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  1. (Group IC here)


    Hello, I have a few things I'd like you to know before you continue any further.

    First off, this rp is 14+ and there will be a minimum requirement of one paragraph (5-7 complete sentences) per post with a character, so if your not satisfying those conditions, my recommendation is to go ahead and click out, it just isn't worth wasting your time.

    On that note however, assuming you do create a character it is important to note that it becomes "canon"
    permanently, even if you leave this rp and vow never to return to it, please understand that I will be using them as a GM tool from there on out. If you don't think you could handle someone else using your creation after you leave, it's probably best not to look past here.

    On a third note, as there will be minors involved, there will be a zero tolerance for any libertine type roleplaying.

    And on a fourth and final note, there will never be a limited amount to the amount of rpers that are capable of
    participating in this rp.

    Thanks for reading.

    Note: Please read the disclaimer before continuing onward
    The year is 2020, and I wish to welcome you to a group called the E.I., a group of working towards world domination, using powers that are more than human. In this group everyone is immortal, through the collective efforts of three people known only as "The Founders", a serum was developed that prevented cellular growth and destruction when you are at perfect health, and heals your injuries at an astronomical rate, not only that, it grants you control of powers and physical abilities that were only once dreamed about by the human race. It's a wonderful thing, and it has brought these three people together in an effort to establish world domination, and perhaps even an intergalactic empire.

    But they can't do it alone.

    So they have recruited you, whomever you may be, old, young, diseased or healthy, fit or unfit, to join their ranks.
    Each one of you has a special place in the ranks of the E.I., now it's up to you to train and hone your skills under the founder's watchful eye, so that you may help them achieve that goal. You all have your reasons for being here, some benign, some malevolent, but for now, it’s best not to question them.

    Welcome to the E.I.
    Further Plot Information

    This rp will be divided into 3 parts, the beginning, which would be Welcome to the E.I., the middle {Insert title here} Which will constitute battling to make the "Founders" rulers of the world, then their will be the End {Insert new title here} Which will constitute the downfall of the "Founders" and the end of their global empire.

    The Rules (Don't Break 'em)

    1. The usual Iwaku rules
    2. No metagaming, godmodding, or creating Mary Sue characters. (I believe this is self explanatory)
    3. As stated in the disclaimer, always make certain you have a minimum of one paragraph (5-7 complete sentences) in your posts. However, i'd also like for it to be good quality as well, don't just shitpost, even if it takes you a bit to post
    4. If you plan to curse, do it sparingly, or if you plan to make a character that falls under the "CursesAlltheTimeforNoParticularReason" category, make sure it's a light swearing, avoid F-bombs, and higher tier swears. Because precision F-strikes work so much better.
    5. Include the name of your character at the top of your post, that way we know just whom your posting with. It should look like this:

    Template post

    Name of character

    Post: posiknaonfonaksoif. oamsinf uanojkenf naiunf ksfn. inaoisnf inaosjnfolainnsf mia mniosnfais nnkvianmsof inaosjnf lkjkn kamsimf imai ijminmkajnso. kmiansijnf km iansi kmanjsnkfn im, kjnknajks.

    1. If you post in character, make sure you wait two posts before you go about posting again.
    2. IC drama should not become OOC drama, if you have a problem with a recent post or facts, or spotted something I missed, please make sure to notify me in pm, I will solve the problem accordingly.
    3. I feel as this is a very important thing to state, A GM's word is law. Please do not attempt to defy myself or any GM that I choose to work with me.
    4. Use common sense. If it isn't in the rules, but you think it's probably something you shouldn't do, don't do it. Better to ask me first.
    5. At the bottom of your character sheet please post a color of your choice to show you have read the rules.
    6. The GM's word is law, so don't mess with him or his representatives.
    7. Deaths may occur in this rp, please don't get upset when a character dies.

    Below you will have the option of choosing one of the three founder’s to train under each of them have their own perks. The perks of choosing each are as follows:

    Those who chose to train under the first founder will be able to learn to manipulate earth and water, they will possess the sort of "tank" role, with great amounts of strength and endurance, but lacking in speed. Their strength really rests in their physical traits and not their powers.

