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  1. 'Welcome to the Dreamscape...'

    God knows I've waited my entire life to hear those words. Since the moment my grandfather had shared with me the wonders of this Utopia I had longed for the day when I would finally be able to enter the world of dreams. "The Dreamscape," He'd often speak, "is a magical place that was created by the greatest revolutionary mankind had ever known,Thomas Mallory,. The Dreamscape had been his final most well-known invention before he lost his mind and disappeared inside the paradise he created. The Dreamscape is a wonderful place where anyone can go inside and spend an eternity in an infinite world full of infinite possibilities. Anything you can imagine can be yours in an instant. Anything you want to create, destroy, or anything else you have the power to do. If your wish is to raise up an undead army to wage war upon a village then you can! Or if you want to summon a tidal wave of destruction to slaughter an entire city of men then you can. My God, the possibilities are endless. If you can think it you can do it. In the Dreamscaape their are no limits to what you can do. However, their is one problem. The Dreamscape may be infinite but you ate bound to cross other Dreamers while inside and often times Dreamers do not get along and may create the most epic of wars between each other. Of this you must be careful, for if your heart is damaged in any way you will be removed from the Dreamscape and will never be aloud re-entry Thomas Mallory added this so that those who wished to escape his Utopia could end it and go back to their own lives. Thomas designed the Dreamscape so that a person can only enter once and once they have left their is no going back. I was once in the Dreamscape myself but another Dreamer took my life and sent me back to the Waking world. I will never forget the sweet land of the Dreamscape, however and I hope that one day you too will have the honor and privilege to enter."

    My grandfather, unfortunately did not live to see the day when I entered the Dreamscape but I have kept him in my thoughts and I have sworn to find the man who killed my grandfather all those years ago and bring justice to this land. Thomas Mallory, your great gift to man has not gone unappreciated, and I shall not squander my time here. After all these years I can finally say that I am the Dreamer and my dream can finally come to life.

    A crooked wooden sign reading 'WELCOME TO THE DREAMSCAPE' is all that greets me as I stand up for the first time in my new body. "Finally, this is it. I wonder what I should create first...?"
  2. His hands trembled. Not with fear, but with excitement. Although anyone who saw him right now would be trembling with the former. It had been so long. So, so long. How long? Marcus wasn't sure how time worked back in the world he called "real". But here, in this beautiful palace sculpted by prison walls, time was long lost to him. He had been waiting so long. Yet he could still remember his motivation for this incarceration as if time had barely crawled forward.
    Megan would have loved that rhyme

    She always found exhilaration in the clever things in life, his dear sister. She was always so intrigued with life, so adventurous. How could he ever have expected her to resist a place such as this?

    DAMN THAT STUPID ROOMMATE! That overzealous, cocky, brat thought she was so clever when she convinced my sister to delve deep into this maddening realm! Her stupid giggle when she described the wonderful world of the "Dreamscape". I should have known the second Megan heard those words that she'd try coming here. After I begged her. AFTER SHE PROMISED ME! I should have known her lust for the incredible would surpass even her devotion to honesty.

    That fateful night was still a blur to Marcus. The knocking on the door mimicked his own heartbeat seconds after he saw who was waiting. Those men in uniform, who informed him of his sister's "accident". It was no accident. No matter what they said. Despite the autopsy that could only describe her heart failure as one in a million. Marcus knew better. He knew that whatever killed her lied beyond the only reality he'd known. He had no choice. no choice at all. He had spent his whole life watching over her, protecting her, loving her. Now she was gone, and Marcus had nothing.
    Except a name.
    Thomas Mallory. Megan's roommate said she'd heard stories of him while in the Dreamscape. The worlds creator, its god.

