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    "This is home and we'd do anything to protect it."

    || A one and one roleplay with lauranatink. ||

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    • Green orbs glared at the back of the head of her rival, hoping it would kill the girl as simple as casting Avada Kedavra. There she went again, acting pure and innocent, though her actions spoke other wise. No one was stupid enough to not know what her true intentions were, and yet there they went, gotten tangled around those disgusting and filthy fingers of hers. Celine Augustine, a person she was ashamed to call sister and a disgrace to the Augustine name, held a reputation as the school's whore — "More like prostitute," Rose snarled. — shagging numerous men within a weeks worth. She acted high and mighty as if she was the bloody Queen of Great Britain despite of her mother's family and financial status in the wizarding world. She even had the nerve to reject those who had fallen for her charms — to which Rose found out and now knew was potion made — and humiliate them in the worst way possible that she and her cronies could think of, after either accepting or throwing away the courting gift. She even dared to show off those "ancient" and "expensive" items that she had, which were actually from a long time ago, and now worth nothing less than a Knut. She bragged about the riches she had acquired from the family fortune, even if the truth was that the "riches" she bragged about was from what was left of her mother's vault. Sometimes she wondered, what would've happened if everyone found out that it was not Celine who was to named heir and given the family fortune, but her, little Rose Augustine. It would be fun to watch as the vile woman fell down the popularity chart till she was just below the dirt. Though she vowed to let everyone find out during Yule Ball, where she could humiliate her in front of every pureblooded family who were off to attend the ball. Speaking of Yule Ball, she still had no date for the festive event, making her available to everyone, but alas, men only wanted tho who were good looking, gorgeous and popular, and she was not one those they seek. But when they see her, it would be a pirate's lost and another's gain. She just hoped that this year would be normal enough.

      Movement caught her attention, shifting her gaze towards the first years who walked off towards the front, some shied away from the amused eyes that watched their every move, whilst others walked with confident strides. They were adorable to say the least, but it would be a shame for their innocence to be corrupted by her sister by the time they would be returning as third years. It wouldn't be a shock to anyone if Celine were to ever return to Hogwarts as a teacher, seeing as that she never really liked to lift a finger besides a flick of her wand. And Rose doubt that her sister would be doing any proper teaching besides having sex and seducing, just to rile up the hormone crazy youngsters. It was a shame really, but nothing could be done, unless she was allowed to be given pardon from Azkaban. Hell, she was sure that Celine would even sell her body for luxury and fame. Mentally rolling her eyes at the thought, she shifted her focus over to the children being sorted into their houses. It was one of the things she loved to witness, seeing children being warmly welcomed by their house to make them feel at home. There weren't any parents, but the school staff acted as one to everyone. Another was, well, when the Gryffindors liked to cause havoc in the middle of the ceremony. No one knew why, but everyone was thinking that it had to do something with the headmistress, which made everyone confused, until they saw her reaction to every unsuspecting prank during dinner.

      This year they had used glitter, probably from Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, allowing it to look like the stars were falling from the enchanted ceiling and onto any surface it landed on, nearly covering the entire hall if it weren't for the vanishing spell that was added to the product. Chuckling, she watched the awestruck look from the first years, probably seeing this for the first time. Like always, all happiness came to an end when a loud shriek erupted from someone. It wasn't too loud to gather everyones attention, just the Slytherin table seeing as though it came from there, and the Hufflepuff table since it was just beside theirs. Green orbs instantly turned to where the shriek had came from, only to spot Celine trying to remove the glitter from her being in dismay. Okay, maybe even the Gryffindors didn't like her sister too. She could see the other occupants trying to hold in their laughter at the pathetic sight, but some let out a few chuckles. She watched as her sister tried to remove the glitter on her hair, only for it to stick on her hand. Oh, so they had used and added a sticking spell, and it would seem that it was only for Celine as the others weren't getting any glitter on any part of them. Snickering at the sight, she returned her focus to what was happening in front. Celine Augustin deserved it anyway. Well, in her perspective anyway.

    • It was an awful day, a very awful day. Hadrian had left his Transfiguration essay back in his room along with the now overdue book from the library, resulting to a loud and humiliating scolding. His quills had broke in the middle of an important discussion — namely Animagus Transformation — leaving him to do nothing but remember every important detail that was written and said. He was dumped a bucket full of water by a bunch of Gryffindor prats, making him late to potions, dripping wet as he entered. And as punishment for being late, he was given more assignments than the normal and he had missed lunch, leaving him starving all throughout the day. By the time he had reached Quidditch tryouts, he was unable to focus and catch the snitch, resulting to pathetic little Romano achieving the Seeker position. Which was the last straw. With a fake smile plastered on his face, Hadrian congratulated little Romano before storming away with enough dignity intact as he passed by a pair of nosy Gryffindor third years. Stomping up the stairs and into his room, Hadrian slammed the door with a loud bang, that he knew had echoed downstairs. He was in no mood at all to mingle with the others, and if he did, Lady Magic have pity on their souls. He needed some time alone, some time to calm and collect himself before he had to go down — again — for dinner. Hadrian had a bit of trouble whenever it came to his anger, his magic going haywire whenever he was angry. It also didn't help that it would affect his spells, the most simplest becoming complicated, backfiring here and there, especially whenever he tried to do wandless magic alone. Casting nasty spells without meaning too, his emotions mostly taking over. Sitting down on the chair that was beside his study table, he tilted his head back, body slumped back as his eyes stared blankly at the ceiling. Father had always told him to never let his anger take over, but as he sat there, staring at nothing, he wondered, how would it be like if someone saw, actually saw what he could do whilst in the fit of rage. Would they be able to survive and live the tale? Or die in the most gruesome way he could think of? Perhaps he could spare their pathetic lives and in return they could be his servants? Or an entertainment for his father's friends? Or maybe —

      A sudden knock from the door caused the young man to halt his dark musing. "Hurry up will you?" boomed the loud and annoyed voice that belonged to one Jonathan Reece. "I don't have all the time in the world to wait for your sorry ass." He could just see the smug look plastered on the bastard's face, just standing there, waiting for the opportunity to attack. he could just see the innocent smile plastered on that bastards face, just standing there waiting for the opportunity to attack. "Yes, well, no one asked for you to wait now did they?" Hadrian snarled, glaring at the door as if it could reach Jonathan. "Fuck you. was the only reply he received. This was the life in Slytherin and he didn't know if he would even last another year without hexing some of those insufferable prats. Standing up, he grabbed his wand and quietly stalked towards the door, suddenly opening it. Taking a step back, he watched as the silhouette of Jonathan fell back with a loud thud, gaining the attention of those who were close enough to hear it. He knew that Jonathan had been leaning against his door, and he needed some positive vibes. Plus it was fun humiliating those who tried to act big and cool. Emerald green met with a pair of hazel from below. He stared, watching the whirlpool of emotions from the other man's eyes. From confusion, to realization, and then finally, to anger. Without any second thoughts, Hadrian did the one thing that irked quite the lot of them, he smirked. Walking over the body, he walked with long, confident strides towards the common room.

      Hadrian froze when he felt a spell collide with his body. "You should be glad Reece," he said through gritted teeth. "That I have yet to rid the world of you're pathetic existence." With a glare, he forced himself to walk out of the common room and into a hallway. It was uncommon and unheard of for a Slytherin to hex or jinx another, and it would cause such damage to their reputation if any of the other houses found out. Walking with confident strides, he glared at anyone who were walking towards him as the hex slowly subsided. Sure it hurts like a bitch, but he had suffered much worst than a simple childish hex. Reaching the staircase, he watched as multiple, probably thousands, of staircases moved from one to another. He didn't know what came over the founders when they thought that having a bunch of moving staircases was a great idea. Perhaps they were masochist?

      Hadrian watched as a staircase came towards the hallway he was currently in. Huffing, he walked up the steps, waiting at the top as the stairs moved again, connecting with another. It was tiring really, but he had no choice. He walked up once more, waiting at the top of the staircase as it moved, this time to where he needed to go. Sometimes he wondered if the staircase had a mind of its own, or it could be Hogwarts herself. As the staircase he was on stopped, Hadrian continued his walk towards the Great Hall, the sound of his shoes tapping against the tiles, echoing around the almost deserted hallway. Narrowed eyes watched as a mixed group of Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws scurried off towards the Great Hall, either because of the food or he himself. Entering through the double doors of the Great Hall, he made a beeline towards the Slytherin table. The tables were arranged in an order that would cause less trouble and fights for each house. The Slytherin table was at the far left, followed by the Hufflepuff table, Ravenclaw table and last but not the least, the Gryffindor table.

      Hearing the loud exclamation of greeting, all conversation came to a halt, heads turning to where Headmistress McGonagall stood with a smile that reached her eyes. It reminded him a bit of Dumbledore, but perhaps it was because she, along with Snape, stood beside the former Headmaster longer than anyone else in this school. The opening remarks were heartfelt and touching that even some tried not to cry. He knew the pain they had felt, everyone did. A lot of lives were taken away from them, some having fought before their last breath. But they knew it would be a matter of time before they finally moved on. Well not all. Bored eyes roamed around the room, observing person after person and the small details that were added to the great hall, until his eyes landed on the little First Years who tried to shy away from the amused eyes that watched their every move. As usual the students listened as the Sorting Hat sang, some singing along with as much enthusiasm than the Hat itself. It didn't take long for the song to end, names to be called and sorted. Emerald green watched as the eleven year olds walked off towards their respective houses, beaming with happiness and pride. Some weren't quite happy, but there was always a reason behind it. He snorted as a brunette walked over towards the Ravenclaw table, shoulders slumped in disappointment. It was obvious the kid wanted to be a Gryffindor, he was after all staring at the table as if it would sooner or later. Though, the annoying yet amusing part of the sorting ceremony was the falling stars, or should I says, glitter. It was, of course, not a surprise to both the Gyffindor and Slytherin house as they were the ones who had the balls to do such things.

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  2. By the time she had looped the lake she already knew she was going to get a detention on the first day back at Hogwarts. All she had wanted to do was go on a run, it calmed her and helped keep her from causing more problems than she really needed. Yet Aryn always got attention. Being only 5’4 and one of the only girls in the school who did not like being touched you would think they would have learned by now. Shaking her head she finished her loop around the lake and stopped a few feet away from the boy standing there. She knew that running in a pair of running shorts and sports bra may send the wrong idea but it provided the freedom of movement that she needed. Putting her hands on top of her head she just watched them for a moment. With how warm it was outside she was glad her long dark brown curls were in a ponytail, it both kept her neck cool and kept it out of their reach for now. Taking in the two in front of her she couldn’t help but smirk. One of them was approximately 5’10 and decently built she supposed, he wouldn’t be too much of a challenge. The other might provide a bit more of a fight he was definitely more muscular and was almost a foot taller than her if she had to guess. However, she was used to being the smallest one in the bunch. “Can I help you?” She asked with a polite as ever smile. Jason always got on her about being polite and giving people a chance instead of just attacking them first. Yet, these were two Slytherin’s who she knew had a problem with her half-blood status and thought as a result she should be terribly happy that they wanted to give her some personal and private attention. She just wanted to shower and make her way to the Great Hall to see the prank they’d done for this year’s sorting.

    The shorter one, Tyler she thought his name was, took a step towards her. The idiot. He was now within reach if he tried to do anything. Almost absently she lowered her arms and kept them loose by her sides. “You could definitely help us,” he informed her with a small grin on his face as he eyed her from top to bottom. Aryn shook her head, was that all guys ever thought about? You would think that by now people would stop trying to get her. Yeah, she lost the fight sometimes and ended up getting some injuries healed in the hospital wing but no one got away unscathed. It wasn’t a secret that she knew how to fight so why did people constantly decide to do this crap. Mostly Slytherin’s, which was annoying in and of itself. She was a half-blood, weren’t they supposed to have complete disdain for her? Looking up at the two of them she gave them a smile. “I’d back off if I were you,” she told them, the least she could do was give them a warning. As Tyler took a step closer to her he reached out and put a hand on her shoulder. “But I want to get closer to you,” he told her in a husky tone. Aryn looked at the hand on her shoulder for a moment before putting her hand on it. Removing it from her shoulder she grabbed his arm, took a step closer to him, and using her hip as a lever threw him over her shoulder. Punching him in the chest when he was down. Turning quickly she looked at the other, bigger Slytherin. “Going to continue or take your friend up before he gets completely embarrassed by being knocked out by me?” She asked in a steady tone. Smiling as he took his friend and went back up to the castle she slowly started making her way there herself to get ready for the sorting.

    As she approached the sorting she couldn’t help but to smile. She loved all the new students and seeing their amazed faces. Aryn knew that after how rough the times had been that the teachers loved seeing the new students coming in and learning magic with pure joy on their faces. Sitting at the Gryffindor table she looked over at the Ravenclaw table and met eyes with Jason, her best friend, and gave him a huge grin. He just shook his head and went back to the book he was reading but she knew he was just as excited about her for the prank. As the glitter went off Aryn’s smile widened and she searched the Slytherin table for Celine Augustin, they’d made a special surprise for that woman. Seeing her reaction to the glitter Aryn couldn’t help but to laugh.


    Jason was reading a book, which wasn’t abnormal. Currently he was trying to study up on a few healing spells that he thought he may need. On the train to the school he had heard about some attacks from magical creatures, it made no sense since normally they avoided heavily populated areas. Knowing that some of those magical creatures were in the forbidden forest and that his best friend ran too close to there for comfort he had decided to learn as much as he could. He already knew basic healing magic, with a friend like Aryn who seemed to do nothing but fight he was always having to heal someone from minor cuts or bruises. He was working on a spell to heal a broken bone when he heard the commotion around him in the common room. Looking up he tried to figure out what was going on and realized it was because of two students having a heated debate about whether or not becoming an animagus could be considered more advanced than some other charm. He didn’t hear what charm they were arguing about. Now, Jason loved a good debate but not while he was trying to some studying done on his own. Taking the book he decided he would just make his way towards the Great Hall now, it wouldn’t hurt any to sit at the table. Plus, it would be a lot of fun to watch as the prank was revealed this year.

    Sitting at the table he noticed, barely, as people started making their way into the Great Hall. Being 6’2 Jason normally sat as much as he could, otherwise he stood out a bit too much. Especially when he walked next to Aryn, she was just so tiny. When the sorting started he put down his book and quickly put it into his bag to watch as the glitter came down. Smiling he found Aryn and saw her laughing as she saw Celine having a problem with the glitter that had landed on her. Neither of them liked that woman much, she was just too much of a well, slut. Shaking his head as the sorting and feast finished he stood up and walked over to Aryn. They’d made arrangements to work on some of the healing spells together, she probably had a few bruises she would need healed already as it is.

    Seeing Jason walking towards the Gryffindor table, Aryn had already jumped out of her seat. Meeting him halfway she looked up at him and laughed. They’d been friends for a while but it wasn’t until the last few years that Jason had started being so much taller than her. It was frustrating but amusing all at the same time. Making their way out of the Great Hall Aryn got bored waiting for everyone to slowly file out and started slipping between people. Being short really did come in handy sometimes. Running into someone when she’d turned and flashed a smile at Jason she yelped as she fell. Rubbing her head she laughed at bit. “I’m sorry, did I hur—oh it’s just you.” She said her tone changing from being cheery to annoyed as she looked up into the face of Hadrian Middleton.

