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  1. So, there's a 'What are you watching?' and 'What are you listening to?' but no 'What are you reading?'

    Come on people, I know I'm not the only one who reads constantly. :P

    I am currently reading 314 by AR Wise and wondering how my eyes aren't bleeding yet. I keep expecting the writing to get better, but it's just.....horrible

    So what about you guys? What are you reading?
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  3. The Harlequin, an Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novel
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  4. I go through phases of reading excessively to not reading at all. The last book that I was reading and is open on my nightstand is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It's my least favorite book in the series and my no-reading phase hit right in the middle of it. No telling when I'll force myself through it to get to my favorite part of the series, Prisoner of Azkaban.
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  5. I've just finished The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I'm just going to say: I loved it, and I'm having trouble starting a new one.
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  6. Well I've just finished the second book of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Old guy at work has the original copies and he lent them to me. Just about to start the third book.
    That and I've started reading IT again.
  7. Dragon Killer by RobMay on Wattpad and The P.P.A Project: Revelations by the Kamikazikid on Wattpad.
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  8. Depending on mood, I'm currently splitting my time between Tolstoy's War and Peace and the Stormlight Archive novels by Brandon Sanderson (currently on Words of Radiance, the second and most recent of the series.)

    War and Peace is a difficult read, so I need the pure brilliance and comparative ease of Sanderson's fantasy works for when I'm not in the mood to pick up such a piece of ingenious but challenging literature.
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  9. "This Shattered World" by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
    "Insurgent" by Veronica Roth
    "Cinder" by Marissa Meyer
    "The Phantom of the Opera" by Gaston Leroux
    "The Assassin's Curse" by Cassandra Rose Clarke

    ...Yup... I read a lot...

    *Edit* I forgot one... cause it's not so good, "Catch a Falling Star" by Kim Culbertson
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  10. I recently finished the "Leviathan" trilogy...

    There was also this long as heck Visual Novel I read prior to "Golliath" of the "Leviathan" trilogy if that counts as reading...
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  11. Right now I'm reading Divergent, 1984, The amulet of Samarkand (Volume 1 of the Bartimaeus trilogy), Origin (Lux #4), and Attack of the fiend (The last apprentice/Wardstone Chronicles #4)

    I'm around a hundred pages into origin and divergent, and halfway through the rest.

    I'm bad at finishing books o.O I can pick up a book, read it halfway through, love it, lay it down for the night, and then I just forget to pick it up, and suddenly I've started on a new one xD For me it's best to just read the whole night without stopping and get it done with, because once I've put it down, it can take me a year to pick the book up again xb. And that's when I like it. If I'm only half interested I can lay it down for years, read a chapter, lay it back down for years, and so the process goes on. (If I've read more than two chapters, then I feel like I have to finish it even if I don't like it. So I do try to finish things that doesn't interest me too much. Though it does take time)
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  12. Almost through reading Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein, sci-fi master.
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  13. Creepy pastas and sci-fi shorts online are about all I have the energy for lately. I need to find a book.
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  14. I just finished reading the Divergent series. Started working on the rest of Insurgent earlier, and finished up Alleigant.

    I won't give away any spoilers, but this is now how I feel.

  15. ... Now I'm feeling slightly frightened (and kind of curious) of continuing reading divergent o.O
  16. Wait, do you feel like the little guy being strangled, or angry Mr. Incredible doing the strangling?
  17. Alternating between Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman and Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein, been reading The Theory of the Formal Method by Eichenbaum (;A;) and some short stories by Chekhov and Tolstoy for school as well.
  18. The Silmarillion.
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  19. Like both now that I'm thinking about it. o.o
  20. A huge book of Hans Christian Andersen stories.
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