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    Welcome to Royalty

    It's been centuries since the Cassidian War began. Kings and Queens had come and gone, fought and died, lived and conquered during these 250 years but none of the ruler have ever managed to put an end to the Cassidian War, also known as the First war. There hasn't been peace between the four nations for 100 years but hopefully that's all about to change.

    The current rulers of the four nations have finally all come to a unanimous decision to forge a new era of Peace among the nations, via their eldest children. However, certain things were never meant to be and soon enough the Royals shall see that as well, but for now the rifts between the Kingdoms will attempt to be mended with marriage.
    But be careful, not everyone wants peace in this Fairy tale.



    A ugly creature that has been rearing it's ghastly head among the four sisters for centuries, born out of blood guilt, hate, and loss. Like all great wars it had began because over a woman; four women to be exact. Four sisters--Vivian, Zona, Ethel and Hester. What had set these women apart from any other during their time was the sheer amount of ambition and the powers they possessed.

    Their roots were lowly--born to a pauper who considered their existence a curse, and a elemental reaching the end of his prime. They married into noble families in order to escape their less than favorable standings in life. They married and migrated away from Asir, a central Island that was surrounded by several other landmasses. Vivian into the Frost family, Zona into the Aita Family, Ethel into Gust and Hester into Leeds, and from the sidelines they slowly but surely made Kings out of men, boys into warriors, and sons into Knights.

    These Four families amassed power and wealth--the task easier than it should have been considering the abilities the four women had--conquering territories and lands, becoming Lords and Ladies. You see their father, despite being a weak elemental had passed his powers down onto his daughters. Vivian had the ability to control the water element and by extension the weather. Zona had the Ability to control the earth element, metals and lightning. Ethel had the ability to control the element Air, to fly and foresee the future. Hester had the ability to control fire--a natural Pyrokinesis. These abilities made it substantially easier for their families to rise to power considering they were the only ones with said abilities.

    Decades passed.

    Change had come and gone, the Sisters ruled as Queens and their Husbands as Kings. Unsurprisingly, despite the initial rebellions the people of the land slowly came to accept their rulers so long as they were kept protected, fed and treated fairly so all was well, and all was peaceful. The blossoming nations reigned in peace for about 10 years. No one honestly knows when the Cassidian war began, nor the exact reasons as to why it began.The amount of rumors surrounding that war had been endless--the true cause for war lost in time, but people continued to fight at the beck and call of their Kings--fighting in wars that had been dreamed up by old men for young men to die in.

    Now, after a hundred years of rivalry and war the rulers of these now mighty nations have come to realize that in the end, war doesn't prove who was right, only who is left. Treaties were written up, read over, torn to shreds and written all over again. It had been an agonizing process--foraging peace, especially when you were trying to appease four nations.

    None the less the job had gotten done. Currently only one more step remains concerning the validation of the Treaty of Eternal peace, the intermarriage between kingdoms. During the Cassidian war, the Iqwal Nation had been the Ithunzi Nation's greatest enemy. Therefore, the eldest son of the Royal family of Ithunzi is arranged to marry the eldest daughter of the royal family of the Iqwal nation. Likewise for Umilo and Umoya; vicious enemies now forced to ratify their qualms via their children. The eldest Daughter from Umoya and the eldest son from Umilo. All four Nations, starkly different in more ways than one. Now that the blood has been wiped away, will they be able to see their similarities?


    There's not a lot so don't worry.

    1.) Please follow the posting expectations. For each character the posting requirement is two 5 sentence paragraphs minimum. Please adhere to this rule! It will not be fair to everyone else if they're writing walls of text and only get 2 lines in response. Failure to abide by this rule results in the death of your character.

    2.) Let's keep it a hard PG-13 Guys. Hey, I'm all for smut and such, but there are kiddies among us. Lets not traumatize them mkay? Please take all smut to the PMs. So anything past kissing and innuendos should be moved to PM. Failure to do so will result in the death of your character.

    3.) Cussing is fine, so is gore. If you cannot handle the gore this RP may not be for you!

    4.) NO MARY OR GARY SUES. I don't care if your a royal or a servant, you are not god. If I even catch scent of anything of this sort, I'm killing your characters.

    5.) Abide by the plot. If Dragons are extinct, leave them that way. If only the royal family has elemental powers, LEAVE IT THAT WAY. Thank you c: If you have plot ideas, pm me.

    6.) Lastly, you all are free to have multiple characters. However, they all cannot be part of the Royal Families nor all in the same Nation.