    Those who train under the second founder will be able to learn to manipulate light and dark, they will be the fastest and most agile, but will lack in strength and endurance. These members become the speedy archer type role, needing support from the tank types so that they can continue to do battle

    Those who train under the third founder will be able to learn to manipulate fire and wind, and will have by far the most flexible of skill sets, as they will have a small increase in both speed, strength, agility, and endurance.
    Character Sheet Template

    Appearance: (An image of some sort preferably some kind of artistic drawing, or animated type image, pictures are fine, however I’d rather not have the faces of “real” people in the character sheets)

    “Quote of something the character says here (for example “Never give up!”) ”


    Age: (No younger then fourteen years of age please)


    Skills: (Are you a good tactician? Are you great at counting cards? Perhaps you are a great cook?)

    Chosen Founder to Train under:

    Special Ability: (This will get more powerful over time, for now it needs to be something small, for example, a
    character who is capable of throwing fireballs is a great starting place, because from there perhaps they’ll learn to shoot rays of superheated flame at superfast rates)

    Peculiar traits: (What kind of effect did the serum have on you? Is there a weird thing that emerged because you used the serum, like a third hand? Perhaps every time you go near fire, the flame is drawn to you. This should correlate to your choice of founder. For example a person who is training under the first founder should not have a peculiar trait where they radiate light wherever they go.)

    Reason for Joining the E.I.: (Have you decided to join the E.I. because you want to get some serum to save your dying younger sister? Perhaps it was because you want to become a very powerful and influential leader?)

    History: (What’s your character’s background? While this doesn’t have to especially long, the longer the better. To be helpful, all recruitment happen by the chosen recruit being secretly kidnapped and brought to a secret facility for training.)




    Pet hate:

    Theme Song:

    Extra things:


    How your characters will get more powerful:

    So it may be confusing over how your character will get more powerful. When you character trains under his/her respective founder, after the end of each training session I will post a list of characters that are eligible for being upgraded power wise. Every time you upgrade you character you can choose either to add an extra ability that must start out on a base level, or to choose to up your current power a bit. So if you had a character who was able to throw fireballs to start with goes up in experience, no instead of just throwing one, maybe they can throw four, or if they could already throw multiple, maybe now they explode on contact with a surface.

    It sounds a bit confusing now, but if you have more questions I’ll answer them when the time comes for you to “upgrade” your character, you’ll post the following

    Previous Power:

    Upgraded power/ Added Ability:

    Then from there I’ll approve it or ask you to modify it.
    But once again, you won’t need to worry about it in the beginning.

    The Combat Arena
    A word about the combat arena, here, you may fight each other, or an enemy ranking the scale of easy, medium, hard, or insane. Each of these enemies will be piloted by a GM, and a request to fight an enemy of one of these levels may be submitted. Through this you may get more powerful through the battle with the "A.I." enemy, or you may get stronger through your battle with another person.

    Combat Arena Image


    The Gym
    A word about training in the gym.

    Should you choose to have your character "train" in the gym, my self or another GM may give you a attribute boost in the area you chose to train, keeping in mind that training yourself to better attributes will not mean that you'll be able to make it exceed your chosen "Strong" attributes.

    For example, if you are choosing to train under the first founder, no matter how much you train, your speed will never be able to reach the level that someone who trains under the second founder can. In reverse however, those who choose to train under the second founder will never have the level of strength those who train under the first founder have. While people who train under the third founder, occupy the middle ground between both of them.


    Map of the Facility

    The Combat System

    We have two systems for combat here. The first main one, which is the classic, on your honor, acknowledge the hits your opponent makes system, and a secondary optional system, that if given a majority vote in favor, allows the system to be used, the system is as follows

    Combat Hit System

    To keep things fair and ensure no problems occur out of people going back and forth attacking, The person who initiates an attack will roll a single die, using the "more options" tab, in the OOC in a post they make there. The number you roll will determine if it the attack lands, and if it lands, whether or not you get the full hit you describe. For these purposes, there will be no "one hit KO" unless the person taking the hit wants it to end that way, however, successive hits will mean that you are forcibly incapacitated by the GM if you don't acknowledge the damage. (The human body can only do so much ya know?) What you roll determines what you get, and this is the scale.

