GROUP OPEN Wellington Beauty Hour

The Wellingtons
Frederick | 2nd son | Male | 23 | mr.
Melinda | 2nd daughter | Female | 21 | miss
Eloise | 4th daughter | Female | 16 | miss

The slime of the snail, warmed by the dear hand of his sister, felt thick and sticky on the skin of the young gentleman, whose mind immediately started to think of ways to thin it and for smoother application. “Ah, but I’m afraid that I shall never be a match to your beauty, dear sister,” Frederick smiled at the one older sister he had before turning back to Miss Riebau whose mind had once more wandered into the field of discussion and hypothesis.

“Fred used to put snails on us, his sisters,” Melinda had answered for him, her lips turning into a disapproving scowl as her siblings played away with the tacky substance, before Eloise grabbed hold of the shorter sister’s arm, nodding along.

“You discount him, sister, he did it out of love for us, right, Euphy?” Eloise says before turning her eyes back to the little scientist, her blue eyes flickering in that familiar mischievous way that had a thousand and one plans at the ready. “After all, as Fred said, only Euphy was born beautiful. We were made beautiful by him.”

“Now, I never said–” Frederick protested before the youngest Wellington interrupted him with a tut.

“You suggested it,” was her solemn claim.
Euphemia Wellington
24 | Miss | A solitary flower

Like prey baited in by a false sense of security, Emilie took to speaking on the snail essence in a scientific manner, one that Euphie did not mind, but did not care much for. This was the first step in being pulled so far into Wellington shenanigans that you could not escape, however. The moment you gave the sisters an inch in their mischief, they were likely to snatch a mile out from under you without you even noticing. Such was their charm though, Euphemia was certain. She smiled sweetly at Frederick's compliment, a faintly unladylike shrug gracing her shoulders. "You will not. But there is never any harm in trying."

As for the discussion on the snails, Euphie's expression smoothed back into her neutral calm, the coolness in her eyes returning. "Frederick has always been supportive of my search for beauty, in both myself and the world around me. If he says that snails rejuvenate my skin, I will not argue." she responded simply, her trust in her sibling seemingly unbreakable when it came to such topics.

Still, her lips tipped upwards slightly, as though a soft laugh could leave her at any moment, "We should thank him for his dedication. Our family would not be as pleasant to gaze upon otherwise. Genetics can only take one so far."
Maergarethe Dalrymple | 68 | Lady and Emilie Riebau | 20 | Miss

They must be having me on, Emilie thought. And not only me, but their would-be customers as well? They couldn't possibly think that a boy's childhood prank of putting snails on them could make them beautiful, surely? The girls' eyes twinkled with mischief as they continued to play with their noisome elixir.

She glanced toward Maergarethe, who was watching the spectacle with an raised eyebrow and a subtle smirk. Right then, I suppose I shall have to take her advice and respond in kind. I hope this works...

"I see," Emilie replied. Have you ever tried styling your hair in pigtails and having him tug at them repeatedly? That is sure to stimulate the scalp, resulting in a splendid growth of shining hair," she said in a bright tone.

The Wellingtons
Frederick | 2nd son | Male | 23 | mr.
Melinda | 2nd daughter | Female | 21 | miss
Eloise | 4th daughter | Female | 16 | miss

Many took the Wellington’s for a joke. They were, after all, an impoverished noble family with a scandal to name barely a generation past. That they had given birth to so many daughters as well that, despite beauty’s grace, were all now trickling into the age of the spinster, had not helped whatsoever. Melinda knew of it, and she scowled at the merry tone Emilie carried, taking offence at the last question that was so obviously meant to be in jest.

Eloise held more grace, never taking herself, the world and anyone seriously.

“Tried and tested, it is why Fred has a bald spot to cover. He just happens to be so tall that one cannot see said spot unless a bird flies over,” came Eloise’s quip, her tone equally as bright and earnest in her answer before continuing, “we are now waiting for the birds to take aim to see what that may do. We have, after all, heard about the benefits of bird’s nests, that is, hardened saliva!”

“And none dares to deny Euphemia’s beauty,” Frederick added in. He was always appreciative of Eloise’s quick wit that seemingly calmed Melinda, enough so for his second sister not to pay the sarcasm with a verbal attack of her own. For what Euphemia held in charm and beauty, and Eloise had in wit and mischief, Melinda unfortunately was known to be sharp and direct.

“I can only be thankful for my sisters’ continual sacrifice in my pursuit. It is only their passion that inspires me,” the second Wellington son brought the conversation full circle before allowing a hand to go over the top of his head. For, as he isn’t aware of a bald spot yet he suddenly felt conscious of it after Eloise’s mention.
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