    Character Sheets
    *If you're going to have multiple characters please attempt to have them in a variety of nations.

    Native Nation:

    Role: (There are a lot of roles so please peruse the nations below!! Only 2 Royal Characters per player)


    Age: (For the eldest children, they must be 18+ Younger siblings must be -17 Kings and Queens must at least be in their 30s)

    Looks: (Art is welcomed, but no Anime)

    Physical Description:




    Personality: (1 Paragraph)

    Background: (1 paragraph)



    Fears: (3 please)



    Once you're accepted feel free to RP Background history in the WTR group! Not required, optional and a interesting way to spend time as we wait for the RPG To begin.



    Answered Questions
    The posting expectations is at least twice a day. If I'm notified ahead of time that you're going out of town, or sick, or something of that sort then you're excluded from that rule. The lowest writing skill allowed is intermediate.

    As far as Content ratings are concerned, I'd label it a hard PG-13 to R.

    Rated R for violence, gore and the implications of sexual acts. In no way, shape or form is the Roleplay of any type of sexual act permitted in this RP given that there are teenage RPERS. If you wish to RP that sort of thing, please take it to inbox.
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  2. [​IMG]

    National Colors: Apricot,bronze, white, sky blue.

    National Animal(s): The Dove, Flying fish.

    Known for: Architecture, fabrics, instruments (i.e The harp),Silk Worms, flying, ability to pardon and forgive easily.

    Stereotyped as: Easy going, kind hearts, wise, hold true to their beliefs. People generally assume citizens of Umoya are peaceful people born with green thumbs. The First War crushed many of these stereotypes.

    Powers: No one outside of the Royal family possesses elemental powers, considering that's what separates the commoners from the royalty.Therefore, all of the Nations are against marriage outside of bloodlines of high pedigree. The royal family possesses the ability to control the Air element, to fly via the manipulation of that ability and foresee the future. Only the Queen and her youngest child possess the ability to foresee the future. The trait manifests by chance, sometimes no one has the ability, other times the entire family may posses said ability.

    Food: The Food in Umoya is primarily seafood based, the nation has imported spices from Ithunzi and Fruits from Umilo to spice up meals such as steamed shrimp, rice and asparagus to Boiled lobster with a mango glaze, but they never really stray far from their seafood. Now that trade has been opened up between countries, Alcohol such as wine and mead has been popular.
    The Umoya Nation Originated with Felix and Ethel Gust after they migrated from Asir with their new found wealth and power. The land mass is oblong in shape, somewhat small compared to the rest of the world. The continent's climate is dry and humid, with sandy beaches and such in East and a more tropical environment in the west. They had claimed only a portion of the landmass when they initially arrived, lacking the man power to domineer the entire thing. The landmass is shared with the people of Umilo. When Ethel and her Husband arrived, The Gust Family happily allowed them to share the land. When the First War began, borders went up separating the land directly down the middle.

    Whether in the East or in the West, temperatures in Umoya rarely ever decline. The heat and humidity is almost always a constant, therefore lightweight fabrics are favored such as linen. It isn't unusual for the people of Umoya to wear loose fitting and borderline see through garb. In some parts the soil is rich for crop growing and animal breeding/herding. One of the most valuable crops Umoya has are their silk worms. Due to the copious amounts of silk commoners and royals alike tend to wear silk undergarments. There are several sources of fresh water splotched about the land, lakes as well as rivers. On occasion the rain can be sporadic, but as a part of the peace treaty the Nation of Iqwah promises to come to their aid if a drought ever occurs.

    The architecture of the nation tends to vary, but the buildings tend to be very tall yet simplistic in nature. Despite said simplicity,the buildings are very beautiful--less is always more. The Bazaar is open 5 days out of the week, selling all types of goods ranging from fabrics to animals, to food and spices. Now that open relations has been resumed with the other countries the marketplace has been booming with imported goods from all over the world. The Castle lies west of the Bazaar along the coast, a fairly short distance by horse or camel. The Castle brilliantly displays it's architecture in hues of white, beige, gray and burgundy.

    The King: Clifton Gust, 38, male. Click Me.

    Queen: Seraphina Gust, 35 1/2. Click Me.

    Princess: Camira Gust, 19. Click Me.

    (Eldest daughter)

    Younger Prince: Allen Gust, 16. Click Me.
    {The surname of this family is Gust.}

    The Royal Guards
    The King's Guard:

    The Queen's Guard:

    The Princess's Guard: Kyla Doraan,23. Click Me.

