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  1. Deep beneath the icy frozen tundra of the Siberian continent, homeland of Russia lay a secret. A secret that, even the Russian government knew about. All they knew was, they were being paid handsomely for a large plot of land. And that's all anyone WANTED to know. Rumors spread of course; questions arose. But officials, greedy with their hands laden with crisp bills didn't ask questions. Beneath the icy snow a new world was being forged. Made of steel and concrete it was a prison for the unwanted truth. One with three wards. One ward had five floors where the experiments were confined. They tried to make it seem homely, sparing no expense with comforts to keep the residents "happy".

    But they could see the underlying proverbial bars on their windows. There was only ever one way out. One elevator shaft. If a contingency were to happen, the scientists were given cyanide capsules. "It was better this way," their employers told them. "You knew the risks, now you face the reality. Should there be any contingency, you are to take this--its better than the alternative."

    One ward was where the scientists lived, again sparing no expense. After all, they would be sharing the facility with the test subjects. Subjects that had killed their former scientists and broken free. Subjects that had seemingly inhuman powers, powers that probably never should have existed. But they did.

    Finally, the last ward was for experimentation. It was made to last, fifty feet thick walls all the way around the room. Foot thick bullet proof and shatter resistant windows that were reflective on one side so the subjects could never identify their scientists. A special entry way was made for the specimens to enter, via secondary elevator that linked the floors of the housing together with the experimental chamber.

    This chamber could be electronically locked at any given moment and with blast proof doors, was highly resistant to damage. It could be equipped with any number of apparatuses to gauge abilities, and any number of holographic scenarios that will feel real to the specimen in them. The pains real, the feeling of dying was real. What wasn't real was the actual death and wounds inflicted. This is where you will call...home.
  2. Having only sparsely seen the outside world, she clutched her knees to her chest.
    Rocking herself back and forth, having just been through an hour long session of
    'experiments'. "More like an hour of torture" she mumbled to herself. She was
    left in shock, a set of chains linking her heels together, with barely enough
    room for her to shuffle along when she walked. It was a miserable life, and she
    longed to be free, bathing in sunlight and sleeping under the stars. But her powers
    made her different and people considered her a threat. She meant no harm, but she
    hurt people anyway. She never wanted to live in a prison that kept her in these
    lowly living conditions, making her feel like human scum compared to a normal
    person. That of which she rarely saw outside the ring of scientists that tested on her.
    She recalled that at one point in time she actually lived with a mother and father, but
    they were taken form her and she had never seen them since she was a young age of
    perhaps three or so. It seemed so long ago but it was still fresh in her mind.
    Images flashing through her head, fire and smoke clouding her thoughts as she
    let memories flow through in a rush of pain and recollection.

    ((( memory scene)))

    ~ The flames sent crisp burns up my arms and legs, my little yellow sun-dress turned
    grey and brown with burnt parts, small trickles of flame daring to engulf me as I
    staggered through a cloud of smoke. Tears were rushing down my cheeks, fear
    coursing through me like the blood in my veins, a charred doll clutched in my small arms.
    I tripped, falling into a pile of ashes, a coffee table collapsing in the fire nearby, sparks
    flying up in all directions. I could hear sirens outside, blaring with the increasing murmurs
    and cries of worry outside of the walls of fire surrounding me. I whined and cried out
    repeatedly for my mother and father, getting no response each time, breathing in smoke and eventually
    falling to the mercy of the flames~
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  3. Slain Troyord

    "Bring in subject six sixty-six." A man with a stern voice said. He was in his eighties from the crackle in his tenor.

    The guard dressed in black body armor, and a black gloved hand--shoved Slaine forwards. The seventeen year old stumbled forwards, head bobbing and weaving, not a sound even when he was caught by another guard. The room was dark and stifling. Eyes, eyes everywhere there were eyes upon him. He wanted to slink away, but couldn't. Hands holding him tightly in this claustrophobic environment. With these vices on him, he couldn't move. His heart was throbbing in his chest, a voice so weak it was barely heard as a whimper. They forced Slaine into the cold metal chair, a place he knew all too well. He looked up, around with pleading frightened eyes. Eyes like an animal scared of its own shadow, like a child terrified of the boogyman. He couldn't speak, the shot they had given him prior had numbed his mind.

    "Lets see what happens this time," they said. "The chemical hasn't worked yet." They said.

    His head was forcibly pulled back and restrained as one of the soldiers approached with the stim. The syringe gleaming dimly as it was raised. Slaine became restless; shackles biting into soft flesh, tear, burning, bruising. Dread filled him, as that gloved hand approached him. He began screaming inaudibly. He felt the needle's tip against his throbbing carotid. In the next split second, he felt fingers squeeze a trigger and the syringe drove into his flesh and like a snake, delivered its payload of venom. Paralyzed from the effects of it slowly enacting upon his system like a creeping ghoul he slumped in his chair and the guards stepped back. Slowly his heart rate declined. Respiratory shutting down. Fingers twitched and twinged as it robbed him of his last bit of humanity and shredded. Eyes going dim, lids dropping.

    "Guess we overestimated his resistance." They said. "What a waste." They said. "A waste of time." They said.

    But then something happened to Slaine. His heart rate skyrocketed, his back arching the chair, jerking frantically. Breathing heavily, eyes rolling back into his head. Veins jumping out, bulging. His arms bulging, nails breaking off--he tore one of the arms off of the chair. Sputtering blood in a cacophony of choking coughs. He tore himself free of the rudimentary restraints screaming and grabbing at his chest as he did. Clawing at the ribs he spewed his own blood forth pooling at his feet. He could feel a great welling, a swelling of something inside himself. It felt like he was going to explode like h were a bomb. Bloody arms flung themselves out in a maddened display as whatever swelled within, was unleashed amid his screaming agony. Nail less fingers plunging so hard into the skin of his palms that they pushed through into the taut muscle. Eyes white, veins bulging as a surge of power erupted as though he had been made a volcano.

    The guards inaudible profanities were paired with defensive postures; arms raising to cover their faces and neglecting their rifles. Little good it did them, as the invisible 'hands' of Slain's ability rent their flesh, their very molecules breaking down revealing ivory bone, blood vessels, being eaten away as if by acidic corrosion. Their muscles atrophied. Most looked on in horror at their own bodies disintegrating before their very eyes; agonizing from feeling everything break down. Their insides spilling and pooling the floor by their feet as the flesh that covered their abdominal had been breached, leaking bile and blood alike over their once carefully polished boots.

    Hyperventilating, Slaine carried himself across the room. As he did, he carried the pestilence with. It ate ate the steel beams, bit into the glass. Small fissures appeared at first then spider webbed. The scientist that had been monitoring him were panicked. The cruel old man, the head researcher stepped back slowly. Eyes wide in shock. Slaine touched the glass and it was like he was putting his hand through water--it was that easy. The boy's eyes were beginning to regain some semblance of color, that of blood. Behind him, there were no bodies, not even a shred of evidence of their even being there save for the blood splatters of veins and arteries bursting. Snarling Slaine unleashed this detriment upon the scientist in full screaming as he latched on to the senior researcher's face. The man screamed in excruciating pain as he felt his every cell begin to rot at an alarming pace. The boy's thumbs gouged his eyes, pushing deep into the sockets. He slammed the man's head down, gain and again. Each time the bone becoming that much softer until it had the consistency of a crushed banana.

    Once he saw the last remnants of the man's body vanish from sight, he wandered off naked and alone...crying.

    Virtual simulation over....Record saved.

    Slaine opened his eyes. He stared up at the large reflective glass held twenty feet above his head. He had no words, just a smile.

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  4. "They say dont ever take candy from strangers in white vans.... I even saw it happen a couple of times... The boy never came back.... But why isnt there a rule against taking up an offer to join a real magic show by a nice lady in a small red car..." The sound of pacing filled the rather spacious and comfortable room that housed a small, twelve year old looking girl. Her long, dirty blonde hair swept along like a cape behind her as she walked about upon the tile floors, her comfortable, albeit ragged clothes replaced with a white long sleeved shirt and a pair of black pants.
    "Well that one kind of went without being said, dummy... Just dont take anything from anyone and live for yourself." The girl muttered under her breath slightly, tone changing from lamenting to berating as she sat down on the plush twin bed provided for her, letting her eyes trace the intricate patterns in the tile below, ones of black and of green. She actually liked green. It reminded her of a warm summer's day, playing in the fields with other children. She wondered if these people would be nice enough to let her see that again.
    And if they arent, interjected a random thought that interrupted the train, then I'll just have to show them some manners.
    "Maybe some of the people here will like my 'magic tricks'... The kids from the school yard really seemed to like them..."

    That, in fact, was how she came to be sitting in a room, talking to herself about safety and whether or not she should talk to strangers, for just the day prior, she was holding one of her shows.
    To take the show (open)

    "Fifty cents! Just fifty cents to see the amazing, mystical, mysterious, completely fantastical, Cry the magical!" called a girl, dressed in a ragged red shirt and baggy brown shorts, wearing a cheep magician's cape and wearing a top hat. She leaped around as she called out, running around a small school's recess yard, hoping to attract at least a little attention. Her efforts were, of course, well met, for who could turn down a magic show! After just a few moments, about ten kids forked over their spare money they would have used to go to the arcades, dropping them into the now out-held hat of the young 'cry the magical'. After all 'entry fees' had been collected, Cry began her show, starting off with some pretty mediocre card and illusion tricks. Just as someone was about to walk away, however, things got interesting.
    "Good sir! Sir, please dont leave! The best of the show is coming right now!" Little to the girl's knowledge had a red car pulled up about a block away, a woman getting out and starting to walk down the street.
    "To hell with this stupid magic show. I've seen every bit of it a thousand times at least. You can keep my money," said the boy as he turned away once more. Lightly biting her lip, Cry decided that now was the time for her 'fanaly'.
    "If you do insist on leaving, then, could you bring me a cup of boiling water?" She asked. The boy looked confused by the request, but oblidged in any case, bringing er a small cup full of boiling hot water which she held with ease. She then looked out among her crowd, picking one young boy in the front of the pack.

    "You there. Would you care to test the water for me? You need only put the tip of your finger in and tell me how hot it is." Everyone looked at the girl as if she was crazy at this point. Only a couple yards away now, the woman from the car had been caught interested by the gathering of children and the stray request to 'test the water'. The boy was hesitant, anyone could see that, and so, a young girl took his steed, testing the temperature of the water, quickly pulling her finger away and putting it in her mouth from the intense heat of it.
    "Oh dear... Perhaps it is too hot.... But no matter," said Cry with a bit of a giggle, in one swift motion dumping the entire glass over the girl's head. A couple of girls, presumably the subject's friends screamed, and a couple of boys covered their mouths that hung agape in shock. The girl, however, didnt cry. She didnt scream, nor show any sign of being burned. It took her a second to realize even that the water had been poured upon her, but by that point, the most amazing of things had happened. Her hair was accentuated with small clips made of ice, as well as small beads of ice adorning her eyelashes. She bore a necklace and set of earrings made of ice as well. Not a single hair on her body, nor fiber of her clothes had been wet.
    "Now see! For she must be ready to go out to a fancy dinner at the least!" called out Cry to the crowd, they all clapping and cheering. The show, however, was now over, and so she melted parts of the ice away, letting the water drain to the ground so that the girl was only wet the bear minimum, as the other children began to leave, talking excitedly amongst themselves about the wondrous feat that they had been shown.

    Behind the girl, however, stood the woman. The sound of coins hitting other coins sounded, causing Cry to turn with a start, wide eyed as her gaze was at a prepared height for anther child, but was forced to be drawn up to meet the height of a full grown adult woman, dressed in a pair of black slacks ad a silky red top with some dark sunglasses on. Upon Cry's turning, she smiled a kind sort of grin, her red painted lips pulling upward at the corners slightly and revealing ;beautifully perfect white teeth. The woman then pulled her shades up over her thick brown locks of wavy hair. It ended just above her shoulders, but at Cry's angle, her hair looked much longer.
    "That's quite the trick you have there. Sorry if I intruded any. I thought that just by seeing something like that I wold be in need of paying the appropriate fee for your services of entertainment and wonderment." Cry was dumbfounded for a few short moments before finding her voice, and of course, her ego.
    "Well of course you are welcome to pay for your viewing of a bit more. Who could resist!" Just as the words were leaving her mouth, a small bird made of ice was pulled from behind her back and displayed in the palm of her hand, she showing it, before clasping the both of her hands together, opening them once more to show the bird no where to be found, then pulling the bird from seeming nothing off of the woman's shoulder. The woman clapped, smiling a bit more and then lightly resting her hand on the girl's shoulder.
    "You know, you could make quite a bit of money and live a good life for the talents that you have. I know a few people and if you're willing, I could get you your own show as Cry the Wondrously Magnificently Magical." she said with a grin, picking up Cry's hat. "Because judging by what you made today, you barely have enough to get yourself a good meal for the night..." Cry looked away at that statement, knowing it to be true, but the thought of being known by everyone for how amazing she was struck quite a chord with her.
    "Where would I have to go to get into a gig like that?"
    "Just follow me"......