    1 = a Critical Fail

    2-5 = Fails how you interpret this fail is up to you

    6-10 = You got it, but missed some details or something, what is missed is determined by defender, though it can't be too many things.

    11-15= This is the middle of the road, little to no failure

    16-19 = Little to no failure

    20= Epic Moment

    The person who makes the attack can roll a die, determining whether or not that hit lands. However, to keep everything equal, if the number that the person who attacking rolls is undesireable. Say they got an epic moment, the person defending from the hit may "reroll" the die in the OOC. However, the number that is rolled will take a +3 penalty modifier, meaning that even if you roll high, it could still have a chance to take you up on the scale, and therefor hurt you. Risk = Reward but Risk = Penalty too.

    Current Members and their Characters

    @Ramboing: Maine Yates
    @Kurogane86: Adam the host of Daisuke the Pervert
    @SoleStride: Tyler Haak
    @MentalDriller: Lazaro Hope
    @Dakota K5 (Co-GM): Otto White & Lucien
    @RecentlyInsaneRussian: Russian Boy
    @conman2163 (GM): Cal, Nicholas, Alkura

    for my convenience
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  2. [​IMG]

    “Now watch as the pieces fall, into place, and it all comes crumbling down”

    Name: Founder #2 "Cal"

    Age: Unknown

    DOB: Unknown

    Skills: Can move x10 the speed of the average human. His brain processes things faster then even the most advanced super computer, and it allows him to analyze attacks in slow motion.

    Special Ability:

    Beams of Darkness: Cal can shoot beams of pure void energy out of his fingers, ripping apart anything in their path. The trajectory may change so long as Cal aims his fingers in the appropriate direction, and the beams move at a solid 10 mph in the direction he is aiming. He may fire one of these per post.

    Sword of Darkness: Cal can create a sword of any style composed of pure void energy capable of going head to head with any real weapon. The cutlass can be summoned and unsummoned at will, for a small energy cost.

    Shield of Light: Cal can create a shield made of hardlight and capable of withstanding any blow that it is hit with, provided that Cal has enough energy to deflect or stop it. The shield either manifests as an orb around him for a larger cost, or for a lower energy cost, manifests as a kite shield on his arm. Any hit that it absorbs will be paid for by Cal giving out an amount of energy equal to half the force of the hit to sustain the shield. This shield can be summoned and desummoned at will for a small energy cost.

    Peculiar traits: Wherever he goes he radiates an aura of calm, unless he gets angry, then the area around him can be felt crackling with energy.

    Reason for Joining the E.I.: To assist the first founder in taking over the world.

    History: To be Revealed IC

    Personality: Quiet, observing, Cal doesn't say much unless he is asked a question, or is in an already in an ongoing conversation. If he asks someone to do something though, he expects them to do it, regardless of what they are doing at the moment.

    People who obey his commands to the tee

    People who disobey orders

    Pet hate:
    The sound of people whining

    Theme Song:
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  3. View attachment 108072

    “This is kind of a hassle…”

    Name: Tyler (Anne) Haak

    Age: 23

    DOB: 05/05/1997

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 140 lbs

    Perceptive, Situational Composure & Situational Awareness, Parkour/acrobatics, gymnastics(flips, jumps, and tumbles), Kick-boxing

    Chosen Founder to Train under:
    Third Founder

    Special Ability:

    Tyler is showing a stronger possible connection with the wind element. Her talents with this element remain to be seen.

    Update 1:
    Tyler has begun using the elemental force of air, So far she has been able to call upon this force both out of anger (without meaning to) and also with intentional purpose. Her wind gusts have reached speeds of 20mph and 50mph.

    Update 2:
    Tyler has become capable of summoning fire on her own skin.

    Update 3:
    She can now create wind tornadoes.

    Peculiar traits:
    Due to the serum, when Tyler’s temperature drops below a certain temperature her skin turns a pale white-blue color and her hair and eyes also become blue. This is caused by a sudden decrease in circulation leading to non-life-threatening cyanosis as well as an increase of Methemoglobin in the blood. (Although the drastic change to hair and eyes are not yet understood and thought to be a side effect of the serum as well). This change in color may also be caused by surges of powerful emotions. Over time, her blue tint is becoming even more bold, darker in color. It appears that the more power she uses, the more intense her color becomes.