    The Prince's Guard: Rauxin Teller, 25, Click Me.

    Guards of the Castle: (Unlimited)
    Generals of War and etc.
    Generals of War: (2)

    1. Charles Flint IV, 37,Click Me.

    Soldiers: (unlimited)
    Advisers: (6 maximum)

    1. Xu Miroi, 28 years old, male.
    2. Tom De Castillo, 23. Male. Click me.
    3. Wolfram Barnabas Creighton, 35 years old. Click Me.

    Knights: (10 Max)

    Servant's of the Castle
    Lydia Nye, 17. Click Me.

    The Queens Maid(s): (2)

    The Princess's Maid(s): (2)

    Man servants:(Unlimited amount)

    The Kings Servants: (2)

    The Prince's Servants: (2)

    Butlers: (Unlimited amount)
    Cooks: (4 max)

    Stable Boys(Girls): (4 max)

    Healers: (6 Max)
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  3. [​IMG]

    National Colors: Silver, Navy Blue,

    National Animal(s): Narwahl, Polar bears, Pegasus.

    Known for: Weather Predictions, Mathematics, Beast taming, barbarism during the first war, furs, weapons foraging,

    Stereotyped as: Blood thirsty, Barbarians, grizzly. The people of the ice often look more delicate than they really are. More often than not they are viewed as loud mouthed, gluts with no social decorum whatsoever.

    Powers: No one outside of the royal family has these powers. The Royal family possess the ability to control the Water element and all it's many forms, and by extension of that--the weather. The eldest daughter has the ability to tame any beast, and it seems to be manifesting in her younger sibling as well. The Royals are somewhat impervious to extreme cold temperatures.

    Food: The cuisine in the Nation Iqwah is primarily meat based, from Penguin to Polar bear. Their food is heavy and filling, with plenty of starches and proteins. Foods such as fish jerky and salted fish with crackers are common snacks. For Large dinners and or parties, the main course tends to be Polar bear, often cooked in a assortment of ways. Now that trade has opened up between countries, Sweet meats have been popular.
    The Iqwah Nation is located at the North Pole, with an environment comparable to modern day Alaska. The Winters are harsh, long and dark and more often than not there is constantly a fire blazing in every home. When the weather gets too extreme the Queen of Iqwah often steps in and manipulates the weather and introduces warmer temperatures an weather. Parts of Iqwah are permanently in a warm environment do to a stasis charm that was introduced centuries ago to the royal family. The warmer parts of Iqwah are known as Zones, ranging from 1-3. Zone 3 is where the Pegasusi and other non native animals are kept and herded, this Zone has 70 degrees Fahrenheit weather, tall grassy plains, light breezes and somewhat cloudy skies. Zone 2 is Where all the crop growing and farming is done, humid and hot enough for fruits and vegetables. Lastly Zone 1 is a environment with 60 degrees Fahrenheit weather, where the wealthy,sick, elderly and newborn children live with their mothers and fathers until deemed old enough to handle the cooler weather outside the zones.

    The Ice castle had been built into the side of a mountain, and since then has expanded outwards. The villagers and such also have homes built into the sides of mountains and such. There are 6 villages that live outside of the realm of the castle. Pasqual, Baltin, Jixeel, Gileon, and Nahmes. The Village Pasqual is 'trapped' between two bodies of water. The Invernio Channel and the River Nahmes. Pasqual is a fishing village. Baltin, Jixeel, Gileon, and Nahmes are fairly close to each other, but on the west side of Iqwah. Elurra is the Capitol of Iqwah, and the location of the Ice Castle. Several mountain chains are splattered north of Elurra.

    On a smaller part of Iqwah, a body of land that's practically insignificant, are the Frost Lands. A terrain so extreme that those who have attempted to travel it, have never returned. In the Heart of the Frost Lands lies the Elurrian Prison. The only way to get to the prison is via Air ship escort. On the opposite side of the frost lands, across the ice border is New Baltin; the location of Zone 2. The clothing of Iqwah is primarily composed of heavy furs; fur coats, vests, boots, socks--everything. These fur goods are easily attainable in the Marketplaces of Elurra, and the other villages.


    The King: William J Frost, 34. Click Me.

    The Princess: OPEN
    The younger Princess: Sierra Frost, 17. Click Me.

    *This family's surname is Frost.

    The Royal Guards

    The King's Guard: Sir Kota Breakhaven, 25, male. Click Me.