    And now the wait was over. Well...almost. Marcus had yet to find Mallory, or any distinct trace of him for that matter, but that was about to change. Someone new had entered this world, someone like him. Someone looking for justice. For vengeance.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Finally, this is it. I wonder what I should create first...?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Marcus' ears perked up. It was time. He regained his composure, straightened his simple robes, and emerged from behind the rock where he hid.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Something Incredible."[/BCOLOR]
  3. Raye Fields turned his head to the man who had approached him. After looking him up and down Raye bent down to fix the crooked sign. One touch and the sign was back to pristine condition. "Are you a Dreamer? And if you are, how long have you been in this world?" Raye looked down at the typical t-shirt and jeans that he wore and quickly turned them into a set of mythril armor covering the length of his body. On his waste he formed a simple scabbard with the hilt of a sword sticking out. Raye turned his attention back to the man and cocked an eyebrow. He hadn't expected to run into another person so soon.
  4. Marcus feigned a look of interest as the man began experimenting his new found powers. Marcus had once been like him, eager to test the virtually endless powers at his disposal. But, after the years spent in this void, conjuring magnificent attires and unimaginable tools of war, he refined himself to a simple robe. It was earth toned and sleeveless, exposing his shoulders, and ended just above his ankles. The hood of the robe, covered most of Marcus' features. However, as he approached the man, he removed the hood exposing his ragged dirty blond hair, and his eyes, which matched the brown of the robe. He looked young, in fact, he was not even 20 when he first entered Dreamscape. "Not bad. I'm more of a SciFi man myself, but to each his own I suppose." Marcus extended his arm for a handshake. "I'm Marcus Cooper, but here I'm known as the Traveler." As he awaited the man's response, Marcus reflected on the magnitude of what he had just done. He never gave his name to strangers, or anyone for that matter, not even his own creations. Only four dreamers knew his true name; the first four he had met. Two of them had since been forced back to reality, while the other two were...somewhere. He had befriended all of them, not for the need of social interaction, but for the same reason he told no one else his name. Marcus feared a malicious dreamer, being exiled back to reality, would kill Marcus as he slept. It may have been unnecessary, since he didn't know how much time had passed or if his body was still on Earth for that matter, but Marcus wouldn't take the chance. He had a mission, and hopefully a new friend.
  5. His white hair fluttering back in the wake of the wind he created as he sat atop a mountain, this mountain had sand atop of it and snow fluttering below it, Some call him too imaginative others call him backwards. He himself likes to create things that contradict themselves, that's why he rather go by contra. Contra was about 35 with a full white beard and to his lower back white hair, his eyes a bright orange that seemed to pierce through a persons body. He stood up slowly on top of the mountain, his black robes now fluttering back in the wind. He focused looking forward as his eyes seemed to zoom in on one location, were two men stood, trying to make out the shape of the two men to find out if he knew any of them but by then he did not care. As the wind was disturbed by a giant snake like creature coming to a stop in front of Contra, It was a large black dragon. It flapped its wings to stay in position as Contra leapt onto its back and sat there petting its back, the dragon could most likely be seen by both men before it dipped into the large tree area. Contra had excluded himself to his area and had made a few acquaintances with the other dreamers but most do not come back and talk which leaves him alone. His area is enclosed by a large wall of gold, his area is actually dangerous for people to enter since he spends a lot of his time making animals and coming up with new ones. His forest is also riddled with Wolves, who tend to only listen to their master...some of the time.
  6. As the black dragon dipped into the forest, Marcus didn't bat an eye. He just stood there with his hand still extended to new man as if the dragon hadn't been obvious to see. Contra and his little pet could wait, but Marcus wondered if this new man had noticed the serpentine beast.
