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  1. Because I have a severe addiction problem. And if there is a topic about Sims on the forum with other people talking about THEIR Sims, maybe I will actually take breaks and come back to Iwaku and things like I am supposed to. O____O

    This is the first time I have played Sims, not counting the facebook app they had for awhile and Sim City. I LOVED that facebook app, but just as I was getting in to it, they removed it. D:<

    So I finally got Sims 3 a couple days ago (cause I didn't want to pay the ridiculous price on Sims 4) AND NOW I HAVE A PROBLEM. I loooooove these kinds of games.

    I have created a few random Sims so far. Last night I made Winchesters. c________c;

    This morning I realized I could create a whole game based on some of my one on one roleplays with people that have multiple characters. O___O

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  2. I looooooved the app too, and I love sims, I've played all kinds, I find the house building useful for stories I've written.

    I've played some different sims like the themed games, but they are all pretty awesome.
  3. I only own the first sims game, but it's enough. As long as I can kill my sims characters I'm happy :3 I love creating graveyards in the backyard. I've played the sims 2,3&4 a few times since my friends are big the sims fans and has bought lots of expansions and such. I might buy the sims 4 at some point once it's a decent price, but there's other games I'd rather play than a game where I watch people live normal lives xD Or dies. I mainly just enjoy creating characters and killing them, the rest is just meh.
  4. SIIIIIMS :D I had Sims 3 for the PC at some stage, and I cheated and bought my Russian Sim a Stadium. :D
  5. I'm probably a weirdo, but I don't actually play the game. I search online for a bunch of downloads for hair, clothes, floor coverings, and furniture, then just go in, and change out all the houses. =/
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  6. I've played mostly 1 and 2. I shared the game with my siblings so we all got different expansions and played on turn (some ugly fights ensued) but I haven't played much after entering high school some time ago. I have a DS version lying around and I like the sims games where you actually have a bit of plot to follow (like the one where you move up the social ladder and unlock new places "to crash", I think it was 'Urbz it was called)

    I do miss the main series of Sims and I'd love to have the fourth, but alas... You need time and money, both which I must prioritize on other stuff...

    Also, Diana, here I thought it was an intervention just for you
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  7. Does it count as "playing" the Sims if all I've ever done on each of the versions I've had contact with is make a single weird guy, play him until he dies due to accidents, then make a huge family and intentionally murder them all, then never play it again after the family has been eliminated?

    Because if so, I've totally played the Sims. 1, 2, and 3. That's three dead creeps and three dead families. :bsmile:
  8. I've played Sims 2, but I'm a big fat cheater! I hate playing the story line because it's too exhausting. I just do the "motherlode" cheat and get millions of dollars. I do have some fun decorating the house, creating families, getting pets, etc. Oh I also like to create characters that are sluts. I see just how much they can't get away with till they get caught lol. But about that time I get bored and either create another family, or leave it for a while.
  9. I find myself unable to murder my Sims. So instead, I try and make the longest family lines possible. It's kind of hard because I usually play with story progression off (Sims 3 person here), because it requires I play every household the family is in and age everyone up and blahblah... But lately I've given in and let it run. I've got the University pack (which I don't use whenever I'm playing this way, because it's like pausing their lives in one dimension to continue it in another. But it's an easy way to get Sims from rags to riches without cheats, and is a unique pack), Seasons (WEATHERRRR), Ambitions (which I don't really use), World Adventure (Also don't use very often except for the nectar >.>), Showtime (fairly entertaining), Generations (<3), Pets (also one I don't use too often, but sometimes), and of course, Late Night.

    But I've also played Sims 1 (aggravating yet addicting) and Sims 2 (where I LOVED being able to own my own store lot with a family. I wish they re-implemented that). Originally I held a grudge against Sims 3 but now favor it over Sims 2.

    And... I hold issue with the fourth. It looks boring, lacks content, and is going to be even more expansion packs... Three is, at the moment, cheaper, has more content, and is more innovative. I find no reason to make more Sims games if the little sim's lack more character from one game to the next, have less "emotion" to express, and can do less. I think it'd work best if there was a trait system + the old points style thing, so get the most out of your sim's "personality", instead of just a weird mood system that is really easy to maintain... And apart from the cool click-and-drag feature of the CAS, the CAS has even less content in it than Sims 3's CAS did at launch. Some people can enjoy it plenty, but knowing that there's going to be tons of expansion packs for this game, I can't enjoy it a bit. Feels too much like a money grab.
  10. I made a loner inventor once, complete with putting his workshop in the basement and a secret door for the time machine room. So, I had him having fun with going to the past with the time machine several times until he returned with a kid (a girl). One cool down later, I send him back again (reasoning that he would try to cancel the kid) only for him to return with another kid in tow (a boy this time). What's the chance of tripping that event twice in a row anyway?
  11. Used to love the Sims.

    Until I realized making them fall in love was incest because I was technically creating a family.

    Then it got weird.

    Rimworld really fits my 'getting people to survive daily life' thing though.
  12. If you're not making them drown in swimming pools or setting them on fire, you're not fucking playing it right.
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  13. I loved making mine start off with an empty lot, with only enough money for basic furniture (bed, toilet, sink, fridge etc) and a few walls. Work hard and suffer for your joy! *laughs evilly*
  14. I once seduced a man's wife away from him via feeding her constant pizza, trapping her with fences, and killing said husband with a series of well placed pools and toilets. Oh I also adopted. Can't be a monster 24/7.
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  15. I learned the hard way that you can't always rely on the motherlode cheat...

    Using the cheat to get a whole bunch of money, I bought this super fancy grill for my family, and then set one of them to cook up some meat on it. But, since my Sim wasn't skilled enough as a cook, it caught on fire. The fire spread, and my Sims jumped into the nearby giant pool that I had built also using the cheat to escape. But since I had forgotten to put ladders up, they were unable to get out, and eventually drowned.
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  16. Jesus Christ am I the only only one who doesn't kill of their sims!? What's the matter with you people!?

    Then again. I treat them like gerbils.
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  17. Before I can create a mad scientist who can kidnapped and torture their neighbors, I will keep killing off my sims :(
  18. ... I play sims normally.

    And by normally I mean, have one of my sims be a total slut while I have the others try to beat the living shit out of each other and then play chess together the next day.
  19. Well this works as an excuse.

    But when it comes to the Sims, I enjoy building a family from the ground up. Start off with a single sim, male or female and slowly expand. In the Sims 2 I've got a family which spans eight generations. YOU KNOW HOW MANY SIMS I WATCHED WOO-HOO!? But it is amazing to turn free will up and watch the Sims decide what to do with their lives. I will say the Sims 4 has really taken free will to another level by taking moodlets into a new light which effects just how they act and go about their daily routines.
  20. I once had a male sim knock up every woman in Sunset Valley just for the hell of it. With NRAAS story progression, things accidentally got a little weird >__> But I mostly play legacies and redo the starter houses because I like to decorate.
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