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  1. Naraka High School, a luxurious academy where only those who can see the island in the sky can attend. Anyone who graduates from Naraka High School can go wherever they want within Japan thanks to a special deal it has set up. This Naraka High School, however, is not a normal place by any means at all. Any student who comes to Naraka puts their lives on the line to reach their dreams, or other goals they had set for upon entering. At Naraka, there is a special type of event. This event, has four different types, and is known as a blight. Blights come in four categories, Fixed blights that only happen on certain days that it doesn't rain, Normal blights that can happen whenever it isn't raining, Isolation blights that only happen when the number of students is divisible by three and it isn't raining, and finally the Special blights, which can happen randomly and continue until either all the students have died, or it has been cleared or defeated, and do not get cancelled by rain in most cases.

    You have decided to come to Naraka High for whatever reason, and were allowed in. You sit in your classroom, a piece of paper on your desk and the teacher giving you a simple instruction to write down a kanji character that relates to fighting. Having written down your character, the character on the paper latches onto your hand and molds with your skin, giving you a power. The first blight, a fixed blight known as 'the beginning' has started now. It's time to fight for your life. Let's see if you can graduate from this hell.

    rules (open)
    Alright, i know you don't like rules but we have to have them.
    1. Iwaku rules apply
    2. Feel free to have your character be a jerk, and even murder other characters, given permission from that character's player and myself.
    3. All characters have a maximum range of distance for use, this possible maximum being 7.5 meters, and only with the steal character.
    4. Give an explanation to how your character can be used and list it's flaws.
    5. Feel free to be a canon character from the Aphorism manga if you want.
    6. EVERYONE CAN DIE, this is very important to know
    7. One char per person at a time
    8. No compound words, like rainbow.
    9. if you need information, feel free to ask me and i'll try to help
    10. If you want your characters to smut take it to PM. I'd prefer it not be here.
    11. No characters over the age of 17
    12. Everyone's character is a freshman. As you will have to graduate with everyone else in the rp as it goes on.
    13. Picture can be provided under appearance and is preferred, but descriptions are accepted as well.
    14. The password(PW) is Katana. Put it in PW to prove you've read my rules and agree with them.

    character skeleton (open)

    Name(First and Last name is required):
    Nationality(U.S., German, Japanese.):
    Kanji 'character'/word:
    Flaws to the character:
    How it would be used:
    Class group(1-5, i'll explain this later within the RP and why it matters.):
    Backstory(not required, but always fun to read.):

    my character (open)

    Name: Maro Daken
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Japanese
    Age: 15
    Kanji 'character'/word: Sei(as in seifuku or 'to conquest')
    Flaws to the character: Very limited range, can only be used on people you can visibly see and imagine to use on. Can be counteracted by other manipulation based words.
    How it would be used: Uses can vary, but in general is used as a type of manipulation and control of someone. Such as commanding someone to sit still and be quiet and they being forced to due to it's power.
    Personality: A very dominating and leader like personality, he takes charge of situations fairly easily. However he's also fairly dimwitted and gullible.
    Class group: 2
    Other: nothing to say.
    Backstory: He was a simple farmhand growing up as an orphan near a farm. He was also the eldest out of a group of children on the farm so he often had to take the lead and teach them and show them what to do when.
    PW: Read the rules and figure it out.

    I'll start the rp when we have at least six people.
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  2. This sounds interesting
  3. Name: Claude Phantomhive
    Nationality:Latin/ American
    Kanji 'character'/word: Noroi (curse)​
    Flaws to the character:he always gets himself in big trouble and a little clumsy

    How it would be used:When he takes off his mask and speaks his word comes true. What his say happen to the person he is talking to or wants to give it to. And his eyes when he looks at someone mad he will give them nightmares or bad dreams just looking at them.
    Personality: Claude is very quiet,smarts,quick and short tempered person who always read.But when he gets mad it the other side of him.

    Class group:3

    Other:skates,brings the pole always he goes and his ghost thing (like in the picture) ,eats lot of sweets
    Backstory: No one use to like Claude because his personality he really won't talk much and won't ask much questions. But they also got mad at he because of his high grade even any one else through he gets in trouble a lot lately.