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    • The sound of loud blasting startled the poor girl, but laughed when she saw the falling confetti. The sorting ceremony had ended in sucess, and with the flick of the headmistress' wand, food appeared before them all. It was a trick that made many wonder how food would suddenly appear when there was nothing on the table that would just make them appear, unless the plates/bowls had portkeys on them. "The elves outdid themselves this year!" one of her fellow housemates exclaimed. Nodding her head in agreement, she piled her plate with whatever was within arms reach. There were different types of food that scattered the table, from Italian down to American and she couldn't decide which to pick. Chatter and laughter could be heard all around as everyone focused into the conversation they were dragged into whilst they ate. Rose felt something poke her on the elbow, and when she turned to whoever was causing the poking, she was met with a blonde first year. "Hi, I'm Cleo Gallileo Fritz." The little girl, Cleo as she now knew, introduced herself with a big toothy smile. "A pleasure to meet you sweetheart. I'm Rose Augustin." she replied, introducing herself in the process with her own award winning smile. It was nice to meet and see new faces in school, able to get to know them at the very start of their school year even if it was a quick introduction. It also opened her eyes, able to understand that not everyone was the same as their older sibling. "Any advice for the future?" Cleo asked, leaning in, eyes wide with curious wonder. Giggling, Rose nodded. "See that girl over there?" she asked, pointing to where her pathetic excuse of a sister sat, eating whilst secretly plotting vengeance for the glitter incident. Seeing the young girl nod, she continued. "That's my sister, Celine Augustin. You'll be better off not associating yourself with her." It wasn't that she didn't want anyone to meet Celine, it was just she feared the bullying and heartbreak they would be receiving later on.

      "Why's that?" A curious brunette asked. Seeing their eager curiosity made her smile a bit sadly. There was nothing wrong with being curious, but sometimes curiosity would lead people into some trouble they never wanted to be involved in, either leading them to death or to something that would make them happy, and she feared that they would end up with great punishment. "My sister doesn't like people who aren't filthy rich. And she's a bully." It was the easiest was to describe Celine without getting into trouble for cussing in front of children. "Yeah, she isn't nice to everyone besides guys." Tiffany, a fourth year added in. Rose knew that the first years wouldn't understand anything or get the meaning behind those words until they hit puberty, which would hit them like a bitch. She remebered her puberty days and it was cringe worthy out of all cringe worthy moments. She had a few pimples here and there, but not to big to make other people notice, it wasn't the worst thing like those muggles like to complain about. The worst thing during puberty was the crazy hormones that would get everyone in trouble. She didn't know how some people could control their own hormones, but she knew that they at least had someone to help them out. But then again, it might've the days where her sister was slowly climbing up the whore chart, pleasuring both herself and her partner. Hell! She even caught her sister bringing in some random bloke into their house and continued to shag in the living room where anyone could just walk in and catch them in the act. Sometimes, she would think that her father had already figured it out but chose not to say anything since he knew he had nothing to do with Celine anymore.

      Whatever it was, it was driving her crazy. "But she looks nice." That was the problem. Her sister had the face of an innocent angel when she didn't have anything in mind and was just lounging around the castle. Rose often wondered where Celine had gotten the angelic face when their mother looked like a very worse version of miss Bellatrix Lestrange. And their father, she had taken her looks from him. Able to have the resting bitch face as some call it at times where she needed the most. Mostly when she didn't like to be fucked around with. "Looks can be deceiving, love. So get to know people and try to push their buttons really hard to see what they're really like." Rose advised with a small smile. It was by far the easiest way to label a person as your enemy or friend, but sometimes both would always tend to blend together. "How bad can she be?" Another first year asked. "Let's just say, when I become Lady, I'll have to disown her once more." A few gasps were what she received in return, a few with their mouths agape. Being disowned once was something every pureblood was used to, but twice? That was something Rita Seeker would see as worthy to write about in the Prophet. Being disowned twice was a very rare occurrence, and if it were to happen to Celine Augustine, would that mean that she was really trouble?

      The rest of the feast passes by without any incident, well, besides the heated debate between pureblood and muggleborn that caused nearly everyone in the Great Hall to participate. Of course the muggleborns would think they knew everything. If they did, wouldn't they know that the reasons elves were used was because a wizard or a witches magical core stabilises the elves own magical core? Seriously. How stupid can they be? Shaking her head, Rose listened at the facts and opinions being thrown back and forth, taking note of those who were right and wrong, and who her dear Hadrian must talk to later on.

      When dinner ended, and the headmistress instructed the students to return to their dormitories, Rose gave her fellow Hufflepuffs a nod and mischievous look. Without further ado, she walked over towards the portrait that had a sleeping cerberus that suspiciously looked like Fluffy and waited for the Slytherins to pass by. You see, Rose was a very good friend of Hadrian Middletone, the now prince of Slytherin as there was yet to be a Malfoy heir attending Hogwarts as the last heir had graduated and now worked at either the Ministry or Gringotts, she didn't know. It wouldn't be a shock though, if both Gringotts and the Ministry fought for the Malfoy heir as he was just and tried everyone as equals. After all, everyone does change. Rose watched as Aryn Townsend made a fool of herself and bumped into Hadrian, who looked annoyed. With a sigh, she walked over towards the trio with an eye roll. "Shut your mouth, Townsend, unless you wish to humiliate yourself further." She sighed as she walked over and stood beside Hadrian.

    • The sorting ceremony ended with a loud blast as numerous confetti's erupted from the walls of the great hall, covering everyone with coloured paper. No one had expected anything of that sort besides, probably the Hufflepuffs, but it was a great way to celebrate the addition of a new family member. With a flick of the headmistress' wand, the confetti that scattered on top of the tables disappeared and was replaced with delicious looking food. Chuckles subsiding, Hadrian stood and sat in between the first years who sat at the very front of the house table, welcoming them with a predatory smile. "House of the evil." he heard one grumble. The kid had ginger hair and blue eyes, a weird combination but nonetheless attractive. The child reminded him a lot of himself during his first year in Hogwarts, but at least they wouldn't be experiencing the things that he and the others had experience. "Not all of us are evil like what your peers have told you." He started, leaning back as he crossed his arms against his chest. He watched as the child squirmed under his gaze, and inwardly smirked. "We all started as humans, but the problems that are thrown at us is what shapes us to who we are today." They, the Slytherins were cunning people who people thought to be cowards, but in all honestly, they were brave in their own way, through little things that everyone seemed to miss seeing as it was nothing major. Hell, they were the only house that would willingly annoy the bloody hell out of the ministry and still able to get away with it. "Within the next three months, this school will develop your inner Slytherin, and you'll better be prepared for that."

      He hadn't planned to have a speech, but he felt like he needed to explain to the first years about evil as simply as he can, but when he saw the understanding look despite their age, Hadrian nodded his head before returning to his previous seat. Those who were sorted in Slytherin knew that eager questions were to be answered later on back in the common room, as to not draw any unwanted attentions from the other houses. Despite what people saw, their house was better when it came to going wild. Their parties were better than the Gryffindors! They even had a cupboard stacked with Pepper Up and Calming Draught. Hell, the professors would have a fit if they found out that the firsties had drunk an alcoholic drink. But hey, at least the dorms circled the common room from above. The rooms were separated by floor and each student were given a choice to either share a room with someone who was in the same year as them, or have it all to themselves. It gave everyone privacy, but the downside was that the dungeons had to be expanded seeing as the majority of the house chose to have their own room.

      The rest of the feast passed without incidents, well, it depends on what you mean of incident. Anastasia Smith — a muggleborn — who had gotten into a heated debate with Barry Crouch — a pureblood who was from the Noble and Ancient House of Crouch, which was a shock to everyone, because Barty Crouch was never married — about the laws of the wizarding world and its so called slavery of elves. Because of this, nearly half of the population of the Great Hall had joined in on the debate. Hadrian took note of those who had agreed with Smith and should talk to later.

      When dinner ended, and time for students to return to their dormitories, Hadrian said nothing as he stood and left the Great Hall and headed to the dungeons. Alexander and Corvus on either side of him with the rest of the Slytherins behind them. The first years, though they had heard the Headmaster instruct them to follow their prefects, had seen the way the Slytherins had waited for the brunette to move before they did and had done accordingly. This was a common occurrence during the first dinner back in Hogwarts seeing as the First Years needed to know who was on top of the hierarchy chart. Hadrian could see the confusion written on their faces as the entire house shifted and went into formation. It was a hierarchy formation that showed who was on top. The king stood at the very front, along side him were the kings that he had an alliance with. Behind them were the upper nobles who held either a political or beneficial standing. Behind those upper nobles were the common people who are yet to prove themselves worthy of a position. And last but not the least were the lesser nobles who were positioned at either side of the entire house and at the rear end, to easily protect the king and it's subjects.

      Catching a glimpse of red hair, Hadrian took off towards the Hufflepuffs, a smirk present on his lips. Rose Augustine was a dear friend of his. So dear that he wouldn't be shocked to find out that they were to be wed after graduation. But then again, father had always respected his wishes, and he doubt that Lord Augustine would do such a thing to his beloved princess. Snorting at the atrocious idea, Hadrian was about to cast a giggling jinx at Lady Augustine, but instead stumbled back as he felt a weight nearly slam into him, the spell hitting a random student instead. "I’m sorry, did I hur—oh it’s just you." the voice started, but soon turned into an annoyed tone. "Do try to be more cautious of your surroundings, Townsend." Hadrian growled, looking down at the woman who was pressed against him, voice a tad bit husky as he spoke, as he was unable to properly speak to anyone the entire day.

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  3. Aryn was too close to Hadrian, especially when it came to her problems with being touched. Taking a step back to center herself she looked up at him. Ever since first year the two of them had not gotten along well. It was more than just the Slytherin vs. Gryffindor rivalries. She just couldn't stand the man. Alright, yes, he was good looking she would at least admit to that. Truth was truth. But at the same time it was annoying that him and Rose were always being compared to her and Jason. She didn't understand what similarities they could possibly have. Hearing him talk to her she put on her most charming smile and placed her hands on her hips. Most people would think she was flirting, people who knew her personality however would know that she was most definitely not about to flirt with him. "Well, Middleton, you're juts so underwhelming that I didn't feel it mattered if you got knocked over." She said this all in a sweet voice. She was opening her mouth to continue when she felt Jason tug her hair and sighed. "Yeah, yeah I know." She muttered.

    Jason saw who Aryn had run into and groaned. Great, just what he needed. To try and convince Aryn that it wasn't worth it to fight with Hadrian Middleton. Part of him had to wonder if the two were just made for each other, they were so similar it was ridiculous. Yet he was grateful that he had yet to try and work in a group together with them. This was a NEWT year and he needed to make sure his grades were on par for his career path. Jason wanted to work in the Ministry in the Department of Mysteries. He loved the idea of being able to study things that weren't know, the things that were secretive and would bring around new discoveries and inventions. Running a hand through his hair he debated whether or not he should even get her out of this mess, it was just the first day back and he knew she'd already gotten into one fight. He could tell from her knuckles. They were red and irritated. When he saw her put her hands on her hips and look up at Hadrian with that smile he knew they were screwed. Walking quickly he stood behind Aryn, well, towered over Aryn and realized that Rose had even come over by Hadrian. That girl got on his nerves. Always arguing with him about things that were set. A debate only worked when the other person was intelligent. Moving his hand he tugged on Aryn's hair, attempting to prevent her from putting it up so that the fight would be stalled, at least for a little bit.

    Aryn was getting ready to just turn around and leave when Celine Augustine walked over with a couple other Slytherin's and gave them all a smile. Unable to help herself Aryn started pulling her hair into a ponytail. Anytime Celine was around all Aryn wanted to do was punch someone, that damn thing. She refused to call Celine a woman, she was a thing in Aryn's mind. Ever since puberty Celine had been sleeping her way through all the men at school, Aryn really didn't care. Right up until she'd tried with Jason and had been quickly and publically rejected. As a result Celine had started noticing Aryn. It was hard not to. With her dark brown curls and bright green eyes she stood out, even with her short size. Add onto that a body that was fit and toned, and usually scantily clad and the guys Celine usually wanted attention from would sometimes find their eyes straying. Celine didn't like straying eyes, she wanted to be the beauty and hated that she wasn't the only one at the school. What frustrated her even more was that Aryn didn't flaunt her looks, she didn't attempt to look good, and she sure as hell didn't lead any guys on. "Aryn. Not now," Jason said in a soft tone behind her. He knew about Aryn's hatred for Celine.

    Celine smiled down at Aryn. "What's the matter Aryn. Is our Hadrian rejecting you like all Slytherin's would?" Celine asked in her oh so sweet voice. At this comment Aryn's smile widened and she crossed her arms under her breasts. "Well, if all Slytherin's are supposed to reject me, love, then you might want to have a talk to," she paused as she studied the Slytherin's around them and counted "the 15 Slytherin's in the immediate vacinity who've attempted to take me to bed and went to you after I said no." Aryn heard Jason's intake of breath and could almost feel him shaking his head. He understood the insult, everyone who knew Celine would understand the insult. Aryn had just stated that not only did fifteen men, but fifteen men of her own house had only gone to Celine for pleasure after being rejected by a half-blood Gryffindor. That was an ultimate blow. "Jesus, Aryn. You just had to do it didn't you." Jason said shaking his head.

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      Probably one of the shittiest posts I've ever made.

    • Hadrian watched as Aryn put on her most charming smile, placing her hands on her hips as if she was about to start flirting. Those who knew her well — such as himself despite denying it multiple times — knew that it was fake. "Well, Middleton, you're just so underwhelming that I didn't feel it mattered if you got knocked over." Aryn said in a sickly sweet voice that was almost cringe worthy as Celine's. Hadrian said nothing as he stared down at the woman in front of him, brows raised as his eyes shown amusement and annoyance. No matter what, they hadn't gotten along since first year despite trying to make it work. Perhaps it was her annoying confidence? Or maybe it was her friendliness? He didn't know what, but there was just something about her that irked him, easily made him irritated despite not doing anything. He had thought it over a few times, but instead of finding the problem, he had gotten more irritated by her as he remembered everything that she did that irritated him. Before he could even retort anything to rile up Aryn, the loud, annoying voice of Celine spoke up. "What's the matter Aryn. Is our Hadrian rejecting you like all Slytherin's would?" A few others had glared at the woman for interrupting their prince whilst a few snickered at the question. Raising his hand as a signal to keep silent, he gave the group behind him a glance before returning his focus to Celine, who had came forth and now stood on his left side.