  7. Parker.. you're scum. Parker go kill yourself, the world would be better off. Parker you're a failure. Parker. Parker. Parker. Parker. PARKER! Park___ "Shut up! Damnit. Just stop talking!" Parker stood over the body of a dead dreamer. A girl, about 16 years of age. Parker had created a stone slab with metal spikes in it and dropped it on her before she could react. Now, after killing her, he had removed the stone slab from her body and was covered in her blood. The voices of all the bullies from the real world echoed in his head. These voices harassed him often. He hated it dearly. Parker Salem was 6 foot tall, slim, had long black hair past his shoulders, and always wore black. He was 18 years old when he'd entered dreamscape and hadn't aged a day. He smiled at the girl and closed her eyes with his hands. He stood up and started to walk away. Parker had always dreamed of killing people. Slaughtering as many as he wanted. Bathing in the blood of his bullies and enemies. Here, he could do just that, and no one would stop him. He'd been in dreamscape for 6 years. When he'd figured out how to do it by getting a random email one day. He wished he could thank that person. He owed them for this amazing opportunity. He was friends with no one because every dreamer he'd come across had met their fate at his hands. He snapped his fingers and his bloodied outfit changed. He was now wearing black pants and a long black tench coat with a hood attached. He then created a mask made of a human skull and put it on his face and pulled up his hood. He grabbed his scythe from out of thin air and strapped it across his back. "May you rest in piece... weakling." He was no longer Parker Salem. He was Death Incarnate and he would spread misery and chaos through dreamscape. Simply because, it was fun. He walked through the dark forest whistling a tune from one of his favorite songs until he came to an opening which was where the lovely "Welcome to dreamscape" sign was. He saw two newcomers. Oooh, this will be interesting. He thought to himself.
  8. Raye took the man's hand and shook it firmly. "Marcus, eh? Good to meet you, the name's Raye. I wouldn't have expected to find a friendly face such as yours so early on." The sound of the dragon's wings grabbed Raye's attention and he turned to see the winged beast flying up above. "Now why would that man need to ride a dragon when he could just fly?" Raye braced for a moment before leaping into the air, rapidly gaining hight. Once Raye had come to the same altitude of the dragon he released himself and began hovering while he glided towards the man on the dragon. "What is it that yer doing up here fellow dreamer?" Looking down Raye noticed another man approach silently from down below.
  9. Marcus' body tensed. It took him a moment to even realise Raye had taken flight, but there was something that needed his attention more. He felt the cold stare of someone's eyes on him. Marcus didn't like being snuck up on; it always reminded him of his own mortality in this world. He had been in the Dreamscape for so long, living far beyond the scope of any lifetime in the real world, that he sometimes forgot that every other dreamer possessed his same power. Perhaps not as strong of a mind, or as hard of a will, but the same power nonetheless. He turned his body to the direction of the stranger. What he saw did not disappoint. Salem. That psycho who filled his endless days with gleefully murdering other dreamers. Marcus had never met nor seen Salem face to face, but he had many different conjured beings that he used as scouts. What they told him about Salem's horrific escapades was enough to make Marcus avoid him. Not for fear of Salem's rampaging personality, but rather his focus for what he was in Dreamscape for. Now that Marcus had seen Salem himself, his opinion changed. However, what little fear stirred in Marcus soon withered as the thought of Megan's justice coming closer to fruition. He took one more look at the welcoming sign, and grinned. Marcus raised his left hand, extended his index finger, and flicked the air. The same instant, the sign crooked back to its original position. Marcus returned his attention returned to Salem, who stood far across the field, and stared into his eyes, hiding behind a skull mask, and promptly asked "Ehhh...What's up Death?"
  10. He had been spotted by one of the dreamers who just took flight freely, he smirked at the man who approached contra so simple and happy. The dragon Contra was riding jerked at the man almost reaching out to bite him whole but was stopped by a swift heel kicking it down into the floor as it turned into a large group of black butterflies. Contra sat cross legged hovering there as the man did " What am i doing?, heh what a great question, what are we all doing? Me i am simply enjoying this power that i have gained by creating creatures to enjoy by many, pets friends and slaves. i tend to combine animals as well, You are new aren't you."
  11. Parker was suprised at the mans reaction. No one ever acted so casual around him. So why was this guy different? He should be afraid. Everyone knows death. Everyone knows Parker Salem.

