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  1. What are you currently reading/what is the last thing you read? (Non-fiction, comic books, manga, webcomics, fanfiction, and all that jazz count.) Is it typical of what you normally read? Have you read anything else good recently? How much time do you spend reading?

    I've not really been reading lately and I'd like to fix that, so I thought I'd get ideas for book recs via this thread. /End self-serving topic introduction.
  2. XKCD "What If's" have been among some of the last things I've been reading. Random science stuff based on ludicrous hypothesis is fun. As for real life book reading, this thing. It's pretty spectacularly terrible so far, so I don't really recommend it. Read XKCD's "what if" stuff instead.
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  3. XKCD has long been a source of entertainment for me. (Anecdote: I went to school with Randall Munroe's little brother, who built a Tesla coil in senior year and also worked on a trebuchet project with me for physics class. Yay science nerd stuff.)
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  4. I'm gonna be reading the Gunslinger Anthology by Stephen King, as well as the Blinding Knife by Phillip Pullman and Weaveworld by Clive Barker :D

    Then Watchmen and Sin City, the comics :D
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  5. I finished reading Flowers for Algernon yesterday. It's pretty typical of what I usually read, since I read a lot of sci-fi. I read Dawn by Octavia Butler and Unspeakable by Abbie Rushton pretty recently too. I can spend a lot of time reading if I find something I enjoy, but it can take time for me to do that. I end up reading some stuff I never finish in search of interesting books. I'd recommend the three-body problem trilogy by Liu Cixin.
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  6. Re-reading 'Neuromancer' by William Gibson at the minute, just to scratch that cyberpunk itch. Fuck me, but this book never gets old.

    I'm also trucking through Brian K. Vaughn's 'Saga' comic series. Science Fantasy at its best, right there.
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  7. Recently started reading the manga "Shomin Sample". I usually read fantasy and action stuff, so it's a change of pace. While not the most exciting thing ever, I've been thoroughly amused by the characters and their antics.
  8. I'm slowly working through So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish by Douglas Adams, 4th book in the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. I stopped reading them in the middle of the second book many months ago when I got a new phone that could do internet and game things well, so that took over my time that used to be all for reading, but I'm getting back into it now.
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  9. The other day I got my first library card in like 20 years. O___O I picked out a book called The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I will get back to you on whether or not I like it. 8D
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  10. If by reading, you mean the few minutes I get when I hide out in the bathroom for a break, then that would be the Cabelas catalog.

    Unfortunately, since I've had a baby there has been no reading for me. But I'd like to find a good read for when she gets on a better schedule.
  11. Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters by Peter Vronsky

    I am also reading a crap ton of webcomics that I can link you to later if you like.
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  12. I recently purchased the fifth compilation of the Saga series. Now I'm re-reading it all from the beginning. Fiona Staples is an absolutely brilliant artist. @Grumpy you have good taste :) Neuromancer is amazing as well.

    There's this online web serial called Worm that I really enjoy. The first chapter is crap, but once Wildbow gets into the swing of things it's really amazing. It is far and away the best superhero related material I have ever consumed (excluding mayhaps The Dark Knight movie. And that's only a maybe.)

    @Dullahan just curious, have you read the Black Company series by Glenn Cook??
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  13. Currently reading Doctor Who: Beautiful Chaos by Gary Russell. I am a bit intimidated because in the introduction the author says it made RTD cry.

    The last book I read was Disenchanted by Robert Kroese. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of humor (and A LOT of irony) within a fantasy setting. Its about a prince who dies in the first chapter. Finding himself dead he tries to get whisked away - as all souls do - by a Valkyrie-like lady riding a wyndbear. Catch is, he for some reason, cannot drop his sword. One cannot take their worldly possessions into the afterlife, she tells him. But his hand, both spirit and body, cannot let go of his sword. By the way, this means to everyone else in the room his body's arm is flailing spasticly if they are watching. He tries multiple times to ascend with the fair Valkyrie throughout the book but finds himself stuck as a wraith for the time being. Thus his epic quest begins of severing whatever curse keeps him locked to his sword's hilt.
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  14. Textbooks
  15. I am not reading it yet, but I am going out to buy it today...