    Good going on that one, idiot... You arent getting anywhere in this stupid place..... The people here probably wont even be nice enough to give you a pet friend....
    It was just then that the door to her 'cell' opened, revealing a couple of men, judging by their stature, who were completely covered in body armor, from head to toe. Even their faces were covered. Cry sighed slightly, getting up and shuffling out the door, only to be lead down a hallway to an elevator, being ushered in and the door shut on her. She could feel when it began to decend, it opening to show a large white room with many mirrors all around it. She slowly made her way in, sitting down cross legged in the center of the room down-troddenly, not lifting her gaze from a couple of white tiles in front of her.
    "Program data, Jessie. Running." came a mechanical sounding voice from seemingly everywhere before the world around the small girl seemed to dip and sway before her bluish green eyes. Over-laid on the white of the room was a dark place, it growing much stronger until any traces of the room had vanished, and Cry felt as if she had no control over herself.

    Before the freedom (open)

    Darkness.... There was nothing but darkness here. The clank of metal bonds and the rough feeling of gloved hands pushing her along. She didnt want to be here. She didnt want to be crying like she was, but she couldn't stop the tears from running down her face, her cheeks and eyes already red and stinging from crying so much, even before being taken from her cell. One of her guards muttered in disgust at how weak she was, muttering to another, " Looks like we have another dead kid to clean up". Just barely able to hear what had been said, Jessie stopped in her tracks, turning around and begging not to have to go, her lips quivering and words tumbling out in a stuttering mess. The guards, however, weren't so easily amused, shoving her forwards and into a room with nothing but a metal chair that had been encased in a bullet proof glass box, and a small metal table that held a gun of some sort. She didnt get a good look at it however, as she was hastily ushered into the box, loosening her chains and cuffs just enough to attach them to the arms and legs of the chair, before grabbing for themselves the 'gun'.

    "Hold still, kid, this is gonna hurt a lot. If you struggle it'll hurt worse." Said the one holding the gun rather simply before walking forwards to place a thickly gloved hand upon her neck. Jessie was paralyzed in fear and crying like an utter fool, though she wasnt moving, making it easy for the man to put the muzzle against her neck... There was a muffled sort of sound that reminded her of a time she heard a police man shoot his taser gun, only she hoped that tasers didnt feel this horrible. The man had since quickly backed out, leaving her alone in the now sealed container. Alone with her racing heart and uncooperative mind. She could feel every drop of whatever the man had shot into her work its way through her system, key functions in her body shutting down one by one until it finally claimed her heart and young brain. The men looked amongst themselves before opening the glass box, feeling there was no need to wait out the full five minute requirement of uninterrupted rest for such a little girl that they had reason beyond a doubt to believe dead. It was that assumption that started the real pain. A stray spark of static electricity that bridged from the man who had entered to remove the girl from the chair struck right along a vein in her arm, activating the otherwise inert chemicals within her. Now, instead of suppressing bodily functions, they seemed to be working towards a higher goal. A more painful goal. From her heart it started, an intricate web of ice forming as it chilled her through and through, leaving not a trace of heat in it's wake. Jessie tensed up and pulled against her restraints, though not nearly as hart as others in the past. She was simply displaying her discomfort at this point. The man, wide eyed, begun to back out of her box, but was stopped when the once crying weakling of a girl spoke up.

    "I'm cold... Why is the world so warm when I am so cold?" she asked simply before shakily raising her gaze to meet the visor of the armored man. "You couldn't understand fully, of course, since you all are just so 'perfect', but perhaps I could give you a bit of a sample..." a dark smile light to her lips as the glass around her became brittle and shattered and the one man who was close to her became encased in ice, Jessie using that as a restraining method as she began to steal the heat from out of the man's body. Before any other damage could be done, however, an expiriment safe tranquilizer was shot at her from one of the other armored men, the ice slowly begining to melt before it all returned to it's gasseous state as water vapors within the air, leaving the man virtually untouched. The room grew dim and began to swim in the girl's vision as she said just two more words, before then passing out.
    "Im....... Sorry.........."

    "Virtual simulation over. Record saved."
    The mechanical voice rung out once more, 'waking' Jessie 'cry' from what was almost describable as sleep. She had been crying during the simulation, her face now red and stinging from the acidic tears that stripped away bits and pieces of her tough exterior, one layer at a time. She wasnt strong, nor smart most of the time. She didnt even have a power that could help her with that. She was a crying little girl that liked to play with the differences between hot and cold, no better than a toddler in such a case. Slowly getting up, Jessie could feel that there was no longer a need for her to be here, she stumbling her way over to the elevator which had brought her into this horrible place in which she could tell there would be far worse experiments than simply recalling dark memories.
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  5. Nick jolted awake. He quickly put his hand to his forehead. He had an extreme headache. "Son of a bitch." He mumbled, and looked up suddenly. Where am I? He thought. He was in a bed. This definitely wasn't his apartment. The room looked like an apartment but it wasn't like anything he'd seen before. He got up and took a few steps around the room. The setting was oddly familiar but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. He went for the door but it was locked. Now he knew where he was. The memories came back. He was at that damned science facility. An anger started to build inside him. He did nit want to be back here.

    He began looking for cameras or alternate entrances. Leaving no stone unturned. He ripped books from the shelves and in his anger slightly burned some of them. He stopped as his anger started to subside. He started to think rationally. He would just wait. Something would happen. They would probably come for him at some point.
  6. Why was she always so cold? A blonde figure curled up tighter on her bed, covers twisting around her. The scientists knew the only things Gwen required to feel content were elements that falsified freedom. So she was able to wear her favorite yoga pants and tank tops, curl up with a thick blanket and a teddy bear, a night light in the corner of her cage, er… room. And yet everything suddenly seemed different. There was always uneasiness in the air of the facility, but now it felt so heavy. Gwen couldn’t help but sit up with a frown, pile of yellow falling all of her face in a mess and eyes narrowed in her sleepiness. Screams… they were coming from the experimentation side of the facility and only drawing closer. Gunshots, a small rumbling…

    Gwen hesitated, but rose from the comfort of her bed, the timid girl pushing her hair from her face and doing what she had done a million times since being at the facility. She walked barefoot over to the door. Her hands, scarred and plump with bright pink, red, and white scar tissue, shook as she wrapped her fingers around the door handle to her cell. She yanked and nothing happened. The handle was rubber to prevent her from hurting herself or anyone opening it from the other side. She sighed heavily, putting her hands on the door and feeling how warm it was. Her eyes widened as the heat grew, her mind wondering if there was a fire outside her room. Backing up quickly, Gwen looked around her room, trying to find a way out. There were no windows or other doors, but she knew the back wall of her tiny closet was thinner than the surrounding walls. Maybe if the person on the other side could hear her or break it down she stood a chance. She knew she was ‘valuable’ to the scientists in a certain way that, others had died in the experiments where she hadn’t, but if it came down to her or them she knew they would choose their own lives.

    “Hey! Hey! Help me!” she yelled as she ran to the closet, banging on back wall of it, ramming her shoulder into it. It was still too solid for the average sized blonde, but in her desperation to not die she didn’t care. Smoke began seeping slowly around her door, she could see it from the closet and her bright green eyes moved around in panic. After that, everything went black in her memory. After the temporary blackness, she twitched violently, shivering and letting out a gasp, an inhale of breath that sent her eyes wide in panic again. Her whole body was shivering violently in the snow. Now, she was truly cold. And yet, she had a blanket wrapped lazily around her, as if someone had wrapped her in it and held her running. She pulled it closer, looking up with gold strands in her eyes at a destroyed facility, and no one near her. Her breath was visible in the air, small clouds of breathy condensation as she scrambled to stand, bare feet already numb as she began to run, blanket billowing behind her like a cape.

    Virtual simulation over ~ Record saved

    Gwen looked confused and still shivering, as if she could still feel the snow around her as she was pulled up roughly from her restraints in the simulation room and pulled back down the hallway towards her new ‘home’, heart racing and teeth gritted.
  7. She heard the cries of other patients outside of her own imprisoning room.
    Feeling as if the walls were closing in on her. Her anxiety taking over her mind
    in a blur of panic and fear. She looked down at the chains, beginning to claw
    at them, trying so hard to remove them as they prevented her from running,
    or even simply walking with a normal stride. Red marks appearing along her lower
    legs, soon becoming scratches, and eventually into shallow cuts running along her legs.
    She felt the pain, tears welling in her eyes though they never fell. She continued to
    frantically tear at her skin, pulling and tugging at the chains. Screaming in anger
    at nobody and yet at everyone all at once. Her fear becoming rage, her panic
    becoming the fuel to her fury.

    She had spent most of her first week or so here gating her fingers against the floor.
    Turning her finger-tips into something more like claws. Sharp ends and no clear
    difference between the nail and the finger, even if they were shorter than one would
    imagine when hearing of having claws for fingers, they were actually no more than a
    couple inches long. But they were still damaging and harmful when used against someone.
    Her fingers having been stained early on by blood and marked by scars. Her concrete floor
    covering in cuts and clawing marks from her fits of rage. But she never could escape or hurt
    anyone, resorting to hurting herself instead, the scientists having yet to confine her to the
    point that she was prevented even from that.

    Another scream erupted from her, tearing at her lungs, she wanted to get their attention,
    and this time she planned on doing that, as stubborn as she was.She pounded on the floor,
    clawed at the walls, her fists bruised and her arms sore. She scooted into a corner, her wails
    of misery echoing through the halls. She hadn't given up but she was becoming very discouraged
    by the lack of attention. She hated all of the scientists, and she felt that they all hated her.
    When they tried to take her away to experiment, she rebelled against them, trying to claw at them
    and kick them away, failing every time, her struggling attempts at freedom done to no avail.
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  8. [​IMG]

    "Welcome home, Baron."

    Included Characters- Doctor Junibee Mayweather; Vladimir Rascolnikof; Multiple NPCs