    Boy, he is stronger than you. Do not attempt to engage in combat with him.

    Shut your mouth, Death. No one is stronger than me. I am Death and Death is me. We are one. I am invincible. Although, I'm not particularly that thirsty for blood right now. I'll let him live... maybe.

    "Damn. You saw me huh? Good eyes for an old man. I guess I won't kill you. Although, you have been warned and I suspect you know who I am."

    Parker leaned back into a brick wall he had dreamed would appear behind him for back support, he crossed his arms and looked at the guy with apathy.
  12. "Yes, I am in fact new here. So I suppose it is the custom to introduce one's self. I am Raye Fields, and I am looking for a man who lives in this world. If any of you three have information on a Jean Morrison I would be much obliged to hear it. I visited his Cocoon before entering the Dreamscape so I know he's still in here. I believe he knows something that could benefit my quest greatly." Raye gently drifted to the ground near Parker and Marcus.

    "The Cocoons,"
    as Grandfather would say. "Are the machines that bind the human mind to that of the Dreamscape. Shaped like a giant metal Cocoon, the machines enwrap their users and combine their genetic code to the central computer chamber. A computerized simulator runs perpetually giving those attached an illusion of being within the world. The Cocoons are also designed to insert the required proteins and nutrients that humans need for survival into the Dreamers. However there are a few problems with the machines. A design flaw has made it so that the machines can only register the genetic code of every individual once, this makes it impossible for people to enter multiple times or for twins to enter. Another problem faced with the machine is that often times when a person will awake from the Dreamscape the constant shock that their brain undergoes causes them to have an assortment of problems ranging from PTSD to heart attacks."
  13. Marcus wanted to cringe at Salem's words. They sounded so artificial, so fake. It reminded Marcus of himself. Although Marcus made it a point not to blatantly annonce his true intentions to the world. Still, Marcus hadn't expected the possibility of a peaceful interaction. Perhaps Salem could be tamed. Under the right authority, he could be utilized for the pursuit of Marcus' own goal, finding Malloy.

    "Old? Well sure it may have been a few centuries since I lost count of the years, but I-"


    Marcus doubled over in agony, finishing his sentence with a blood curdling scream. He felt his heart being eviscerated as it was yanked from his chest. But, like Salem's words, this pain was false. Although the fear was truly real.
    It was Connor, one of the two dreamers left that Marcus had befriended. Before the three friends had parted ways, they made a pact to experience the reality of each other's final moments, in order to know where they were, what had killed them, and to act in justice. He had been killed. By What? By Who?


    A beach. by one of the countless vast oceans that populated this realm. Which one? And a door? To where? What was its importance? These questions would have to wait, in order for them to be answered. He first needed to recruit the help of as many dreamers as possible.

    As swiftly as the pain had overtaken him, Marcus regained his composure, stood up, and made his hood rise over and cover his face. It was only at this moment that he first realized Raye and Contra had joined the conversation.

    "I need your help...all of you" said Marcus in a new, flat, tone of voice.
  14. Steffany; or Steff, as she liked to be called, stood in a grassy green field. She blinked her jade-green eyes, getting used to the new computer-light. Her full lips raised into a smile as she raised a petite hand over her head to look up at the beautiful sky and the cute puffy clouds. Her mind was confused for a few minutes as her senses were overwhelmed with new feelings, smells, sights, and even the taste of the sweet daisy-pollen heavy on the air. She had only just received the news of this "game" recently, by her game-playing friend. She would smirk at how others would comment that they looked like siblings, and might not be able to enter that virtual world together. She shook this off as nonsense, from people who didn't know what the world's mechanics were. Steff had entered this virtual world alone, almost scared at having the machine hooked to her; she had seen those other people who were in the "game" as well, not moving at all. But her emotions were erased as she delved into the new world she was going to discover, and replaced by these feelings of happiness, joy, and... melancholy? She really enjoyed being in this fantastic new place, but what would her parents do without her to help?
    Steff shook her head to clear it; she fell back onto the soft grass, laughing at it all. Her plain blue dress puffed about her; she was spread-eagle, wanting to absorb that warm feeling of happiness.
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  15. Parker almost reached out to help the man but then remembered that he was supposed to have the role of the fearless, ruthless, and cruel assassin. The hunter of dreamers. When the man asked him and the others for help, Parker was a bit surprised. Why in the hell would he think that he'd help him.

    "Lets be clear, old man. I do not help others. I work alone. I kill alone. So unless you have dreamers for me to kill I'll be on my way. Good day to you sir. I bid you weaklings farewell."