    Reason for Joining the E.I.:
    She was kidnapped and forced to be there.

    Tyler lived a relatively normal life in a conventional family setting – two parents, divorced, and one older brother that liked to pick on her. Despite her lack of motivation in most of life, she has always been physically active and is very physically fit. She played many different sports, including but not limited to volleyball, basketball, track, Rock-climbing, kickboxing, and even went to college to become a physical education teacher. In her first two years, she played college volleyball as well. She became a PE teacher and volleyball coach at a local high school after graduation. It was nearing the end of her first year of employment when she was nabbed while leaving practice one evening. She doesn’t remember much about it except thinking that she was about to be the next fresh carcass displayed on the following days 6 o’clock news. Anything more will be shown in IC.

    In most anything other than sports, Tyler is what is called an “Energy Conservationist”. She does not like to go out of her way for anything or anyone and tends to preserve energy on everything – i.e. she’s incredibly lazy. This is her most obvious trait and can be quite annoying when you want something from her. When something MUST be done (such as training or exercise), or is demanded by an authority, she will do so. She is very organized, but this is only to preserve her energy later – this means that she never has to clean up if everything is always in its place. Deep down, she does care for the people around her, but whether those feelings outweigh her innate sense to conserve her energy is another issue entirely. She is unlikely to take a bullet, metaphorical or literal, for anyone other than immediate family if that bullet-taking requires her to get off the couch. The only people she makes effort for are those she considers her 'teammates' as Tyler has a very team-sport mentality. She can easily be seen as the big-sister type when she is trying to take care of her team. She tends to make light-hearted comments and doesn’t take many things, including reproach, seriously.

    She does enjoy being around dogs, preferably large dogs, potato chips, and obviously sports or action-oriented thrills. Secretly, Tyler is a total sucker for Now And Later candies. They are hard to find but if offered one, she may just break her couch-potato conservationist persona.

    Putting in effort for pointless tasks, cats, country music, and people who smile and/or talk a lot.

    Pet Peeve:
    Being pinched. This is more like a major issue with her. Tyler has been known to get very violent when pinched and can start an all-out fistfight.

    Theme Song: "Wake Me Up" by Avicii

    Extra things:
    Tyler has a surprisingly serious/violent side to her that not many people see. She also has a soft side for short people because they look cute and is more likely to grant requests from a person shorter than her.

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  4. Approved. Nice character, really interested to see how well she interacts with the second founder.
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  5. soldier_by_1_kilometer-d3foqn0.png

    "Great, because life isn't complicated enough"

    Name: Specialist Jermaine "Maine" Yates

    Age: 21

    DOB: 11/15/2000

    Skills: Decent Marksman, Excellent Runner, Trained in CQC

    Chosen Founder to Train under: 2nd Founder

    Special Ability: Maine is showing a strange connecting to shadows and darkness....

    Peculiar traits: Nothing physical changed with Maine. His shadow on the other hand is moving in strange patterns, almost as if it has its on conscious.

    Reason for Joining the E.I.: Found nearly dead on the battlefield and taken from there

    History: Maine was born into a family of soldiers. His grandfather fought in the World Wars and his own father was an officer in the Navy. Yet despite all this, he never really fit the bill as a "soldier." He wasn't strong, brave, or a patriotic. And from a young age, he was bullied constantly and chased around by others, killing his self-esteem. But because of all the running, he actually became pretty fast, fast enough to be on his all-star track team in high school. Though recruited by other college for running, Maine decided to enlist in the Army to prove to himself that he was like his grandfathers and fathers.

    The Army was the best thing that could have ever had happened to him. He became stronger, faster, and for once in his life, found friends who had his back in the form of his squad. They ate together, slept together (in the most hetero way), and trained together. But all things must come to an end, and for Maine, it was when his base was under siege. While his entire squad made it out find, he was left behind because he was wounded. When the dust had settle after the base had been swept through, Maine was left on his own, slowly bleeding out....

    Personality: Previous military evaluations have described Maine as "persistent and dedicated, not just to himself, but to others around him." He is known to solve problems by thinking outside the box, seeing options nobody thinks are options. Follows orders like any good soldier, unless it crosses a strict moral line. But when he is alone or with friends, Maine is pretty sarcastic and not as uptight.