    The elder Princess's Guard: Riccun Nest, 20. Click Me.
    The younger Princess' Guard:

    Royal Guards of The Castle: (Unlimited)


    Generals of War: (2)

    Soldiers: (unlimited)

    Advisers: (6 maximum)

    Knights: (10 Max)

    Servant's of the Ice Castle

    Maids: (Unlimited amount)

    The Queen's Maid(s):

    The Older Princess' Maid(s):

    The Younger Princess' maid(s):

    Man servants:(Unlimited amount)

    The King's Servants:

    Butlers: (Unlimited amount)
    Cooks: (4 max)

    Stable Boys(Girls): (4 max)

    Healers: (6 Max)

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  4. [​IMG]
    National Colors: Obsidian, Purple

    National Animal(s): Freisian Horse, Foxes, Hell Hounds.

    Known for: Advancements in Technology and science, war strategies and tactics, fondness for animals, exotic clothing, Jewel Mines, dark matter, seasonings.

    Stereotyped as: Cut Throat, Ruthless, creative, sensitive, over protective of children, remorseless. During the First war, these stereotypes were proved otherwise.

    Powers: No one outside of the royal family has these powers. The Royal family has the ability to control the earth element and lightning, and everything in the earth which includes Jewels and metals. They also have the ability to control dark matter--a volatile ability, that often comes with severe repercussions if not exercised properly. Though that trait has only manifested in the King and his son; the eldest prince.

    Food: The food of Ithunzi varies, their diet is exotic in some aspects but leans towards meat. In the marketplaces you can find the vendors selling anything from seafood, to meats, to insects. As long as it's seasoned properly, the Ithunzi people will eat it. Now that the trade has opened up between countries for the first time in centuries, grains, oats, and wheat have been popular leading to sweet breads, cakes and such.
    The Ithunzi Nation, quite literally lives in darkness. They receive sunlight only for a 2 hours, twice a day due to the planet's rotation around it's two suns, but feel the sun's warmth and experience seasons normally. Some people live for these two hours of sunlight, in fact there are laws in Ithunzi that require people to observe these few precious hours of sunlight. Due to the limited sunlight, for centuries it had been nearly impossible for any sort of vegetation to grow. As a result, when the Cassidan war began and trade had finally been closed between the nations Ithunzi suffered the most. Hundreds of thousands of people starved and died--even the royalty at the time suffered. This urged the people of Ithunzi to find alternative way of sustaining themselves leading to advancements of technology far ahead of their time--the things people can do in the name of desperation. At first, the Nation attempted to create a substance that would allow people to create food the way plants did when in the presence of sunlight but at a much faster rate, leading to the discovery of photosynthesis. Said substance was tested, and promptly killed all test subjects.

    Then they moved on to creating artificial sunlight using jewels mined from the earth. After a few tries, and another thousand people dead, they succeeded. Now Artificial sun lamps are produced in mass quantities, and set up across fields upon fields of crops. But after getting a taste of what they could achieve the scientists and philosophers of Ithunzi refused to stop there which lead to the birth and creation of steam ships flying and otherwise, electric street lamps, lights, photography and heating. The electricity that runs through Ithunzi had originally been produced by the royal family, but after a King and his children died from over exertion, the ancestors of the royal family managed to create a constant source of electricity; though no one knows how, it's one of the nations many secrets. When the Nation receives it's daily does of sunlight, due to the materials used in much of the architecture the Nation practically glows. The sunlight reflects and shines off of the metals and gems in the buildings.

    The Ithunzi people are fond of exotic animals of any kind considering the only animals that had previously been native to the country had been Hellion Hounds and Bats. Now with the usage of artificial sunlight, foliage can be grown for Horses and other herbivores. Over the centuries many creatures have adapted to Ithunzi's dark skies, the most notable animals are the Hellion hounds and horses. Citizens of Ithunzi tend to wear dark colored fabrics of all colors for whatever suits the weather. In the summer months, they tend to wear light weight fabrics much like the Umoyans, that show off plenty of skin. In the winter months, heavy furs. As far as the styles of hair are concerned, the Ithunzi people are borderline obsessed with hair braiding, shaving and dyeing. Recently the economy has been booming now that trade has opened up. Ithunzi has been selling airships, steam ships, among other things to their neighboring countries. Though as far as exporting their jewels and precious metals are concerned, the Ithunzi government hasn't changed. They sell those precious items in small quantities, you know due to possible deflation of the economy and all.