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Location: Frozen Tundra, Russia[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Time: 1342 P.M.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“This is Delta Wave requesting permission to land safely on dock. Repeat: requesting permission for safe landing on dock. Carrying detained hostile experiment. Requesting safe dock and extraction; over.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Junibee stirred, the jolting static of the helicopter radio filling her ears as the Helicopter was battered once again by the sharp winds of the Siberian Tundra. They had been travelling for what had seemed , to the excitable young doctor, to be hours. She sighed, her arms reaching up to stretch about her head, fingers lightly scraping against the cold metal and plastic that was her transportation. She glanced around, head flopping back against the black leather seat as her eyes fell on the pilot just to her left. He was dressed just as she was: Thick winter coat of brown, its hood engulfed in a layer of cream colored fur; Multiple sweaters and a scarf, his being a light beige color while Junibee’s was pink; Thick winter gloves flexible enough to allow proper manning of the aircraft, Junibee wore mittens; and finally a medium face mask and hat to cover up the more vital parts of the head. Junibee herself felt as if she was a walking penguin, being that the majority of the gear she was wearing was close to half her own weight; however, in these conditions she saw them as necessary.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She blinked, moving her hands up to rub the sleep from her honey gold gaze before taking another look around, this time deciding to look towards the back of the Helicopter. Seated in 2 rows of about 7 were the small squad of Unit 4 task force members with which she had been assigned to. She had nearly forgotten that she was still on the job, finding momentary escape in the crevices of her deepest thoughts and dreams; however, with the uniformed guards seated and shivering in their boots, Memories seemed to flood back in. There were multiple missing seats, being that the aircraft was fairly large….large enough to fit at least 30. The look on all of the men’s faces seemed to say it all. They were battered, ragged from exhaustion and their faces were blanched white, almost marble-like as they stared ahead in shell shocked silence. Junibee could sympathize, realizing that what they had experienced in the last few days would haunt even the hardest of soldiers. The memories were still fresh in Junibee’s mind, even if she had not been in the line of fire along with those men; however, her views on the event seemed quite different.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]They had cornered the experiment said 5 kilometers outside the city of Moscow, Russia. He had been hiding out in the outskirt slums, stealing from the thieves and living as a squatter among the poor and destitute of the Russian Capital. Junibee had seen it as a rather meager existence, and it seemed that the experiment had agreed with it as much as she had. They had been tracking him for a number of days, following his patterns and closing off any possible escape routes to the major city. Before the mission had even began, it had already been labelled as high alert by the Unit 4 officials, being that the experiment that had been after had been one of a volatile and...explosive nature. They waited until the dead of night to finally go in after the experiment; however, it seemed that the task force had underestimated the abilities that the experiment had. 4 task force members went in and silence fell over those on the outside; however, what no one counted on was the experiment being on the outside. Junibee herself had turned to gaze at the experiment she would now come to know as Experiment 237 or “The Red Baron”. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]With a single flick of his hand, the entire building was demolished in a flashing display of red and grey, and he only seemed to continue. He wiped through the small militia of men, taking out tanks, buildings, and humans alike with a flamboyant display of color and violence that still rocked Junibee to the core. It had been utterly astounding to watch, a single person wiping through the Unit 4 task force, a group of highly trained professionals...as if they were nothing more than flies on the windshield. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Junibee was forced from her thoughts as the pilot spoke beside her, his voice nearly as ragged as the men’s faces. “How’s our ‘special cargo’, Doctor?” [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Oh...that was right. Junibee had been so tangled up in her own fantasies that she had nearly forgotten that the men had actually succeeded in Experiment 237’s capture. She turned back, eyes gazing over the rows of men to the back of the plane. There seemed to be a layer of shadows covering the back; however, she leaned closer over her seat to take in the form of Experiment 237.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He was standing, his form wrapped in a black straight jacket. Thick silver buckles glistened off of it, his arms pinned to his sides as his back was strapped to a large, man sized dolly at the Helicopter by that very jacket. His legs were strapped to the dolly as well as his slim waist, keeping him pinned to the spot and giving some sort of comfort to the men just in front of him. It had done little to settle the Task Force’s fears, a majority of the men gripping tightly to their weapons and jumping at the slightest shift of the Helicopter. Experiment 237 had been drugged upon capture, the men not wanting to lax in any way after seeing what the boy had been capable of. Because of this, Experiment 237’s head lolled forward, raven black hair falling forward about the metal mask that was used to cover his face.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Junibee frowned upon staring at the experiment, unable to erase the layer of sympathy she had for him, despite seeing what he had done within the slum. There had been so much destruction; however, Junibee could see the look on his face...There had been fear, alive and any normal human being. There had also been hatred, but Junibee wanted to guess it was directed more to himself then it had been to the men...Those odd eyes...they would stay in her mind, for this experiment was her first introduction to what she would be experimenting within the Unit Four Facility. She could feel her excitement growing, mainly thinking about the abilities of the other nine beings housed in the facility. Of course she had read them; however, she had read experiment 237’s file as well...and the reality was far surpassing of what was written on paper.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Delta Wave clear for landing, over.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The radio sounded just in her ear, causing Junibee to turn and glance at the pilot. He turned in return and nodded to her before looking over his shoulder to the men and their cargo. “Alrighty Boys, home sweet home, eh? Let’s hope that they laid out the welcome party for the Baron.” A few of the guards chuckled in response, others scoffed in disgust, wanting nothing more than to kill the sleeping bastard while he still slept.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Junibee was feeling rather different, unsure whether she was happy to bring Experiment 237 back to this place or not...It would offer more opportunities to study him, along with the others...but would that ruin the fiery spirit and break him...much like Experiment 4? Her mind wandered to the all white boy, his eyes of pure crimson staring vacantly into the nothingness...Would Experiment 237 be objected to that as well?...She did not know; however, she had a job to do like many of the other scientists in the facility.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Lights suddenly shown ahead of her, blaring red into the cockpit of the Helicopter. Junibee blinked, eyes adjusting to the harsh light as a figure came into view...Through the layers of snow, she could make out the lights hiding just beneath the tundra’s first few layers...It was the Facility...Unit 4...home.[/BCOLOR]

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  9. Name: Artemis
    Number: 55
    Tagged: No one
    Location: Room

    A small figure sat quietly in the corner of a room. Silver hair hid the small fragile body of a girl, her eyes as blue as the ocean. She shook violently, fear taking over. Her eyes were downcast, staring at the ground. Why? What did I do to be kidnapped? What will happen to me? She asked herself, hoping the answers weren't bad. She heard footsteps walking past and held her breath. Thankfully, whoever it was passed her. She breathed out and stood up, pressing her palms against the walls. Her legs shook in fear but she wouldn't let that stop her. Chains were clipped around her ankles, needing a key to be unlocked. She undid the bow from her hair and stared at it sadly. She leaned against the wall and thought back to that morning. "They said not to talk to strangers... But they didn't warn me of the friends around me..." She muttered to herself, closing her eyes and allowing tears to slid down her soft cheeks and hit the cold ground.

    ~Earlier that day~

    "Bye mom, I love you!" She called to her mom as she ran out the house. "By safe Artemis!" Her mom yelled after her as Artemis ran to meet her there best friends, Madison, Jamie, and Lucas. When she got there they all started walking to school, talking like every other day. They passed by a the park close to the school and Lucas got a phone call. They stopped as he turned his back to them and spoke quickly yet quietly. After a few minutes he hung up and told them it was his dad. Artemis and the girls didn't ask further questions and kept walking.

    After school Lucas asked Artemis if they could talk alone for a bit. They left before Madison and Jamie exited the classroom. They stood behind the school and Lucas talked to her about normal things. He kept shifting around but before Artemis could ask what was wrong a large brown sack was thrown over her. Artemis felt the sack be lifted and fear flooded through her like the blood through her veins.
    "Nice jod boy." She heard a rough voice say and immediately thought about Lucas. No... She prayed but to her dismay, she was wrong. "Whatever. Just don't harm her." He growled. Artemis heard him walk away then felt a sharp pain in her head. She only saw black after that as she passed out, until she felt her body being thrown into the room she currently stood in, her body hurting from the cramps of being in that sack.
  10. [​IMG]

    "Welcome home, Baron"

    Included Characters: Junibee Mayweather, Vladimir Rascolnikof, Multiple NPCs


    Large, cat-like eyes opened, framed by feathery black lashes; only to have them brush uncomfortably against the cold metal of something covering his face. Vladimir gave a small shiver, those odd eyes, all black framing scarlet irises, darting back and forth for some sign of light; however, he found none. He breathed, only to find his breath being blown back in his face...It was hot, and honestly he needed to brush his teeth. He grimaced at that; the corners of his mouth pulling down into a small pout as he tried to turn his head and crack his neck. Speaking of head, it was pounding, causing an unsettling ring in his ears; however, when he tried to move his head, he found himself unable to lift it, the weight of his own skull being to much for him at the moment. He felt groggy, nauseated, as if he was waking from some sort of com-....wait....that was right...

    Vladimir paused, tuning into his surroundings. His hearing was muffled, as if he was submerged in water...and that annoying ringing would not stop. He could hear footsteps around him, and a few voices, distorted by his own wrecked hearing. Maybe he had a concussion? His memory was fading slightly and he was finding it difficult to even remember what he had been doing before this ever happened...He was in Moscow, yes?...If he was still there, he would be able to hear the nonsense honking of endless rusted horns, or the ringing of the clock tower in the distance. All he heard at the moment was the distorted voices. It was rather annoying that he could not see, finding his subdued, tired nature melting off slightly. Why was this mask on his face, anyways? Maybe he could take it off?

    Vladimir shifted, but he only felt himself turn, the fabric around him turning as well. The turning only pulled on his other arm, causing it to give a small crack, but other than that nothing happened. Vladimir sighed, lightly cursing as he gave his arm a jerk, but only managed to back his binds tighten. He jerked once more, his binds tightening and forcing him to stop out of fear of constriction. He took a couple deep breaths, head lolling forward once more as he came to terms with his predicament. He was in some sort of straight jacket by the feel of it, but not only that...He rolled his shoulder, only to find it locked in place against something. He tried to move his legs, only to find them in the same situation...Someone had really paid attention to detail...

    {{Well this is fucking perfect...}} Vladimir thought to himself, as he tried once again to raise his head and was met, once again, with failure. He opened his mouth, trying to work his muscles back into feeling; however, his throat was nearly as dry as the desert. Out of frustration he jerked again; however, this time he was met with a swift smack in the head by some blunt object. His head was forced back, knocking against whatever he was attached to as a voice suddenly barked at him.

    "Quit moving, 237! We don't need any of your shit."

    Vladimir's head was spinning, the ringing suddenly returning twice fold as his head fell forward once more. He released a small groan, memories suddenly flowing back upon being called "237". {{You've got to be fucking kidding me....}} He thought to himself, flexing his fingers in their hold as he tried once more to regain some sort of feeling. He felt rather numb, his body seeming far off from him; however, not all the voices had started to file in around him. He counted the voices, starting with the very asshat that had been gracious enough to knock his face in. {{ohh...1...2...3 4 5...6 7 8 9....seems the list is endless an-}}

    "Where do you want us to put the little shit, Doctor?"

    Vladimir's glanced up, listening in on a new voice that had entered to room.

    "The sedative has not fully warn off yet. For now, place him on 5th floor, section one in the Experiment ward. When he wakes up, we'll move him to Experiment room 3 to conduct memory analysis."

    Vladimir found himself rather...irritated. How long had it been since he last heard words like that? 2..maybe 3 years. Had he not just escaped that Hellhole? He had thought he left all of that bullshit behind; however, it seemed to be quite the opposite. He could feel chills running up his spine, his anger boiling and rising as he came to the conclusion....He was back in the care of the Unit 4 Facility...

    "Doc, I think the bastard is waking up." The voice was suddenly right in front of him, hot breath blowing against the metal of his mask and causing Vladimir to cringe in displeasure. If the bastards had not taken the time to bind him like some hog, Vladimir would have easily ripped this man's tongue out. He jerked against his binds once more, causing his whole form to rattle with a loud bang...Vladimir was even rewarded a scream of fear from the man, who quickly barked. "He's awake! Put the son of a bitch back under!"

    "And risk him overdosing?" The second voice was seemingly calmer; however, it was laced with an odd excitement, something that Vladimir had not expected....It was also a young voice, that of a woman's in a high soprano. Vladimir groaned, feeling suddenly sick from his effort. He leaned back against his binds, only to find the second voice speaking to him directly.

    "Experiment 237: Vladimir Rascolnikof. AKA, the Red Baron. I wish to welcome you to the Unit Four holding Facility. You can't see anything yet, but this will be your only world for quite some time. We have made plenty of accommodations for you as well as the other experiments who shall be join us on our...say...adventure? Now, time for tours will come later. For you, you shall be placed in your holding quarters. There is no point trying to escape, since the facility has made a point in preparing for you experiments. New clothes will be placed in your quarters, and there is a bathroom for you to wash yourself. If you have any questions, now will be the time to-"

    "Yeah..I got a question..." Vladimir's voice came out slurred, muffled by the metal of his face mask. His head drooped forward before he forced it back up, letting it tilt slowly to the side as he stared blindly in the direction of the voice. He felt as if he was going to fall asleep again soon, despite his recent activity...he was weak... He tried to shift once more, his own stubbornness winning over before he found himself hissing in pain, his binds tightening enough on him to momentarily squeeze the air out of his lungs. He coughed, growling softly before he continued. "How's about you kiss my ass, sweet cheeks?" They would not be able to see it, but Vladimir was smiling behind his mask, his shoulders giving a small shake as he laughed in silence. "..Because if you think I'm going to do anything willingly, then you have another thing coming..."

    The voice was silent for a moment, before continuing in monotone. "Indeed, Vladimir; however, we have already prepared for that. Guards....Take the Baron to his room"

    There were footsteps to his right, a deep chuckling being released as a new voice called out in response. "Yes ma'am..." Vladimir tensed, knowing what was coming right before he felt a hard smash against the side of his head. His body dropped forward, going limp as he lost consciousness once more, being left with a voice humming in his ears.

    "By the way...welcome home, Baron..."
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    The room was cold and sterile, the air uncomfortably still, the only sound the hum of the lights overhead. It was a rather large room, with enough space to fit twenty people, a large operating table, and an array of surgical tools. On this particular day, the room was rather empty, boasting only five people total; two scientists, two security guards, and the girl. The four stood in an odd cluster around the girl, the two scientists working diligently near her legs and the two guards hovering carefully nearby, ready to step in when needed. Heavy restraints, drawn too tight in over-precaution, cut into the skin of the girl, bringing blood to the surface of her thin body. There were eight restraints in total; two around her wrists, two around her ankles, two over her knees, one over her chest, and yet another over her forehead. Despite the obvious concerns regarding the restraints digging into her skin, she felt the most animosity towards the restraint over her forehead, keeping her head pinned to the table and subsequently limiting her vision to the bright lights above her. She could not see what the scientists were doing, but she could feel it. The smell of permanent marker filled the air, and she felt the cold tip of one trace a line a few inches under her knee. The scientists spoke quietly among themselves, too quiet, even in such close proximity, for the girl to hear.

    “What?” She asked, her voice ripe with indignation. The scientists didn’t answer, only continued muttering to themselves. “What the fuck are you on about you assholes?!” She demanded, beginning to fight against the restraints. The guards were quick to react, one grabbing her arms and the other pushing down on her hips. One of the scientists tutted at her, before turning back and murmuring something with the other. The girl only continued to struggle and shout profanities at them, before she felt the sting of a needle plunged into her neck, and the pressure of the stopper being pushed down. She gritted her teeth, still screaming, but whatever they had given her was fast acting. As black began to edge its way over the corners of her vision, she started to shriek, thrashing about wildly as she fought for consciousness. It was useless. As she began to feel her eyelids getting heavier, she felt the sharp sting of a scalpel slicing open her skin, pushing deeper and deeper into the muscle of her leg, pulled taut in her stress. She let out one last howl before the sedative took over her body, and she slipped into a deep sleep.