    Likes: Company, running, puns, and binge watching good shows

    Dislikes: Bad leaders, bullies, lazy people, kiss butts, the Navy, and unnecessary violence

    Pet hate: Being surprised. Maine can be very antsy and scared easily.

    Theme Song:
    Fortunate Son

    Extra things: Maine has never been to the state of Maine... despite his nickname.​
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  6. Approved, Great character sheet mate, i'll be interested to see how he'll interact with Tyler. It'll be fun to read......
  7. Once I get one more CS we can kick off the IC
  8. I was thinking the same thing when I read "dislikes lazy people" ~wince~
  9. Thanks... Cant wait!
  10. Appearance:
    Otto White (open)

    “This could of played out thousands of other ways with thousands of other paths but in the end we would still end up this way, you on your knees and me with a gun to your temple. Truly the game was rigged in my favor from the start.”

    Name:Otto White

    Age: 36

    DOB: 12/18/1986

    Skills: Otto is good with his words, he's talked himself out of more trouble then he is able to remember.
    Otto's previous ventures have made him gain a rudimentary understanding of IEDs, marksmanship as well as guerrilla warfare.
    He is able to play a guitar.
    speaks multiple languages.

    Chosen Founder to Train under: Third founder

    Special Ability: Recruit White seems to be leaning towards the fire trait associated with the third founder, as to in what way this develops is yet to be determined though measurements taken seem to show his core body temperature on a steady rise though recruit White seems to not notice this, further measurements are needed.

    UPDATE 1: Recruit White has now accessed his power, our suspicion of him leaning towards fire was right as his body temperature has risen to 37.7 C but an anomaly has been detected. A brief temperature spike was detected near his heart, at peak it was 93.3 C before it returned to 37.7 C more analysis is needed.

    Peculiar traits: recruit White seems to be feeling physical affects, his iris's have developed a red tint to them how this may develop we do not yet know.

    UPDATE 1: Recruit White's body temperature has risen again though no physical traits besides his eyes are seen.

    Reason for Joining the E.I.: Power but for what not even Otto knows.

    History: Otto had a normal life until around 2011-2012, the only thing that set Otto apart growing up was his fascination with weapons and warfare. While most teens were out dating or worrying about what car they were driving Otto was reading about Stonewall Jackson, Erwin Rommel, Napoleon Bonaparte and how to disassemble most readily available firearms he was able to get a hold of. As of 2011 Otto was working a normal 9 to 5 job in the Midwestern United states where he thought he would stay until he retired but something happened in 2011, a small middle eastern nation known as Syria entered a state of Civil war. Now Otto always agreed with the idea that all men and women should be able to determine their own fate and he saw this war as a oppressed people trying to throw off their shackles and determine their own destiny and Otto was determined to help, it didn't take much for him to get out of the states as his family and he didn't stay in constant contact nor was it hard to take a vacation from work and it was even easier to "disappear" when he got to Turkey thus began Otto's odyssey.

    He slipped into Syria rather easily as the border was only guarded sporadically and it wasn't ling before he found himself in the middle of a skirmish between rebels and government troops where he was handed a gun and told to fight, from that point on Otto was a rebel against a nation that wasn't his and the scary part was he enjoyed it, the fighting, the roar of artillery and everything in between he was addicted to it to war. For four years Otto fought beside men and women that he knew nothing about but became friends with these people he ate with them, bled with them and mourned with them but he always was looking forwards to the next battle which alienated him from those he fought with who hoped for peace each day and had made him unwelcome after four years but it was about this time he heard of a rising force in Iraq that was taking territory fast and committing atrocities as they went so he went to Iraq. He talked his way there after learning Arabic in Syria and was fighting with Kurdish forces before the end of the year, Otto bounced between Iraq and Syria fighting for or against government forces in each country or against other groups who wanted to install their own tinpot dictatorships.
    Though Otto left the middle east in 2016 as he saw that the wars were waning, he then began to show up in many hot spots around the world from Africa to southeast Asia and all the places in between he even got a nickname "the American" he would show up and train and fight with local forces for a year or two then disappear without asking for payment or thanks and he always spoke in another language anywhere he went leading some to think he was more then one person. In the year 2020 Otto found himself in the front of another civil war in Belarus, in the third month of the war Otto was in a building that was shelled by government forces and he was the only survivor when he was taken prisoner. While in a holding cell he was taken by an E.I team while a body double was left in his place thus beginning the second part of Otto's odyssey.