    * Please Ignore the cars in the image below, those do not exist in Ithunzi or anywhere else. Yet. Factories exist in Ithunzi, but only in the heart of the city as shown below.

    The Royal Family

    The King: Carlisle Aita, 33. Click
    The Queen: Anastasia Aita, 32. Click.
    The Prince: Nicolas Aita, 19 years old. Click.
    The Prince or Princess: Thalia Aita, 16 years old. Click Me.
    *This Family's surname is Aita.

    The Royal Guards and Etc.

    The King's Guard:
    The Queen's Guard:

    The Prince's Guard:
    The Princess' Guard: Eliar Demitz, 21. Click Me.

    Royal Guards of The Castle: (Unlimited)


    Generals of War: (2)

    Soldiers: (unlimited)

    Advisers: (6 maximum)

    Knights: (10 Max)

    1. Sir Terran Roule, 42, male. Click Me.

    Servants of Ithunzi

    Maids: (Unlimited amount)

    The Queen's Maid(s): (Maximum is 2)

    Man servants:(Unlimited amount)

    The King's Manservant(s): (Maximum is 2)

    The Prince's Manservant(s): Asa Angelo, 17, Click Me.

    Butlers: (Unlimited amount)
    Cooks: (4 max)

    Stable Boys(Girls): (4 max)

    Healers: (6 Max)

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  5. [​IMG]

    National Colors: Bronze, Gold, Maroon.

    National Animal(s): Bengal Tigers, Dragons (extinct).

    Known for: Their weapons foraging, fruits, music, style of dancing, parties, skimpy clothing.

    Stereotyped as: Aggressive, stubborn, hotheaded. Many people believe that Umilo people are loyal to a fault and many of them are which makes for excellent soldiers and generals. The dislike taking no for an answer so more often than not they can be found butting heads with other people.

    Powers: No one outside of the royal family has these powers. The Royal family has the ability to control the fire element, and depending on how strong the user determines the extent of said power. Back during ancient times, Dragons used to roam the planet but they primarily made their home Umilo, it was rumored that Hester--the first queen had the ability to speak with said dragons and reptiles. Now many believe that this trait is manifesting in The two royal children.

    Food: The food in Umilo is fruit based, there isn't much you can eat that doesn't have some sort of trace of fruit in it. Fruit and seafood tend to be favorites, and now that trade has opened up spices and sugar from Ithunzi can be found in their Market Places. Fresh fruit is always available, from mangoes to pineapples, to kiwi. The fruit from Umilo is famous across the four sisters, and the other nations have been importing by the crate-fulls.
    Welcome to the Umilo Nation, who's right across the border form Umoya. Much like the Umoya Nation, Umilo tends to range in extreme temperatures of heat which causes the Royals and citizens alike to favor light weight clothing. The Women in Umilo tend to half shirts and long loose fitting skirts the men depending on what activity they're partaking of typically go shirtless and wear loose fitting pants. As long as the material can breath, and enough skin is being flaunted the Umilo people will wear it; gold accessories are also a favorite. It isn't unusual to see people splashing about along the coast line or in certain rivers or lakes to keep cool during the day.

    The Umilo people are known for their parties; they'd use any reason to celebrate, not that anyone's complaining. Since the birth of this Nation the music, and styles thereof have changed tremendously leading to different styles of dance, belly Dancing seems to be the most popular. The Royal Kingdom is stationed at the heart of one of Umilo's many tropical forests, so it isn't uncommon to see a fully grown Bengal tiger waltzing around the premises as if he owns the place, man and beast get along surprisingly well. The Architecture of the buildings varies but 'large and open' tends to be the constant. Now that trade has opened up among the Nations, a few airships have been imported to Umilo as well as Silk worms, and meats. The Markets tend to sell a little bit of everything, from clothing, to horses, to tigers, to food. Alcohol is also common in this land, primarily wine. Wine is drunk with dinner every night for those who can afford it, and for those who cannot it is shared among neighbors and friends.
    To shade themselves from the heat, head scarves are worn quite a bit in this kingdom.


    The Royal Family

    The King: Julian DeMarco Leeds, 34, Click Me.

    The Queen: Fleur Leeds, 38. Click Me.

    The Eldest Prince: Marco J Leeds, 21. Click Me.

    The Younger Princess:
    Aurora Leeds, 17 1/2. Click Me.

    *Surname is Leeds.