    Consciousness was rare and short lived, but to the girl, it felt like a constant occurrence, that lasted for hours. As she slipped in and out of awareness, she woke up in horrible agony, as she felt her them cutting through her muscle, then sawing through her bone. She screamed in anguish, begging for them to stop, but they only kept going. Now she welcomed the blackness spreading over her vision, until once again, she fell unconscious.

    When she finally awoke again, the scientists and guards were gone. The first thing the girl noticed was an unbearable pain at her knee, but this time she did not scream. Her eyes darted around frantically, looking for any sign of life, but there was nothing. With a moan she pushed herself up, the restraints that had been holding her captive snapped by phantom hands. She looked around the room slowly, still hazy from the drugs in her system. The walls of the room were splattered with blood and pieces of skin and brain, and the scientists and guards that had been her torturers lied dead on the ground, oozing blood from the hundreds of holes that littered their bodies.

    Quickly, she moved her head to look at the table she sat on. Her vision blurred with the sudden movement, and she felt her head spin. Spots danced on the outskirts of her gaze, and she struggled to keep from slumping over. Steeling herself, she locked onto the large pool of blood under her legs, hiding the silver of the stainless steel table. As her vision began to clear, her legs came into view. Her left leg was fully intact, but her right was cut off at the knee, and the black sutures that kept her skin and muscle together had begun to burst. The girl stared at this in shock, before turning to the side and vomiting, the putrid mixture of blood and stomach acid burning her throat. She stared blankly at the mess on the floor, blinking slowly, before tumbling off the table into the sick, pushed over by the momentum of her actions and her own feeble weight. As soon as her stump made contact with the floor she felt an unbearable pain shoot through her nerves, and she screamed through gritted teeth.

    She looked up slowly, to the entrance of the room. The door stood open, the lights of the hallway beyond it flickering tauntingly, goading her to continue on. Breathing heavily, she began to drag herself across the room, groaning as she did so, pain clouding her senses.

    She had to make it. She needed to be free. She needed to escape this hellhole.

    Only halfway across the floor, she began to feel her consciousness slip away, but she fought against it, continuing her slow crawl. It was agonizing, but she was determined not to give up. She couldn’t give up. She couldn’t.

    The girl screamed out in pain as the stump of her leg caught on one of the tools scattered on the floor, ripping open one of her sutures, but she continued on, leaving a trail of blood behind her as she pulled herself through the open door and into the hallway. She continued through these hallways at her slow crawl, her fading consciousness counteracted by her desire to be free.

    Another open door became visible, nothing but light beyond it. Gasping, the girl began to pull herself towards it, unheeding. Every muscle in her body screamed at her to stop, for rest, but she refused them, only continuing to drag herself in agony.

    It was only a few steps away. The salvation she had waited for all these years, just within her reach…

    With one last grunt, the girl pushed herself forward and into the light.



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  12. [​IMG]

    Experiment 13: Syris
    Somewhere in Europe.

    It was just another dark and raining day in the outskirts of a larger city. Drug dealers and customers alike moved away from the open street, where roads was only lighted up by the dozen of holograms. You could barely hear the rain hit the dirty streets due to the loudspeakers all around, announcing deals on robots or news of missing people. Now and then, the picture of a young man would spin around above the walking mob. The words, "WANTED" was written below the face with big red letters. It truly was the age of holograms, and female dancers made of light could be seen do their moves in shady windows. Every second building promoted virtual reality headsets, allowing the lowlife citizens to pay to get out of their depressing lives.
    Syris was loving it.

    A large hood hid his face as he made his way down the street. Every now and then, his figure would disappear only to reappear a few meters ahead. Always blending into the mob of people. However, not completely unnoticed as three men in civilian clothes was in hot pursuit. But every time they got in arms reach, Syris would teleport away like he had never been there. Before they knew it, Syris was gone. Another failed attempt at capturing experiment 13. Syris smiled under his hood from the roof of a nearby store. He had been on the run for the past few days, but he barely felt tired. All thanks to their terrifying experiment he thought hatefully and spun around and was gone once more.

    The only side effect was his constant hunger. Moving his body all the time called for a lot of energy, but at least his power made it easy to steal wallets. Only a few moments later, Syris was eating a large bowl of ramen in the other end of town by a small stall.
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  13. Nick just sat in his room, wondering where he went wrong. How did they catch him? He couldn't rmember. He clicked his fingers together every so often. A small flame erupting from his hand when he did. The next time anyone came he would jump them. Just burn their insides.

    He pushed those thoughts to the back of his head. He didn't like the idea of murder too much. But these people were almost deserving of it. How many had they caught? How many were already dead? All he could do was wait for answers.

    [Experiment #144]

    A particularly long and drawn out scream from outside his room was what made Tiernan raise his head, before immediately regretting the slight motion. It was probably just one of the other experiments being tested. He dropped his head back down on the cold floor. The waves of pain from the force of long-lasting sedatives hardly made him wince anymore. He couldn't remember the last time his head hadn't hurt. After all, keeping him heavily drugged 24/7 was the only way he wouldn't wreak havoc from his room. After he had imagined the experiment chamber along with the scientists burning in his hatred for them, not realizing that his vision could be seen by everyone, some of the same scientists had stormed into his room and stuck a bunch of needles into his neck without any warning, and then left. But that had been ages ago. All Tiernan could do in his current state, he thought, all he had been able to do for forever, was start an illusion that would shortly flicker out of existence. He'd come to the conclusion that the scientists had deemed him one of the disappointments, for they were dragging him out of his room less and less. Not that he had a problem with that. He just wished his head didn't hurt so much. Maybe then he could get some decent sleep.

    Ti's sleep was fitful and erratic, as it always was. When he woke once more it wasn't because of a sudden spike of pain in his head, it was because he thought he could smell smoke. Strange. He tried to shut his eyes again, but the smell was bothering him. The young man sat up. He was stunned by the clarity with which he saw and thought, how he had moved fluidly and not with the jerkiness of a drunk. His blue eyes blinked once, and then Tiernan was on his feet and reaching for the door. He couldn't believe that they had forgotten to give him his hourly dose! When the door opened without resistance, Tiernan froze and tried to take in everything that was going on. There definitely was smoke in the hallway, and the smell of burning hung in the air. There were tremors running through the walls and the floor. Obviously the facility's computer system was down since the lock on his door was deactivated. Tiernan rushed out into the smoke and started hurrying down the hall away from where the smoke was coming from. The adrenaline rushing through his veins dispelled any lingering effects from the sedatives that were still in his system. He could hear pounding and footsteps all around him, but he encountered no problems until he tripped over something on the floor.

    Further inspection of the object brought another wave of adrenaline. It appeared to be a gun. Ti had seen them before, usually in the bulky arms of a guard, but this one was lying abandoned in the middle of the corridor, gleaming black and perfect. He picked it up. It's heavy weight only made him feel more powerful. This wasn't a handgun, it was a bulkier kind with a grip and a number of contraptions along the top. He had only seen it used once, but he was sure just holding it would be enough to make any obstacles back off. As he set off down the smoky hall again, the sound of voices made him pause. They sounded panicked. Light streaming from a room ahead was the source. "I'm leaving!" came a gravelly shout, and Tiernan realized with a weird sense of elation that there were footsteps heading for the doorway. The doorway right in front of him. His finger was pressing down on the trigger before he knew what he was doing. There was only a red rage overtaking him. He had recognized the gravelly voice as the voice of one of the guards who had kicked him in the ribs repeatedly during one of his past tests. The anger was growing inside him, like a scarlet bud unfurling its petals in the light of a burning sun. He stepped over the body and stood in the doorway, aiming at each pair of wide eyes that turned towards him. The bullets tore through flesh like the scientists were made of paper, or maybe Ti was just shooting more than he thought he was.

    Finally, rage spent, the young man dropped the gun. He could see the still figure of a girl lying on a table in the room, but he didn't have time for her. He turned and continued walking. Tiernan felt empty, and barely noticed the pains in his hands. An immeasurable amount of time passed, maybe a minute, maybe an hour, before he reached the end of the hallway. There was a door. He turned the knob, and cold swept through him as he stumbled out into the frigid landscape--

    Virtual simulation over.
    Record saved.
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  15. After a while of unsuccessful attempts at getting some sort of
    attention, she quieted down and huddled in a corner, the wounds
    on her legs dripping down to the floor, and within minutes
    they had ceased bleeding and seemed to pull themselves closed.
    she was shaking, almost like she was freezing, but she made no
    sounds. A grating sound coming from the steel door that kept
    her from leaving, she peeked over her knees, assuming it was
    time for another torture session, a couple of fully clothed scientists
    entering the room, holding their hands out towards her, in case she
    decided to charge the, which she now seldom did. She once again
    buried her face in her arms, not wanting to look at anyone or
    anything. They picked her up by her arms, lifting her to her feet.
    They were practically dragging her, barely moving her feet as she shambled
    along, not even putting up a fight as she had drained most of her energy
    in trying to get attention earlier. They brought her down to the experiment
    rooms, as she had to have a special device that gave the virtual simulation.

    ~~using an image is better than trying to describe it so... Animus.jpg Click to enlarge~~

    Upon being practically tossed into the room, she stood, after clashing with the floor
    on her knees, a shock of pain ringing through her legs for a few minutes. Her chains
    were removed, but she knew the consequences of attempting escaped in this room, so
    she just followed the routine she was used to. walking to and proceeding to lie down
    across the contraption, her body becoming almost completely immobile, except for her
    arms and most of her back, her wrists seeming to be held in place though nothing was
    doing as such. A decent sized needle was inserted into her arm, the familiar sting of it
    running into her shoulder and through to her hand. It sent her into a dazed state of
    mental shock, her eyes rapidly changing color, her back arching against the contraption,
    pulling against her invisible bonds, holding her legs and wrists to the bed-like structure.
    ( entering memory sequence...)

    ( Memory selection... first experience)

    The sky was clear and the sun was shining, I was hanging around in the jungle gym, as usual.
    When, of course, my arch enemy in fifth grade, Diana Michelle, and her little posse of girls approached
    me, a smug grin on Diana's face, stopping just feet in front of me, her right hand propped up on her hip.
    " Hey, Ella! Still playing in the mud I see, with the lowlife's of this school?"
    I knew what she meant, I never was a social butterfly, but usually she didn't get to me like she was, she was
    really pushing it for some reason this time, my temper rising far faster than normal, and I just wanted to throw
    her and her pretty white dress into some real mud, see what she said about that.
    " what do you want Diana?"
    I crossed my arms, walking up to her so that I was mere inches form her face, an anger glinting in my eyes.
    She laughed, pushing me to the ground, and looking to her friends, who seemed equally evil towards me.
    They all started to kick me, my ribs, my arms, my legs, it all ached. I could do nothing to stop them.
    I felt something run through me, adrenaline pumping through my veins. They kept kicking me, until I did
    something I never intended to. My arms were over my face, my main and only defense at the time, i stuck my
    hands out towards them, to push them away, but instead... Waves of powerful electricity were sent blasting from
    my fingertips, causing them all to be charred by the heat of it. They all ran, screaming in those high pitched tone
    that only little girls can make. i had hurt them, and though I felt somewhat triumphant, I was also scared senseless,
    scared of myself, and I ran. Tripping on branches and rocks as I tumbled through the forest behind the playground,
    my hands cut and bleeding, along with my arms and shoulders. I was crying, and bleeding all over, the pain that was
    coursing through me putting me in major shock, thoughts of insanity rushing through my mind.

    ( End of session. Memory saved...)

    I was left shuddering, the feeling of pain and fear remaining inside of me, and it was too much for me in the state I was in.
    I couldn't handle it, I broke down in tears, my bonds fading away as I clutched my hands to my head, trying to make myself
    seem as small as possible. With every passing second, they were continuously breaking me down until there was nothing left...
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  16. Experiment 129: TariTari threw back her last shot with a satisfied groan as the liquor burned its way down her throat. She then tossed her money on the counter and walked out of the pub, tugging on her jacket as she reached the frigid sidewalk. "Ah, thank Germany," she singsonged, wobbling down the street in the direction of her apartment.She paused for a second to take in the snow, drifting silently around her, suppressing her happy mood. She hated snow. All it did was bring back unwanted memories...ones that she tried so hard to forget. Hell she only stayed in Germany this long for their alcohol. Once winter rolled in with all its dreaded white stuff, she had already began to think of relocation. She was saving up and managed to make enough money for a one way plane ticket. Maybe somewhere near the equator this time, she thought to herself, How about Peru? Anywhere away from this damned snow...

