"Welcome to Wonderland...Not"

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  1. ((Small summery: This small spin off of Alice: The Madness Returns but we can see where it gets led too)) ((Looking for people to play Chershire cat, Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, The Red Queen, and the crazy brown rabbit)) ((If parts filled up and you still want to join intorduce yourself as a random character, doesn't matter what it is))

    Name:Alice Carter
    Species: Human

    Alli was at a party one night, her friend being the one to drag her there, under any other circumstances she would never come to a place like this. At the moment she was standing out back reading on her phone and trying to ignore the pulsing music inside. She looked up when she heard the bush rustle, afraid some drunken teenage boy would come staggering from the forest and try something, just the thought disgusted her. But instead of a frat boy a small rabbit appeared, its fur as white as snow. "Awe, hi little buddy" She cooed giving a small wave to the bunny, it looked up at he and wiggled its nose before it hopped back to forests edge and looked back and her, waving a small white paw. Alli tilted her head before taking a step forward, "What is it little guy?" She said, as if she actually believed the animal could understand. As she took another step forward so did it, and again, and again, before she knew it she was following the rabbit through the dark forest. All of a sudden the rabbit stopped in front of a large hole, Alice stopped a few steps from it just in time to see the rabbit dive in. Being the curious girl she was she stood at the edge of the hole and looked down, only to feel a nonexisting hand barely push her enough for her to fall, and fall she did, right down the rabbit hole. She fell for what seemed forever, once at the bottom she floated to a stop placing her on her feet, she looked around, "Where am I?" She asked no one in particular.
  2. [​IMG]
    Name: The Cheshire Cat
    Height: Eh he's a bit larger than a regular cat.
    Age: Not a day over 234..
    Species: Cat of course

    The Cheshire Cat was an unusual being. He couldn't remember much of his past and didn't have much of a future. His main purpose in life seemed to be to float from place to place and drink gallon upon gallons of tea. He noticed though that the white rabbit had disappeared again and decided to follow him. Silently and invisible from the human eye, the only thing you could see were his tiny paw prints in the dusty dirt road that lead to no where in particular. Not much in Wonderland made much sense, but that was the only thing Cheshire had ever known. Madness was his sanity. His gaze settled on the girl and he watched her curiously. The cheshire cat gave a slight chuckle at that the saying "Curiosity killed the cat". Well he should've been dead a long time ago if that was the case. His green eyes appeared from his place in the tree and his gaze settled on the girl. Watching her every movement.
  3. Alice looked up into the tree hearing a chuckle, but found only an odd looking cat. "Kitty do you know where I am?" She asked, not looking for an answer but simply feeling the need to speak to the new presence.
  4. The Cheshire Cat was startled slightly when the girl spoke to him. He started to appear in swirls of color until finally his head appeared. He smiled down at her, with smile was huge and took up most of his face. "Well that depends a great deal on who are, and where you wanna go." He replied smoothly. He couldn't give her a direct answer because well he didn't know exactly where she was. "If you mean the land you are in, we call it.. Wonderland" His body began to disappear and only his eyes and smile remained. Then suddenly, they too disappeared and re appeared as he circled her, taking her in. "You don't look like you belong here my dear.." He said. She was almost like the queen. He chuckled darkly. "Ah yes the Queen would like you." He chuckled again before disappearing back into the tree and standing on his head.
  5. "Wonderland?.....Queen?" Alice said slightly to herself her look turing from confusion to a bit startled realizing the cat could speak and disapear.
  6. The Cheshire Cat rolled his eyes at the girl. "Yes.. I'm quite sure I already said that" He replied as his green eyes scanned the girl.
  7. Reserved for March hare
  8. Reserved for mad hatter
    Name: Alvaro Alvarez 'Hatter'. ( Niether names called matters. He simply says,'They're just names, what's the difference?')
    Height: 6"0
    Age: Not the slightest clue
    Species: Most likely human
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  9. [ooc;; I was gonna join in as the Mad Hatter yesterday, but I got pulled away. Haha. Time to lurk. Maybe I will join as the Red Queen.]
  10. ((Awesome, once you pick just jump in any time)) Alice looked at the cat, "I'm sorry, how rude of me, I'm Alice, you are?" She asked curtsying. Her mind going wild, why she had never heard of a talking cat.
  11. The cat simply gave her another of his famous smiles. "I'm the cat.. The Cheshire Cat to be exact" he chuckled slightly and tipped his ear to the young girl. "Now, what business do you have to be here in wonderland of all places." He asked her, slowly descending from his place in the tree. His body floated slowly behind his head and he circled her.
  12. Alice's eyes followed the cat, "I really don't know...I kinda fell into a rabbit hole, I didn't even know where it led" She said thinking back to falling.
  13. The Cheshire Cat chuckled. "I see, well may I be the first to welcome you.. to the madness.." He laughed again and this time disappeared completely as he started to disappear down the road, the only thing visible were his paw prints in the dirt.
  14. Alice tilted her head at his words before starting to follow him, "Wait, what do you mean madness?" She asked trying to get his attention once more.
  15. The Cat turned his invisible head to watch her follow him. He stopped in his tracks and spun his body around to Alice. "What madness?" He asked as he chuckled slightly. Confusing people was his favorite thing to do. "You know you must control that curiosity of yours, you know what they say.. Curiosity killed the cat" He chuckled again as he stood on his head in front of her.
  16. "Your very right, seems like my curiosity has got me in enough trouble, but do you know how I can get home?" She asked, feeling like she was in a dream.
  17. The mad hatter seemed to be sleeping in his tea party at the end of the table on his throne like large chair. His top hat tilted and covering his face, he seemed to have taken his new drug. A sleeping tea or potion. But then again the hatter has always drugged himself to feel a certain way. Be it 'rage flavored tea' 'kind flavored tea' and anything else, his tea was always drugged with a certain package. And in this case, he went with sleepy flavor. How extraordinary peculiar of him to outsiders, yet regular for him to wonderlanders. He always needed drugs, drugs to feel a certain way in certain situations and was also poised by mercury -which is uncurable in his case, sadly-.

