What do you collect?

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  1. Just that, do you collect anything? Cards, minis, anything. I collect stuffed animals I find oddly satisfying. I got this huge collie stuffie today from a store and he's now hanging out on my bed.​
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  2. I don't collect much anymore, to be honest, mostly because I've moved so often in the last two years that I didn't really have the chance to.

    I used to collect rocks and seashells quite a bit, especially the pretty looking ones. I also like to collect flower, heart and star stickers, and pretty flowery notebooks. o.o' Rather girly things.
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  3. Something I've kept up for a while but haven't really followed in the past year is 3/DS games. I have a nice collection, and a good half haven't even been played yet. I also play two MMOs, FFXIV and World of Warships, and I like collecting clothes/furniture/minions/mounts, and historical ships, respectively.

    Unique keyboards is a guilty pleasure of mine, but it's incredibly unsustainable. I have three keyboards, and on the hobby market, they're nearly worth my PC. Yeah, nope, that's all I need for now.

    Given an unlimited budget, watch, pen, and coin collecting would be one hell of a drug.
  4. In a way...Magic: The Gathering. Except that I don't really collect, I would like to, but I only own what I need for decks...and some extra cards that I no longer need but still have.
  5. I don't collect anything for the sake of collecting.

    But stuff I've acquired at least a decent amount of over the years would be Magic the Gathering cards, Video Games (if Steam Games count), Instrumental Music and D&D 3.5 pdfs.
  6. I have a sword collection, have eleven of them and I have a flail =D
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  7. I used to collect a lot of stuff... comic books, baseball cards, action figures, etc.

    The largest collection I have in reality are keychains, from every place I've been to.

    Nowadays though, my biggest collecting passion is memories... photos with people I love and appreciate, and as many memories captured on file as possible, because that's the thing I want to have the most of in this world, perhaps aside from money. When/if I get too old to do anything fun, I want to be able to look back and remember, and be able to tell family and friends that I lived a memorable and uniquely interesting life on earth.
  8. Started a collection of board/card games, I guess. I have a large collection of comics but I don't actually collect them. I used to collect fursuits but that was obviously super expensive. Had 5 at once (have had 8 total) then my income shit itself. Finally culled the habit and sold everything but 2 now.

    I also make scrapbooks, so I guess I also collect memories.

    I inadvertently collect notebooks as well. I used to always carry around little pocket notepads for notes and stuff. Now I have like 500 of them.
    I used to collect Engrish stickers, but since leaving Japan they're a lot harder to find.

    I guess I collect DVDs... I don't believe in buying digital so I have over 300 DVDs. They're actually so difficult to keep track of what I own or don't that I keep up an excel spreadsheet now. That was born after I accidentally bought the Getbackers series for the third time... (I really liked that series, apparently!)
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  9. I collect Alice in Wonderland memorabilia. So anything that is themed around Alice in Wonderland goes in my home and on my body! I have...
    Alice Hair Brush
    Alice Ice Cube Tray
    Alice in Wonderland Socks
    3 Alice in Wonderland Paper Posters
    An Alice in Wonderland artist rendered painting.
    Alice in Wonderland Wallet
    Alice in Wonderland Shirt
    and I think that is it for now o3o
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  10. I like to collect various items of my favorite things, such as anime goods. It isn't restricted to certain types of items, I just like getting things such as Evangelion goods found in convenience stores.
  11. Vinyl records!!! OwO It's not a huge collection, though, since I only started a couple years ago -- not only that, but I've been trying to reign in my spending recently, so I haven't been buying them nearly as often as I used to.

    Another thing that I don't currently have a ton of but still consider it a "collection" -- tarot card decks. Specifically themed tarot card decks. I currently have one "normal" tarot deck alongside three fandom-themed decks -- a Homestuck deck, a Night Vale deck, and a Death Note deck. Not only do I like tarot cards in general, I also really like seeing what sorts of images each deck can pair with each card. Sometimes you'll find some clever stuff. For example, the Death card is usually represented as a grim reaper, but I saw one deck that instead pictured a phoenix on that card -- which is actually a lot more faithful to the meaning of the Death card, as it has more to do with ending a certain chapter in your life (and therefore allowing a new one to begin) than it does with literal death, and I thought the phoenix symbolized that quite well. This gets even more interesting with fandom decks, as it's always amusing to see what sort of references they tie to each card. Some of them can be very much a "hah, I see what you did there!" kind of moment. XD And the art in so many of these decks is just beautiful, too. Unfortunately, good tarot decks tend to be on the pricey side, and, like I said, I'm trying to reign in my spending... So I don't exactly spend a ton of time shopping online for these things or otherwise going out of my way to look for them. But I might consider splurging if I happen to see a really nice deck somewhere. owo
  12. I collect stickers and cacti lmao

    My friends try to get me to stop with the stickers, but I can't, I'm fully aware I am addicted ouo
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  13. I have a pretty decent sized coin collection, I like to find unique or limited issues, ones from other countries, and just anything that catches my eye. Even have a small treasure chest that sits on my desk.

    I collect bullet casings, usually for calibers I don't own yet.

    I collect semi-precious or common minerals and gemstones, this is expensive at times but they're great display features.

    I also like to collect figurines and statues for video games and what not I like. I like self standing stuff that's something that is good quality.

    Other thing is wood, stone, and mineral carvings. Native craft stores are great for this.
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  14. I also forgot to add, I used to collect pennies and change. I had two separate jars, one for Canadian coins, and one for international coins. Not sure where those are now though 3:

    I'd also collect postcards from other countries.

    Hm, maybe I'll start collecting once more :3
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  15. Yugioh cards when I was a kid. Then dragon statues. Then I got into swords, and now have a bunch of cool replica swords scattered all over the place or in storage.

    I'm not much of a collector anymore, unless marbles count. I've got a ton of marbles.
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  16. Souls.

    I've moved around a lot in the past few years, so I haven't really gathered much in the way of simple decorative things. I have a bunch of plants, though.

    I have a few things that I collected when I was younger, but they are being stored as I don't have much space for large collections of things, mostly.
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  17. Books. Its a problem because I have more than I can read. One day I got rid of 5 boxes of books and I still can't fit them all on my shelves! They are doubled up on each shelf and even have a bunch stacked horizontally. This is not including my manga collection which get its own set of shelves. *sigh*
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  18. I would so collect books. I used to be a hoarder, actually ;w;. It's just too impossible nowadays.

    It'd frustrate my mom so much when I was a child/teenager. She quickly got me a library subscription. Apparently, those were all 'my' books, just in a different location than our house. ^_^'
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  19. I was gonna come in and talk about tarot decks and vinyls but I see kaga has that covered. I'm gonna have to work on finding some new interests.
  20. Dust.

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