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  1. I'm just looking for some slice of life romance role plays!

    Just a Little Hippie Love :: M x {F}
    Festival bound, two souls decide to carpool to their next festival. Over the weekend, the two start to develop a very close and special bond. They spend their days reveling in art and sunshine, and their nights raging to beautiful music. They fall madly in love, and the story follows them as they spend the rest of the summer traveling the world with each other.

    Plot Candies: Drug Use, Romance, and I would also like a partner who is interested in a wide variety of music and art.

    Underneath the Indigo Sky :: {M} x F
    Tired of his daughter's attitude and lack of responsibility, the ranch owner cuts her off and forces her to begin to work for her money. He gives the responsibility of whipping her into shape to his best ranch hand (my character). At first, the two completely resent each other, being polar opposites. But, over the months, they begin to open up to each other about their hardships and their true inner selves.

    Plot Candies: Lots of romance!

  2. Underneath the Indigo Sky :: {M} x F

    Would love to try this one out with you. Will send link to my CS soon.
  3. I actually already found a partner for this one, I'm sorry. Maybe we could do a little twist on it to make it different. That way we can still do the basics of this, without me being in 2 role plays that are too similar.
  4. Okay, well...being a brainstormed typhoon, I've had an idea pop up just now.

    Maybe, we can play around with the idea of the daughter becoming far too modernized, too spoiled on her parents' hard work. Back in the day, when she was younger, she wanted to become a professional barrel racer, train horses, and eventually learn how to condition horses for racing; something her father and uncle use to do one the side a long time ago, until their fastest and strongest stud died six years ago. Now, as she grew older watching her mother past away, and her uncle leave her father alone with running the entire farm and stables their father left them.

    She sees how much her friends have and soon begin to pull away from her father and her old dreams to pursue any opportunity she can find that might get her away from the farm and her bitter father. She wants to leave, but she's hoping to find a better life for herself - to make enough money to pay off the farm and move her father away from the hell he's believe he's stuck with. Unfortunately, her father is stubborn and refuses to move from the dying farm. He even refuses for her to step away from the land and old ways he's taught her, arguing with her about her ideas of leaving for college to pursue a career in business. He wishes for her to remain with him in order to rebuild the stables and train a new Goldenfly - the name of their last Triple Crown winner.

    Hoping to force her to stay, he's requested his head ranch hand (YC) to manage the reconstruction of the stables, and purchased two powerhouse horses - two of whom his daughter knows a lot about, to rebuild their former glory. He's hoping with the ranch manager's help he can convince his daughter that the opportunities she's seeking are still right there - the stables can be upgraded for the next generation of racers, and she can be a huge part of it.

    I don't know if this is worth trying, but I just tossed this up out of the blue. So, if you see anything that can be altered, please post up. I wanna see what can happen with it.
  5. I like where this could go, I'll send you a pm and we can discuss it some more :)
  6. Was wondering, do you want me to make a thread for this or will you?
    I have a basic layout for my charrie, but there's still a few things I need to add to it. Just let me know when you're ready.
  7. I'd be interested in plotting something out with you. :>
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