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  4. @IceQueen
    Thank you for expressing your interest, i'm still desperately looking for people to join so feel free to ask me for more details, or post a form for a character.
    I have one gripe with your character, your character's word, criminal, does not make sense and consistency in how it would be used compared to the word itself. It does not add up in my mind, maybe the word you should use instead is 'curse' 'ill omen' or even 'bad luck'? Since your character seems to be geared towards negative effects on people around him and himself.
  5. alright okay i will fix it
  6. @Soraru Thank you for understanding and complying. You are now accepted.
  7. Can i join?
  8. of course. It's still a very viable option to join this. Like I said, for this to work i need at the minimum 6 people. If you joined that would be 3. This is an entirely open idea that anyone can join who wants to before it's started, and even after it's started i would find a way to muscle someone in.
  9. It's ok like this?

    Name: RafaDark (First and Last name are together)
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Latin/American
    Age: 16
    Kanji 'character'/word: Zankoku = Cruel (don't know if it's right)
    Flaws to the character: He don't care about anyone but he is friendly.
    How it would be used: When he say his word his victim gets images of random brutalities or strong scenes of gore that would make it sick to make easy the fight or the discussion he is having.
    Personality: He is someone closed to people and is a little psycho.
    Class group: 3
    Other: He always have a Great-Sword or something sharp.
    Backstory: He always knew that he had a strange potential, when he was a child, he was the strongest and the faster of all his friends.
    PW: Katana
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  10. Name: Yui Kitonobe
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Kanji 'character'/word: Dragon- Dragon
    Flaws to the character: She is stubborn and has a leader mentality. If she could she would be the class president.
    How it would be used: By calling her word, a gigantic dragon imerges from the ground. From there, she is connected to the dragon and feels what it feels thoug she can fight though the dragon.
    With hair down
    Yui is a strong female. She is stubborn, blunt and she usually stands alone. She is powerful, and gracefully, and
    is meant to be admired from afar. Just don't go poking your nose into her business. It is an easy way to lose
    a finger.
    Class group:4
    Other: Wields a sword and she likes skating and drawing. Don't make her angry
    Yui grew up in a home where her parents almost always worked. She liked being that way, alone, dethatched,
    though she does miss some of the things other families did, like dinners together, and things
    like that. She continued to grow that way, and got interested in
    art, since then, it has been her passion, but her grades where never good enough to get in
    alone. So she decided to go here.
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  11. It more or less makes sense in my mind. However, the character would probably be more of an illusion based character. where it would create 'cruel' images, such as disembodiment, slow torture, etc. Physical strength boosts i can't see with that.

    But other than that, accepted.

    Edit: @IceQueen
  12. Ok, do you think i need to change?
  13. it is recommended, but not necessary.
  14. ok, thinking back at my choice, an illusionist is better, i'm gonna change it.
  15. well then, i'll make sure to remember their character and how it's used. welcome in.
  16. I am going to join, if that is alright with you. ^.^

    Stephany (She likes to be called Steff)


    Born in U.S.A, but her parents are German and Irish... so, she's Gerish.A? X,D


    Kanji 'character'/word:
    Pīsu -- Peace

    Flaws to the character:
    Can be very reluctant to fight, and will try to avoid an argument whenever possible. Steff also tries not to kill, but that's almost impossible in the Blight, and she often feels awful after it, and spends a lot of time alone, wallowing in her guilt.
    However, when not in a bad situation, Steff will be very friendly and rather bubbly. This means she tells others her weaknesses, which is bad.

    How it would be used:
    Since she is mostly Peaceful, she is sort of a Cleric and can heal herself and others with a blink of an eye. However, she has a weak tolerance to abuse and can't hit very hard, so she resorts to using self-dubbed "Energy-Suck" to weaken and subdue her enemies... Maybe even killing them if she takes too much of their life essence.

    Kind, Caring, Willing to Lend a Helping Hand, Remorseful, Very Energetic, Permeable Mood(Meaning if you're sad, she can become sad quickly, even if she had previously been happy)

    Class group:

    Usually wears bright clothing, seeming a bit girly in her frilly skirts and flowers.

    Katana! ^-^​
  17. Welcome aboard! And very well thought out character if i may say so.
  18. This interested me for a while. I think I'll finally join today. I'll make aa cs later today. ^^
  19. i'll eagerly await it then.
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