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  1. Previous RP:(CLOSED) Elkhorn Private Academy.Up until i have it erased. https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/welcome-to-elkhorn-private-academy.55381/

    OOC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/welcome-to-elkhorn-private-academy-q-a.55382/

    This is the Branch off to the previous RP. I will only give you the basics of the story too much is a spoiler. So Your Character has graduated Elkhorn Academy and become a full blown "Magic Hunter." In this story the world is over run with beasties and demons. Some countries are sectioned because the other part is completely taken over.

    To get you caught up on the story Bo(my character) and his servant Kid(Mine as well) left Miranda, Ayu, and Raven to conquer the Astral Plane. 3 years later they find a way to go back to their world to greet Ayu, Miranda, and Raven on their Grad day.

    In this RP your job is to protect the world from the beasts you do not get paid for this so you must make revenue another way for money still does exist.

    In the school RP chars were limited. Your class determined how they were able to fight. In this one your a grad so here are your characters fighting style options.

    Melee tank style class{READ} (open)
    Master thief: Thieves were classes who were cursed and didn't use their magic because it damaged them severely to use it. SO instead they heightened they're physical abilities. Now that your a master your curse actually enhances your body allowing you to change forms, have super strength, or even run at near the speed of sound.

    Balanced fighter class{READ} (open)
    Master Assassin: Your character is a balanced fighter born with magic. As a Master Assassin your character can handle more and cast and attack simutaneously. Versus the Assassin who needed to cast then strike. No curse v.v. <Boring class for the inexperienced writer.

    Mage style class.{READ} (open)
    Master Acolyte: A magical class who is divised of magicians that created extra magical vessels in their body to handle magic more efficently. You can now hold more than three types of magic and summon things almost instantly if a magic circle doesnt need to be drawn. Your mana recharges at a rate that makes it everlasting.

    Last detail about the story. I will trigger events and big boss monsters. Other smaller monsters you make up, you can even make a small event like where your stationed being attacked by a huge gang in that case nearby members can help. So dont be alone or else you could wind up in some rapists hands XP. Try to station near each other but not too far apart.

    It takesa day by boat to travel between two nations when said boat is magically enhanced. 9 hours by magic car. week by normal boat. two days by normal car.

    Character CS:





    If thief explanation of Curse and styles you mastered(2 styles, 1 curse if it enhances an attribute, 2 curse if one just changes his form allowing things like claws or tails):

    If Acolyte explanation of magic(up to 10):

    If Assassin fighting style and magic you've mastered(2 magic, one weapon style or body):

    Job for revenue:

    Where you stationed after graduation:(Doesnt have to be real city, but at least make it a real continent.)

    (Lastly) appearance:(Pic or explanation, either is fine.)