      "Well, if all Slytherin's are supposed to reject me, love, then you might want to have a talk to," He watched as she paused, studying the people around her. "The fifteen Slytherin's in the immediate vicinity who've attempted to take me to bed and went to you after I said no." Aryn continued. The Slytherin Prince watched as the two women in front of him interacted, frowning at the sudden revelation that fifteen of his snakes attempted to get into the pants of a Gryffindor, though inwardly smirked as Aryn easily insulted Celine. "Yes, well at least they keep on coming back, unlike your father." Celine sneered back. Hadrian narrowed his eyes at the insult. The others, seeing the sudden mood shift, took a slight step back as the Slytherin Prince growled. "Wouldn't it be more insulting if you yourself still had a mother, Augustine?" He hissed at the elder twin. It was no secret that Aryn Townsend was a half-blood whose father had left after finding out that his wife and daughter were witches. It was a problem a lot of half-bloods and muggleborns experience time to time, and he was hoping that the Ministry would find a way to fix it before the shit hit the fan. "Why don't you return to your position, at the far back, where you actually belong." Rose finally chimed in, glaring at her sister. She wasn't too happy with the insult as she too only had a single parent. Plus it was a low blow.

      Rose watched as her sister's gaze shifted over to her, eyes full of disgust and hatred. "You'd like that wouldn't you?" Celine asked, through gritted teeth, to which she raised an eyebrow. "But alas, you have no position to speak to me in such way as you are not part of this house." She pointed out the obvious, smirking in triumph. Just to humiliate Celine even further, Hadrian smirked as he turned towards Rose. "Lady Augustine." He acknowledge, taking the younger sibling's hand as he bowed, placing a soft kiss on the back of her hand. To Rose's horror and Hadrian's pleasure, she flushed an adorable shade of red. "Lord Middletone." She returned with a chuckle. Nodding his head, the Slytherin shifted his gaze back to Celine, eyes hardening as he glared at her. "Lady Rose Augustine is my equal and my friend," He announced not only to the elder Augustine, but to the entire group. "And you should do well to remember that." The unsaid warning clear in his voice.
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  4. Jason heard Celine's insult and automatically put a hand on each of Aryn's arms to try and get her to remember where she was. He knew she would be able to shake him off easily but there wasn't much that he could do about that, unless he used his height against her then Aryn was still the strongest person he knew. Add on when her temper got the best of her so her magic flared and it just added to her speed, agility, and strength. Bending down so he was right next to her ear he started talking quickly. "You know she's just full of it. It is the first day of classes and you really do not need to get a detention already. You've already been in at least one fight today that you haven't told me about yet. Leave Celine Augustine to another day." He was doing his best to talk her down but he knew it wouldn't do much if they didn't get out of the area as quickly as possible.

    Aryn was listening to Jason, she'd immediately frozen when he'd touched her. Jason was one of the few people who could touch her without her retaliating. She knew that he wasn't going to attempt to hit on her and he had no romantic interest in her. They were more like siblings than friends and she always tried to at least listen to him when he reasoned with her. Jason was right, Celine really could wait and Aryn didn't really need a detention. She was opening her mouth to retort when Hadrian and Rose beat her to it. She was smiling at their comments, it was well known that Rose and Hadrian didn't enjoy Celine's company either. It was probably one of the very few things that they all agreed on. Watching the show between Rose and Hadrian she rolled her eyes. If they were going to be a couple they may as well make it official already, although people tended to think that about her and Jason so maybe they really were just close friends. Shrugging she turned to start walking away, there was no reason for her to continue standing around. She felt Jason on the left of her and was a few feet away when someone grabbed her arm and turned her around with an arm raised to punch her. Ducking quickly she moved to the side and heard Jason swear as he moved backwards. Now there wouldn't be a way to stop her unless you used magic. She studied the person who had tried swinging at her. He was, again, taller than her and was a Slytherin who's name she didn't know. "The hell did I do to you for you to punch me? You aren't one I've fought with lately." She said in a calm voice.

    "You insulted Lady Augustine!" He yelled in a heated voice. Aryn just rolled her eyes. How ridiculous could you get. From the way he moved he obviously knew almost nothing about fighting without using magic, so this wouldn't be too terrible. Yet she was wearing a loose t-shirt that would get in her way. Quickly removing it so she was just in her cami she threw it over at Jason with a smile. "Hold that for me will ya?" Jason just shook his head. "Yeah, yeah. Hurry up so we can go before you get detention." He told her with a small smile of his own. He knew she could take care of herself but he also knew that she needed to stop fighting so much, especially with wanting to be a professor someday. Part of him was worried about any rebellious kids in her class if she did become a professor. She would probably identify with them and not give them enough punishment. Aryn nodded and turned her attention back to the man in front of her. She could see that people were watching them, the people who had never seen her fight before probably thought the outcome was determined. Rumors went around the school about the midget who fought but whenever they saw her they took in the pretty package and just assumed someone was making things up. That was most definitely not the case. As he lunged at her she quickly took a step sideways and punched him deftly in the ribs. He turned, rubbing his side now, and glared at her before coming at her again. Aryn wanted this to just be over with. Instead of moving to the side she took his arm, rotated, and allowed his own momentum to throw him over her shoulder. As he was down she quickly put her forearm against his throat and looked down at him. "If I put pressure here for 8 seconds then you will black out." Her voice was calm, and loud enough to carry. Hopefully they all would get her point across. Standing up slowly she walked over to Jason and took her t-shirt from him, slipping it back on and taking her hair down. Without turning around she started walking away.

    Jason spared a glance for the Slytherin's and gave them a smile before turning and walking with Aryn. When they reached the Gryffindor common room he took out his wand and quickly healed her knuckles. "You can't keep fighting like this Aryn. It's our final year and you're going to have to study more than fight." He started scolding her. He really did consider Aryn as a younger sister which made the situations so frustrating. Bending down to look her in the eyes so she would know he was serious he shook his head. "Promise me you'll keep your temper in classes at least this year." He didn't ask, he informed. Aryn squirmed a bit but finally nodded before going up to the Gryffindor tower. Classes were tomorrow and they didn't have all of them together so he was partially worried about what would happen in the classes they weren't together in. Walking back to the Ravenclaw tower he quickly went up and went to sleep, he was looking forward to the classes this year. He knew the workload would be huge but it would be more than worth it.

    The next morning Jason quickly threw on some clothes with his robes over them and headed out to class. His first class of the day was Herbology and it was one of the few that he didn't have with Aryn. Walking into the class he saw Rose Augustine and barely contained a glare. He always got frustrated as soon as he saw that woman. But, he would admit that she was a whole lot better than her sister, he still couldn't quite understand how the two of them were related when they were so infintely different. Sitting down at a workbench away from her he waited for the professor to come in and class to start. A few minutes later Professor Sprout walked in and looked around the room. For NEWT level there were only 8 kids in the class. She gave them her usual smile before starting to tell them about the way NEWT year would work. After a short explanation she then waved her wand towards the blackboard. "On the blackboard are your partners for the rest of the year. You will begin by taking care of a Venomous Tentacula from its bulb. Please move to sit with your partner and begin making plans." Jason looked at the blackboard and almost swore when he saw who he was partnered with--Rose.

    Aryn didn't go on her run the next morning. She was too tired after having to listen to a lecture from the Gryffindor Head of House about her conduct in the hallways. Thankfully she had been able to get out of a detention because, for once, she hadn't started the fight. Putting on her robes she ran a brush through her hair and left it down. Her ponytail ever present on her wrist in case she ended up in a fight. Grabbing her bag she made her way to Charms and sat down in the middle of the room. Watching as students filed in she immediately had a scowl when she saw Hadrian and Celine walking into the room. Thankfully there would be little interaction between them. As a Hufflepuff boy walked in and sat down next to her he started talking to her animatedly and she listened politely. Aryn wasn't the best when it came to interacting with others due to her trust issues. She was thankful as the Charms professor walked in. "You will all be paired during the duration of the year. I have already assigned you to a pair and there will be no changing. Please sit with your partner now as I start to explain about the rest of the year and how it will work." Aryn looked to the board and swore when she saw that she was paired with Hadrian. This was not going to be pleasant.

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    • She hadn't listened to the rumours circulating around the school as they were a waste of time, though there were times where she did listen, but it was mostly the entertaining ones she would listen to, such as that Aryn Townsend was a fighting midget. They hadn't gotten the midget part wrong, the Gryffindor was, after all, the same height as a fourth year. But the fighting part? That was impossible! She looked like she couldn't hurt an insect, more so an ant. Yes, she could openly say that she was beautiful despite her height, but then again, her sister did have an angelic but was a whore. But as she watched a Slytherin tried to lay a punch on Aryn, and said girl dodged the blows of the taller teen, easily putting him down in just the span of five minutes, Rose couldn't help be amazed at the sight before her. This was something she knew was going to be the hot topic tomorrow, a topic that wasn't going to die down easily, more so from the Gryffindor house. A guy initiating a fight with the opposite gender was the lowest blow in the wizarding world, a scandal that would put the family name in jeopardy and shame, and it wouldn't take long for the entire Magical Britain to find out. She pitied the Slytherin, she knew — as a pureblood herself — that not all pureblooded families were kind, well, in terms of anything relating to their family name. Rose stared at the duo as they left the hallway, leaving a few shocked Slytherins — and a Hufflepuff — in their wake. When she heard Hadrian addressing Timothy, she couldn't help but look and inwardly wince in sympathy as he asked for Mother Magic's to either accept or decline the punishment he deemed just. As a bright white light flashed between the two males, a soft sigh left her lips. Acknowledging the dismissal, Rose watched as Hadrian left, robes billowing behind him. Without a word, Rose left.


      She woke up with a groan, rolling over to the other side of the bed, the sun's warm light kissing her back. She didn't want anyone to bother her right now. She had done all of her essays last night and it took her up until three in the morning to finish. She may have overdone it a bit, but she didn't care, the longer and thicker the essay was, the bigger her grade would be. Plus, maybe she could out beat Jason today. Hearing the loud pounding from the door, Rose couldn't help but sigh in annoyance. She loved her house, she really did, but sometimes the badgers would wake each other up in the most ridiculous of time. Without any hesitation, she rolled off her comfortable bed, creating a loud thud as her body collided with the floor. It didn't hurt much, but it did wake her up a bit. It wasn't the first time she did this, but at least everyone had gotten used to the way she would wake herself up. They had cast a spell on each dorm room that only the caster and the Hufflepuff perfect can only remove or change. The spell gave everyone a warning if someone had broken in into their common room or one of the dorms. It was simple but at the same time a bit complicated, but nonetheless, it was easy for them to cast.

      If she wasn't mistaken, each house had a spell of their own to alarm the perfects and the entire house body if someone had broken in. But the Slytherins were different. Yes, they cast some spells, but inside their common room were a bunch of traps with riddles. One wrong move or answer, you return to the entrance of the Slytherin common room. And that meant a lot since it was coming from a Hufflepuff who was friend with the prince. Rose got off from the floor, rubbing her eyes tiredly as a yawn escaped her lips. Today, it was going to be a long day, meaning she would need her daily dose of sweets and bacon later this afternoon. She was probably the only one who liked bacon so much that she had the guts to go over the other tables and ask if they had some more. It was weird and awkward at first, but everyone had gotten used to it, always saving a large amount of bacon just for her, and in exchange, she was willing to help them with whatever they needed help with. Walking towards the bathroom, she stripped off her clothes, leaving a trail as she entered.

      It didn't take long for her to finish and was out and about. Her hair was neatly tied into a ponytail and dried, teeth brushed, and clothes on with no crease to be seen. With a smile, she walked out of her room, casting a few lock spells on her door, just encase someone was stupid enough to break in. Once done, she headed out of the common room and into the hallway, walking with a few light skips with her every step. She passed by some Ravenclaws who were deep into their conversation. It didn't take long for her to reach the end of the hallway, watching as the stairs moved from one place to another. It was weird really. Why would Hogwarts need these many stair case? Sure there were many secret passages and all, but this was too much. But it did help whenever an intruder enters the school and doesn't know how the stair case even work. Rose waited until a staircase had stopped in front of her, walking down the staircase and waiting at the bottom, it connected with another. It was a good exercise for everyone, helping your legs become stronger and withstand running longer, especially for those lazy bums. When the staircase had stopped, she immediately started walking, not wanting to get stuck and go the wrong way.

      Reaching her destination, she entered the nearly empty classroom. She walked in and made a beeline to the table at the back, taking a seat as she waited for the others. It didn't take long as students from Ravenclaw started piling in, taking a seat at the other side of the room. A few minutes laster, Professor Sprout walked in and took a look around. She gave them her usual smile before walking over and standing in front of everyone. After a quick and short explanation about how the NEWT year worked, she then announced, "On the blackboard are your partners for the rest of the year. You will begin by taking care of a Venomous Tentacula from its bulb. Please move to sit with your partner and begin making plans." as she waved her wand at the black board. Turning her gaze to the said board, she let out a few cusses when she saw who her partner was. Jason Lynn.

    • It was rumoured that the midget in front of him fought physically with someone nearly almost everyday, but no one would believe those rumours of course. Why would they when Aryn Townsend looked like an innocent little girl who couldn't even harm a fly? Yes, he once admitted to himself that Townsend was beautiful, but he'd rather suffer a thousand Cruciatus Curse than speak about it out loud. He, after all, had a reputation to keep up with. But as he watched as Timothy Ryder tried to attack Aryn for disrespecting Lady Augustine — seriously, how many times does he need to repeat who's Lady and not jut to get it through their thick skulls? — he watched in fascination as the midget easily dodged the blows from the taller teen, and easily putting him down within the span of five minutes, along with her little speech of knocking him out within eight seconds. Hadrian stared at the back of the Gryffindor as she, along with her birdie, left the hallway, leaving a few shocked Slytherins in their wake. Turning his gaze to Ryder, who was picking himself up from the floor, he glared. "You've humiliated yourself upon us all, being defeated by a mere girl who was just shorter than you. Not only was she a midget, but also a Gryffindor too." He scolded. Ryder, being the current main focus of the prince, ducked his head in embarrassment, silently praying to Merlin and The Founders that his punishment was going to be easy. "I, Hadrian Sirius Arcturus Middleton, heir to the Noble and Ancient House of Middleton, hereby sentence you to a month of no Quidditch, not only for disturbing peace between two houses, but for initiating a fight with the opposite gender. So I speak it, so mote be it." And with that a bright white light flashed between the two, Mother Magic accepting the punishment as just for what had happened. With that, Hadrian nodded his head at Rose and stalked off to the dungeons, robes billowing behind him.

      When they got to the entrance, Hadrian muttered the password and went inside, heading directly to his room, too tired and annoyed to answer the First Year's curious questions. The perfects knew the protocol and perhaps, tomorrow night he would be able entertain the younger ones. Tiredly, he took of his robes, placing it over the chair beside his desk, and unfastened his tie as he also took off his inner clothing till he was nothing but in his underwear. Casting a wandless and nonverbal locking charm on his door, Hadrian plop himself face down on the bed. Without further ado, he accepted the warm embrace of the darkness as he gave himself to the call of Morpheus.

