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it's actually an effective method of propagation. the downside is that, lots of the young ones never make past their first year, month, week, or even day. for every strong ork, there is a lots of young, dead orks. am i right?



for the sake of the linguistically challenged around here (namely, me) can you translate what you said?


a bit of a rant here.... there's a downside to having too much free time. you have time to think about lots and lots of things, including the ones you'd rather not think about.
Greenskin->English translation: The Bloody Sun Boiz shall smash the dwarves really well.
Greenskin->English translation: The Bloody Sun Boiz shall smash the dwarves really well.
thanks... though it still makes little sense... (or am i just missing the context?)


.... the following lines are taken from a SZS's chapter coinciding with Valentine's day (SZS Chapter 82, pages 2 and 3)

Nozomu: Today's the day that the girl you like will confess to the guy she likes.

Nozomu: Also, in nine out of ten cases, the guy isn't you.

* the class' atmosphere suddenly became gloomy *

random guy student: Why are you saying such despairing things!?

Kafuka: He's Zetsubou-sensei [despair-teacher] of course.

* Nozomu continues speaking... *

Nozomu: Not only did you find out the guy she likes, (but) for most guys, it also determines your ranking.

Nozomu: Only one true chocolate is given. Then twenty-nine is given out of pity. And then the three hundred guys get nothing.

Chiri: (shouting) Isn't that Heinrich's law?

Nozomu: (not minding Chiri) For one person's happiness, three hundred others must endure agony.

... ... ... and woe is unto them if the guy that the girl liked isn't even interested in her, and is staving off 'attention' from 29 others!

but isn't that the norm? while some guys get all the attention, most normal guys are being left out.
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