    Personality: Otto is friendly with anyone he meets but will get rather ornery with people if pushed, he does seem rather rough at first though that has more to do with his looks than his personality.

    Likes: Firearms, war, music, reading, wine, grapes, and those willing to learn

    Dislikes: fish, weak willed individuals, beer, raisins and generic individuals who seek nothing other then just "going with the flow"

    Pet hate: People being repetitive, mostly when people are asking a question and Otto answers but they...just...keep...asking.

    Theme Song:

    Extra things: Otto's tendencies make him seem like a monster to some but really his only goal is to ensure that those who wish to see their own destines realized through their own hard work and determination are able to do just that.​
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  11. Well that was fun to write, now I wait.
  12. And whilst you wait, I approve. Good work, like the others, im interested to see this character in action.

    Along with that, i'll get the IC up later today
  13. Appearance: Hijikata-Toshirou-anime-guys-23377142-1200-845.jpg

    “Tsk, pain in the ass"

    Name: Daisuke Hirragi

    Age: 24

    DOB: 01-20-1992

    Skills: a mechanic of sorts. Mostly tinkering he can fix almost anything

    Chosen Founder to Train under: the second founder

    Special Ability: To be determined

    Peculiar traits: To be determined

    Reason for Joining the E.I.: Daisuke joined E.I. just for the hell of it. He has no desire to rule or change the world he just thought having Strang new abilities would e fun.

    History: A Native of Japan, Daisuke grew up in a small quiet village known as Misukue. He had always felt outta place there he had such a thirst for adventure while everyone else was content with working till they died. The only thing to do around there was become a rice farmer like his father before him, so at the age of 16 he ran away to Tokyo.

    In the big city he figured he could make it big doing something only a city like Tokyo could offer. He ended up getting a job fixing small appliances having experience fixing stuff on his parents farm. He spent the next 4 years repairing appliances and learning about city life. He became friendly with several questionable people and was even invited into the home of a Yakuza boss to fix his sons gaming system. Since then he was welcome into their home he learned how the Yakuza worked, how to fight, how to gamble, how to cheat and had fun doing so.

    One day on his 21st bday he witnessed the Yakuza boss's house being raided. He helped the boss and his son escape before the raid. The Yakuza boss offered him any wish for the help, Daisuke chose to move to America to see the sites and make his mark. The boss agreed and sent him with all the necessary paperwork and IDs.

    Ever since then Daisuke has been wandering around gambling, fixing stuff and experiencing life ad a drifter.

    Personality: very laid back and open minded. He comes off as lazy at first glance but he can be active if the situation calls for it. Has a go with the flow attitude and loves to explore.

    Likes: new experiences, cute girls, great food, fast cars, easy money

    Dislikes: working in an office, responsibilities, worries, annoying authority figures.

    Pet hate: having people tell him to settle down and leave the drifting life style.

    Theme Song:

    Extra things: actually cares about people in his travels he offers helping hands to those in need. Not like a hero or anything but if he sees your car broke down hell offer to take a look, or if you drop your wallet he'll return it simple stuff.
  14. I think we're going to have a bit a character tension here ^.^ Makes for a better story.
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  15. If I didn't have character foiling I would have had to do it myself, and that would have just been boring. It's approved by the way, nice character.

    Just wait until you get to the first part of the rp.... hehehehe
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  16. When you do post, your characters will awake in a white room with a bed, a sink, a toilet, and a small shower in the corner. They will be dressed in white cloth clothing, and there will be a metal door that is unlocked and may be opened, and if they open it, they will find themselves in a circular white room with doors leading to other rooms similar to their own rooms.

    Once everyone has posted once I will make a GM post
  17. <.< >.> Guess I''ll go ahead and jump in.
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  18. Very nice and detailed post for just "jumping in" as you put it. Thanks for the post!
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