    The Royal Guards

    The King's Guard: Heaven Heart, 23. Click Me.

    The Queen's Guard:

    The Prince's Guard: Scarlet Widow, 22. Click me

    The Princess Guard: London Etna, male. 43

    Guards of the Castle: (Unlimited)


    Generals of War: (2)
    General Betram Islegarde, 42, male. Click Me.

    Soldiers: (unlimited)

    Advisers: (6 maximum)

    Knights: (10 Max)

    1. Maximus Wyles, 21, Female. Click me.

    Maids: (Unlimited amount)

    The Queen's Maid(s): (Maximum is 2)
    Man servants:(Unlimited amount)

    The King's Servant(s):
    1. Sibyl Vane, 28, Female. Click Me.

    The Prince's Servant(s): Riley Hinnant, 19, Male. Click Me.

    Butlers: (Unlimited amount)

    Cooks: (4 max)

    Stable Boys(Girls):

    1. Jamison Wyles, 6 years old. Click Me.

    Healers: (6 Max)

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  6. Bestiary

    Flying Fish.
    - Native to Umoya
    - Includes all type of fish, save for Sharks.
    - They return to the Ocean at Night.


    Hellion Hounds.

    Hellion hounds are native to the Ithunzi Nation.

    They are used more often than not as hunting dogs, and are kept as house pets as well.

    Hellion hounds are born with full coats of fur and red eyes. As they age, the fur sheds to reveal

    leathery skin. Adult hellion hounds are hairless. The color of their coats is almost always black or

    gray, but their leathery skin when revealed is known to come in assortment of colors. (White, black, gray,)

    Hellion hounds have excellent night vision which makes them perfect hunting dogs for Ithunzi.

    Hellion Horses

    * Please ignore the Rider, and all of the fire.
    Hellion horses have leathery skin as well, and like most horses a short coat. Hellion Horses have three eyes as shown below.

    Hellion horses are born being able to only open one pair of eyes, as they age they are able to open all three. The First two pairs of eyes are used for seeing during the periods of sunlight, the third pair is only opened in the dark.


    Native to Iqwah, these creatures are resilient to the cold. Their wings are more for show than anything, but Pegasusi foals have the ability to fly and glide. No one knows why they loose the ability as they age--it just happens.

    Pegasusi come in a odd range of colors, from white, to black, gray, red, strawberry blond. Though the most common is white.

    The Pegasus seems to have no natural predators.



    Native to Umilo, these Dragons are extinct and have been since the start of the first War. They we're used by Queen Hester as weapons in time of need, but subsequently were killed off by the other Nations.

    Now all that remains of them are fossils.


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  7. Native Nation: The Ithunzi Nation

    Role: The eldest Prince of Ithunzi

    Name: Nicolas Aita

    Age: 19 years old.


    Physical Description: Nicolas is roughly 5'10, and weighs about 140 lbs. His skin is pale due to the limited amount of sunlight he receives and his eyes are a light Navy blue flecked with silver and dark brown. He typically wears his hair like this, but recently he's cut his curly dark brown hair, so now it looks like this. Nick is lean and well muscled do to the short period of time he spent with Yves and Etc. traveling, he has no piercings or tattoos yet. Long fingers and limbs.

    Anastasia Aita; Mother.
    Thalia Aita; Younger sister.
    Carlisle Aita; Father.

    Lovers: None as of late. Yves is his closest friend, and his ex-servant. The man is 6 years his senior, and any intimate contact only amounted to heated frisks in, airships, closets, and etc. Their relationship had never been romantic, only a way for the young prince to satisfy his curiosity.

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Personality: As a child, Nick had naturally been a charming and kind boy. Like all children he had been painfully innocent and thus ignorant of the world around him. So on more than one occasion, he had wandered out of the castle. No one honestly knows how he managed to get so far away from the castle, but he always went into the city. Often, guards would see him toddling about and they would take it upon themselves to return him to his mother, but when his mother and the Knights had to come looking for him he could usually be found inside of a brothel. The scantily clad women would have him nestled among pillows and blankets, teaching him to braid hair and the like. As Nick grew, his wandering ceased. Under the tutelage of his mother and many tutors, that sweet innocence was eradicated and something a bit darker grew in it's place. Learning about the first War and the numerous amounts of people that starved and died, hardened the young prince to a certain extent. His mother wanted nothing but the best from him at all times, but when she became pregnant with his younger sibling her attentions dwindle but the harshness of his tutors increased ten fold. Somewhere along the line his heart has grown cold. Nick is rather intelligent and he has no problem using that to his advantage, he can be charming and manipulative and he rarely ever feels remorseful. He's a bit Jealous of his younger sibling. Nick somewhat despises his father and the way he's ruling the Nation of Ithunzi, he is eager to become King no matter what it takes.