    Max of seven players: Two already reserved. No sign up needed just make a CS and Join.
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  2. Bo woke up that morning in His bed to find Kid meditating in the middle of the room. Bo got up annoyed. "Hey Kid!?" "Yes Master?" "Move!" "You know I can't do that Master." Bo went in a floating drawer and pulled out his kimono and Kid's suit. He threw Kid's suit at Kid's face. "Where are we going?" "The Council is having a meeting and I must be present." "You mean that dead body council where they take roll and give out soul tax profits." "Yep. But, They're saying I need a queen because Spirits are starting to cross to the other world causing havoc over it." Kid laughed. "Interesting." "Your scary sometimes." "Thank you. Now let's get going Master!" Bo gave a lousy salute and ran out the door. He fell into the deep abyss below and was suddenly in his chair at the council.
  3. With two weeks off of work, Helena figured that a good use of that time would be to head on out and take care of some excellent bounties that she'd been itching to take care of. The values were high and she had no doubt that they were jobs that could easily be handled within her two week free period. It was good timing especially since she was needing the money a little more lately. The home owner of the house she rented was asking for more money and that meant if she was looking to keep her house, she needed to bring up the cash. So, she planned to and hunting down criminals would be the best way to do so. So, she headed out of Japan and went off to find her targets, starting off in the last places they were spotted and from there she would have a good idea of how to look for them. Luckily enough for her, the wolf instincts really helped with tracking criminals down. The town she'd found herself in was of a pretty big size and all that meant was a challenge to find her targets. "Well...lets get this job started then.." she muttered to herself.
  4. Misty was sitting at home, a farm not to far from the overtaken area of North America, when she heard it. Nothing more then a leaf falling on the ground but Misty knew her farm and Misty knew something was trying to take her land. She walked outside staff in hand, "Hello?" Misty whispered her voice echoed she knew what demon this was and it would take a lot to kill him. Once she realized who she ran into she jumped back onto the shed's roof. "Long time no see" Misty gasped as the familiar beast who had a scar across his left arm threw a rock at her shed, instantly jumping off and watching the shed break. "That shed took a lot of work you little." Misty said as she closed her eyes and send a cloud of fog towards the monster. "Bahahah you think something like that will hurt me." The monster replied with a creepy and echoed voice. "No but this will." Misty replied as she lifted her staff and the fog turned into steam and you all you could heard was echoed screams. Then they stopped the monster disappeared. "You wanna play lets play." Misty made a cloud surrounding her whole farm. She knelt down and felt the dirt with her hand before instantly growing thorn bushes around her and making the spikes larger only on the outside. "Aughhuh" The Monster had screamed as it fell for her trick. Inside the bush Misty removed the fog and then instantly turned the rest to steam. There was no way the monster would escape this. Misty took the thorns away and cleared the fog. Don't you realize you can't beat me it's always gonna end up bad for you. "Not always" The same echoed voice replied as he appeared behind Misty and slit her arm. "A life for a life shall do just fine for me" The echoed voice said before Misty killed him and took his corpse into the ground. "You must of forgot I never show all my abilities." Misty laughed and put her arm on the cut and light shone so bright the farm looked as if it where day. The wound was healed poison gone, Misty wouldn't die to a foul creature.