    Something crunched in the slush behind her. Quickly, Tari spun around of high alert, her buzz lightening from her adrenaline. She took a moment to look around for any signs of movement, her hear pounding in her chest. I could've sworn that I heard something. Warily she turned around and that's when she saw him. The security guard stood about ten feet away from her, a smug smile playing on his face. But it wasn't that smile that made Tari's blood turn cold. It was the bright four stitched into his chest pocket, blaring into her brain. "No, not the Unit," her voice came out little and cracked. "Not again." He began to walk towards her, leisurely not in any rush. Tari's breath caught as she tried to take a step back, a sharp pain shooting through her skull. She cried out, her vision starting to blur as her limbs became heavy. "Y-You," she struggled to even talk, "you drugged me?" The guard was now standing right in front of her, watching the drug take effect. "It's just a little something to help you sleep, sweetheart. Snuck it into your shots when you weren't looking. Though you made it easy with that strong German liquor. You didn't even taste it did you?" He chuckled as Tari fought to keep her consciousness. She held out only a few minutes longer before her feet collapsed under her and the guard caught her. "Don't worry, hun. I got you." Anger radiated off her, and she reached deep inside herself for the fire she had stored earlier, in attempt to keep herself warm. With all her remaining strength, she pushed out that energy, feeling it burn through her body and take hold of whatever was nearby. She smiled, loosing consciousness and falling into a puddle on the sidewalk as the guard screamed in pain.
  17. An older fellow cleared his throat to stop the small amount of chatter and to receive the attention of the others in the room. "Test subject #11, named... Rillow? Who named her Rillow?" a gruff voice filled the air as the question was asked. Dr. Richards did not expect an answer from his colleagues who stood with him in the room they would use for the next step in testing. There was no reason to answer, it was rhetorical and the doctor moved on soon after.

    The room was a large surgical study in the early stages of Unit 4. The room was empty of most of the normal equipment except for the necessary items and the scientists who would monitor them. Not many of the first few had survived Stage 1 of testing, but the young girl in the file everyone in the room had read about; she was one of the few who the scientists saw potential in. After Stage 1, some of the scientists named the experiments who had survived or the experiments, who were old enough, named themselves. In this case, the file does not say whether or not the girl was named or if she named herself, but either was of no importance, though everything was to be recorded, no matter how insignificant. It was vexing but only slightly.

    The sound of a gun cocking accompanied the scientist's voice soon after, silencing all sound in the room once more. "Does it matter?" the gun was armed and then put into it's holster. "She's gonna be another failure either way," the man announced as he pushed off the wall. One of the head guards, wearing protective gear that was standard in the facility. This man was also waiting with the other scientists for the girl in question to be brought from her holding cell. His job was to put the experiment down if it attacked the scientists.

    Dr. Richards cleared his throat before he continued with the prep. With just Stage 1 of testing done, Experiment 11 had already begun to show signs of increased brain activity and air fluctuation in her holding cell. Another note, made by the security guard monitoring the cells, was that her cell was always dimmer then the other experiments. This was blamed on faulty wiring and had been dismissed, but kept in the experiments file as unimportant information. All of this was known and explained to those who would remain in the main floor to help with the experiment.

    -We're coming now, prep the room.- The voice of a female, echoed from the walkie on the guards shoulder. "Copy," he responded, looking to the scientists. Dr. Richards nodded his head and had most of the scientists not directly familiar with Experiment 11, and who were not going to help with today's experiment, wait in the viewing area, located 10 ft off the ground in a room separated by bullet proof glass. Just as the last of the scientist left, the two swinging doors were forced open by two suited guards, two more behind a small girl who walked, barefoot, into the room. The sound of chains scrapping against the floor was heard as well as a sudden faint, but deep breathing.

    Experiment 11 was escorted to the table, a flat, metal surface where one of the guards lifted her up and set her on the table, chaining her bonds to the appropriate loops on the table. All the bonds were of metal, having learned from other experiments that had passed Stage 1. The guards stepped away and allowed one of the scientist to apply monitoring devices to the young girl who still made no sound apart from her breathing."The recording software is activated and recording properly, Dr. Richards, we can commence whenever you are ready," announced on a loud speaker from another room where cameras were monitored and recording the reaction Experiment 11 would have to this new drug the scientists were testing.

    "We will commence with Stage 2 of Experiment 11's treatment," Dr. Richards announced, stepping forward and pressing the needle into the silent girls neck, pushing the plunger and forcing the chemical right into the young girls carotid artery.

    The reaction was slow, but experiment 11's vitals were suddenly going haywire. Suddenly the young girls body arched in a painful manner off the bed, thin fingers twitching with pain and a scream caught in her throat, but what was most noticeable were her eyes. The pale green in them suddenly turned black and once they did, her body slumped against the table, a loud beep echoing from her heart stopping. It was the only sound that filled the room, Rillow had not screamed from the pain. Dr. Richards had not expected that reaction but never the less, it was a failure... or so they thought.

    Suddenly the beeping returned, sporadic and without rhythm. Rillow, who still laid slumped against the metal bed, suddenly had tears streaming down her face. Not only tears, her eyes, every inch of them, became completely black, even the whites. The scientists were moving about frantically, unsure of what was going on. The guards were trying to call for back up... but then everyone stopped moving as the girl finally spoke.

    "It's hurts..." a cracked yet soft voice whispered into the air. "Please... make it... stop..." Rillow cried into the air, her voice now louder and echoing. The room began vibrating, machines and all instruments creaking as the room began to get darker and darker.

    "Make it stop!" the young girl finally screamed, the echoing of her voice drawing in the darkness that had formed, condensing it around her body like gauze drenched in black paint. Then the screams began; gunshots filled the air but what was most prominent was the soft crying of the young girl who was afraid of the dark.

    The moment I woke up, I smelled blood and death... As I sat up from the metal table, my bonds now broken, I stared in horror at the sight in front of me. Broken machinery, spilled chemicals and blood... so much blood. The head of the doctor who had injected that stuff into me, was pinned to the wall with the now broken, iv pole forced right through his forehead and into the wall.
    Arm's, legs, intestines, hearts, hanging from the ceiling and the walls. I could make them out in all of the carnage... I wanted to throw up... but I suddenly felt warmth envelope me and as I looked down, I was being lifted up into a black mass with arms and legs... and, as clear as day, I heard it speak to me.

    Always protect...

    ⊗Many years later⊗


    Rillow woke suddenly, her eyes looking around her new home she had arrived at just a few days ago. The raven haired girl sat up, feeling the shadows slip away from her like they always did when she woke in the morning. The sound of scraping filled her ears as they crawled up away from her, up onto the ceiling of the cave she has crawled into the night before. She nodded her head to the shadows. Rillow always woke with shadows wrapped around her, like a living blanket, they kept her warm, dry and, most of all, safe. "Thank you," she whispered to them before she looked at her things. An old backpack that had been patched badly by her, multiple times, held all of her possessions. One thing she did not have, however, was food and she hadn't eaten the last few days. "Time to hunt," she whispered softly.

    The young female pulled out a handful of makeshift knives, all too small for her to hold properly, before she crossed her legs, closed her eyes and relaxed her breathing. She focused on happiness, memories of happy moments; with just the thought of happiness, she could hear the breathing begin. Rillow opened her eyes, the pale green and white of her eyes now replaced with black. Just as they turned, a group of creatures formed around her, shallow breathing filling the small cave before each creature grabbed a knife and went out of the cave to hunt. Through the creatures eyes, Rillow could control each one, moving them where she wanted them to go, all the while, a gentle smile on her face as she hunted for food.

    The view was similar to how a fly sees, various screens all with a different point of view that she could see clearly; one screen for every creature out and about. As her eyes focused on their actions, her fingers danced around in the air, telling the creatures what she could eat and would hurt her. It was system that took years for her to learn and she had just mastered it. Even after she figured out to do this, they sometimes made mistakes. Not all of them listened.

    One creature was chasing rabbits, already having two caught. Another was collecting roots for a stew to make with the rabbits while another collected water. Each one had a job and once the job was done, they returned to the small cave, setting everything up for Rillow so the girl could cook the meal.

    "11, let's go play..."

    "Have you decided on a name yet?"

    "How about... Rillow?"

    A happy memory is what helped her keep control even in her weakened state. The memory of getting her name... it was one of the few that had not been completely erased. Who was it who gave her her name, she no longer knew. It no longer mattered to her as much as it did when she was younger. A forgotten life is one that was never lived. These happy memories were like a dream, so unreal, yet they were enough for Rillow. It was enough for her to continue to live on in this world.

    These woods were peaceful, much nicer then the last place she had been in. If she had been more careful, no one would have gotten hurt.

    Rillow could feel her control slipping as she remembered the events of last month. She had killed a group of people who had gone to hunt her, thinking she was a wolf killing their cattle. She had killed innocent people... again... and it was disappointing to her. The young girl was trying to remember and remind herself that not everyone in the world was evil. There were innocent people who deserved to be spared, so she ran to this place. These dangerous woods that was not safe for others to trek into, here she would be safe... her she would be left alone.
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  18. [​IMG]










    "Alright. Come one kid, hand it over."


    "I'm not playing, you little shit! Hand that damn thing over!"

    "NO NO NO!"

    It had never been smart to protest with the guards. They treated us all like animals. One by one, I would sit and watch everyday as the others were taken. They numbered us and seemed to be taking us in order; however, my number had been changed on many occasions. I started out as 2, only to be moved to 18, then to 49, then to 185, and then...It seemed that Unit had finally decided to stop-






    3 guards stood waiting, each decorated in their uniforms of stark, glistening black. Their faces, shielded by the large helmets of plastic and metal, remained hidden by a blackened panel of glass. In their arms, they each carried their signature A-K 47, extra rounds and handguns, as well as a taser, sedatives, and what-nots hidden on their person. Their chests were shielded by their large bullet proof vests, making them seem more fit for war rather than what they were doing now...just standing in front of a child.

    The boy was probably 8 at the eldest, standing less than half of the height as the men before him. He stared up at the men with giant, tear filled eyes, blue as the morning sky. His hair was so blonde, that it was nearly white against his peach toned skin. His face was reddened on his cheeks and nose, still wet from the fresh tears than rolled down his cheeks as he shook in head in child defiance. He was slim, more likely skinny, his thin legs shaking from the utter cold of his hospital room. He was dressed in a white hospital gown that was far to large for him, being that it was hanging off of one of his thin shoulders. His eyes were wide, expression laced with malice and terror as one of the guards held out their hand towards the boy's closed arms. The boy glanced down, taking notice of what the guard wanted.

    "Come on, 237, fork it over."

    They wanted the only thing he had left in this hellhole....His dear Malikai. Malikai was a large brown stuffed rabbit. It had been given to the boy nearly 5 years ago when he arrived a this strange place. It's large brown ears flopped over, lightly brushing against the boy's rail thin arms as it slumped at the waist. The boy's grip only tightened on it, more tears seemed to flow as he barked at the guards in hatred.

    "Doctor Bell told me I could keep him! You can't take him, too! You can't-" The boy was cut off by a sharp, over zealous jab in the chest by the butt of one of the gaurds' weapons. He keeled over, falling to his knees as he still clung tightly not only to his rabbit, but now to his chest as well. He coughed, breath haggard as he almost lost that morning's breakfast on the floor. His ears were met with cruel cackles, the guard finding humor in the boy's suffering. "Doctor Bell is not here, brat. His rules don't apply to us, now hand the damn thing over so we can get this shit over wi-"

    "What's the meaning of this?"

    With the new voice in the room, all three guards turned to stare at the man in the doorway. He was young, possibly in his late twenties or early thirties, and tall, his raven black hair having been pulled back into a messy bun atop his angular head. His eyes, grey and steely, stared at the guards with an unamused expression as his lips pressed into a thin line. His body seemed slightly tense, hands balled into fists and placed in his pockets, legs seemingly locked in place. Even his shoulders seemed tight, the line of lean muscle reaching from his collar to the top of his arm subconsciously flexing. His comment was met with silence from the guard; however, the boy glanced up, a look of relief coming to his angelic face as he spoke in a hoarse whisper. "Dr.Bell..."

    Doctor Bell's expression faultered, cold eyes moving to fall on the boy huddled to the floor. Those eyes softened, angular features slowly contorting into a tight mouthed smile as he cooed softly. "Vladimir..."






    They walked down the stark white hallways, hand in hand with the guards trailing behind like a pack of wild dogs. The boy clung tightly to Doctor Bell's hand, his entire form shaking as fear slowly over took him. He had never been to this section of the Unit before, only was able to listen as countless patients were dragged to what he thought was their doom; however, Doctor Bell was here with him...and he knew the man would protect him from whatever harm this place wished to bestow upon him. The boy subconsciously gripped tighter to Doctor Bell's hand, being soon awarded with a squeeze in return as the Doctor spoke in a monotone whisper. "Vladdy...Today is an important day for you and I. I have pushed it back far enough, and they have finally decided that it is your turn. Do you have any idea what is going to happen today?"

