Welcome to Underworld High OOC and Discussion Thread

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  1. Hi all! Fleur here, just setting up a little discussion forum for our very own "Welcome to Underworld High" Rp!

    Datenshi was kind enough to delegate a few responsibilities of the RP to me, so feel free to shoot me a convo/pm/message thingy if you have any questions or concerns.

    Things have gotten off to a lovely start in the first period and I hope that we continue to have just as much fun going forward. I'll be transitioning us to second period shortly. As this is a Jump-In RP, submitting your name and the name of your character here isn't required to join, but it does help us keep track of who's coming and going. If you'd like to add your name to the list, just post in this thread or send me a message and I'll add you. Add whatever information you'd like, be it name, species, favorite dessert, or any other information you'd like us to know about you or your character.

    List of Participants (So Far):

    Daten, Datenshi_Senketsu (thread creator)

    Istra, FleurDeLis
  2. Well, this sure is handy ain't it?
  3. That's the idea.
  4. I'll be keeping up with this.
  5. Ugh... I leave for an afternoon and the power scale gets fed through a woodchipper.
  6. what do you mean?
  7. This was a great idea. :)
    P.S. I might not be able to post until late this week. I'm doing volunteer work. But I'll still keep up to date.
  8. Ok.Thanks for letting everyone know. :)
  9. :jawdropping: Well that was unexpected
  10. Apparently he's a very fragile giant demon.
  11. Not sure if there are any Hunter x Hunter fans in this thread, but Shaiapouf is a character from that anime. image.jpg
  12. Oh I see.I haven't seen it but I've heard of it.

    I have news for everyone....I'm going to be moving July 8 so I may not have internet shorty before then and I'll be back once the internet is back on.I just wanted you all to know early.I hope I won't be without internet to long.For now I still have it so I will be on until it has to be cut off.
  13. I've heard of the anime from friends. I still need to watch it though.
  14. Hisoka, it's funny. One of the main characters of Hunter x Hunter's name is Hisoka too.
  15. Dammit I was going to respond to at least ONE of those premises. T.T
  16. Ahh such awkwardness.