What do y'all do to cheer yourselves up when you feel blue?

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  1. Curious. I know some people turn to games or movies, and others turn to music, and some turn into workaholics, or work out harder, or whatever it is you do: What do you do to try and break away from sorrow, or frustration? What are your methods? Does it involve alcohol at all? :ferret:

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  3. Firstly, I just let myself be sad. I spent so much time running away from my feelings that I was extremely worse for wear because of it. After working with my therapist, we decided that I needed to acknowledge my emotions and let them run their course before trying to 'cure' them. So if I'm sad and I want to cry, I watch sad movies and listen to sad music and cry. There is nothing more cathartic (to me) than a good, snotty, ugly cry.

    Once I'm ready to move on, I usually start with cute cat videos, or watching a documentary on something I love, like the deep sea (or any nature documentary really.) Or I'll just curl up with a blanket and a stuffed animal and have a power nap. Or I watch something funny and light-hearted; I usually turn to my favourite Youtubers for that, like Northernlion or Jontron or Simplynailogical. I just try to focus on something that makes me happy.

    Mostly though I have learned to embrace my emotions instead of shunning them and it has really helped me.
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  4. I've developed a somewhat naughty habit of smoking pot in the evenings to wind down and simply relax. It always helps even if all I do is lean back in my chair and watch completely random documentaries (Little Boy, Something Bravo, Floating Trash Island, stupid Vice and it's crappy docs). Makes things easier to break down after a crappy day.
    Disclaimer (open)
    I never smoke and post on here.

    Otherwise it's a simple game, challenging but easily played since I've got the experience, and relaxing in both atmosphere and music.

    That's almost always Risk of Rain. Deadbolt is great, but I'm too new at it to relax on it.

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  5. Playing a video game and/or seeing friends helps majority of the time.
    But that always has a margin of error, what if I hit a real bad streak in the game? What if my friends end up fighting? What if one of my friends simply ends up in a bad mood and we enter serious talks?

    It all has a risk of having the reverse effect.
    So I found there's usually only two things without such variables.

    1. Grabbing food and binge watching
    This is circumstantial though, because it depends on what I'm watching, and I'm also not always in the mood to throw that amount of effort at something.

    2. Sleep
    Lie down, brain might wrestle with negative thoughts for a few hours minutes but eventually I wake up and feel more refreshed and better off than I did before going to sleep.
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  6. I'll either listen to music, play games, watch anime, talk to someone I REALLY trust, pretty much anything to get my mind off of what's making me sad and down. Yeah it's escapism but since I usually suck at talking about emotions and don't trust anyone with them (yes I'm a loner), it's my only option at this point.
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  7. Sleep, go on YouTube or talk to my koooibito~
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  8. I often go for a long run by myself. Or breathing exercises and yoga when I don't need to release as much physical energy. I have to stabilise before expression.
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  9. I watch Last Week Tonight. I can't have a bad day after watching John Oliver. It's impossible.
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  10. I watch this:

    Because sexy blondes doing super awesome fight scenes makes my day.

    And then Volume 3 happened.

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  11. Have sex or work on/listen to music
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  12. Play some video games, or watch some Anime. Fairy Tail does a fantastic job of cheering me up.
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  13. Much exercise. It's hard to be depressed when yer high off those endorphins.

    Also, for whatever reason, watching depressing movies makes me less depressed.
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  14. I go for games, usually lighter casual ones that are fun and don't require a ton of effort. Or if I'm dealing with some severe shit that I just want to forget for a while I'll go to the other end of the spectrum and play a strategy game or an MMO that I'll get super absorbed in for an hour or five.
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  15. When I'm feeling blue, I tend to try to get it all out at once and then cheer myself up, otherwise it lingers and not even my favorite things can make it better. Unfortunately, being the emotional piece of trash that I am, this usually results in me bawling my eyes out in bed and making a blanket nest to seclude myself into. After all that though, I remedy it with trashy reality TV (Real Housewives, anything on TLC), stand up comedy (Kathleen Madigan, Iliza Shlesinger, Dan Cummins), or a cute anime (Usually OHSHC). I do love to draw and write, but both my drawings and stories tend to be on the darker side, which just sorta drags me down. I need to laugh when I'm sad. It also really helps if I can do so with another person there; I'm an extrovert, and having someone else helps my energy and my mood. :heartbeat:
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  16. Napping solves like 90% of emotional woes. It's like hard resetting.
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  17. Music usually cheers me up, but if not I write. The writing usually involves depressing scenes and/or physically torturing the hell out of one of my characters, but emotional pain works just as well.
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  18. In order of doing:

    1. Roleplay
    2. Tv/movies
    3. Reading
    4. musics
    5. Games
    6. Napping
    7. Hot Bath
    8. Aggressive Cleaning/Working
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  19. I also watch StarCraft tournaments

    here's a fun one from LagTV

    this game got me pumped! such great back and forth for all 20+ minutes! and in legacy of the void, to boot!
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  20. I'd probably buy a blue corvette if everything weren't blue for me already.

    Kidding aside, writing poetry, listening to relaxing songs all help me when I'm freaking out.
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