Well hello there c:

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  1. After hearing about this site from a friend my first thoughts were "FINALLYYYY!!" and "Oh darn...". The happiness came from finally finding the existence of this site (been on another one which shut down), but I also felt a bit anxious over the fact that I'll probably neglect my school work a bit due to this haha :>
    Even so, I signed up with a "What the heck". And, if I may say so myself, that was a very good choice!

    Now I can't wait to get started with everything! c:
  2. Hello ther Miori, Welcome to Iwaku :3

    I'm the local ninja on the site so it's a pleasure to meet you >:)
  3. Thank you c:
    Nice to meet you to local ninja >8)
  4. Welcome to Iwaku! I'm sure you will love this place and this place will love you -smiles brightly- Glad to have you!
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, Miroi!
    I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you.
    The enthusiasm is delightful~ I hope that you have lots of fun here.
    If you need any help with anything or have some question, don't be afraid to ask!
    Happy roleplaying~
  6. If you neglect your schoolwork, that means you can't play with us when you fail miserable and have to do extra work to make up for it! T_____T So always do it! >:D *Totally not kidnapping people at all!*

    Also, welcome to the community! :D
  7. Thank you all for your lovely greetings! c:

    And Diana, ofc I can't let that happen! :D Because what would I do if I couldn't come here anymore? That would be so sad!
  8. Hey Miroi, I'm Ozzie! I took a peek at your Roleplayer's Resume and I have to say, I like your taste in genres. I'm a little full on RPs at the moment, but if you ever want to do a onexone sometime, I'd be happy to throw around ideas when I'm a little less busy. :]
  9. Well, the same goes for yours :]
    I would love to! Send me a message when you feel that you have the time, and we'll surely come up with something great!