    "I'm going to disappear like the others..." The boy sniffled softly, large eyes moving up to stare at the smiling Doctor, who replied with a soft chuckle. "They aren't gone, Vladdy. They just went on holiday...and if you behave like a good boy, then...we'll go on our own holiday together, hm?" The boy's overly trusting nature seemed to win in this round, a giant smile coming to his face as he nodded quickly to the Doctor. "Malikai and I will be good...we promise."


    He was on a table, the harsh lights nearly 6 feet above his small head blaring down at him and hurting his eyes. He moved his head up to stare at the binds around his chest, ankles, and wrists, a small whimper escaping his lips as he looked over to Doctor Bell. The Doctor was not looking at him, his eyes trailing over the brown clipboard in his hands. Tucked into the man's arm was Malikai, flopped over and lifeless. It was unlike the boy to look at his companion in such a way, but this far away from his prize possession left him exposed, vunerable. "D-D-Doctor..." The boy spoke softly, his terror seeming to rise as a nurse approached him, her cold hands resting on his angelic locks as she laid his head back down against the operating table and strapped it down against it. With the binding holding him in place, the boy could not even turn his head. He tried to shift, only managing to move a couple of inches as his eyes tried to focus on something other than the harsh light.

    He squinted, involuntary tears falling down his eyes as he turned them to look at the Doctor through his peripheral vision. He felt the nurse's cold hand on his chest, her rough voice offering momentary comfort as she whispered The Lord's Prayer in his ear. The boy trembled at that, his confusion only growing more as he tried to move, his binds only rubbing his skin raw. "D-Doctor!?" There was no answer to him. Instead, Doctor Bell's monotone voice called to the nurse. "We'll have none of that, Nurse. Is the patient ready for the XBB2 administration?"

    The nurse moved her hand away from the boy's chest, instead coming to rest on his arm as she spoke up to the Doctor. "Y-yes, Doctor Bell." The Doctor's voice then called across the room. "Don't just stand their like idiots. You know the possibilities of this, so ready you weapons in case the patient has to be put under."

    "Y-yes sir."

    The boy shifted again, suddenly not wanting to be a part of this anymore. Why wouldn't the Doctor answer him? The boy decided to call louder, his small voice cracking slightly as more tears rolled down his cheeks. "Doctor, I'm scared...I don't want to do this..." He was again awarded with only silence, his own pounding heart filling his ears before he heard Doctor Bell call out to the nurse. "Ready the serum for administration, Nurse."

    "Yes, Doctor..."

    The Boy's eyes widened as he jerked against his binds, panic in his small voice. "B-BUT I DON'T WANT IT! NO NO NO!" He screamed, his tantrum suddenly coming to life as he struggled helplessly against the binds that held him. "LET ME GO! I DON'T WANT TO DISAPPEAR! I DON'T WANT TO GO ON HOLIDA-"


    The boy was met with a harsh smash in the face from the butt of another weapon. He gasped, a cry escaping his lips as he tasted metal and felt something warm tricking down his forehead and nose. He was frozen for only a second before the tears started to flow, the voice of the guard ringing in his ears as he was barked at. "QUIET BRAT! We'll have none of you sass."

    The boy only cried, tears blending with the fresh blood as they rolled down his cheeks and pooled around his head. The Doctor only sighed, the nurse glancing at him in uncertainty. "I-I..."

    "Administer the Drug, nurse."

    "B-but Doctor..."

    "I said Administer...the...DRUG. NOW NURSE." The Doctor's voice suddenly broke monotone, filling with a hidden fire that only reminded the boy of a demon. He had been tricked by this man...There was no holiday. The boy was in hell. The boy struggled in his binds as he heard the footsteps on the nurse close by. He tried to move his head, sweat trickling down his forehead as his angelic locks clung to his face and neck. He felt her cold hand on his shoulder, but he could not see anything other than the harsh light above his head. He cried, weeping in anger as he jerked against his binds, wanting so desperately to be free from this personal hell the Doctor had so mercilessly brought him to. Had they lied to him all of these years? Had all of the Doctor's kindnesses be so false...only to make the boy more compliant with his demands? Even now, the boy was crying out for his false savior to take him away from this place.

    "NO! DOCTOR, STOP HER! I DON'T WANT IT! I DON'T WANT IT! SAVE ME, DOCTOR! HELP ME!" The boy had returned to hysterics, jerking harder against his binds and he felt the cold metal against his neck...then a slow sharp pain as it was plunged into his soft flesh. The boy roared in pain, fury, and terror, his entire personality reverting back to a caged animal as he felt a sudden fire light up his insides, racing through his veins and straight to his heart. What was this agony? The pain started instantly, his entire body coming into focus. He could hear the racing of his small heart, the pulsating of his veins, his bone creaking and muscles tightening with effort as he tried to free himself from his horrible confines.

    The agony was unbearable,to the point where the boy was screaming, his skin turning nearly scarlet as his veins popped from his neck. "HAHHHHHHHHH! AHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" His body arched upward, only to be brought back down by his binds. He clenched his small fists, nails scrapping against the soft skin as he kicked and spasmed. What was this poison!? He shook his head, accidently biting into his tongue and causing blood to leak from his mouth and leak through his eyes. His entire vision went red as he collapsed against the table, only to be met with a horrified scream from the nurse.

    "Doctor his eyes!"

    "Holy shit!"

    "Hold him down."

    "DOC-" The boy spasmed once more, eyes rolling onto the back of his head and more blood erupted from his throat, staining his angelic hair bright red and soiling his white gown. He shook violently, body flailing and jumping against the table, only being held down by the binding. He was bleeding from every orifice, the blood flow never seeming to stop as he felt his head was going to explode. "HAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HELP MEEEE!" The boy shrieked only once more, his entire body arching upward one more time before he collapsed, body going limp as he eyes and expression went blank and lifeless.

    Silence fell over the room as eyes remained on the lifeless corpse of the Boy. The Nurse whimpered, body shaking as she slowly approached the table and stared down, horrified at their work. The Doctor only turned, a haggard sigh releasing from between his thin lips and he jotted something down on the clipboard.

    "It seems that my time with the boy had been a waste. I honestly thought he would have been able to handle this Drug...Nurse...prepare the cleaning team...Experiment 237: Vladimir Raskolnikof, was indeed a failure-"


    There was a twitch, the boy's binding having been released as the nurse prepared to prep the body for depature; however, with the sudden twitch, everything seemed to stop and the nurse quickly called out to the doctor. "Doctor Bell!"

    The boy twitched again, then once more, a slow breath being drawn through his nose. The Doctor stared in amazement, steely gaze suddenly filling with such admiration as the nurse reached out and placed a hand on the small boy's shoulder. "Vladimir?..."

    Then....all hell broke lose...

    It came too quickly, that flash of red dancing up the woman's arm and wrapping around it like a living bolt of lightening. She stared down at it with wide eyes, unsure what to do as she glanced up at the doctor for only a moment...until...

    "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" In a glorious spectacle of blood and bone, the nurse's arm suddenly exploded, her blood splattering against the nearby wall as she fell backwards into one of the instrument tables. The attack was met with sudden confusion, the guards thrown into a panic as the Doctor only stared in shock at what was happening. The nurse screamed out to the doctor, holding her stump of an arm as she raced towards him. "DOCTOR, HE-" It came just as quickly as it had before, the red latching to her and pulsating like living veins as to exuded an aura of glowing scarlet. It wrapped around her, and without another word being said, the nurse was gone in an explosion of guts and gore, splattering against the Doctor, the boy, and even the guards.

    "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?" The bravest guard screamed as he moved towards the door. The Doctor only stared in shell shock. His steely gaze locked on the boy, who was now surround with that aura of red, body coming to twitch one more before his eyes slowly opened. They were no longer blue as they had been once before. The entire whites of his eyes had turned black, his irises coming to match the same powers her was using as they swirled around his cat-like pupil. The veins in his eyes were glowing, and the veins around his eye lids had turned purple. He sat up, body hunching forward and folding over on itself.

    "KILL THAT FUCKER!" One of the guards screamed, but was met with the harsh barking of Doctor Bell. "YOU WILL DO NO SUCH THING, SOLDIER!" They froze suddenly, the boy's voice suddenly echoing in their ears as he spoke.

    "You lied to me..." They all turned at once, terror in their eyes as the Boy rose up and crawled off of the table, bare feet squishing against the dead nurse's entrails. The Doctor studdered, monotone voice softening as he tried to calm the child down. "D-do you remember the promise you made, Vladdy...We'll go on holiday if you behav-"

    "Kill it!" The guard to his left suddenly yell, but in an instant he was cut off as the red danced from below the boys feet and raced across the room and up his form. The guard froze, his eyes widening as he screamed in terror, only to be cut off by his own explosion. He guts and blood and bone blasting across the room in a show of gore. The boy had not even glanced in his direction. Instead, his eyes laid silently ahead, half-lidded as he gave a small sway. The Doctor stared back, to afraid to move as if he was caught in the cage of a wild bear.

    The other two guards were less intelligent, and fired in the boy's direction. He ducked, bullets missing him as the red once again found them and ended him in the same spectacle as their comrade. It was everywhere...coating the ceiling and walls in a paint of pure gore. A limb landed just between the last two people in the room, and the boy reached down and pick it up, new eyes wandering over it in ideal curiosity. Doctor Bell did not move for a moment, only watching the boy in a mixture of pure amazement, and utter terror.

    "Vladdy...You are a success..." The red suddenly danced up the doctor's form, crawling up the walls behind him and moving around the hole room. The boy glanced up at the doctor, that innocent gaze now dead and full of pure malice. The boy chuckled, his eyes widening with the sudden insanity that was taking effect. "Doctor...How's about we go on holiday?..."


    There was so much fire...the lovely painting the boy had made on the walls nothing more than rubble as he stepped into the fresh air of the outside. So long he had been locked in those confines, not even knowing if anyone else had existed, yet, as he looked around with new eyes, he could see shadows fleeing into the darkness...He counted ten with those eyes, suddenly finding that he could see better than before...He was more focused, his mind no longer clouded with the child innocence that had once been there. He was different....His angelic hair was now stained blood red, his garments matching. He was covered in guts and gore, but the smile on his face said it all...He had enjoyed every moment of this...every second...It had been...so...beautiful...

    The boy was indeed different...and with the destruction the facility, the boy turned and watched as the symphony of screams filling the night....music to his ears-









    Vladimir's eyes slowly opened and he found himself greeted once again by the harsh light that had forever greeted his nightmares...To venture back into the past was something that had always haunted him, and even now the terror was clear on his face. His eyes were wide, sweat having plastered his raven locks to his forehead as he stared up at the light, unblinking. He reached up, finding that constricting straight jacket had been removed, and rubbed his eyes only to find his cheek wet with fresh tears. He moved his hand away, bringing it into his line of vision as he stared at the red against his palm. Red tears...that was part of the change he had face with that experiment. Everything inside of his was this "red element"...It raced through his veins at unimaginable speeds, replacing every other liquid that had once been there.

    “hmm…” Was his only comment, eyes narrowing as he dropped his hand to the uncomfortable bed he had been placed on. He shifted, the thin white sheet slowly falling slight to his waist and revealing the lines of lean muscle that traced his form, as well as the endless tattoos depicted all sorts of event, characters, and designs. There were also splotches of purple...deep bruises from his efforts of escape. He sighed, his expression surprisingly peaceful as he sat up, hair falling about the left half of his face in a messy mop. He reached up, scratching the large, shaved portion of his head as he glanced around his room...It was rather spacious, more so that the squatter’s life he had been living in. There was a bed, which he now laid, which was positioned in what seemed to be the far back right of the square cell. To his left was a door, slightly ajar so he could see the simple metal toilet. Just beside his bed was a small, 3 drawer white dresser, atop it was a simple metal alarm clock. He glanced up, taking notice of the large rotating camera in the center of the room. Its lense was rounded, so Vladimir would always be spotted no matter where he was in the room.

    Vladimir growled, pushing the covers off to reveal that he wore nothing more than simple black sweat pants...They did not even have the decency to give him a pair of boxers as well...He frowned, slowly turned as he placed his feet on the cold white tiles. He stood up, wobbling slightly as his sedative was still partially in effect. He stumbled, falling against the white wall and leaning against it for support. He drew a shaky breath, finding himself more exhausted than he had been before as he limped to the bathroom and slid the door closed.

    He reached the shower, the large metal structure supporting him as he turned on the faucet and let the hot water splash against him pale skin. He was trembling, his eyes falling closed as he momentarily found comfort in the warmth...even if it was only his head that was submerged. He pried himself away from the water after a moment, flopping down on the toilet as he glanced up once more and took notice of the small camera in the corner…

    ”You wanting a show, assholes?”