      He had turned and toss, eyes tightly shut as he tried to sleep. Sure it was normal for guys to stay up late at night and fall asleep by the time twelve struck, but that was not the case with Hadrian. He had been woken out of his dream by someone calling out his name which was around three in the morning. It was suspicious and a bit creepy when he though about it now. Who would be up at the middle of the night just to scare the shit out of someone? He had been up till the very dawn, trying to at least get few more hours of rest before breakfast, but alas, it would seem that his mind was not agreeing with his body. Sighing in defeat, he slowly opened his eyes, revealing a pair of tired emerald orbs, blinking repeatedly to get rid of his drowsiness. He looked up at the ceiling, muling over to what he had heard a few hours back. Perhaps he had eaten something that had caused him to be delusional and had hallucinated everything. He remembered eating some cake and a bunch of sweets at The Great Hall during dinner, but none of them were spiked with potions, the elves just wouldn't accept the food they made being sabotaged. Whatever it was, he hoped that he had enough energy to could keep him awake for the next four hours or he'll be getting quite the detention. Sitting up from where he lay, he yawned as he stretched his arms out until he heard a satisfying pop. Sighing, he threw his legs over the bed, slowly standing up with another yawn. Hadrian walked over towards his cabinet, opening it to reveal all his muggle clothes and school robes, along with a few muggle shoes he liked to wear. Grabbing whatever robes his hand came into contact with, he immediately put it on. He didn't need to have a shower nor have breakfast, he had done it a while ago, one of the things he had tried just to fall asleep.

      Once he was done, he grabbed his messenger bag and slipped it over his shoulder. He had a few quills in his bag just encase one of them breaks, and a few parchment to write on, a long with a never ending notebook that his father had give him a few years back. How had he bought one of these? He'll never know. Ready and starving, Hadrian walked out of his room, closing it before walking down the hallway. If he remembered right, today he had Charms with the Gryffindors, which meant that they were going to be paired to do a simple task. Scowling at the though of seeing Townsend again, he made his way to class. Of course before he could even take a step out of the dungeons, Celine deemed it a perfect time to tag along to class. With a sigh, he shrugged off the advances that were made frequently, along with innuendoes that she thought he hadn't noticed. As they finally reached their designated classroom, Hadrian didn't spare the menace behind him a glance as he took a seat beside the window. It didn't take long for their Charm's professor to walk in, announcing that they would be paired for the duration of the year. And that she also had already assigned each one of them a pair, along with the fact that they were unable to be changed. With a sigh, Hadrian just sat there, staring outside the window, waiting for his pair to move and sit beside him. He hadn't bothered to check the board as to who his pair was, being to tired and lazy to even take a glance. Whoever it is, he hoped it was someone tolerable.

  5. RavenclawJason ran a hand through his hair as he let out an annoyed sigh. Of all the people he could possibly have been partnered with it had to be the one person in the class that he could not get along with well. He grudgingly admitted that she was smart. He would give her that. But they were constantly being compared to one another and were in a competition of sorts to be the top student. At the thought of the past times he'd won over on her he couldn't help the smile that came across his face. His blue eyes lit up a bit. He may not have been the most competitive or outspoken person, the only person he was truly comfortable being himself around was Aryn. Yet, he was competitive when it came to Rose. Ever since their first year they'd always had loud debates and a running tally of one uping the other in classrooms and assignments. Having to work together on an assignment was going to be new, however. Usually they were able to partner with people of their own choice so Jason would choose someone from his own house, or Aryn if she was in the class with him.

    Shaking his head he slowly picked up his bag and walked over to the workstation Rose had sat at. He may not like her but he was a gentleman and he wasn't about to make her come to him. Standing in front of her he took a moment to take in her appearance. She didn't have the same level of beauty as her sister but she was beautiful in her own way and Jason at least noticed that. A lot of people just assumed that since Jason was so close to Aryn that the two of them were together or that he had an unrequited love. That was most definitely not the case when it came to them. He just was the only person Aryn allowed to touch her, even simple touches on the arm could sometimes set off her temper. Looking at Rose he noticed her clothes seemed annoyingly crisp and her hair had been pulled back into a decent ponytail. Deciding to go the polite route he gave her his most polite smile. "Is it alright with you if I sit down so we can start discussing how we want this to work?" He had manners at least. Granted, they had been drilled into them ever since he was a child about being a proper gentleman but sometimes that would come in handy. Realizing he was going to have to deal with Rose for the rest of the year he did his best to not rub at his temples. This was going to be the most stressful year at Hogwarts yet, especially when he also had to keep an eye on Aryn.

    Sitting down across from her instead of next to her he quickly took out a quill, ink, and some parchment so he could write down whatever arrangements they made. Right then Professor Sprout came around with the Venomous Tentacula bulbs. Stopping at the workbench Jason and Rose were at she gave them a pleasant smile. "I'm looking forward to seeing the results from the top two students in the class! Make sure you plant the bulb as it says and you both work on it together. This is a paired project, meaning the two of you cannot just separate the work and each do half. You will have to do it together." Professor Sprouts voice was pleasant but firm as she set down the Venomous Tentacula bulb inside the pot that she'd already had on each of the workbenches. At that statement Jason really did start rubbing at his temples. He could already feel the headache coming on and Rose hadn't even started talking to him yet. This was going to be the longest, most annoying, class that the year could possibly bring.

    Gryffindor Aryn continued looking at the board for a few moments as she randomly twisted some of her hair between her fingers. She really didn't want to be stuck with Hadrian but the professor had made herself clear that there was no way of changing partners. Looking over at him it seemed like he hadn't even bothered looking to see who his partner was. Well, that could be a little bit of fun at least. His reaction should be entertaining to say the least. Looking next to him she saw that Celine had seen who his partner was and didn't seem very happy about it. From the exchange that had happened the night before Aryn had gathered that Celine very much wanted to make a conquest of Middleton and that he was more inclined towards her disowned sister. Aryn didn't quite understand all the crap the purebloods put themselves through. She hadn't ever been happy about her family situation, it was the cause of quite a few of her trust issues, but at least she didn't have to deal with making sure not to make the wrong person angry. Part of her wondered what would happen to the Slytherin who attacked her so publically last night. Aryn had noticed early on that most of the Slytherin's who attacked her did so out of the public's eye, as if they were afraid of being caught. She had always just chalked it up to not wanting to be known for attempting to get a halfblood into bed, willing or unwillingly.

    Knowing that Celine already felt jealousy where Aryn was concerned she couldn't help herself with what she was going to do next. That woman just annoyed her like no other, so it was her own fault that Aryn would mess with her. Running a hand through her hair so it wasn't tangled and fell down her shoulders better she slowly walked over to Hadrian and sat down in the seat next to him flashing him her best smile. "I'm your partner Middleton. This should be fun shouldn't it?" She asked keeping her eyes focused on Celine as she started talking. Seeing Celine's flash of anger before stalking off she chuckled softly. She really enjoyed making that woman upset. Shaking her head she turned back to Middleton, the smile no longer on her face as now she had to actually deal with him instead of just annoying Celine. Opening her mouth to say something she stopped as the professor came to their table. "Mr. Middleton, Ms. Townsend the two of you will need to get along for the rest of the year. . That means, Ms. Townsend, that I do not want to hear about you being stuck in detention on most nights." His voice was stern and Aryn gave him a polite smile. "Yes, professor." She replied instantly. "Alright, the two of you will be working on nonverbal spells, the first thing I want you to do is write a paper together, on the best way to learn and teach how to use non verbal spells. Then you will both assist me in teaching my 6th years a week from today." He walked over to the next group to give them their assignment.

    As he walked away she sighed. Nonverbal spells had never been too difficult for her so she wasn't entirely sure how she was supposed to teach someone how to use them. Taking out a quill, ink, and parchment she looked back over at Middleton. "Alright Middleton, how do you want to do this then?" She asked as she pushed her hair behind her ear. From behind her she heard someone say her name and she turned to see the Hufflepuff that had sat next to her was staring at her. Shaking her head she ignored him and turned her attention back to Middleton and shifted in her chair so she could see anyone trying to come up around her. Aryn didn't trust anyone, and most people who believed the rumors or knew her knew not to touch her but there were always those who didn't know. She had finally gotten to the point where she wouldn't instantly snap or punch them but she still didn't like it when people would touch her unnecessarily.

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    • Of all people in their room, it just had to be someone she couldn't stand being in the same room with. Right now was an exception, seeing as that it was her who chose the class she wanted to either continue or drop, despite that she was going to see Lynn a few times a day. It was annoying to say the least, being compared to someone you very well knew was smarter than you. Because of this, they had a bit of....competition between them, something that she participated in willingly without thinking. Though she wasn't competitive with Hadrian — okay, maybe sometimes, but the bastard just humoured her — it just came naturally to her when it came to Lynn. It was weirding thinking about it now, having to work together with someone you had history with of competing with one another. Usually during Herbiology, she'd pair up with Hadrian seeing as they had the same class together unlike this year. The Slytherin knew more about plants than she did, seeing as the guy grew up being forced around to do stuff, and with the interest and hobby of gardening. He was the sole reason that she was able to pass this class. If they hadn't known each other and paired up, she would've received a Troll on her OWLS.

      "Is it alright with you if I sit down so we can start discussing how we want this to work?" At the sudden question and shadowing looming over her, Rose was pulled out of her musing. Turning her gaze to the person standing in front of her, she stared back at Lynn, who was staring down at her. This was one of the times she had ever felt so small, and it only happens once in a blue moon, one of the things she would prefer to Obliviate from her mind. Nodding her head, she watched as Lynn sat down on the seat that was in front of her, quickly taking out a quill, ink, and some parchment that they would be needing for the entire hour. Before she could utter anything, Professor Sprout came around with the Venomous Tentacle Bulbs. Stopping at their workbench, she gave them a pleasant smile. "I'm looking forward to seeing the results from the top two students in the class!" She announced. "Make sure you plant the bulb as it says and you both work on it together. This is a paired project, meaning the two of you cannot just separate the work and each do half. You will have to do it together." Professor Sprout warned, voice pleasant but firm as she carefully set down a pot with the Venomous Tentacle Bulb inside.

      As Lynn started rubbing at his temples, she couldn't help but frown at the action. They didn't get along, but was she that bad to be paired with? Sure she was sometimes a know it all, but it was just for the sake of her grades and family name. Was that how Hadrian had felt ever since meeting her? If so, then it wasn't her fault. Ever since three — or was it four — she was trained and taught everything there was to know about being a heir and lady, seeing as that it was expected by everyone from a child who was from an Ancient and Noble House. The knowledge she possess was drilled into her head, along with etiquettes. "Let's just get this over with." Rose whispered though audible for Lynn to hear. Maybe, just maybe she could be excused from this class.

      Regaining her posture and thoughts, she sat up straighter, masking her troubles away with a smile. "We could start off with writing the pros and cons of having a Venomous Tentacle Bulb?" she suggested, her hand rummaging through her bag. Feeling the soft feathers brushing against her fingertips, she took out her quill, thumb caressing the soft feather. After class, perhaps she could seek out Hadrian for a few advice and tips for their Herbiology project, she was shit when it came to plants, more so when it comes to the once she doesn't know about.

    • Like usual, not everything goes according to plan, such as now being an example. "I'm your partner Middleton. This should be fun shouldn't it?" As he was brought out of his thoughts, he couldn't help but involuntary stiffen at the sound of her voice, trying to hold back a pained groan. Of course he just had to be paired with someone who he didn't get along with. He knew well that it was a futile attempt to change his partner seeing as their professor had announced loud and clear that it was hopeless if they tried to do so. With a sigh, Hadrian shifted his position, entire body facing Townsend, emerald green boring right back to brown ones. Before he could even retort something rude, their professor came over to their table. "Mr. Middleton, Ms. Townsend," Said professor addressed with a smile, though his voice was firm and the concern was clear in his eyes. "The two of you will need to get along for the rest of the year." He started. "That means, Ms. Townsend, that I do not want to hear about you being stuck in detention on most nights." Ah yes, detention. The one place that some Slytherins were not familiar with, whilst the Gryffindors knew as if it were the back of their hands. Though there were times where it would seem that Townsend lived to cause trouble yet at the same time not. It was fun to say the least, causing trouble and not getting blamed for it, though at the same time, it was starting to become a bore. There was a difference between causing trouble and adventure, and everyone was lacking the latter.

      He couldn't help but scowl in disbelief at the sudden change of attitude and immediate and polite reply. At the scolding and warning look their professor sent his way, Hadrian stuck out his tongue, receiving a sigh in return. "Alright, the two of you will be working on nonverbal spells. The first thing I want you to do is to write a paper together, on the best way to learn and teach nonverbal spells." Nodding his head and inwardly smirking, he took out a quill, ink and some parchment from his bag. He had no trouble when it came to casting nonverbal spells, therefore this assignment was going to be a piece of cake. "Then you will both assist me in teaching my sixth years a week from today." Now that was unexpected. Was it really in the curriculum for sixth years to learn nonverbal spells? Wasn't that supposed to be taught by the parents or an Auror? It wasn't that he didn't want to, it was just not easy to teach someone about something that comes naturally for someone. It was like trying to teach parseltongue to a troll who can't speak the language.

      "Alright Middleton, how do you want to do this then?" Was the immediate question. Turning his gaze back to Aryn, he stared at her expectant face before sighing. "Well if you've listened, then perhaps you would know that we should be starting on the paper." He replied nonchalantly, eyes daring for her to take the bait. It was interesting to irk the brunette beside him, something he did every single day or when he had the chance. You could say that it was a weird habit of sorts, but he couldn't help it. Her replies were either amusing or downright entertaining. "Though if you're asking me how we should start off this 'project' of ours then perhaps we should start off with practicing our nonverbal skills." He stated with an eye roll.
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  6. ”The RavenclawJason looked over at Rose when she barely whispered. He knew that he could frustrate her pretty easily but he hadn’t even done anything yet. Realizing just how hard this class was probably going to be throughout this project he looked at her. Maybe he should try burying the hatchet, this had all mostly started because of how competitive they were. There was nothing that said they had to be competitive and not get along with each other. Just, for some reason, he couldn’t bring himself to be the better person and offer to bury the hatchet. He knew Aryn would say it had something to do with him being stubborn but Jason considered himself a fairly easy going person, it wasn’t like Aryn where if she had a temper it would go off right away and her temper could last for months. Or, in the case of Rose’s sister, years. He smiled a bit at the thought, he knew Aryn was in class right now with Celine and Hadrian and he wondered how she was fairing. Knowing he would hear about it later he turned his thoughts back to Rose.

    At her mention of writing the pros and cons he chuckled a bit. “Are there even any pro’s to having one? I mean the thing attacks you all the time,” shaking his head he pulled out parchment, quill, and ink. He also grabbed his Herbology book. Herbology wasn’t his strong suit, he’d mostly taken the class as a way to learn a bit more about things that may help him when he became an Auror. Ruffling his hair absently he flipped through his book for a few moments. “I know their seeds can be used in quite a few medicine’s so I guess that could be considered a pro, yet it’s extremely difficult to get to their seeds. Mostly because the bloody things are poisonous and can bite.” He said absently. “So glad I’m not going into a career where I will have to deal with them on a daily basis.”