    Background: Nick was born and raised in Ithunzi to fairly strict parents, he's the first born and thus arranged to marry the Iqwah Nation Princess. His innate wanderlust caused him to be very adventurous as a child, but said trait was crushed when his mother buckled down on him and his lessons began. At the age of 10 it was discovered that he had the ability to control dark matter much like his father. The power allows the user to create objects seemingly out of thin air, that's not exactly the case. It's more of an exchange, you take an object with equal or greater value and use it to create the object in mind. Say a cube of steel for a sword, a diamond for crown. Nick doesn't use said ability often, due to the dangerous repercussions.

    Likes: Animals, traveling, adventure, power, wine, reading, art, Henna tattoos, dancing, swimming in the Dark sea during the 2 hour periods of light. Sword play, sparring, jewels, thunderstorms.

    Dislikes: Naive people, bigots, Maths, History, rule, being told what to do, stereotypes, being helpless, lazy people, the Umilo Prince, Penguins, getting dirty,

    Fears: 1. Due to his father's ruling that one day Ithunzi would fall. 2. Penguins 3. Being buried alive

    Other: Nick is a manipulative bastard, earning his trust and honesty is a rarity in itself. He likes getting those Henna Tattoos during the summer months. Not too keen on marriage, but is willing to sacrifice his happiness for the betterment of the Kingdoms.

    Nico owns a Hellion horse and a small pack of hunting dogs that tend to roam the castle freely.


    Nico is skilled with a sword due to experience, despite the restrictions placed on travel during the wars he and his ex-manservant Yves and Co. traveled between the four sisters posing as commoners and the like, looking for trouble; despite his mother's efforts, Nico's wanderlust is everlasting.

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  8. Can I reserve the Umilo princess? :)
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  9. Yaas. Babe. <3
  10. The youngest sibling right?
  11. Yup, the youngest. I'll have my character form up when I return from school.
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  12. Would it be at all possible for me to reserve the younger sibling in the Ithunzi nation?
    I normally don't like to reserve spots, but I absolutely love the whole idea of Ithunzi, and would like to roleplay a member of royalty from there. However, I have homework that must be completed at the moment, and as such do not have time to get a bio up. (Not that I would be ready too, anyways. I need to develop the character better before I write anything down.)

    Besides, last time I was in this position I didn't reserve the role, and then someone stole it away from me as I was putting the finishing touches on my bio. It was disappointing, to say the least.

    If not, that is of course, completely fine.
    But, if I can, I do have one question.
    Would there be a specific age range you'd prefer the character fall within? Of course, they would be younger than 19, but I was just wondering if there would be an age that would work best for your characters backstory. As you play the older brother, I want to make sure their stories line up nicely.
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  13. The spot is yours love. c:

    Hmm, an age range? Well not too young, maybe he or she can be 14-17?

    I'm excited to be Rping with youuu. <3
  14. Native Nation: Ithunzi

    Role: Queen of Ithunzi

    Name: Anastasia Elena Aita

    Age: 32



    Physical Description: Anastasia is fairly tall, standing at 5'9. She weighs on average about 130 lbs. Anastasia has warm caramel colored skin, a angular face, full lips and hazel brown eyes. She's 'all legs' as her mother would say, with a fairly large bust and narrow shoulders. She has long fingers and arms--a trait she passed down to her son, and cheek bones you could cut diamonds on. She tends to wear floor length silk gowns, and when in her own home she goes barefoot.

    Family: Carlisle Aita; Husband. Nicolas Aita; Son. Thalia Aita; Daughter.

    Delilah Aita; Mother. [Deceased] Nickelson Aita; Father. Ophelia Aita; Sister.