    ((Make me a target and then we shall befriend each other? :))
  5. Kid and Bo started playing rock, paper, scissors when one of the undead council men asked them to be serious. "Ok. Ok. So what your saying is... that in order for me to settle this situation I need a queen and must kiss said "Queen" to convince all my undead subjects were in love. Kid." Kid turned to the councilmen. "Or option number two we capture all the ghost spirits or whatever." Kid rested against his arm. An alert popped up saying a monster soul was coming in. "Well, Urm... Councilmen I leave the matter to you on the tax prices. But, no lower than a 2% tax of their life earnings please." "Your going to check out the Hunter who killed the thorn beast arent you?" "Yep." Bo walked through a portal to a farm entrance. Kid could only laugh at the sight. "Is this really where a hunter lives?" "Hey Bo, not everybody has a giant lab like Miranda." Bo walked down the path "Hello!" Kid closed his eyes going into a fast meditative state. "Move!" Both Kid and Bo moved out of the way of a thorn bush.
  6. The scent of a monster's death by hand of a magic wielder caught her attention from her current lead on one of her bounties because this scent...this magic scent had the air of another target she was after. An Acolyte most likely and interestingly enough, that was one of her charges. "Got you..." Helena mumbled with a grin before running off in the direction of the scent and shifting into the shape of a large white wolf so that her legs could carry her to her destination a bit quicker. Upon her arrival, she noticed the land around the area and from what she could smell, it was a farm. The scents of animals and growing crops was high but also contained the undeniable scent of the Acolyte she was after. Not only that but the arrival of two new scents appeared as well, causing the white wolf to growl quietly as she remained close to the shadows. She wasn't about to let someone ruin her hunt right now. She didn't want to hang back and wait, she wanted this to be handled now but patience was needed. So she stalked forward carefully towards the house making sure to stay quiet and avoid detection from her target and these new comers.
  7. "Nice of you to enter as soon as I just killed him" Misty said as she was fixing up the shed. "It's quite rude to come in uninvited you know" Misty said as she grew plants to wrap around the 3 visitors. "Wolf don't think I can't sense you my land is trapped all around I can sense each and everyone of you" Misty said as she set fog around her and the fog expanded as she disappeared to the visitors "I don't know which of you want to kill me and which of you want nothing to do with violence" Misty said as she evaporated the fog and looked at each still stuck to the ground by the roots.
  8. Bo used his sealing magic to break the simple shrub spell. Kid began laughing. "Try something a little harder those simple spells wont stop a Sealing Thief." "Let me give you an example." Bo grabbed her by the neck. "Sealing Magic! 1000 Slashes!" A hollow transparent box with inscriptions all over it surrounded the Acolyte. "Activate." The Acolyte was slashed randomly a thousand times over her body in turn the magic caused a slash straight across his torso. Kid's body excited into flames, releasing him from the plants grasp. Quickly disabling the woman's body he took a step back. "I was coming here to see who... Ungh... managed to take out that vine garden beast." He stood to his feet and lifted his shirt. Kid began to burn the flesh together. From here his cursed blood accelerated the regen process.
  9. "I did now what do you want with me" Misty said as she started to glow healing the lashes "Simple little tricks won't work on me either hunny" Misty said as she laughed and walked hid in a fog "Step into the wrong place of the fog and your skin will burn as hot as coals, now tell me what you want with me for killing the monster."
  10. Helena narrowed her dark eyes at the woman, a snarl appearing on her face as she bared her fangs at the woman before shifting back. She kept her narrowed eyes focused on the female before huffing and chuckling softly. "Guess I should've known you wouldn't be an easy target...thought it would've work but I don't use magic like you do so cloaking and such isn't exactly an option. Can't deny though...pretty damn neat trick using your lands like that to detect intruders. Vines too and fog...not bad...not bad..guess i'll remember not to underestimate you." The woman flicked her tail a bit in irritation before shaking her head and glancing at the other two she'd caught. "Hmph...and you two are? Don't tell me youre after the bounty too..." she said with irritation as she started tugging and biting at the now weakened plants, thanks to the two others who had taken care of the seal before she noticed the woman disappear in the fog. "Damn it..."
  11. Kid and Bo laughed. "My curse makes me immune to fire and properties of it. I made a deal to make this possible. Im not an easy kill, but that's besides the point, We need skill like yours to help in a little dilemma that could eventually swallow this world if not dealt with carefully." Kid took a seat on his staff and read a comic as Bo explained. "Kid keep an eye on her when she does that I'm blind right now. So here is the detail, Im the King of the Astral Plane currently. And all these free spirits waiting on their judgement are going nuts because a King needs a Queen." "So in an attempt to avoid this solution we decided to hunt down these ghastly things and return or destroy them. So you in. As Master was going to say."
  12. "I guess that's one way to avoid getting involved with a Queen," the woman commented with a soft chuckle before standing and getting the last of the plants off and looking over at the two with a raised eyebrow before she scanned the fog for the woman. "Anyway, sorry to burst your bubble boys, but I kind of need this girl myself. Gotta turn her in for a bounty and all that. Nothing personal of course, just business. You'll need to look for someone else to help you."