    Hatter let out a small snoring sound... Just awaiting to be woken up.
  18. The Cat chuckled. "Dear I don't even know what day it is." He wasn't even aware you could leave Wonderland. In reality Wonderland was the end of the road, it was the hell they were all trapped in. The Cat tended not to think about things or dwell on them. "Why don't we go see the Mad Hatter, he's loads of fun" He chuckled again as he continued down the trail and when he came to the fork in the road he took the left road. As he approached the giant tea party and noticed the Mad Hatter at the end sound asleep. He looked for the mouse before appearing on the top of the mad hatters hat and pushing it down onto his head. He flipped the hat up and wore it on his head as he stated. "Wake Up you hatter!" The Mad Hatter was one of the Cats only friends in Wonderland, mostly because he was certifiably insane like the cat.
  19. Alice looked between the Cat and the man, the Hatter was it? They both look awfully odd, this place is weird. "Oh Mr. Hatter sir, can you please wake up and help me?" She asked gently tapping the sleeping man on the shoulder. He looked like he was on drugs, but in a place like this she was starting to think she was on drugs too.
  20. Hatter abruptly perked his head up. He looked around, wobbly."Oh dear, lights went out! Total DARKNESS!" The male said opening his arms wider and wider as he said so and hopped on his seat standing there. He then palmed the top of his top hat and laughed."HA HA HA! Oh dear! Kitty Chesh? Did I sleep again?" He asked rhetorically taking his top hat off and out of his face before placing it back on his head again.

    He looked around, slumping back into his seat. One leg over the arm rest and saw a blonde girl. His eyes immediately glinted and he slowly grinned compared to that of the Cheshire. Or 'kitty' as he called him."WHY!--Hull~o dear..." The male eyed Cheshire who then told him the irks name and he smoothly took his hat off his head sitting up and placing it over his chest."Alice~" he finished putting his top hat back on and reaching in his suit. He opened his suit, revealing the inside of his full of tea packages and his fingers laced their surfaces meticulously.

    "Lets see, lets see.. C'mon hatter! Stop shaking your fingers!" He grunted scolding himself before folding his hands together.

    "HURRY UP! THE PURPLE TAG!" He said scolding himself yet again before reaching around in his coat, fishing out a tea packet with a purple tag. It was labeled:"NICE HATTER" and he snatched up a tea cup grinning lazily."Help..?" He asked."Hold on dearie!~ Nice hatter is coming!" He said grabbing a teapot full of normal tea -which was also a formula 'normal hatter' that won't affect others yet only affect him- and poured it in his tea cup. The male then dipped his tea packet in it and drinker it greedily.

    Then he wiped his lips with his sleeves, and looked at the blonde again."Help you ask?" He said grabbing her hand and standing up, pushing his seat back. He then skipped jolly to the seat next to him and slid it back, sitting the girl on the seat and pushing it in before jumping onto his seat and pouring her tea."Tea?" He asked yet placed it on her side.

    Hatter then grabbed a fork full of ice cream cake and looked at her."Hungry?" He asked."Here's cake." He said stuffing the fork in her mouth and taking the fork back. Barely giving her a chance to speak he forgot about her need for help."Thirsty?" He asked grabbing her teacup and placing it at her lips. Afterall this was indeed 'nice hatter' though, he may be a bit to nice yet still insane. Each drug made him a 'different type of insane'.