    Parker headed in the direction of the forest, not waiting to hear replies or insults that he was certain to be said. He could never have friends. They were not trusted. Always someone out to stab you in the back. Pathetic.
  16. Contra floated down upside down his face blank of expression " You need my help? I guess i can help i have nothing better to do except follow that weird death guy around " he watched as Parker roamed off lonesomely and woefully, sadness and anger in dream scape only cause problems and he already knew that this man would be a future problem. A few butterflies flew by Contra following the path of Parker before contra turned right side up groaning and saying " Why is he so sad " Contra sat floating still with his arms and legs crossed. looking at his new acquaintances
  17. "I'm afraid I can't agree to help you without more information. I entered the Dreamscape for a reason and I can't be delayed by helping others. However if there is a chance that you could provide me some information in exchange for helping you then I would be obliged to try."
  18. Steff heard the sound of several voices far away from her. She stood up and tilted her head to try and get a better hearing of what they were or what they were talking about... then she heard a menacing voice tell the others something in a very mean, dark tone. From the direction she heard the voice, she heard a set of footsteps; or rather, stomps, heading in her direction! She looked quickly from side-to-side, trying to find a hiding place in her sudden fear. She thought it would be very convenient to have a cute little cottage she could hide in. And, miraculously, a cottage just poofed into existence; just as she thought, it had a flowerbed in front and a chimney letting out little puffs of smoke. Birds like in Snow White the cartoon circled it. Steff hurriedly entered the cottage, needlessly slamming the door and bolting it. She stood against it breathing hard.
  19. "Welcome to the Dreamscape" words that Stephen never thought he would truly hear echoed within his mind. He was here, in this alternate universe of sorts. He was no longer the oafish looking man he was once before, now he was a handsome man with exquisite features. Raising his hands to his face he inspected his new skin complexion, a smile coming over his face. "I'm really in the dreamscape..." he muttered quietly to himself. Already he could hear others about in numerous directions, but he didn't care about them. Not right now, anyway. He was too caught up in the surreal moments. In the real world, he often escaped to make believe worlds, be it through role-playing or video games, and now he had a chance to make those worlds a reality. "Something simple, to start off." Stephen opened his palm, and conjured up a small ball of fire. Ever since he was a child he was fascinated by the natural phenomena, and to feel the heat coming from his own hands was exhilarating in its own right. "Wow...". Stephen was oblivious to anything happening around him, but a small cottage manifesting itself into existence caught his eye. "Heh..guess that's another dreamer.." He heard the stories of people killing one another within the dreamscape, so he thought it better than to meet anyone just yet. Not until he had better control, and knowledge of this world. It was time to try something a little more difficult than fire. He knelt down in his best superman-before flight pose, and with power launched himself into the air. He was flying!

    The cloudless sky ushered in powerful wind as he flew at tremendous speeds, steadily going farther, and farther from the other dreamers. He simply thought of having a visor, and one appeared on his face. Now the wind was no problem. For what seemed like hours he flew, passing by the creations of other dreamers, villages, towns, even full on cities. He waited until he was over a vast empty space, or canvas if you will. Landing on the ground with a heavy thud many thoughts were running through his mind. "Here...I'll be a king!" He said enthusiastically. "Whats a King, without his loyal followers?" He thought. His imagination went into over-drive, formulating different ideas for what he was about to do. Suddenly, four beings began forming in front of him. They varied in size, and shape, but all wore similar outfits. There was three men, and one woman. Naturally, he made them look as bad-ass as he could. The woman had purple, spiked hair, wearing a grey cloak with a falcon emblem on the back, and carrying two scimitars. "Your name will be...Raven..Your my..most loyal knight! As for you three, Spider, Agrol, and Menos, you job is to ensure my safety. If any dreamers become hostile towards me, you are to defend me until the end!" he shouted. "Yes, my lord!" They replied in unison.

    "Now...I need a castle.." In seconds he was at work constructing a medieval goth styled castle that would serve as his home, at least for the time being. When he was finished, he was surprised at just how large the thing was.
    Castle (open)
    The hours flew by in seconds to the young adult, as he let his dreams become a reality. It wasn't long before his huge castle was filled with soldiers, knights, mages, and several other types of beings. All worshipping Stephen as their God-King. He needed a new name. Stephen reminded him of a world he dreaded being apart of. After much debate, soon his creations were chanting "All hail Belthazar!"
  20. After a couple hours of roaming in the small cottage as well as the area surrounding it, she felt that she had a general layout of the area. She held back a gasp as she watched, what seemed miles away--like, many miles-- an entire castle, as large as a skyscraper and many times wider, erected in mere moments! Her green eyes sparkled as she saw the immense beauty of it, and decided to take a closer look. She remembered a book in where she could summon a blob of water -- check -- and just imagine the place she wanted to see and she could take a closer look at it. She peered through the water and saw one dreamer, surrounded by four people... then many more, as he created followers out of thin air! She watched intently as he made everything about his kingdom more miraculous by the minute, and completely forgot the "danger" she was in from the menacing voice.
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