    Looking back up he looked over at Rose and decided he really should take the high ground here. Putting down his quill for a moment he looked over at her. “I know we don’t get along much, but for the sake of our grades can we put that aside for the assignment? If we’re being completely honest here at least I’m partnered up with someone who will actually be a help in the assignment instead of being a detriment.” He told her meeting her eyes so she would know he was being sincere. Aryn told him that it was sometimes annoying when he would look at her like that but he knew it was the best way for people to know he was being completely honest. It was a trick he’d learned from some upper classmen when they had been trying to help keep Aryn under control during her tempers. “And I don’t really understand why we can’t get along, we’re both just a little bit on the competitive side I guess.” He said shrugging.

    ”The GryffindorAryn looked at Hadrian and raised an eyebrow but just shook her head. She wasn’t about to rise to the bait for something that simple. Leaning down to get into her bag she pulled out parchment, quill, and ink. Hearing him continue talking about practicing the nonverbal spells she just looked at him for a moment. Picking up her wand she wordlessly summoned Celine’s quill to her and then sent it back while the girl glared at her. Flashing Celine her most charming smile she turned back to Hadrian. “I’ve been able to do nonverbal spells for a bloody long time now. However, if you need a little assistance I’d be more than willing to accommodate if your precious Celine isn’t.” She said with a smirk. Aryn didn’t know why she always wanted to screw with Hadrian but it was fun seeing some of his reactions.

    Feeling a hand on her shoulder Aryn’s body stiffened and her eyes flashed. Anyone who knew her, even a little, knew better than to touch her. Slowly turning around she saw the Hufflepuff who had been trying to talk to her earlier. “Please don’t touch me,” she said in a low, yet barely polite, voice. The Hufflepuff looked at her, she couldn’t for the life of her remember his name, and removed his hand slowly but continued to smile at her. “Aryn, I need to talk to you. Do you have a moment?” He asked. Aryn just looked at him and then waved to bring his attention to Hadrian. “Not really. I’m in the middle of class. Shouldn’t you be working with your partner as well anyway?” She asked. “Do you need help with something?” She asked him simply. Aryn didn’t understand what he would need from her but she was at least polite enough to ask. She helped people with classes sometimes and she just assumed this was one of those instances. She watched as the Hufflepuff put a hand on his neck awkwardly and she almost groaned. She’d seen that face before. “Actually, I was hoping you’d go to Hogsmeade with me this coming weekend. On a date,” he clarified. Aryn had to give him some points for asking in front of Hadrian. That had to take some courage at least but she didn’t date. “Not that I’m not flattered, but I don’t date. Or go to Hogsmeade if I can help it. Sorry.” Without giving the guy a chance to speak she turned her body so it was facing Hadrian again.

    Randomly twisting some hair between her fingers she looked down at the piece of parchment that she hadn’t written on. “I have no idea how to teach someone how to use nonverbal spells. I just picked it up on my own,” she said honestly as if nothing had just happened. “What about you? Do you have any ideas on how to teach someone how to do it?” Leaning back in her chair she brought a leg up and wrapped her arm around it, setting her chin on it as she studied the man in front of her. They hadn’t gotten along since first year and she remembered before he’d grown into his looks. Now though, she had to admit he was handsome. Sighing she looked around the room and saw that Celine was still glaring at her and couldn’t help the soft chuckle that escaped her lips. “Wow, she hates me.” She muttered.

    • @lauranatink

    • “I know we don’t get along much, but for the sake of our grades can we put that aside for the assignment? If we’re being completely honest here at least I’m partnered up with someone who will actually be a help in the assignment instead of being a detriment.” Lynn said, eyes boring into her own. She had felt offended at the detriment part, but chose not to comment on that. He had a point though. Maybe, just this once they could temporarily bury the hatchet and at least learn something new from each others point of view. If other people could do it, then why couldn't they too? It wasn't that hard ad complicated to do, now was it? "And I don’t really understand why we can’t get along, we’re both just a little bit on the competitive side I guess.” He said with a shrug. Lynn had another point there. It was true that she had a competitive nature, though she mostly showed it whenever she knew that the Ravenclaw was in the same room as her, and there fights would sometimes become heated despite the issue being a small one. The sole reason for her competitiveness was her father. That man had graduated not only as Quidditch Captain during his time, but also Top Student and Slytherin Perfect. Now, who wouldn't feel pressured? Especially the child who was expected great things by other people because of her family name and father.

      "Very well then." She nodded with as lightly forced smile. Sure it seemed a bit fake, but at least she was trying to make this shit work. Though she wondered, would she be able to be the top student this year now that she was on agreeing terms with Ravenclaw's top student? Or would she still have to go through the tougher route? "Now that we've sorted things out, why don't' we actually start on our project?" She suggested. Herbiology wasn't her greatest forte, though she only knew a little about plants, such as the Venomous Tentacle Bulb being an example. If she were to be honest, she didn't know shit about the Bulb that they were to, what take care of? It would've been easier if this class was Care of Magical Creatures, then they would've received an O++ on their OWLS if it were possible. Which actually was, but there were only four who had received them, and they were all dead now, which was actually sad. "I'm actually shit at this class," Rose finally admitted, dropping her head onto the top of the table, causing a load thud. "Do you think we could perhaps ask Hadrian for advice?"[/b] she asked, lifting her head a little, cheek squished against her forearm. If Lynn didn't want to a company her for whatever reason, then she was completely fine by it. She wouldn't be the main target of some Slytherins thanks to the announcement Hadrian had made in front of the entire House last night. Though she would bet that Céline would try and humiliate her despite the warning her friend had made. That vile woman would do anything just to have whatever she wanted, be it through blood or seduction. And right now, her conquest was Hadrian Middleton.

      Hadrian Middleton, her best friend and older brother through magic. The same man who was the current Prince of Slytherin. Céline had asked her dear friend on many dates to which he had declined, humiliating her by rejecting her advances loudly for others to hear. It was sad really. It was no secret that the Middleton's had political power in the Wizengamot along with the Sacred Twenty-Eight and were loaded. And It just showed how desperate the woman was to gain fame and money. It was so disgusting that some of the pureblooded families she had met had declined any engagement between their sons and Céline. Unless of course, they had no choice, which they have plenty of.

    • When Aryan hadn't taken the bait, he couldn't help but slightly pout at that. Though he did watch in interest as she wordlessly summoned Céline's quill with her wand and then proceeded to return it back to the owner whilst the Slytherin glared at her in return. It was impressive to say the least. Casting nonverbal spells was a rare ability, more so when it came to students at a young age as themselves. If he remembered right, it quite an amount of time and a great deal of patience, along with concentration and mental discipline alone to master such talent. "I’ve been able to do nonverbal spells for a bloody long time now. However, if you need a little assistance I’d be more than willing to accommodate if your precious Celine isn’t.” He really couldn't comprehend as to why Townsend liked to screw with him. Though he wouldn't be complaining if it were him screwing with her, seeing as though she may need some pointers on some things that she may need to know about during important times with her significant other. "If you must know Miss Townsend, I have known how to cast nonverbal spells long before receiving my Hogwarts letter." He replied, wordlessly summoning the entire class's parchment just to show off. "Also, Céline is not precious to me." He hissed, intentionally glancing at said woman. That woman was a menace, and an annoying one at that. She had asked him out multiple times, to which he declined and reminded her that just because his family had political power and the money that she craved, did not man that he was willing to stoop that low. Who would want to date or even marry someone who only wanted your fame and money? Someone who couldn't even close their legs for others? He was not that type of guy. Did Lord Augustine even know that his whore of a daughter had gotten knocked up three times and proceeded to abort the children? What kind of person could just kill an unborn child as if their lives were mere toys?

      Catching a glimpse of someone approaching the table where he sat, he couldn't help but sit up straighter. It was rare and uncommon for someone to approach the table where he — or his partner — sat. They were either too scared or intimidated by his presence whenever he was near that they were unable to approach the person they wish to talk to. To which he wondered why. He didn't bite nor kill people, so why were the afraid of him? He watched in morbid curiosity as a Hufflepuff slowly halted and stood behind Townsend, hesitating whether to say something or not, if his face was nothing to go by. As the guy placed his hand on the woman's shoulder, he couldn't help but inwardly frown despite his amusement as he noticed her stiffen at the contact. " Please don't touch me," she said in a low, yet barely polite, voice. If the change on the tone of her voice was not an indication that she was in no mood to talk besides school work, then he didn't what was. And by the looks of it, she didn't even know the guy at all. "Aryn," He started. "I need to talk to you. Do you have a moment?” He asked, face slightly flushed. Townsend being the most entertaining person that he had hated and met, waved, bringing the Hufflepuff's attention to him. "Not really." She started. "I’m in the middle of class." Now that, as he knew, was an obvious rejection and an open invitation to public humiliation. Or was it? "Shouldn’t you be working with your partner as well anyway?” The Gryffindor asked. "Do you need help with something?” It was common knowledge that Townsend was the type of person who would help you out with your classes despite being a very moody person. "Actually," he started, rubbing his neck awkwardly. At the pained look written all over the Gryffindor's face, Hadrian couldn't help but snicker. "I was hoping you’d go to Hogsmeade with me this coming weekend. On a date," The Hufflepuff clarified. Hadrian had to give the buy some points though. Not many had the guts to walk up to the person they liked to ask such questions in front of him, and that took quite a lot of courage. "Not that I’m not flattered, but I don’t date." Merlin's balls, that was strike one. " Or go to Hogsmeade," Strike two. " If I can help it. Sorry" Aaaand there we have strike three! Without giving the Hufflepuff a chance to utter anything, she turned her body so it was facing him once more.

      Hadrian watched as the embarrassed and dejected Hufflepuff bowed his head before turning around and returning to the table where his partner sat, giving him a sympathetic look. Turning his gaze to her, he stared. Who would've thought that big, bad Aryan Townsend was capable of public humiliation? "I have no idea how to teach someone how to use nonverbal spells. I just picked it up on my own,” she said as if some guy had not asked her out on a date this weekend. If that was what she wanted, the perhaps he should remind her. "That was quite harsh, wasn't it?" He asked. Alright, so he was a tad bit worst than her. But he only openly rejected those women who were only after his fortune and family power, after all it was no secret that the Middleton's were part of Wizengamot along with the Sacred Twenty-Eight. Unlike Townsend, he was willing to go on dates, though he was not interested in a committed relationship — to which he reminded them just encase that they had forgotten. "What about you? Do you have any ideas on how to teach someone how to do it?” Ah yes, back to the main topic. With a sigh, he slumped back on the chair, head tilted upwards as he shut his eyes closed. "Before one must preform nonverbal casting, meditation is recommended. Then after, we could teach them to find their magical cores." Hadrian started. "It would make it easier for your magic to flow through you whenever you wordlessly say a spell, seeing as that you've found your core and know where your magic is." He explained further, shifting in his seat to a comfortable position. "Though we should limit their use of nonverbal casting. Once they get used to it, it would take more energy to cast a spell verbally."

      Hearing unintelligible muttering from Townsend, he opened his eye and stared at her in confusion. Curious, he followed her gaze over to Céline, who was still glaring at the Gryffindor, where he immediately understood her muttering despite not being able to hear it. "She doesn't like it when people get close to those she thinks she'd have a future with." He explained. "And I shudder to think that someone would be willing enough to marry her." He added. It was true in so may levels. Nearly half of the pruebloods that were in Hogwarts were revolted by the thought and idea of being related or married to someone who couldn't keep their legs close and only wanted fame and money. Didn't Céline know that she was actually destroying her mother's family name? Well is she didn't then maybe it would do good for the Wizarding Britain to lose the Stanfield House. "Show her your cock and she'd lap it up as if the owner were a god."

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  7. Jason looked at Rose as she gave a fake seeming smile. Oh well, she was at least willing to try so that was at least a start. He looked at her when she admitted to not being good at the class and a rare smile broke out across his face. "I'm not great at the class either." He told her. She was being honest with him, the least he could do was return the favor. AT the mention of asking Hadrian for advice Jason thought about it for a moment. Hadrian didn't get on his nerves as bad as he got on Aryn's. As long as Aryn wasn't around it shouldn't be that big of a deal and if he was being honest he could probably ask Aryn for some help. It wasn't her best class but she was still a bit better at it than Jason. Her obsession with not sitting still was perfect for Herbology since there was usually quite a bit of movement and action. "I don't care if we ask Hadrian for advice. Usually I'm just stopping Aryn from her temper around him, I don't know the guy enough to actually have a problem with him." Jason said in a calm voice. It was true. He didn't know much about him other than the fact that him and Aryn seemed to get under each other's skin. Much like Rose and him seemed to get under each other's skin. "So as long as Aryn isn't around we should be able to get a decent conversation in." He said with a soft smile. HE loved Aryn, she was like a sister to him but her temper really did cause problems sometimes. "Do you just want to ask him yourself or do you want me to come as well since it's a partner project?" He asked after a moment.

    Looking up at the clock he realized it was time to go to the Great Hall for lunch anyway. Throwing his stuff in his bag he looked over at Rose and gave her a polite smile. "I suppose I'll see you around." He told her as he threw his bag over his shoulder and started walking towards the Great Hall. Standing by the door to wait for Aryn he saw a Hufflepuff walking by talking about how upset he was that Townsend had rejected him in front of Middleton. He looked up sharply at this. Getting turned down was normal, anyone who took the time to know Aryn would know that she would turn down anyone who asked her. She just didn't trust anyone enough to go on dates with them or get to know them well enough. The fact that she had been civil around Middleton was what had him surprised. Shaking his head he continued looking for Aryn and finally saw her walking towards him, her face a thundercloud. Sighing he just looked down at her for a few moments. "Do I want to know what has you so upset?" He asked her. Seeing her knuckles were bloody and that she had been favoring her other leg he assumed she had gotten into a fight and he took his wand out to start the healing process when she held up her hand. "No thanks. I'll be fine. Go sit down and eat something I need to talk to you later." She said softly as she walked to the Gryffindor table and quickly sat down.

    Walking over to the Ravenclaw table he looked up when the owls came in and couldn't help but smile. When owl post came in it had always amused him. He didn't get mail very often since his parents were muggles, they still hadn't quite gotten used to owl post so they only ever used the family owl when it was something extremely important. When an owl he didn't recognize dropped in front of him he was confused but quickly took the letter. It was addressed to him alright, it even had his full name written across the envelope. Confused he opened it quickly and read it.

    Dear Mr. Lynn,

    Recently it has come to our attention that we are going to need the assistance of Ms. Augustine, Mr. Middleton, Ms. Townsend, and you. I have important information for you regarding your family and have a request of the utmost urgency to assist in the wizarding world. Please meet me tonight in the headmistress's office at 7 p.m. sharp.