    He grumbled, running his fingers through his soaked hair before he stood up and slid out of the sweats, he stumbled, falling into the shower and catching himself on the wall as the waterfall of warmth rushed down his lean frame.

    He was not sure how long he had stayed there, but when he glanced down at his fingers, he took noticed of the lines forming on them as they pruned and wrinkled. He sighed, surprisingly subdued as he reached over and turned off the water. He stepped out of the shower, not bothering to dry off as he stepped through the steam and back into the room. This would be his prison now...his cell back in the pits of Hell; however, this time his Malikai was not there to protect him… He moved to the dresser by his bed and opened up the first drawer, finding 5 pairs of boxer briefs and 5 pairs of socks. He took the boxer briefs and slid them on, frown deepening as he opened the second drawer and found another pair of black sweat-pants, which he took and slid on his still damp legs. In the last drawer, he found a large, grey tank...but he left it be, deciding to go without a shirt for now as he slowly turned and sunk down onto his bed.

    “Home sweet, fucking home…” He pushed his hair back out of his face, glaring down at the white tiles as his mind raced. What was there to do now? When would they come for him again? They had already taken him memory, suggesting the pounding in his head; however, Vladimir knew it was only a matter of time before the experiments would begin...

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  19. Aurellia sat silently within her room as he mind began to flash back and forth. The only form of light in the pitch black and stripped room was the irridesecent glow of her eyes. She still had energy charged inside of her.. it made her feel more alive but since they captured her it was becoming increasingly difficult and caused her mind to begin to slip into more drastic ways to get ahold of it... It was like a drug and she needed it. To feel energized brought out the best in her and she wasn't.... unstable... But! She was always crazy so then again they wont trust me... But she acted that way on purpose. She dind't know why but it only hurt her every time.

    That all ended when light peirced the dark room making her gaze up. She never had to cover her eyes even when staring blindly into the sun. It didn't bother her but rather helped her. So, the light in the dark room was welcoming instead of blinding. A scientist gazed in to see her sitting in the middle of the room with both legs crossed. The room was intact completelty which was a absolutely new addition to everything that she had done in the past. Then the voice echoed inside making her grumble "Are we doing our Tantrum 34..." He asked her.

    Aurellia began to laugh and her eyes flickered as she tried to conjure the energy inside of her but at realizing she couldn't she just smiled "Yes... I apologixe... As you can see I didn't wreck the room or use my own movements for Kinetic Energy... Otherwise I would have blown the door open... So! Can I come out into the General groupings now.. please!" She begged. The scientist laughed "Never Freak..." He said befor Aurellia blinked. She let out a horrible yell and launched herself at the door.

    "Ill devour your heart you biggot bastard!" She said before she saw what she wanted to happen. A long cattle prod like equipment was shoved in. Obviously this scientist was new... he had no clue what he was doing. She grabbed the end and began to laugh as the energy drained out of it like a blackhole sucking up a planet "YES! YES! Give me power!" She said as her eyes began to glow like a light bulb. The Scientist began to yell and ran away as she pulled the taser like instrument in the window. She then sat it on the ground and did what would look crazy to a normal person. She put the end in ehr mouth and turned it on.

    She relished in the horrible but energizing pain coursing through her as she took in more and more energy from it before it died. She then tossed it to the corner and grumble "Useless machine! I need more! I hunger! But... I think I just did what I didn't wnat to do... Bastards!" She said as several men burst through the door and fired tranquilizer rounds at her. They all struck her and she fell to the floor like a bag of bricks. Her body and hair was sparking so they didn't dare touch her.
    Two Months Later.

    Aurellia sat up from her bed and looked around. It had been two months since she had a sudden urge for energy and she could see it swelling inside of her. Without it she felt deprived much like an addict and their fix. She needed to do somthing.. or talk to someone.. maybe just a battery! What harm could- Actually... alot of harm.. but never the less she needed somthing.. just a zap! A Zap! They could give her a Zap for sure.. right..

    She then began to go about her day as she normally would. She took her shower and relished in the fact that they werent watching her. Having an Electronic camera in her room was far to dangerous as she used it once to disrupt the entire system three months ago. No longer did they watch her.. and she loved it that way. She had all the Privacy she wanted as long as she didn't cause a stupidly loud ammount of noise which she was always quiet enough that they now rarely knrew she was here.

    Shortly after her shower she got dressed and frumbled out of her door and into the main hallways. Since she was removed from absolute Isolation things had begun to seem better. The scientists seemed to be avoid here since she hadn't had a total meltdown in a long time. And it was truly a melt down. Due to her Energy absorption she could cause metal to warp and metal with the heat she generated and released depending on what she absorbed. In the facility it was mostly heat and Light waves making it hard to get near her untill she releases it after gathering it for several weeks. Lucky enough... she let the energy out the day before and noticed the Scientists growing ever close to her.
  20. Collab post between @Calamity and @Lawkheart
    Lelou, Dr. Nolan, Rillow

    Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    1900 Hours
    43°32′11″N 96°43′54″W

    The whirring of the helicopter's rotary blades nothing but background noise to the young adult male who had a cigarette tucked between his lips. His hair was as dark as night, but his eyes...they were visually mesmerizing; swirling with a constant flux of energy that ebbed and flowed like any tide would in the water. The effect was their glow which emanated from this almost capricious nature that electricity seemed to naturally be beholden to.

    The cigarette was burning slowly. The 'cherry' at the tip, glowing every now and again to signal an inhale was taking place before he exhaled smoke through his nostrils encompassing his face like he were a demon walking through some hellish plane. Maybe he was. After all, did he trust humanity to save itself? That's what he had been asking himself ever since he became a part of this. Some labcoat's pet project. The truth was, he didn't know. After everything he'd seen; all the fighting, and the chaos around him. He only knew what he wanted to believe.

    That somehow, human decency would triumph. That these past few years, where he'd faced many life-threatening situations. He could have given up many times, but his need to know the truth, to uncover the secrets that other's were hiding, and to survive, forced him to keep going. Most of the time he tried to keep his values in mind, knowing his actions did not have to needlessly harm others. He held on to his humanity, what little he felt was left, and resisted the urge to abuse power or resources in order to meet his goals. And in the end, he always seemed to get the job done.

    But Lelou understood something; this wasn't HIS world anymore. His documents shredded and burned, his parent's likely told that he had been killed or they had been themselves. He even killed his former girlfriend turned abomination, Experiment #3, when the trials began. So any source of outside relation or lingering attachment were just like the ashes that built up when a cigarette burned for too long. Too fragile, so they had to be cast away. But as a person with his power, did it make it right for him to choose for everyone? No. It wasn't up to him.

    Everyone had their own choices to make. But those with power, often pushed those without around. That was his niche. He was a checks and balance for those with remarkable traits. They needed protecting from the powers that be, but perhaps just as much, they needed someone to keep them in-line. He never did care for when Experiments went rogue and began butchering. Then there were the abominations; Experiments with powers out of control because the chemical had warped them so completely they became nothing more than savage and blood thirsty. Nevertheless, he tried to save as many of his brethren as he could when and where ever he could.

    "Tell me about the Experiment we are after, Dr. Nolan." Lelou opened the side door. They were fourteen-thousand feet up in the air. "Who is she, what are her powers?" He had told the scientist, in no certain terms to "dress warm". It was his first outing with Nolan, and it may have come off threatening due to unfamiliarity.

    However, when he opened the door the temperature suddenly plummeted to negative twelve below zero. Lelou's boots, magnetically stuck to the plating of the interior. They could've flown side ways and he'd never leave that spot unless he wanted to. He gave the motion to the pilot to circle the area and then did something...interesting. He stuck his hand out of the helicopter as it began to make wide laps. Unseen forces were in play the minute he had done so. He was charging the air; he'd been noted on a few occasions to create electrical storms by drawing the positives and negatives into a frenzy.

    Dr. Nolan was the only one who remained sitting and strapped in once the plane took off. He had been chosen for this field mission to collect one of his favorite cases. Experiment #11, shadow manipulation, class 3; the same level as the experiment with him in the plane. Experiment #11 has killed as many people as Experiment #4 and she was younger then the male in the plane with him and the Unit 4 Collection force. It would be interesting to see these two interact. It would also be the first time in years that Samuel would have new information to study about this case. #11 was one of the interesting cases. The doctor looked about at the others along for the ride, holding #11's file open and reading through a few things before they arrived.

    "Tell me about the Experiment we are after, Dr. Nolan." The door opening pulled Samuel's attention over towards Lelou, glad he had dressed warmly. "Who is she, what are her powers?" Samuel smiled and looked down at the file. "We're after Experiment #11, a shadow manipulator, class 3," the doctor read from the file that Lelou had no access to. It was interesting, this experiment had a name on record but no note of who named her or if she named herself.

    Samuel didn't look up from the folder as he the plane began circling. Although Nolan had never been on a retrival mission with #4, he's seen many videos and read every report on the male. He looked up and watched as the experiment held his hand out into the cold air.

    "You might know her as Rillow," he continued, that calm smile still gracing his lips.


    The food and water they had collected was all laid out before her as she came to, slumping against the cave's wall. It took a lot of energy for her to control them. With tasks like this, she could normally let them do as the like, but she wanted to know her surroundings a bit more. It took a little while for Rillow to calm her breathing, her eyes returning back to normal. As she looked ahead of her, she nodded her head at the sight. They had found plenty for a good meal; rabbits, wild onions and potatoes, fresh water and some wild herbs. She had enough to eat for the week before she would have to leave again.

    The sudden surge of energy in the air surprised her; her body freezing in place. This was not natural energy. Not just that... her creatures were vibrating. This had never happened before and her eye brows furrowed as she leaned down, looking at one of the creatures, seeing them vibrate but the seemed to be filling with the energy in the air. Something was not right.

    The only thing that came to mind was the possibility of having been found. This caused her to cross her legs once more focusing, her eyes glazing over black. The creatures continued to vibrated but morphed together into a smaller group but with wings forming on their backs.

    "Lend me your eyes," she whispered softly, her voice echoing.

    The creatures scurried off, those with wings taking off into the air to find where the energy is coming from. In this state she didn't have much control over them as they went rampant, looking for the source, but she could keep them below the forests canopy. She watched through their eyes and felt fear clutch her chest at the sight of the military plane. They found her.

    It was a sudden thing, the fear was small but it grew like fire within her, her body trembling. It was fear that made her loose control and her control was slipping quickly. The area of the forest she was in began to darken. If it weren't for the fog, those in the plane would have been able to notice it. "Come back... Come back now!" she yelled in a panic, her control slipping faster and faster.


    The air would chill most to the bone, yet he was unfazed. His cells were going to fast, producing more warmth than the cold could take. He might as well be on fire. If someone were to point a thermal imaging device they might go blind. But his hand was doing more than simply swimming through the night clouds. His electrokinetic powers were stirring the atmosphere in a violent maelstrom.

    It would begin with the wind shear; a difference in wind speed and direction over a relatively short distance in the atmosphere. With a low wind shear and moderate instability, a pulse storm or single cell thunderstorm could form. The low wind shear contributing a short average lifespan of less than an hour. Severe weather in a pulse storm most often occurred during a momentarily forceful updraft, taking the form of hail or particularly damaging winds brought about by down bursts. As such, the ground below them was in chaos; winds howling like maddened creatures. It strength like claws, tearing at the vegetation, ripping limbs of trees free, pouring golf ball-sized hail down from great heights.

    Though the township had been abandoned due to bombing, houses and cars remained. Belongings let to rot and decay. These things bore evidence of a bygone era and now were shattering and being pummeled.

    "We're after Experiment #11, a shadow manipulator, class 3," Nolan told him. He could feel the man's eyes on without looking.

    "You might know her as Rillow," The scientist continued calmly.

    "I know what you're thinking doctor," Lelou said abruptly, adjusting the manacles on his arms. He then looked straight at the man.

    "There is a reason I am a class 5." Lelou said firmly, lighting flashing furiously behind, casting its immeasurable light past his shoulders. "I do believe you there when I dealt with my girlfriend."

    Lelou walked to the opposite side of the plane, about faced--planted a foot and a hand down as if about to sprint. The plane then lurched going against what the pilots where doing in the cockpit, it 'leaned' to one side completely vertical. If the doctor had been buckled in, he'd have surely have fallen. But as the plane was tilting Lelou took off, the muscles in his legs propelling him forwards with a powerful spring-like motion and just as the plane came to be fully on its side he leapt out the plane. No parachute, no safe guard. Sending the plane 'flopping back onto its belly. The motion jarring for those inside.

    Memories flooded his mind one in particular of when he had first met Rillow. when she was first brought in. The scientists cared nothing for her humanity, all they saw was a number. But he was the first one to give her a name. He'd sat with her maybe a handful of times. It was shortly before his girlfriend had become an aberration. Before the chemical had transformed her physically and mentally. After that, he lost touch.

