What advice would you give your younger self?

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  1. I feel like it's been too long without this kind of thread. Nobody has ever been 100% perfect, and to honor that, what would you tell yourself from any previous point in time, that you now know? Bonus points for summing it up in an image or a quote.


  2. I think I used this last time this topic came up, buuuut... fuck it, I'm using it again.
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  3. Have.More.Fun.
  4. The world's a tough place and you won't be able to make everyone happy, you won't be able to make everyone smile, you're going to be taken for granted.

    But many people have it worse than you.

    So don't worry about those who don't give a crap about you. Do what you have to, keep true to yourself, be positive and be there for those who care about you.
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  5. There's nothing wrong with being a girl. Nothing. Ignore the boys in your life, ignore the messages given to you by your father - who didn't mean them, by the way.

    And ffs, don't let someone touch you just because he says he's gay. No one should be allowed to touch you without your permission. 'It's okay, I'm gay' is a bad excuse and also a fucking lie.
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  6. I wish I could give this more than one rating. This touched me. This sums up a situation I've experienced and to read these words, all I have to say is thank you for putting it all in perspective.
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  7. It's okay to make mistakes. It's okay to not be perfect. Mistakes are what make you beautiful. Being imperfect is what makes you unique.
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  8. Some folks out there are gonna hate you for what you are and feel no empathy for the misery and confusion it causes you. Don't listen to them.

    It doesn't matter how hard you love someone, they might never love you back. Not even your best friend, or your own mother--both of whom will ultimately betray you in the pettiest, saddest ways imaginable. You'll be scarred, but not broken. Never broken.

    Your Dad is fallible. Get over it. He loves you, even when he's disappointed in you.

    Sorrow and anger are fine emotions, so long as you don't allow them to consume you. Don't feel ashamed of them.

    You will be totally alone and alienated a few times. The only way you will escape is when you start to love yourself more than others hate you.

    Use your fucking sunscreen.
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  9. Oh, yeah, how could I forget this one?

    Sometimes people, even girls, are just going to be straight up bitches. You don't deserve those kinds of people in your life, so don't come running back to them when you know they've done you wrong. Slap them verbally and make sure they know they're being bitches because that's what they are.
  10. The way everything is now, young guy, it's going to be the opposite before you know it.

  11. Those things are not important and they will pass, you just have to give it time. Now stop being a slacker and go finish your damn homework.
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  12. Say what you really feel to certain people. Like if they're being dramatic douchebags, call them on it.
  13. that would require young me to follow the advice lmao

    real talk though, I came along thinking I might say something poignant, but then I thought, "any advice I could give myself could theoretically (have) change(d) who I am today, so why say it?" idk.

    I realize change wasn't a premise, but that was my instinct anyway
    if platitudes could have helped young me, I might put something here
    no idea why I even posted LMAO
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  14. To be honest, the advice I first posted would be the same thing I would tell, well, present me.
  15. "Think before you speak", definitely. "Hold your tongue" would also help.
  16. Future me - "don't do it."
    Past me - "Do what?"
    Future me - "Any of it."
  17. (To myself when I was 16)

    1. Cut your hair off. Cut it all off. Don't ask anyone first. Just do it. Feel the wind on your neck. Understand that your body is a miracle belonging only to you.

    2. Don't speak to people who make you feel bad about yourself. Especially don't kiss them.

    3. Go outside and lay down in the grass. Watch the stars float by above you. Feel your breath rising and falling. You're going to fall deeply in love with yourself one day. Get excited.
  18. She doesn't miss you.
  19. Play sports while you still can. Forge stronger relationships with the people you just dap up in the hallways. Don't be ashamed to ask for help.
  20. Pay attention in math class ur gonna wanna study science.

    If someone is mean to them, shout @ them bc they won't give u shit then.
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