    Hermione Weasley

    Minister of Magic
    Aryn looked at him with a raised eyebrow when he mentioned the rejection and shrugged. "I learned a long time ago that if I'm not harsh about it then they still think they have a chance." She said simply. It was the truth. When she had first started developing into a beautiful woman when she hit fourteen she had gotten asked out a lot and she had been polite about it, mostly because of Jason's urging her to be polite. Yet when she was polite they would keep coming back. When she started being harsher about it usually after one rejection they moved on. "He'll get over it. Plus, if he was that serious about me then a simple rejection wouldn't make him give up." She said meeting Hadrian's eyes at the last statement. Aryn was nothing if not blunt. As he started talking about a way to teach someone how to do it Aryn looked at him for a moment. "So, if I were to say that none of that applied to me. I don't even use my magical core, at least not knowingly. I just tried doing non verbal spells during third year as a bet against a seventh year and realized I could do it." She said shrugging. She hadn't realized it was such a huge deal until a year later when Jason had started getting mad at her for being able to do it. He'd finally figured out how and he was good at it but she hadn't ever really thought about how he had figured it out. She just assumed it was talent, like flying which she could not do. "I just assumed it was something some people got naturally, like flying." She said after a minute. Hearing a laugh she turned and saw that Celine was looking at her while she laughed. She assumed it was the flying comment. Everyone knew Aryn was hopeless on a broom. "I guess it makes sense to try it your way though." She said turning her attention back to Hadrian. Looking up at the clock she saw that their class was going to be over soon and she ran a hand through her hair again. "Are we meeting outside of class to work on the project or are we going to just meet during class?"

    With Hadrian's comments about Celine a rare, full and beautiful smile spread across Aryn's face. "Okay, well, then because I'm a terrible, terrible person I'm going to make sure to piss her off." Standing up she went and sat down in the seat next to Hadrian, scooting it over so it was close to him but there was still space. Turning her full smile on him she looked him in the eyes. "How upset is she going to be if she thinks I'm actually trying to get your attention? Especially with my reputation when it comes to men?" She asked. Figuring she'd looked at him long enough she turned back towards Celine and flashed her a smirk, lifting her hand and giving her a wave. Right then the bell went off for the end of class and she grabbed her bag, throwing her stuff back into it before looking over at Hadrian. She wasn't going to apologize, she hadn't hurt him any and Celine was obviously someone he didn't care about much. Otherwise she would never have done it. Aryn may have a temper but she still respected other's boundaries. Hence the no touching. Pushing some of her hair out of her face she started walking out of the class and felt someone's arm on her. Turning around she saw Celine and gave her a small smile. "Celine, take your hand off of me or I will punch you." She said in a low voice, almost daring her to do it. Celine just smiled at her. "You know, sweetheart, you'll never be able to get our Hadrian to be interested in you. He will only care for a pureblood." Aryn just raised an eyebrow and took a step closer to Celine. "Oh? Well, I would say I have a better chance of getting your precious Hadrian than you do." She told her smiling. Turning around she started walking to the door and felt a punch on her side. Grabbing her side she turned around, angry now, and saw that Celine had her wand out. "Oops." She said with a smirk. Aryn just smiled and walked towards her. Keeping her wand in her pocket she stood right in front of her, and then punched her in the face. "Hope you find someone to fix your broken nose." She said simply as she turned around and walked towards the Great Hall to meet Jason, rubbing at her side.

    Bypassing Jason she quickly made her way to the Gryffindor table and waited for the owls to deliver the mail for everyone so the food could appear. No one ever wrote to Aryn so she was surprised when she saw the owl land in front of her with a letter adressed to Aryn Rosaline Townsend. Frowning she opened the letter to read it's contents:

    Dear Ms. Townsend

    Recently it has come to our attention that we are going to need the assistance of Mr. Lynn, Ms. Augustine, Mr. Middleton, and you. I have important information for you regarding your family and have a request of the utmost urgency to assist in the wizarding world. Please meet me tonight in the headmistress's office at 7 p.m. sharp.

    Hermione Weasley

    Minister of Magic

    The hell is this shit. Looking up from the letter she quickly found Jason's eyes and saw that he had also gotten a letter. Standing up, her temper already full blown, she started walking towards the Slytherin table. Assuming this was a prank of Hadrian's. Getting there just as Jason grabbed ahold of her arms it was obvious how mad she was at someone bringing up her family. "The bloody hell is this shit Middleton." She said her whole body shaking in anger.
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    • Rose stared at the Hufflepuff in front of her. Before she could even utter a single word, he had began to stuff his things into his bag. Focusing on her once more, he gave her a polite smile as he spoke. "I suppose I'll see you around." He said, throwing his bag over his shoulder and proceeded to stalk off to the Great Hall. Well, so much for some company. With a sigh, she started to pack up her things, wandlessly casting a scourgify on her slightly inked palm. Throwing the strap over her shoulder, she stood up, stretching her legs a bit. Without further ado, she walked out of the door, passing by Lynn on the way, who was probably waiting for Townsend. As she walked, she had caught sight of a fellow Hufflepuff who was muttering, complaining about Townsend rejecting his offer during Hogsmeade. Not only did she embarrass the poor guy in front of the entire class, but also in front of Middleton. Now that was shocking news. Who would've thought that those two were capable of being civil towards each other. Shaking her head at the weird thought, she made her way to the Great Hall, the sound of her shoes tapping echoed with every step she took. Just a few more steps before the Hall, she stopped, looking around for Hadrian. Even if the man was taller than her by a couple inches, he was like a shadow, able to blend into the crowd despite of the powerful vibe he gave off. Spotting the familiar mop of dark hair, she patiently waited as the Slytherin made his way towards her. "So I heard a rumour that —" She stopped midsentence at the displeasure she saw on his face. "Are you going to tell me what happened, or am I just going to find out as usual?" she asked, an eyebrow raised in confusion. Hadrian muttered something unintelligible in return, making the female frown. He was once more in no mood to talk, as if it were not obvious as the sky being blue. He didn't know whether to tell the younger Augustine about what he had witnessed that had happened between Céline and Townsend not too long ago. Though he was sure of it that news about the fight wouldn't take long to circulate around the castle, especially with a Céline currently having a broken nose as further proof. Shaking his head, he gestured to the Great Hall.

      With a defeated sigh, Rose and Hadrian entered the Great Hall, gaining some attention from the other houses. He hadn't understood as to why everyone would stare whenever he entered a room with Augustine. He had heard some rumours, but chose not to listen to any of them, least of all, anything coming out of some nosy Ravenclaw's or Gryffindor's mouth. Though he wondered, did they really think of them as a couple? Surely they could see how incompatible they were, more so when it came to power. Why power you ask? You see, whenever a witch or wizard takes someone as their significant other through bonding, taking their vows in front of Mother Magic gives her the right to bound your cores together. As that happens, it either allows you to gain more or give some magic to your other half, depending on how powerful or weak they are. And between Rose and himself, it would be a miracle if their cores wouldn't create a problem for either of them as they cast spells. "I'll talk to you later." He mumbled before he went off to the Slithering table. As he sat down, he didn't bother to look up when he heard the sound of flapping was heard. It was rare for students to receive letters from their parents, seeing as the purebloods were busy with the Ministry, and the muggles didn't know how their owl posts worked. Piling his plate with food, he let out a contented sigh. Before he could even take a bite, a loud familiar voice made him freeze. "The bloody hell is this shit Middleton." Confused, he looked up, slightly regretting it later on. There in front of him was an enraged and shaking Townsend, who looked like she was about to murder him, and Lynn, who was holding her back. "May I help you, Townsend?" He asked, placing his fork down as he stared at the two, crossing his arms over his chest.

      Before the Gryffindor could even reply, another pair of owls arrived and Hadrian was greeted with a medium sized parcel that seemed to have holes on it, being carried by Ophiuchus and Keira, his and Rose's owl. They both let out a hoot as they circled the Slytherin table, taking a few rounds around before gently landing in front of the Slytherin. Curious, he relieved them of their burden and gave the each a piece of ham. On top of the parcel were three letters, two of which had the Ministry seal. Two were addressed to him and the other to Rose. Placing both letters beside him, he stared at the parcel, taking a deep breath as he slowly opened the package, and as he did, he couldn't help but let out a gasp at what was inside. There inside the box was a sleeping snakelet. Not just an ordinary snakelet that could be found anywhere, but a Basilisk. "Holy shit!" was the loud exclamation that brought him out of his shock. Looking up one more, there he found Rose standing beside the other two, staring at the creature inside the box. Before anyone else could catch a glimpse, he shut the lid close, careful as to not wake the sleeping snake. Shooting the Hufflepuff a scolding look, Rose gave him a sheepish yet curious look as she took the letter that was hers. In suspicious unison, they both opened the letter that was from the 'Ministry'.

      Letter Lord Middleton/Lady Augustine,

      It has recently came to our attention that we are in need of your assistance, not only yours but as well as Lord Lynn's and Lady Townsend's. We have important information regarding your family and ask for your out most cooperation to help save the Wizarding World. Please meet me tonight at the Headmistress' office at seven post meriden sharp.

      Minister of Magic,
      Hermione Weasley

      "What the fuck is this?!" Rose growled out through clenched teeth, the temperature slightly dropping, turning the once warm day into a cold one. She was furious, her emotions taking over than her mind. What kind of imbecile would try and send out a letter to not only her, but three others from three different houses, pretending to be the Minister of Magic. Did they not know that they could be fined or sent out to Azkaban for months because of identity theft? Hell, it could probably get worst if the real Hermione Weasley found out about it and that someone had placed the ministry seal on the same letter. Feeling a hand on her shoulder, she snapped her eyes open, ready to Avada Kedavra the person who dared to touch her. "Calm down." Hadrian ordered, slightly squeezing the woman's shoulder in comfort. "Or you'll regret it later on." he hissed in warning, glaring at everyone who were staring and watching the scene before them. His gaze swept around the Hall, taking in everyone's reactions, till his eyes landed on Aryn Townsend. Letting go of his friend, he made his way over to the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, eyes alight with rage, darkening with every step he took, giving off an eerie vibe as his once emerald green turned into the same shade as the killing curse. "I don't know about you both, but you've gone to far." He growled, almost as if it was not he who was talking.

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  8. Aryn was opening her mouth to reply when a couple of owls made their way to Hadrian and dropped a box in front of him. Rose had appeared at some point but Aryn didn't care, her temper was as high as it was going to be. Aryn's family was not something you brought up, not unless you wanted a fight as many people had already noticed. Her dad having walked out and her mom having passed away Aryn spent most of her summers at Jason's house or at a muggle orphanage. The orphanage was polite and they treated her well but it wasn't where she wanted to be. She wanted to have her mother back but that was obviously not an option. Plus, there was the secret about her father. Feeling Jason's hands tightening on her arms she watched as Rose and Hadrian both freaked out about whatever was in the box and she was curious but she would ask at a later tie. Right now, she wanted to know the answer as to why the hell they would mess with her and start impersonating the Minister of Magic in an attempt to get back at her. She hadn't even done anything to them lately. "I sure as hell haven't done anything to you two and I just broke your damn sister's nose. From what I know the fact I broke her nose should make you happy not pissed." She said in a low voice to Rose. She knew the Slytherin's who were loyal to Celine heard her because a couple of them stood up as if to defend Celine and she turned her angry gaze on them. "Do you really think it would be a good idea to fuck with me right now." She growled. Feeling a small sense of satisfaction when the quickly sat back down.

    Jason watched as Rose and Hadrian both opened their own letters. It was obvious from their reactions that the letters were a surprise to them as well and he looked down at Aryn who was too angry to listen to reason. Looking at the other two he sighed. He was probably the only one who didn't have family problems in the group and the only one who could think calmly and rationally. Feeling Aryn struggle against his grasp he looked down at her from where he was standing, he knew if the small brunette started to actually try she could easily break his grasp. She would regret it later but when her anger took over there wasn't much else that came to the forefront of her brain. "Aryn, calm down. It's obvious that they didn't send htem. They got the same letter themselves and I know you and I didn't send it." He said speaking quickly in an attempt to get her to calm down. Realizing it was futile he took a deep calming breath and grabbed her arm. Pushing her around his body so that he was standing in front of her for the moment. "Aryn. Calm the hell down. We can't figure anything out when your temper is this hot." He said in a calm voice. Hearing Hadrian behind him, angry himself he sighed and turned around but at that moment Aryn darted around him until she was only a few inches away from Hadrian and her eyes were boring into his.

    "You may not think well of me Middleton but I would never go after someone by using their family. If I have a problem with you I would take it up with you myself. Just like I do to Celine and all of the bloody idiots in the Slytherin house who go after me. I have never once gone after family." She said looking up at him. Part of her knew that what Jason had said was true, that the two of them reacting this way obviously meant that they hadn't sent the letters but she was too hot to care. Jason came up next to her and put a hand on her arm. "Jason, don't touch me right now." She said quietly. She didn't want to injure him. Jason shook his head and took a look between Hadrian and Rose. He didn't think he'd get anywhere with Hadrian so he looked at Rose. "Rose, would we send anything like that and then me ask you if we could get along for classes? Neither Aryn nor I are that conniving and neither of us would try to impersonate the Ministry. We also got letters which means that it is someone doing this to all four of us. Why don't we just do as it asks and go to the headmistress's office at 7? Worst case the person who sent these is there and I'm sure between the four of us we could deal with whomever it is." He was exuding an air of calm, it was something he'd always been able to do. To calm people down and get them to see reason. The only one it seemed to not work with was Aryn. Turning towards her he involuntarily made a small yelp of surprise when he saw that Aryn's only relationship, that had lasted a full day, was walking towards her. He had graduated the previous year so there was no reason for him to be there and he winced when the guy grabbed Aryn's arm and pulled her away from Hadrian.

    "Now, now Rosie you aren't getting into a fight because of a letter are you?" Trevor asked in a soft voice. Trevor was 6'1 with close cut brown hair and brown eyes, his body was still muscular since he was now an Auror. While he'd been at school he had been a Slytherin so he recognized the people around him and shook his head. "The four of you need to calm down. That letter was sent by the Minister and when she told me she sent letters I had a feeling that Rosie here would let her temper get ahold of her. Come on, she's ready to see you now." Without giving any of them a chance to answer he started walking away, still pulling Aryn by the arm so she wouldn't get into a fight. Ripping her arm away from him she glared. "The fuck are you doing here Trevor and stop calling me Rosie!" She yelled as Jason caught up to her. Trevor barely spared her a glance as he ushered the four of them into the headmistress's office. Still not paying attention to anyone but Trevor Aryn rounded on him again until Jason quickly covered her mouth with his hand from behind and turned her small body to see that Trevor and the letters had been true. Hermione Weasley, the Minister of Magic, was standing next to the Headmistress with a small smile on her face.