  13. Ayu had finally arrived at Lancaster USA where one of the graduates was supposedly stationed; she was on a long break and normally would be carving ice sculptures just about now... However, she caught news of some sort of large thorn beast hanging around the area she had arrived at, her transponder definitely confirmed it; a large monster was roaming around causing chaos around these parts. She opened it up again checking where the beast's last known location was and began heading towards it, she hopped off the ship she was on and started running towards the farm she could see in the distance arriving within a few hours. The transponder suddenly came up with a notice; "Monster not found" "What?! It detected that thing merely hours ago, did someone else beat me to it?" She wondered as she drew closer to the farm, and stopped in her tracks frozen... Bo was there, accompanied by Kid of course and what looked like another graduated master thief... They couldn't be after the monster too could they? It was a while since she had seen Bo though, and without hesitation she began running towards him and stopped again, he was looking into what looked like some sort of fog, talking to someone who had been hidden within it. "What's... Going on?" She asked Bo her face clearly expressing the confusion she felt at the situation she had just stumbled into...
  14. "That thing was interesting, and I'm not good with....working, with people as you can tell why I have a bounty. I may or may not accidently killed my last quote on quote partner." Misty said as she walked around in the fog. "Now this bounty is stupid how much am I even worth?" Misty said as she quickly summoned a familiar she whispered to it "Give me your wings for a minute" the fairy denied and disappeared "UGH and honey you will not be getting me trust me as I will be able to bring you down easily." Misty said as she took the wolf and entangled her in roots and took care of the fog making the roots more powerful. "Trust me this is my land I suggest you surrender so I can maybe spare your life, and you another uninvited visitor boy I'm popular today"
  15. Bo and Kid looked at the now Kitsune female. And then back at Ayu and discussed male topics at a low volume. Occasionally looking back at both females. Bo went up to the Kitsune girl and Ayu. "Names and Contact info for... Uhh business purposes." Kid gave him the thumbs up. Bo leaned over to Ayu. "Long time no see."
  16. "Uhh...you sure this is really the time to ask for my information considering the fact that I'm trapped in roots at the moment? Get me out then maybe I'll give you that info but right now..just a little busy." Well this definitely wasn't your typical bounty job. Not with all this activity going on and all these people. She just came for a bounty and now she had more than one person to be dealing with. This was definitely the oddest bounty hunt she'd taken in a long time. Still, she had to take care of the matter at hand of being trapped in roots so rather than giving the woman a response to her offer, Helena, being the stubborn woman she is, decided to start biting at the roots in an attempt to get them off as she growled sofltly. "I swear when I get out of this," she grumbled, "Youre in for it..."
  17. "Go for it honey" Misty said as she made the roots retreat back to the ground. "This shall be fun ever wonder why my name is Misty?" She said as she hid in the fog again but this time going to her secret bunker and hiding in it while turning the fog to steam in certain places and enchanting the entrance to her bunker to not open for anyone she needed to rest after the monster.
  18. Ayu smiled when she realized Bo still recognized her, even with her now short hair and longer blades. "Too long." She said blinking rapidly to keep the tears of joy at bay, she leaned towards him almost out of instinct and reached out a gentle hand to pet the top of Bo's head once more. "Those ears are still as cute and soft as I remember!" She thought to herself before pulling her hand away and blushing realizing just how strange this probably looked to the others that were near her. "Er... What are you all gathered here for?" Ayu asked the Bo and the others pretending she didn't just do what everyone probably just saw her do.
  19. Bo looked at Helena more focused on Misty. Someone began rubbing his head he made no attempt to stop when he realized it was Ayu he turned to Ayu with a cat-like face, who had a face that screamed enlighten me. "Well I told you about all the stuff about the Astral council and things. Well long story short the world is sorta overun with the ghosts of things like that type-5 we fought a while back. And we have two options to stop them, give them what they want which is a Queen, or We attempt to fight and capture every single one." Bo scratched his head waiting for Ayu's reaction. Kid ignored the situation, he's always hated Ayu.
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  20. "A queen huh?... What would they want one for?" Ayu asked, she was tempted to try and find a queen for those ghosts, but if it just made the situation worse... She'd much rather fight and capture them if it would resolve things in a better way, after all, if a queen just made them more organized in their attacks on this world, things might just get worse from there. Ayu glanced at Kid for a moment while she was waiting for a response from Bo, he didn't seem to be too happy by her presence here, just like he was so many years ago. "I wonder why he's always this way now..." She thought to herself, whatever was bothering him, she'd figure out some way to find out and resolve it... She reached out her hand again, placing it gently on Kid's shoulder wondering if it was even a good idea to do something like this, she tensed herself for what reaction might be coming.
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