    Ophelia Aita (open)

    Lovers: The King of Ithunzi

    Sexuality: Hetrosexual

    Personality: Queen Anastasia is refinement incarnate, she has absolutely zero tolerance for anything less than that. She has a cold heart that only ever softens for children. I'm fairly certain a child has more sway with her than any ally or ambassador. She expects the same from her family when they're in front of the public eye, and gets irritated if they don't meet her expectations. She's quick to send someone off for beheading, and all of the servants of the castle have a healthy amount of fear of their Queen. When Anastasia loves, she loves with her entire heart. Her love can be unwavering depending on who you are. Despite being fairly nasty to the servants, she appreciates them. Anastasia isn't one to look down on a person due to their position in life, after all it's the actions that make the person.
    Background: Anastasia was born to Marry the future King of Ithunzi, her family made it seem as if that had been her only purpose in life--to serve the king. Her tutors ensured that she was the proper lady, all sweet smiles and curtsies. She married Luther Aita when she was 16 and he was 25 , it had been an unhappy marriage and he treated her more like an object than his wife. There had been whispers of abuse, and said whispers only grew louder when the servants caught glimpses of bruises and marks on the young Queen's face. They never had any children, some say the previous king had been impotent, other's say Anastasia had been barren.

    The marriage didn't last long, because some several years later Luther Aita was found dead in the bed of servant. According to the medical records, his sudden death was acquitted to heart failure despite his young age. The castle mourned, but not for long because Anastasia remarried sometime later to Carlisle Aita; Luther's younger brother. The marriage between Carlisle and Anastasia was significantly better, not only were they closer in age, but in personality as well. If you catch her off guard, I'm sure the Queen is willing to admit that she love's her husband, and she does. She see's him as her equal, someone interesting enough to keep her attention, and intelligent enough to conversate with.

    Likes: Clothes, art, swimming, fencing, swordplay, sparring with her children, AirShips, technology, science, war, hair braiding, hair dying, painting,

    Dislikes: Dancing, unkempt children, liars, spicy food, being bored, rudeness, excessive makeup, Onions, oddly texture fruit, loud talking, Hellion hounds.

    Fears: 1.Another War starting 2. Her husband being unfaithful 3. Spiders 4. Something happening to her unborn child.

    Other: Anastasia is heavily pregnant.


    For a woman so used to being composed and uptight, the mood swings brought on by her unborn child are a bit unsettling for everyone. The Side effects of her first and second pregnancies were minor, practically non existent. Now, with her third child said side effects are coming back with a vengeance.

    She loosens up personality wise, when either intoxicated or drowsy.

    Hates Hellion Hounds, she think's they look like nude rodents.

    Enjoys Lightning Storms

    Owns several Hellion horses.

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  15. Alright, thank you. My character bio should be up over the weekend. It may be sooner than later however (Sunday, perhaps?), since I have essays to write. (Yuck.)

    And okay! That age range would be perfect. That's generally about as young as my main characters ever are, anyways.

    You did a lovely job with this RP. I hope it's successful.
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  16. May I reserve the Iqwha Eldest Princess? Ill have a CS up in alittle.
  17. Native Nation: Umoya

    Role: Royal Advisor

    Name: Xu Miroi

    Age: 28

    Show Spoiler
    image.jpg Couldn't find a realistic enough pic that suited hims soo... Portrait!

    Physical Description: He looks generally generic, average height, average weight, average build. He does however bear a few scars around his arms from past combat.

    Family: A mother by the the name of Ellis, a father by the name of Marcui, and a younger sister by the name of Sie.

    Lovers: Currently none

    Sexuality: Straight

    Personality: Xu is well kept, and well behaved. He is absurdly mature, protective, and actually quite smart, it's a reason why he was asked to become a strategist, though of course he declined.

    Background: Born into a generally middle classed family, there were things he could and couldn't do. As a child, he honestly wished he could travel to different countries if there even were any more. He had a tendency to get into trouble a lot during his early life though and promptly got punished for such; this taught him right and wrong instead of his parents and unfortunately left his personality fairly different from theirs.
    As a teen he began to train his mind, a lot. During these years he read up on sword play and chess strategies. Not much more happened during those years besides the occasional cold.
    As an adult in his earlier 20's he was asked to become a strategist after preventing a skirmish. He declined. Xu keeps the reason a secret.

    Likes: Flowers, fruit, fishing, eating fish, talking about events, and going over strategies ironically enough.

    Dislikes: Liars, the color orange, swimming(though he can) and mischievious animals.

    Fears: Dying before accomplishing his goals, losing those he cares about, and being involved in any stressful situations.

    Other: He occasionally cooks large meals, only to realize that he lives by himself.
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  18. The Princess for that Nation is taken, sorry!
  19. However you can play the younger sibling if you'd like.
  20. @BlackOrchid

    Alright! I will do that. Ill have a CS up soon. What will the ages be? I want to make her 16-17.
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