    "I'm sorry that I seem to have caused a bit of an uproar. Usually I have more tact but at this point in time we're desperate and I didn't have any other choice." She began slowly as she walked over to them. Hermione looked at Aryn and then at Rose and smiled. "You two don't look similar." She muttered. Aryn was confused and looked over at Rose. "Not to be rude or anything ma'am but why the hell would Rose and I look similar? We're separate people so of course we wouldn't look simliar." She said barely controlling her anger. Hermione sighed and then looked at the two of them. "You two are actually sisters. Twins." She started out, smiling at the incredulous expression on Aryn's face. "Your father," Aryn quickly looked away and bit her lip. "Your father was not a muggle, Ms. Townsend. Your father was actually a professor here at Hogwarts, the previous Headmaster in fact and he fathered both you and Ms. Augustine here. You were separated and given to two separate families to change your name for your own protection from Voldemort." She told them in a gentle tone. Jason's mind was wheeling as he looked at Aryn and Rose. From Aryn's expression she thought that the Minister was drunk, or on something and he slowly took a step towards her to make sure she didn't do anything stupid. "There is no possible way that I'm related to Rose. There's definitely no way that we're twins." Aryn stated adamently. That was too much information to take in at once. Hermione just gave her a smile and then took out her wand. "There's a simple way for me to show you I'm telling the truth. If you two could clasp a hand I can say the spell that reveals any family connection. It's usually used at weddings to make sure that the relationship isn't biological in instances of adopted children. It will tell us if you are related and exactly how you are related." Aryn looked at Rose and shrugged. "If Rose wants to then fine."

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    • They were fuming, both of them. Almost unable to hold back their magic as it grew, cracking in the air, glaring at the two other students dangerously. Hadrian let out a hiss as Townsend stomped and stood before him, puffing up in anger, as if she was going to grow a tiny bit. "You may not think well of me Middleton but I would never go after someone by using their family. If I have a problem with you I would take it up with you myself. Just like I do to Celine and all of the bloody idiots in the Slytherin house who go after me. I have never once gone after family." the woman said, well, more liked growled back as she looked up at him. It would've been even better if the midget in front of him was not looking up as she yelled, accusing him of going after her family. Who in Merlin's name would go after a pathetic witch whose mother and house was unable to educate their daughter and heir to proper etiquette like a proper half-blood or pureblood. Of course he took slight offence to that for he was abandoned by his own mother as a babe, but at least he had a father who was intelligent enough to teach him to be the pureblood that he was. "Rose, would we send anything like that and then me ask you if we could get along for classes? Neither Aryn nor I are that conniving and neither of us would try to impersonate the Ministry. We also got letters which means that it is someone doing this to all four of us. Why don't we just do as it asks and go to the headmistress's office at 7? Worst case the person who sent these is there and I'm sure between the four of us we could deal with whomever it is." Rose snapped her head towards Lynn, taking a deep breath as she shut her eyes, willing back her magic before it could cost any damage or harm to anyone or anything within her immediate vicinity. Before one of them could utter a word, a familiar face walking towards them. He was a Slytherin who had dated Townsend, their relationship lasting only a whole day, and had graduated the previous year. He had no reason to be here, so why was he?

      "Now, now Rosie you aren't getting into a fight because of a letter are you?" That voice. Hadrian knew well who that voice belonged to and he was damn well sure that he was going to be the first son of a bitch he would murder once he graduated. Looking at the man who was now behind Townsend, his glare darkened. Trevor, previous Slytherin, 6'1" with brown hair and eyes. And for some random reason, he reminded Hadrian of Longbottom's own frog. The man was still as muscular as he had last saw him, and by the looks of it, he was now an Auror, working under the corrupted Ministry of Magic. "The four of you need to calm down." Trevor started with a strict tone in his voice. "That letter was sent by the Minister and when she told me she sent letters I had a feeling that Rosie here would let her temper get ahold of her. Come on, she's ready to see you now." he explained before turning and walking away, pulling an irritated, furious and yelling Townsend along with him. With a bunch of profanities spurting from his mouth, he stuffed the letters into his robe pocket and carefully grabbed the parcel from the table before jogging off, catching up with the others. Trevor barely gave them a glance ― especially his ex ― as he ushered all four of them into the headmistress' office. No matter how many times Rose had been sent up to the headmistress' office, she couldn't help but marvel at the magical paintings of the previous headmasters as they watched and criticized their every move. But as her eyes landed at the familiar figure that stood next to the headmistress', her mouth drop. Hermione Weasley née Granger, Minister of Magic was in front of them.

      "I'm sorry that I seem to have caused a bit of an uproar." The minister apologized sheepishly with a smile. "Usually I have more tact but at this point in time we're desperate and I didn't have any other choice." she explained further, and at that, Hadrian narrowed his eyes. What was so important that they were in desperate need of help and were out of time? He carefully watched as Hermione Weasley walked over to them, smiling fondly as she looked at Rose and Townsend. "You two don't look similar." she muttered to herself. Rose stared at the minister as if she grew a second head or more. Why would they look similar? They were two different people from two different families. "You two are actually sisters. Twins to be more exact." Mrs. Weasley wasted no time and went right into topic. " Your father, she started, and Rose watched as Townsend looked away and bit her lip. "Your father was not a muggle, Ms. Townsend. Your father was actually a professor here at Hogwarts, the previous Headmaster in fact and he fathered both you and Ms. Augustine here. You were separated and given to two separate families to change your name for your own protection from Voldemort." she explained further, pausing at some point for them to process everything before continuing. Whilst Mrs. Weasley spoke, Hadrian was shocked to say the least. It wasn't everyday you found out that your rival was your best friend's long lost sister and that their father was a deceased professor. He was taking in too many things at once and his mind was spinning. "That's a load of bullocks!" Rose exclaimed in disbelief. It was impossible. How could two different people be sisters when they're the exact opposite of each other. Okay, so there may be there were a few, but still. They didn't even look alike to be sisters. Not one feature that indicated that they were from the same parent. And a deceased professor? Bullshit! Everyone knew that it was rare for ANY professor to be a parent.

      The minister only smiled as she took out her own wand. "There's a simple way for me to show you I'm telling the truth. she said. Warily, Hadrian casted a few protection charms wandlessly and nonverbally, paranoid that something was going to happen, despite that Lady Hogwarts had reassured him multiple times as he stood there and listened. "If you two could clasp a hand I can say the spell that reveals any family connection. It's usually used at weddings to make sure that the relationship isn't biological in instances of adopted children. It will tell us if you are related and exactly how you are related." So it was no joke when everyone said that Mrs. Weasley was a know it all Gryffindor. Though he wondered, was she only book smart or just trying to have good grace in the Wizarding World. "Alright." Rose agreed, hesitantly taking a step over to Townsend. Clasping their hands together, she watched as the Minister casted an ostendo progenies, a jet of golden light erupting from the tip of her wand. The spell looked oddly familiar yet at the same time unrecognizable. Hadrian swore he had heard or read about that spell. Both Slytherin and Hufflepuff watched in amazement as the once golden mist turned into golden thread, moving and wrapping around the supposed twins, as if its purpose was to squeeze them together until they were one. Hadrian stared as a dark green thread emerged from within Rose whilst a grey thread came from Townsend. What happened next nearly made the Slytherin faint in shock. As both threads entwined, it revealed one name that shock the entire room. One name that made everything even more impossible. In golden colour, there written in the air was the name of their father. Severus Tobias Snape.

      "That's not right. Rose denied. Hadrian shifted his gaze to his best friend only to see that the witch had gone pasty. She had bypassed pale and gone for ill it would seem. Without thinking of the consequence, he cancelled the ostendo progenies spell with a flick of his wrist as he grabbed Rose and spun her around so she was facing him. "I need you to stay calm for me, flower." Hadrian cooed, eyes softening yet still held determination when he saw that she was at the verged of a panic attack. "I am calm!" Rose squeaked, her voice two octaves higher than normal. "I just found out that Townsend is my sister and that Severus Snape is my real father. Nothing to panic about, yeah?" Hadrian watched in amusement as she took a deep breath, only to choke on it. "Morgana's tits, I can't breathe." Rose couldn't think nor function properly. It was just too much to take in. How in hells name was she related to the most obnoxious and hot headed Gryffindor? It just didn't make any sense at all!
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  9. Jason watched as Rose and Aryn clasped hands. He had heard about the spell that Mrs. Weasley was going to use but he’d never seen it put into use. It wasn’t used very often unless the half-blood or muggle born didn’t know who one or both of their parents were. Having known the reputation Mrs. Weasley had while she was a Hogwarts student it didn’t surprise him that he could use it. Seeing movement from the corner of his eye, he turned to see that Travis had moved closer to Aryn. He was prepared for something bad, and that wasn’t a good thing. Focusing his attention back on Aryn and Rose it was only years of concentration that kept his mouth from dropping open in shock as the dark green thread came from Rose and the grey thread came from Aryn. As it revealed their father’s name he saw Aryn’s eyes widen and the emotions that were flying across her face. He started taking a step towards her when Mrs. Weasley shook her head at him. For some reason she wanted Aryn to come to terms with it herself, yet Jason was the one who could keep Aryn calm when he tried. If he used that power though, in front of Hadrian and Rose, they would know what he was able to do.

    Aryn had watched as the name of their father was written in gold above them. Shaking her head she couldn’t help her face from showing the emotions she was feeling. Confusion, shock, anger, disappointment. How was she supposed to handle this? She had thought her father was him, her mother had died fourth year and she was an only child. She considered herself an orphan, hell she was staying at a bloody orphanage if not at the Lynn’s home during the summer holidays. Aryn kept shaking her head and started walking backwards. “It’s not possible. I can’t be his daughter. My father—“ She shut her mouth quickly and just continued shaking her head and walking backwards until she ran into someone. Looking up she saw it was Travis and he had his hands on her shoulders. “Go ahead, tell them all who your adoptive father was. While you’re at it why don’t you tell your sister and Hadrian what you did to him after your mother died so he wouldn’t know about what he had done? Or why you have a ministry appointed handler that follows you on holidays?” Travis said in a voice loud enough to carry. Jason winced, he knew the truth. He’d been with Aryn when she’d been found by the ministry, she had run to his home as a way to go somewhere. Aryn just shook her head as she slowly sat down on the ground. Her head in her hands. “Tell them, that your father is the second most powerful man in the muggle world, Rosie.” He continued. “Shut up Travis! And stop calling me that. It’s not my name.” She screamed. She was losing it. Rosie. Rose, how was Rose? Looking up she saw that Rose seemed to not be doing well in Hadrian’s grasp.

    Jason had started making his way towards Aryn and Aryn just shook her head. “Help Rose.” She said shaking her head. She was still confused. Jason looked up at Travis who nodded and he took a deep breath. Walking over to Rose and Hadrian he met Hadrian’s green eyes. “I can help calm her down, but this doesn’t leave this room.” He said in a rare, firm voice. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath as he reached for that magic, the magic he couldn’t explain and didn’t understand that he had. Once he had it he opened his bright blue eyes and gently laid a hand on Rose’s shoulder. As he let the magic fill into her, and by extension Hadrian since his hands were on her, he knew from what Aryn said that it would feel like a cool breeze was blowing the anger, confusion, and panic away. He only ever used this on Aryn, or sometimes his parents, when they were at their absolute worst because they needed the assistance. He had to focus on Rose right now, if his concentration faltered it wouldn’t work as well. He thought about the girl, being calm and able to think rationally like she did in class. He had to admit that she was a smart, and beautiful, girl so he made sure to concentrate on those facts as he let the calming magic flow through him to the two before him.

    Aryn watched from where she sat as Jason helped Rose and realized that Mrs. Weasley was still talking to her. Shaking her head she looked up at her. “Not to be rude, but I haven’t heard a single thing you’ve said and I doubt the three of them have either.” She said quietly. Aryn wasn’t normally quiet. But she was confused. Family, to her, was precious and something you cherished. Her and Rose hadn’t necessarily hated each other but they’d never been cordial since Aryn and Hadrian didn’t get along with each other and she was Hadrian’s best friend. But, if Rose really was her family then a part of Aryn wanted to act on that. “Oh bloody hell, if you tell me I’m related to Celine I swear I’m going to black out.” She said loudly. Mrs. Weasley gave her a smile and shook her head. “Neither you, nor Rose, are related to Celine Augustin.” She said reassuringly. Aryn let out a soft sigh. “That’s a bloody relief since I just broke her nose.” She muttered. Travis started laughing behind her. “Shuddup Travis.” She said. Her attention focused again on Jason, Rose, and Hadrian. Jason, figuring he’d done enough had stepped back from Rose and Hadrian and was walking over to her. “I’m fine, Jason. I just, have no idea what this means is all.” She said softly. Jason nodded. That would make sense. He wasn’t sure himself how he would take the news.

    “Unfortunately, that is not all the news I have for the four of you.” Mrs. Weasley said as she looked at the four. “Mr. Lynn—“ “If you tell me I’m related to Hadrian I’m leaving, right now.” He said automatically, shooting a glance at Hadrian. “No, you aren’t related to Mr. Middleton, however you are a direct descendant of Rowena Ravenclaw.” She said softly. “Ms. Townsend and Ms. Augustin are direct descendants of Helga Hufflepuff and Godric Gryffindor and Mr. Middleton is a direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin.” She explained softly. “The four of you are the top students of your year, direct descendants of the four founders, each of you has a power unique to the wizarding world,” at that last comment Aryn’s head shot up. “How could you possibly know about that?” She asked standing up now. Mrs. Weasley sighed. “There was a prophecy discovered in the Department of Mysteries that details the four of you, and that the four of you are our only hope. Harry Potter was kidnapped a week ago. Presumably by a group of Death Eaters who are now following a new person, who is similar to Voldemort.” She said bluntly. Aryn and Jason just looked at her for a few moments. “You, Ms. Townsend, have the ability to heal yourself and others at an extraordinary rate with a simple touch or bring certain things back to life. Mr. Lynn can calm people around him and is already an unregistered animagus,” she started off. Turning to Hadrian and Rose she gave them a smile. “I know this comes as quite a shock to the four of you but I meant it when I said we are in desperate need of your help.”

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    • It was understandable that Rose was panicking, who would've thought that Severus Snape, the vampire-bat of a professor, was actually sexually active in the midst of a war? Probably forced himself to love some poor naïve witch who looked like Lily Potter, hence Rose's red hair. Well, at least the man made the right decision to create a heir for both the Prince and Snape line, it would've been a pity to see another powerful line to die out just like how the others had. Though it didn't explain at all how she was his daughter when she didn't have any trait that would hint out that they were related. Not even Townsend had any! It was just impossible, prosperous even! Unless........unless they were hidden beneath a strong glamour, one that was casted by a powerful wizard or witch if it lasted this long. And who was powerful enough to do such reckless things besides Mister Harry Potter? Mister Albus Dumbledore of course! And if Rose wasn't mistaken, it was for the greater good such as how the wizarding world forced a clueless, eleven year old child into a war whilst they both adored and hated him at the same time. Before the beast within her could lash out in anger and her magic to check for any magical blocks, she felt something trying to calm her down and at the same time tugging at her beast. She didn't need a genius to figure out that someone was using their magic on her, but this.....sensation.....that she was feeling was different, something that she could not, for once, place a finger to. It was like everything from her worries to insecurities were being taken away with a simple......kiss. Though, despite not knowing how it felt like to do such intimate thing with someone, it felt quite like it. Or how she imagined it to be.

