a pair of dark wash black jeans, pairing it with tall black boots, a cream blouse which she tucked into her jeans, a dark brownish cream scarf and a black leather jacket.

    She grabbed the keys of her car, along with her handbag, quickly writing a note for her mother, incase she came home and found that she wasn't there, she didn't want to cause her mother anymore worries.She headed out the front door, locking it behind her before she made her way down the three large stone grey steps, being careful not to fall like she had the week before. She walked over to her car and got into the front, deciding to head into town and see if she could find something to take her mind off the work. So Elise started to car, pulling out of her driveway and heading down in the direction of the town, turning her radio on and allowing Paradise by Coldplay to fill the car.

    She spotted a large number of cars parked when she went into the town, there must have been something on so she decided to see what it was. She drove the car to the gates and looked up at the banner. 'Come one come all! It's the Delacruise Carnival!' it read. She thought for a few moments, she hadn't been to a carnival since she was a little girl, she was sure it couldn't hurt, and perhaps it would take her mind off everything. She pulled back and soon found a car parking space. Once she parked the car, she grabbed her bag and locked the car, heading across the road to that Carnival, happy she was in her boots and not heels.

    She quickly headed over to the ticket booth. "One please" She said with a soft smile, unzipping her bag and pulling out her wallet. She quickly took out the money, handing it over to the person before taking her ticket "Thank you" She said with another smile and a nod before heading towards the large 'doors' of the tent. She stepped inside, her eyes adjusting to the light as she did. She looked up at the stands, trying to find somewhere to sit. She walked up the steps, stopping a space near the middle of the stand. She quickly sat down, not wanting to gain too much attention. She pushed a strand of fallen hair out of her eyes, slipping it behind her ear as she waited for it to start. Though she couldn't help thinking about her revision notes in her head.
  13. The ring master finally decided to finally give into his inner desire. "Sindale my child go and get the crowd ready. I shall join you shortly." He said rather hurriedly before turning away from her. Each foot step he took brought him deeper into the crowd. Until she couldn't even see the red rim of his top hat. The ring master was acting even more strangely than normal, and it bothered her. Though she had no time to dwell on the matter. Quickly she ran into the big top. The high top ceiling brought into a red and yellow stripped point. This had always been her home. Even if it traveled all over the world it was always comforting. Slowing her pace as she made her way to the center. Her long red gown swished around her legs, and a bright smile pulled at her lips.

    "Ladies and gentlemen I want to welcome you to the Delacruise Carnival. Are you ready for a night of mystery......adventure.....seduction." Her words rolling off her tongue into a accent. While the crowd started a cheer in response. Sindale's smile widened, and she began to turn in a small circle. There was a huge crowd. Some still under the compulsion from her song from earlier, and some had come on their free will. It was amazing by all means, "Do you hear what I do?" She asked aloud, as she lifted her left hand to point at a small opening in the tent. Where several animal cages were being wheeled in. Tigers were first, followed by decorated elephants. Their large steps made the earth shake beneath her feet. Some carried large balls in different colors. "I want you to see the adventures of our animal tamers. Welcome to their reality!"

    Those were the last words she spoke before throwing down a smoke bomb. Clouds surrounded her whole body making her disappear from the crowds view. Though when the smoke cleared she had actually vanished. Where could she have gone? Was this true magic at work? Several questions were being asked by the audience.
  14. Janice noticed the girl in the interesting outfit walk in and sit next to her. She knew that this girl had every eye on her for the time being and decided to lightin up the mood.

    "If it counts for anything I like your outfit."

    She was about to introduce herself when a person that looked like the ring master came into view. She quickly grew quiet waiting for the show to soon begin. Hoping this would destract her from her outside troubles.
  15. Pira had no time to start conversations or dilly-dally. Soon enough, it was the time for animal tamers to made their appearance. The other tamers walked ahead of Pira; they needed their animals to be caged, for the most part. Their tricks were more daring because of that, Pira decided. Her own cats did whatever she told them to do most of the time, so there was really no risk in it for her. But the crowd didn't know that.

    With a deep inhale and a smile that was more seductive than her normal tentative one, Pira led her five cats into the ring. They weren't on rope leads anymore. Instead, the two tigers and two lions roamed the area around Pira, passing a soccer ball as if they were on separate teams. The third tiger followed Pira, glued to her side like a pet dog. Pira's act consisted of the cats doing things that normal animals would not understand, such as passing a ball from one cat to another. Pira commanded them in a low, stern voice, addressing them by name. The crowd did not seem overly enthused, probably believing this to be a very practiced and memorized act.