    Maybe I won't be crushed

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  17. Well, Curse of the Eel, Monster Pulse, Gunnerkrigg Court, etc. are few of the many comics I've been reading...

    My favorites to binge-read were Bluechair and Owlturd Comix. I love that guy.
  18. Good Omens I needed a laugh, and that was the book that was suggested.
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  19. Webcomic List (open)

    "Technology is the tool. It gives power to the people, and gives power to control the people. For those born into this struggle, the life of a hacker is a constant choice of Strategy and Tactics.
    Is it better to fight for your vision of the future, or to live in the ever dwindling comfort of the present?"

    "A story about dreamers. The everlasting hope that one day, the smog will clear, and the stars will shine once more above the polluted skies of China."
    *She is redoing this comic to make it darker and have more mature themes

    "Charlie Everett is much like any other Charlie, the everyman. In most universes, Charlie Everett gets sick of his life (where he’s most often a guidance counselor who tells other people how to live their lives, while not knowing how to live his own). After a certain point, he’s fired, and he goes home and sticks a pistol in his mouth and blows his brains out. The comic tells the story of a particular Charlie, Charlie Prime, our hero. When he goes to commit suicide, he is stopped by another character, Leo, who introduces Charlie Prime to the concept of the multiverse, and tells him that there’s a whole team of Charlies calling themselves Cura Te Ipsum (latin for “Physician, Heal Thyself!”) fighting to stop him from committing suicide across time and space."

    "A war is brewing and the emperor's son is a loose cannon. Meanwhile, a small Cog may play a large role in events..."

    "Cheer Up, Emo Kid is a webcomic centered around life, love, and loss; whose mission is to bring to light the rarely acknowledged humor found in the most terrible of situations — be it heartbreak, depression, social awkwardness, loneliness, or anything in between; and something to keep you company when no one else will."

    "Karians were first born during the cataclysm. Once human, the race mutated. They became stronger, faster, and changed in physical appearance and magical ability. In a world already devastated, a rebellion rises to defend the dwindling human race from the growing fear of the Karian army. Their one hope may lie in a mysterious mage whose kind heart has the courage to stand against the oppression and torture brought on by the impending war."
    Contents - Nudity, Language, Violence, Blood and Gore, Hentai, Yaoi

    "Demon of the Underground" is the story of Pogo, a big-mouthed young thief who falls through a hole in the ground and finds himself in a brutal underground world where survival is based on strength and intimidation. His only hope for escape is his telekinetic ability - and the help of a stray ferret named Annie."
    This story includes violence, sexual content, and explicit language, and is not suitable for minors.

    "Spectre is a web comic produced by Marcus and Felix Avenier. As we are both lovers of horror, there will be elements of this incorporated within the comic. For those of you who demand more labels, Spectre is post-apocalyptic sci-fi erotica."
    Extreme content warning.

    I am still trying to figure this one out, but it is extremely creative.

    Dogs and the old west. What more do you need from a comic?

    "Chakra, Battle of the Titans is an Original Characters comic inspired by Clover Studio's Okami . CY, Lednacek, Orca, Hielo, Cheetah, Motyl and Kuma are encharged to find and protect the Destiny Sword, an extremely powerful weapon that can reverse the fate of everyone. Their mission is very risky, but at the same time, they will also have to keep an eye on the evil wolf Jackal and his army of Zodiac Demons."

    "An isolated inactive caldera, a lone leopard, a herd of grazers, a pride of lions. It looks like an innocent, peaceful place, but in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, the struggles for survival occur every day, and it's not easy to survive when you have no one to watch your back. This is what the female leopard Africa has to go through everyday. And when her eternal rival, the male leopard Chui, enters her territory and tries to conquer it, she will have to make a decision that may change her life forever."

    "In this volume you will follow the siderians Yves and Noiro, trapped in a unpredictable and conflict between siderians and northern hyenas."
    Beautiful artwork. I am in awe every time I look at it.

    Anything from this guy, new and old account

    Stupid Fox is the cutest thing ever.

    So far it is about a kidnapping.


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