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We’re renaming the mature forums!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Vay, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. Hey spectrum peeps!

    I’m here to tell you abut an exciting probably never to be repeated change for you, yes YOU to help shape the forums. As many of you know the “Mature” forums are where you can go to get your sexytimes on and smutty RP… but apparently the name is a little confusing to some people. I’ll admit I’ve always hated the term Mature referring exclusively to smut role-play but now we’re going to fix that!

    But the Admins are also feeling lazy and uncreative so we’re making you do our job for us! You’ll suggest new named for the sexyforums and we’ll pick the one we like most!

    Before you rush down to post however I have to tell you what you’re NOT allowed, since we don’t want Iwaku showing up in weird google searches and acting as a lightning rod for sexual predators. This means you have to be CREATIVE! DON’T HUG ME!

    We do NOT want words that people would use in searches like:

    Anything referring to genitalia

    More may be added if we think of them/people use them!

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  2. Another important tidbit is making sure it's a word people will understand too. O___O Cause I am rather fond of the word Lascivious for naughty content, but that is not a commonly known word? Maybe?

    Words I like!


    and I ran out of words. >:[
  3. Why not using a word like 'zesty' or 'spicy'? Or 'saucy', even. *shrug*

    That's as creative as I feel right now, but hey it's something I guess.
  4. The Intimate section.
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  5. Wicked
  6. Passionate

    Annnddd... Yeah, that's all I've got for now <3
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  8. *Tapes over Vay's mouth* SSSSHHHH. Let the muses flow!
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  9. They are words to help with naming it! you big ol' butt! D:
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  10. Temptation Wonderland
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  11. Mine was a name! Creeps totally never look up intimacy. It's a word foreign to them. And yet it is very clear what sort of RPs go on there.

    I'll take my cookie now. Chocolate chip. Underbaked. :3
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  12. I'm laughing pretty hard right now. In the efforts to avoid showing up on google searches, we will probably say every word related to sex as suggestions in this thread.
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  13. I guess we can't use Wankerville either. >:[
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  14. The "After Hours" section

    The "Post-watershed" section

    The "Hot and spicy" section

    The "Naked Truth" section

    The "Fornicating Users Continually Kissing" section

    Sexyville, Tennessee
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  15. How about the "Sweet Bliss" section. Considering the number of things that can lead to a "sexy" search. The name pretty much cannot say sex at all. It has to be subtle i'll get back to you on this one.
  16. After some researching I got it. It indirectly means lovemaking. which is a synonym for sex. which can also be translated into mature.
    1."Confidential Desire."
    2."Subtle Love."
    3."Passionate Dreams."
    4."Alluring Wonderland."

    but then there is the issue of comprehension again :I

    1a. "Private Wish"
    2a. "Soft Romance"
    3a. "Tender Fantasies"

    or we could forget the complicated names all together and go first grade calling it the "Grown-up" section.
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  17. 'Tunnels' and 'Trains'

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  18. The only word I can think of that's any less ambiguous than Mature and isn't on the list of unacceptable terms would be Explicit.

    But I imagine that's also not on the table.
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  19. Going on the words everyone all put forward.

    Passionate Affair
    Wanton Liason

  20. Rendezvous.

    *drops the mic and walks away*
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