    Then the acrobatics began. The lions sat down and imitated statues while the three tigers assisted Pira. Two of them stood on their back legs and put their front paws together, and the third one was like a living step-stool, giving Pira a boost so that she was doing a handstand using her tigers' paws as platforms. Now the crowd was fascinated while Pira twisted her body into strange shapes, all while her cats remained motionless unless she said otherwise.

    Her act when on a while longer, and the crowd got more and more excited as time went on. The cats and Pira alike waved good-bye to the crowd and exited the ring.

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  16. Elise looked at the girl next to her as she spoke "Thank you" She said. She always hated coming in late to anywhere and it seemed she had been the last one in. Being late always drew attention to you, something she wasn't always a fan of. She smiled at the girl, about to introduce herself when what appeared to be the ring master stepped out, she remained silent and listened as they spoke, moving herself on her seat. She forced herself not to think of the large amount of revision she was missing to be here, it seemed her grand plan of distracting herself wasn't working

    She watched as a girl walked out with three tigers. She crossed her legs, making herself more comfortable as she watched their act begin, expecting it to be the usual walking them around the ring type act, but she was pleasantly surprised. She clapped along with everyone else as the act ended. She glanced up at the roof then around the area as she waited for the next act to come out.

    She turned to the girl who had spoke to her earlier "I should have introduced myself" She said "I'm Elise" She said with a s mile "And you are?" She asked, pushing her hair back to stop it falling into her eyes.

    [I'm sorry about the length]
  17. The sound of laughter echoed around the crowd. Was it coming from behind you or even beside you? No one seemed to be able to place the mysterious cackles of a young woman. "What is your fantasy? Are your dreams reality? What is it you desire?" The words seemed to make their way into everyone's minds. Then a loud bang followed by a bright light. Sparkles rained down from the ceiling and there she was. Sindale sat cross legged on a lowered swing. Her bright smile dazzling, and seductive all the more. "Are you ready for a night of celebration? I know I am." Her voice clearly sounding happy, but was it all for show. The swing started lower to the ground, " I need someone from the audience. You will be my guest of honor, and I'll shall be your lowly peasant." She couldn't help but giggle, as the hands flew into the air. People screamed "Pick me! Pick me!" Though that was the kind of person she did not want. Someone less believing of the spectacle that lay before their very eyes.
  18. Janice smiled at Elise, "It's fine and my name is Janice." She said returning the smile. She glanced at the girl once more before her mind went racing. The girl was very pretty which made Janice slightly uncomfortable. She knew she wasn't a pretty girl or she at least felt that way anyway. When Janice snapped back to reality she could see the audience and all the people's hands shoot up. As she listened to the girls words. With a slight smile and giggle she looked down at her feet, these people would probably do anything to be next to that girl. She glanced back at Elise for just one quick moment and then back to her feet. Playing with her fingers as she waited the see who the girl would pick.

  19. Elise watched as everyone else raised their hands, some standing from their seats. She personally didn't believe in any of it. She was simply here to take her mind of revision, speaking of which, no she would focus on this, not the revision. She leaned back on her seat, she glanced at the girl next to her then back in front of her, crossing her legs once more. She sighed as she played with her fingers, checking her fingernails as she waited for some over excited girl to be chosen to go up on the 'stage' or 'ring'. She glanced around once more, she doubted anyone could see her, given that almost everyone around her had their hands high up in the sky, almost acting like a personal curtain to hide Elise from the rest of the word. She interlocked her fingers, waiting for someone to be chosen.
  20. Once her feet touched the ground she lifted both of her hands to push at her temples. "I sense you are close my pet. Shy and awkward....Do not be afraid. I will make all your dreams reality." Sindale said as she began to walk towards the audience. Her long crimson dress dragging idly in her wake. Thick full lashes fanned her high cheek bones. Each movement stopped, "You name is Janice....please come with me." Her words rolling off her tongue in a heavy seductive tone. Could this simple mortal refuse such compulsion, or would she fall under the spell? Sindale thought as she waited, hoping to hear the sounds of a woman screeching in delight. Though something told her she would be waiting a long time for such. This one seemed to be less confident, more self conscious. Envy vibrated out of every pore on her body. It was interesting indeed.
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