    As he plummeted through the clouds at a 120 miles an hour. He came like shooting star, he came like an asteroid. Electricity had formed a heated shield around him. Electromagnetism slowed his descent to a point where it he could land safely. The moment he had set foot on the ground the creatures of darkness were alerted to his position. Not that it wasn't hard, he stood in the eye of a mesocyclonic supercell. The vortex of air within the convective storm rose and rotated around a vertical axis in the same direction as low pressure systems in a given hemisphere.

    Landing on one knee, he rose slowly with the tumultuous sky twisting and grinding above him. One of the shadows leapt to attack but as it did, the static in the air rapidly rose and as he lifted his head his eyes caught the monster swiftly moving towards him. 3,000 megajoules of energy with 180,000 amperes of electric current surged straight down blasting the creature into oblivion and setting fire to dry grass and weeds birthing a walk way for him to follow.

    Samuel smirked to himself, nodding his head. "Of course," he recalled, his voice even and calm as he sat there. I had fun dissecting her for my studies, he thought to himself, recalling all the data he gathered from one of the many dead experiments. The doctor enjoyed testing #4 every once in a while. It may have been his first time on a recall mission, but he knew the reason why he had been kept from doing it for such a long time. He'd rather watch #4 kill the experiments so Dr. Nolan could dissect the fallen experiment in his labs. It was more fun for him that way.

    "Bring that experiment back, alive Dr. Nolan," the voice of the head researcher echoed in his mind as he crossed his legs, looking at the file once more. Experiment #11 was one of the few experiments they knew nothing about, how her powers developed or how strong she might be at the moment. The file says she's class 3, but that was the assessment off of the video of her escape and the reports that led them to the Experiment. As far as they knew, she could be even stronger. Dr.. Nolan was more then excited to begin the experimentation on this interesting case.

    "Be sure to keep her alive, #4," he reminded the experiment with him, before he jumped out of the plane. Samuel looked to the task force with him. "Land the plane and prep the weapons with the tranquilizers. We have to set up a perimeter," the doctor began, "#11 cannot escape."


    The intruder might have thought he had killed the shadow, but all he did was charge the shadow, forcing it to disappear into the shadows that suddenly grew in the area. This power was doing nothing but making the shadows grow in number and prickle with energy; a reaction that was not recorded in #11's file. The blast, however, did cause Rillow to cry out in the cave she rested in, causing her fear and anger to grow. No! I need to keep my head level! she yelled at herself mentally. "We need to leave," she whispered to herself, trying to stand, but it was too late. Her body moved sluggishly as she tried to leave the cave. Her eyes still hadn't changed back, which was not a good sign. As the female stood outside of the cave, most of the smaller creatures had returned and were trying to help her stay standing. The energy in the air coupled with the wind was making her concentration break. "We need to leave," she whispered to herself once more. Rillow knew this... but she was so tired; all she just wanted to be left alone. I'll make them leave me alone... she thought to herself, before she let go.

    Rillow's body became limp and unmoving, crashing to the ground. If she were a normal girl, she would have hit her head very hard against the stone and moss, but she was far from normal. Her body fell into a growing mass of darkness. This was the true power of her abilities; these monstrous creatures that would destroy everything in their wake if she did not control them. The shadows grew larger and larger, forming huge creatures that looked like nightmares. One of the creatures, that stood at the back, held the female. It's chest opened up and tentacle like hands grabbed onto Rillow, pulling her into the safety of it's chest; sealing off their creator in a protective bubble of darkness.

    The heavy breathing filled the forest, driving all the life from it. Any darkness in the area was pulled to the massive creatures that stood by and waited. Don't kill innocents, the words echoed within the creatures. It was the only order Rillow gave them and it was a simple one that they could fool, since they will be allowed to kill others who would hurt their creator.

    Kill. Protect.

    Those words echoed through out the surrounding area before two of the creatures to where the plane had landed, while the remaining two protected the fifth, who held their creator.


    Lelou's eye's glowed a mesmerizing deep blue as he continued deeper into the dark blackness of the forest, undaunted, unswayed by the things he was hearing. They were the words of someone frightened and tired. He could tell her willpower had been sapped. She was expending more energy than she had to conjure and control her powers. But whatever the case was, he was going to protect her. After all, he'd been the one to give her the name Rillow. It was only fitting that he take responsibility for her capture. The reason why it was never documented was because it was a name that she had gotten only after she had been brought into the project. A secondary name, for a secondary life. Where the scientists only saw them as numbered guinea pigs, Lelou saw them as family. And family deserved names.

    Lelou came to a clearing, and old construction site. He knew he'd be facing a challenge ahead. He looked around carefully enough, and then he found what he was looking for--reinforcing bars of steel. He picked one up feeling the weight before turning back to the darkness, his hand sparking before electricity encapsulated the rod with a high voltage current that struck at the ground in loud 'pops'. Walking, he neared the cavern in which Rillow had hid. He stopped a few feet from its entrance.

    "Is this the way you want this to go down?" He questioned sternly. "With us fighting each other? Killing each other? Hasn't enough of our blood been spilled by them?" He enunciated the last word because he no longer felt human. Or at the very least, what they would consider human.

    He drug the electrified rod across the ground engraving a line. "If you continue using your powers in such a destructive manner as to kill unarmed people--I will have no choice but to cross this line and come after you in full force. Please, don't make me do that. I've lost enough people...Don't make lose anymore than I have to."

    An open field, not far from the construction site, was the perfect size for landing the plane. As the plane landed, the armed group stepped out of the plane first, surveying the area. Samuel remained within the plane, using his computer to see through the various cameras attached to each person. -Keep formation!- Samuel heard the squad leader yell at the group. Typical loud mouthed alpha male behavior. It was entertaining to the doctor; like puppets on strings, they knew nothing of what would be happening right now, but now was not the time to let himself be so amused. It was time that he focused on the goal. "Keep your UV lights going," Samuel's voice was level, devoid of humor and the normal joking tone. The good doctor was serious.

    That's when the radio's began to get static. Those outside looked around, unsure as to what was going on, until the breathing started. At first it was soft, surrounding the area like fog slowly rolling in, but then it became louder. The breathing surrounded everyone, filling their ears. The breathing seemed to come from every crevice causing the men outside to look around with confusion; even Samuel could not deny the chill that went down his spine. This... this isn't the same...


    The shadow creatures looked at the male that stood before them, gauging whether or not they should engage. "Is this the way you want this to go down?" The male spoke, drawing the attention of the largest of the three creatures. In this state Rillow could hear the words being spoken, but they sounded distant; echoing within the protective bubble she had grown accustom to. "With us fighting each other? Killing each other? Hasn't enough of our blood been spilled by them?" Rillow felt her eyes open within the darkness, this was the first time she had ever done this. Her eyes took in the scene before the creatures and then her vision split.

    Suddenly the sound of gunshots echoed into her ears and she couldn't help the scream of surprise that came from her throat. The sound echoed within the creatures chest. It was a soft, distant sound, her scream barely whispered into the air, but it caused the breathing to grow even more so; a heavy sound that surrounded everything like tar.

    After her initial shock, Rillow seemed to calm down enough to be able to focus on what she was seeing; what they were seeing. Rillow never new she could see what they could see. Usually she felt the anger and the pain that triggered them to form; her body unable to move, but whoever was speaking somehow had them calmed down enough. They were calm enough for Rillow to be able to open her eyes. One eye could see the other two creatures fight against the armed men who kept shooting at them; shouting that she could barely understand. Whoever these men were, they were lasting longer then the ones who had gone after her before.

    The other eye looked ahead of her, at the person who stood before her and her creations. This energy was coming from him... he is one of the experiments, but there was something more familiar about him. The bright blue of his eyes brought back a memory she had never seen so clear.

    "How about... Rillow?"

    The voice that always echoed in her mind, became clearer; the memory became clearer and she could see the person before her in her mind. Her eyes widening at the memory. The person who gave her her name... the person who stood before her now was the person who gave her happiness. What was he doing here? Was he with them?

    "If you continue using your powers in such a destructive manner as to kill unarmed people--" He was with them... he chose them in the end. "I will have no choice but to cross this line and come after you in full force." I'm not so weak anymore... I won't hesitate to kill you... traitor. Malice began to grow within her and she felt her eyes slowly closing. "Please, don't make me do that." Her eyes re-opened as he continued to speak. "I've lost enough people...Don't make lose anymore than I have to."

    Before her mind could continue; before her anger and malice could take root, her voice echoed within the creatures. This person is innocent... don't hurt him... Her mind echoed the orders over and over again and as it did, the creatures began vibrating.

    Spare the innocent.

    The creatures voice echoed, the breathing suddenly stopping. The sound of hissing replaced it as the two smaller creatures joined together with the larger third one. Together, the creature was massive; wings sprouting out of its back. Rillow needed to get out of there while she still had a bit of control. With all the energy she had left, she had the now winged creature, to get into the air. The other two had finished making most of the armed men loose consciousness after being attacked ruthlessly; now they flew into the air as well, wings formed on their backs to join their creator.

    It might have been her escape... but something hit her in her back, a sharp pain that knocked her from within the creatures chest. Some had shot a tranquilizer at her. Just as the drug began to take effect, the smaller two creatures dissipated into the air. Rillow would have fallen had it not been for the large creature that caught her, falling with her back to the forest.

    By the time she landed, the creature dissipated as well, her body limp as she laid on the ground. Rillow was fighting the drug, but it was already too late. They caught her.


    Samuel kept a level head, even though all he heard was gunfire and screaming. He focused on the breathing, making sure his recording software was working as they fought the creatures not recorded in the files. There was not much about this experiment, to be honest. Even her class was just a speculation. Having sent a few mercenaries to provoke her and possibly kill her before hand, not one ever returned alive. Samuel knew she would be interesting, but he did not expect this much strength in the amount of years she has been outside of the compound.

    Experiment #11 had exceeded the scientist's expectations. Now to the task of acquiring her, alive. "Have a sniper ready with tranquilizer rounds. We need her alive," the doctor announced over the radios. -Sir, there's no one left qualified to take a shot.- Samuel side, unimpressed. Unbuckling himself from his seat, he set his computer aside, removing his coat and grabbing one of the rifles that had been stocked in case.

    Dr. Nolan was a decent marksman, and with targets that size he'd be perfectly fine.

    Climbing up onto the top of the plane, he set up his rifle and aimed at the creatures fighting them, however, through his scope he noticed these would be too small to carry the experiment and too large to be the experiment herself. It was when the breathing stopped; the creatures suddenly sprouting wings and flying into the air, that Samuel followed with the rifles scope, aiming towards the largest creature and firing a shot.

    Watching the scene from atop the plane, he handed the rifle off to his bodyguard and climbed down to the ground, rallying the remaining conscious guards to go retrieve the experiment.

    Lelou held the steel reinforced bar parallel with his arm as he held it out to the side. The metal crackled loudly, sparking with so much energy it was glowing white hot with visible currents flowing up and down its length. He'd created a sort of perimeter with fluctuating lightening strikes being called forth by his own energy displacing the negative and positive charges creating invisible conduits which allowed the lightening to rain down in rapid succession proving the old adage that lightening never struck the same place twice, completely and utterly false.

    The screams and shouts in his ear piece seemed to cease--rather they were dead or unconscious remained to be seen. But it seemed his words got through to her. She was scared and defensive, and he was the only one that truly understood how she felt. However, she tried to take flight, adding her other shadows to the one she had enclosed herself in. He'd have struck her with bolt if he didn't believe it would outright kill her.

    Watching, he increased the intensity of the strikes; the ground exploding like bombshells were going off with each strike. He'd leave her no where to go. Added to the maelstrom winds, it was highly unlikely she'd have gotten very far. However, something happened. The creature ceased, then plummeted.

    He raced below her, watching creature dissipate just as he was there to catch her before she hit the ground. A tranq dart was embedded in her shoulder. He carried her bridal style with her legs draped over one arm and her back resting easily against the other built limb. He calmed the storm as he carried her back towards Nolan.

    "Easy now, I got you. I won't let them hurt you." He whispered to a drugged Rillow.

    The doctor walked through the forest, a stretcher waiting as the men who had been woken from their unconscious state went looking for the fallen experiment. They had 4 hours to find her before the drug began to loose it's strength. He looked around, seeing how the darkness remained, thick like a fog, it clinged to everything only to slide lower towards the ground. Samuel used his camera to record the fog as it slowly moved passed their feet. -Sir, #4 has #11,- the news caused the strange scientist to smile. The solders held guns at the unconscious experiment as #4 carried her out of the darkness. The doctor could not help but notice the dark fog followed the two as they walked towards the open field.

    "You can lay her on the stretcher #4," Samuel said, walking towards the stretcher. They had to quarantine her, retrain her and keep her sedated until they had her in a secure cell. This was protocol... all but keeping her sedated for the whole time. She would be kept in this state until they could properly handle her; this bit of information would be kept from the male experiment holding the unconscious female.
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