What always makes you feel better?

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  1. When you're feeling sad or grumpy for any reason, do you have a go-to that calms you down, helps you de-stress, or just generally puts a smile on your face?

    I have a few.

    Any game, any time. Whether I'm breeding mons, fighting a gym, or just level grinding, spending time with my pokebabies makes me happy and calms me down. I give them personalities and back stories, am really happy for them when they level up or learn a new move, and I always run to show my boyfriend when one is evolving.

    My most unhealthy go-to. Sometimes I'm irritable because I'm hungry, but more often I go to the treats drawer because, well, candy makes me happy, okay?!

    This ones kind of a hit or miss, but a movie or TV show with good comedy elements can really turn my mood around
  2. - Video Games
    - Music (However not ones that fit in the mood i'm in)
    - If I see a favorite food of mine, lolforgeteverythingIfeelbetteralready
    - My brothers make me laugh
    - My baby parrot is too damn adorable to stay sad over
    - Youtube videos:

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  3. It doesn't quite make me feel better, but I'll eat. Like, get my favourite junk foods (Nacho Cheese Doritos) and just scarf.

    And, uh... rubbing one out kind of helps every now and then. Not always, but it tends to do the job. Something-something, hormone release.

    Also, actual stand-up comedy. I find something that's guaranteed to make me laugh, like Louis C.K. or Bill Burr, and just sit and listen.
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  4. Food and music helps me calm down. Talking to my Mom or Stepdad (not my dad) ALWAYS makes me feel better. Even a nice nap helps me let go of an unpleasant situation.
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  5. Markiplier is like my main go to these days when I'm feeling down, I have my friend to thank for that. But before that I would turn to the Yogscast (I'm listening to old YogPod recordings right now as a matter of fact). A good Vocaloid song will always cheer me up as well, something like Electric Angel or Melt puts a smile on my face no matter how terrible I feel.
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  6. The sounds of my enemies blood pooling in their lungs fills me with happiness.
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  7. Talking to my friends and Roosterteeth
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  8. 1.Movies

    The sillier the better xD. Things like She's the Man and Bend it Like Beckham always managed to lift my spirits. A Miyazaki Movie or a good children's movie work just as well. Coraline and The Fantastic Mr. Fox are great 'feel good' films.

    2.Video games

    Killing zombies or dragons helps me blow off steam, + 10 if the game has an immersive story.

    3.Food and Sleep

    No explanation is needed xD
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  9. Music for the most part.

    When I am having a really, really hard time I watch a Tolkien Marathon with popcorn etc.

    Or most likely I run.
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  10. on a related note, sparring and punching things

    sooooo relaxing, a nice good fun fight

    punching things is very therapeutic

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  11. Cunnilingus
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  12. Any video by this guy
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  13. Animal Crossing, Fried chicken and mashed potatoes (My favorite comfort food), happy music, Markiplier, funny stuff I have stashed away, and Borderlands (any of them). Doesn't matter the mood these things make me happy again. Oh yeah and Pokemon. Because I name them after people....I need to fight just the right one now...hmmm.
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  14. Pointing out to Razilin that he had ONE chance to be funny in this thread, and he'd already used it before Tegan posted.
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  15. I wasn't being funny.
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  16. Guys. Topic. ={

    A nap usually helps me feel better, too!

    And driving. Shame gas is so expensive.
  17. Being alone and watching tv ALONE! I don't want to talk to anyone I just wanna be by myself and watch something so I don't think for awhile. Then I feel betters and can handle whatever. :D
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  18. Listening to something like this, while eating some toast, taking steady breaths, and not thinking about anything at all.

    After a few minutes of that, I'm tranquil enough to stop a freight train without breaking a sweat.

    Nice long showers, and spending time in silence with those I cherish most, also rank pretty highly up there.

    Wish we got more rain in Canada, rather than snow. The sound of the rain and how it feels on the skin relaxes my troubled mind in ways I can't even begin to describe.
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