      There was just so much Hadrian could take and understand, and seeing his best friend go into a panic attack was enough for him to break and accept the offered help. Tensed, he watched warily as Lynn took a deep breath, placing a hand on Rose's shoulder. Whatever he was about to do, the Slytherin was prepared for the lashing out of the magic his friend had the honours to wield. But instead of something going wrong, he felt all the tension that he had had vanished, replaced with a soothing kind of.....touch. Whatever Lynn had done, Hadrian knew well that it was something that was beyond learning, unless it was a spell that was yet to be discovered, or perhaps was also dark. But it was impossible for such spell to be dark, it was just too light. And if it were an undiscovered spell or newly created, it wouldn't take long for such thing to be found out. Especially one that was powerful as this. The young Slytherin was brought out of his musing as he heard a slight gasp coming from Rose as her eyes flew open. She tried to scramble away, but the arms that was currently caging her had a tight grip on her being, making her attempts futile. Focusing on the calming sensation, Rose took a deep breath and focused on evening out her breathing. When she accomplished so, she turned her focus to Lynn and gave him a strained, yet thankful smile. With another deep breath, Rose forced herself to straighten out, a slight grunt leaving her lips, though quiet enough for only herself to hear.

      As the Ravenclaw stepped back, Hadrain couldn't help himself, being the paranoid and caring prat that he was, had to check over Rose, just encase Lynn had actually inflicted some sort of physical pain on the Hufflepuff. Deeming that his friend was safe and unharmed, they went over to where Mrs. Weasley and the others were. Something was telling him that there was more to calm. "Unfortunately, that is not all the news I have for the four of you.” The minister added, looking at the four of them. "Mr. Lynn ―" she began, but was immediately cut off by said man. "If you tell me I’m related to Hadrian I’m leaving, right now.” Dear Merlin on a pogo stick, if he found out that he was actually related to Jason Lynn, he was going to throw a fucking fit! Protocols be damned! "No, you aren’t related to Mr. Middleton," She replied softly, though her tone held amusement in them and there was a small sparkle of mirth that shown in her eyes. "However, you are a direct descendant of Rowena Ravenclawa” At that, Hadrian couldn't help but cough as he choked on his own spit. What the bloody hell? Was she telling them that this almost know it all half-blood was a descendant of one of the Hogwarts founder? Especially someone as wise and intelligent as Rowena Ravenclaw? "Ms. Townsend and Ms. Augustine are direct descendants of Helga Hufflepuff and Godric Gryffindor." She added. Damn, did Mr. Weasley not teach his wife the proper etiquettes were when speaking to a bunch of heirs and heiress? "And Mr. Middleton is a direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin." Well, at least she had some respect on her tone. "The four of you are the top students of your year," Oh yes, why don't you gloat and stroke your ego about being the brightest witch of your time. "Direct descendants of The Four Founders, each of you has a power unique to the wizarding world." At that, Rose stiffen, hand itching to grab her wand and curse the Minister to oblivion. But it would've been too scandalous, especially with Celine up and about.

      No one was supposed to find out about those unique abilities as Mrs. Weasley put it. "There was a prophecy discovered in the Department of Mysteries, that details the four of you, and that the four of you are our only hope. Harry Potter was kidnapped a week ago." Well wasn't that just peachy. Not only were their abilities found out, but they were part of a bloody prophecy that was hidden in the Department of Mysteries! Not only that, but Harry Potter was kidnapping and is currently missing, which meant that they had no choice but to participate in whatever in the nine hells they were about to be thrown into. Was fate now tired of Lord Potter and deemed it so that they were now her favourite chew toys? "Presumably by a group of Death Eaters who are now following a new person, who is similar to Voldemort." She added. Well isn't that just great. The former Head Auror being captured by a bunch of Death Eaters who are now loyal to a rising Dark Lord anew. Was Wizarding Britain really this pathetic?

      "You, Ms. Townsend, have the ability to heal yourself and others at an extraordinary rate with a simple touch, or bring certain things back to life." Wait, hold up! Aryn Townsend/Snape was a necromancer?! Okay, now Hadrian had to admit that was cool, but chose not to say anything. Necromancy was and still is an unknown, very dark magic that can not in under any circumstances be learned and taught by those whose magical cores can not handle such dark magic, more so to those who never had necromancers in their family tree. Though with the interbreeding, he wouldn't be surprised if the purebloods actually have necromancy blood running through their veins. "Mr. Lynn can calm people around him and is already an unregistered animagus." Hadrian sighed in relief. Well at least the Minister hadn't found out about his Serpentine Form. Though, thinking about it now, it was quite similar to the animagi transformation, but the serpentine transformation never really needed to be determined by the personality of the parselmouth and they can be allowed to have one to two forms that the master prefers. One thing for sure is that, the Serpentine Form was harder to master than the Animagus Form. "I know this comes as quite a shock to the four of you, but I meant it when I said we are in desperate need of your help."

      "Are you telling me, that you're hoping for us to immediately help the entire Wizarding World like a bunch of stupid and erratic Gryffindors because of a stupid prophecy that says we are the supposed heroes of this shithole?" Hadrian asked, staring right into the Minister's eyes, not missing the narrowing of the Headmistress' eyes. That was just blasphemy! Unlike Mrs. Weasley, they were not a bunch of dunderheads and reckless Gryffindors who has a hero complex or some shit and was ready to sacrifice everything for a community that was still corrupted by a bunch of greedy bastards. "Apologise Minister, but he does have a point." Rose butted in with a frown. "Prophecies that are made will not happen unless acted upon on, and not to be heard unless it is being witnessed by a few whilst Mother Magic approves of such prophesy. Not all are true Minister." What she said was the truth and nothing but the truth. She could even make an oath or a vow, though she knew she didn't need as it was knowledge that was passed down by wizards and creatures alike. Creating a fake prophesy for your own sadistic pleasure was and still is a great crime against Mother Magic and her sisters, along side with Death. "Did you even know that Lord Potter-Black is one of the most powerful wizards to ever walk on earth? Did you know his powers are second to Tom Riddle himself? He could destroy the wards surrounding the Ministry of Magic if he so pleases. Hell, he could just apparate himself into this very room if he wants. The wizarding world already has the most powerful wizard alive, why do you still need us? Because a prophesy said so?" Hadrian asked, lips curled into a frown.
      In all honesty, he had never thought that this conversation was going to come to this. It was no laughing matter when it came to such topics as this. It had been unexpected to receive such a letter from the Minister of Magic, but the information that was told was even more harder to comprehend and take in. They were just students for Godric's sake! They still have so much to live for and they're just going to enter and join a war because of a bloody prophecy that could be fake? Yeah, no thanks. It was after all not easy to replace a persons life with another, unless you were given pardon by Death and are forced to return to your body. The young snake was brought out of his musing from the sound of hissing.....that came from the parcel that he held. Well, it would seem that his new companion had awoken to the sound of their arguing. ∮ Hush little one ∮ Alright, maybe it was a bad idea to speak to the little basilisk while being in the middle of a confrontation with the minister. ∮ A speaker! It has been too long since the last had fallen! Are you my new intended master? ∮ To some it would sound like a bunch of random hissing, but Hadrian knew better, and couldn't help but chuckle at the serpents enthusiasm.

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  10. Jason calmly listened to what Mrs. Weasley was saying to them all in regards to a prophecy. He could understand both where she was coming from in asking them for help and where Hadrian and Rose stood. Looking over at Aryn he saw that she had a look on her face that didn’t bode well if she received any more shocking news and he hoped that this was all the news that they were going to receive. His mind was wheeling with the information provided. He hadn’t known who his parents were, he’d been dropped off at his adoptive parents home when he was an infant and that had raised quite a few questions but he’d quelled them after having heard Aryn’s story a few years back when her mother had died. He knew his adoptive parents loved him so it wasn’t too hard for him to not think about his biological parents. Hearing that he was a descendant of Rowena Ravenclaw however was throwing him off quite a bit. He didn’t know how to take that information. Listening to Rose and Hadrain question Mrs. Weasley he stayed silent to take in the information, right up until Trevor came up beside him. “You need to hold onto Aryn for the rest of the conversation. There’s quite a bit more that needs to be said and she will not hold her temper.” Trevor told him calmly as he moved to stand on one side of Aryn. A bit worried he listened and went to stand on Aryn’s other side so both him and Trevor had a hand on her shoulders. Shit was about to hit the fan if Trevor was worried about how Aryn was going to act and was asking Jason for help.

    Mrs. Weasley looked at Hadrian and Rose calmly. “I’m well aware of how powerful Harry is Mr. Middleton.” She said sharply. “What you are not aware of is that Harry has not been as powerful since the birth of his son.” Hermione knew she was going to need to give them more information, she had been hoping to keep parts of the prophecy from them and let it just happen naturally. “This prophecy was also approved by Mother Magic and if you four would like to hear it yourselves then I have already gotten permission from the Headmistress to take the four of you along with Travis and I to the Ministry for you to hear it yourselves.” Sighing she rubbed at her temples as she looked over at Aryn, making sure that she was contained by Trevor and Jason for the moment. “There is another piece of the prophecy that I should inform you about. There was mention of two marriage arrangements in the prophecy. Being unsure as to if this was valid I went through the magically binding contracts at another section of the library that have been witnessed by Mother Magic and unfortunately your father did indeed arrange a marriage for the two of you.” Mrs. Weasley said looking first at Rose and then Aryn.

    At that simple sentence Aryn’s body stiffened and her face went stony, resulting in both Jason and Trevor tightening their grips on her. Mrs. Weasley looked over at her for a moment before continuing. “The firstborn daughter was placed in a marriage arrangement to the firstborn Middleton son. Approved for by your father Mr. Middleton.” She informed him, unsure if he’d known about the marriage arrangement or not. “The second daughter was placed in a marriage arrangement with the firstborn son of the house of Lynn. Which was agreed to by your father Mr. Lynn.” Jason looked up in surprise. “I was adopted, how could there possibly be a marriage arrangement when I’m not biologically a child of the Lynn household?” He asked slightly confused. “Your adoptive parents are actually your aunt and uncle. They have been unaware of it until I stopped at their home briefly before coming here to inform you four of the prophecy and arrangements.” Aryn looked at Jason with a slight look of horror on her face. “I love Jason, but as friend and a brother. There’s no bloody way I could marry him.” She said shaking her head. At this Trevor started laughing. “That’s good, because you’re the firstborn Aryn.” Aryn looked at him for a moment, confused at the laughing and then processed what he was saying and her face got angry again. “Remember your slight issue with intimacy Aryn? You might need to get over that with your future husband over there. At least he’s decent in the looks department.” Trevor chuckled. Jason sighed and took a step back, even he wouldn’t be able to control the flood of anger he felt coming from Aryn at those comments.

    Aryn looked at Trevor for a moment and quickly ripped her arm out of his grasp. Without missing a beat she quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him closer to her, making sure her fist connected with his stomach before throwing him over her shoulder. “Do not talk to me about my issue with intimacy Trevor. You learned it the hard way the first time.” Taking a few steps back from him she walked over to Mrs. Weasley and the Headmistress gave her a look. “Ms. Townsend, there is no need for fighting.” “Fuck that. You’re trying to tell me that not only did I get stabbed and tortured by a man that was not my father, but that I wiped his memories and almost killed him and he had no biological relationship to me?” Mrs. Weasley opened her mouth. “I’m not done.” Aryn yelled. “You’re trying to tell me that the woman I buried, by my bloody self was not my mother? She was my mother. She took care of me, she’s the one that taught me how to control my magic and she is the only person who understood what happened to me since she got it worse that night.” Aryn took a step back and took off her shirt, standing before Mrs. Weasley in her cami as she took a deep breath and lifted the magic. Showing the scars on her forearms, over her heart, and the long scar going down between her chest. “I realize, Minister that you’ve heard about me. There’s no way you wouldn’t have, especially if you brought Trevor in an attempt to control my anger. Big mistake there assigning him as my new handler. But it’s different when you see what that man, the man who I thought was my father did to me. Simply because I was a witch. Do NOT expect me to go through with a contract that I had no control over. I am not marrying someone I don’t love and I sure as hell am not marrying someone that was decided by a father that did nothing more than place me in a home that would end up doing this to me.”

    The Headmistress was looking at Aryn with an expression on her face that could only be described as pity and Jason winced. He knew that was the last thing Aryn wanted. Walking over to her after taking a look at Trevor he took a deep breath and put his arms around Aryn’s middle, pulling her back from Mrs. Weasley. “Calm down. You need to calm down Rosie.” He said using her nickname. “You can’t call me that anymore I have a sister who’s name actually is Rose.” Aryn retorted, pausing briefly on the word sister, but she let him calm her down as she stood there. She knew she needed to put the glamour back up, she didn’t want her scars to continue showing, it wasn’t something she enjoyed. Jason looked down at her and figuring she was calm enough he grabbed her shirt and threw it at her and went over to check on Trevor. Pressing on his ribs he had a fractured rib, probably from the ring Aryn wore. “You fractured a rib, Aryn. Can you at least heal him? He was trying to do his job.” Aryn looked at him. “He was trying to agitate me.” She muttered but walked over. “Do I have to? He wanted me to hurt him so I could heal him.” She muttered. Jason gave her an apologetic smile. “Sorry, but yeah. Depending on what we’re going to do here Hadrian and Rose are going to need to know how you heal. It’s not something that’s exactly comfortable. At least with women a cheek works.” Aryn sighed and knelt down. Leaning down she pressed her lips to Trevor's pouring her energy into him. Hearing the gasp that indicated her magic was working she pulled back and in front of him wiped her mouth. Jason chuckled lightly. “That’s what you get for pissing her off you know.” He muttered.

    Jason looked back over at Mrs. Weasley. “No offense, but are these contracts something that can be terminated? I don’t have anything against Rose but I think I speak for all of us when we say we’d much prefer to not get married to one another.” He asked calmly, he was fairly certain of the answer already but he had to try. Especially for Aryn. Mrs. Weasley shook her head. “Unfortunately no. The contracts are magically binding, which means if they are not honored then you can lose your magic entirely. Severus added a clause, his two daughters are to be courted before the marriage actually takes place.” She said with an apologetic smile. “I can’t say I understand your situation but I’m being upfront with you. The harsh reality that the four of you are going to have to deal with is that whether you want to be or not you’re going to end up involved in this. Even if you four don’t act on the prophecy others will. I can take you to the Ministry so that you can hear the prophecy yourselves if you desire. I have the marriage contracts here so you can look at them and see that I am telling you the truth.” Jason looked over at Hadrian and Rose, wondering how they would take this information. He highly doubted that either one of them were happy with the news either. He was also a bit worried as to how they would respond to Aryn’s outburst.

    Aryn was still trying to process what they’d said about the clause and an irrational laugh escaped her lips as she put her shirt back on. “Middleton courting me. I’m pretty sure he’d rather court Celine.” Jason threw her a glance and then tossed a ball at her. “Be nice. It’s not like he’s telling you this information, him and Rose are just as thrown off as we are.” Aryn shrugged. “Yeah, yeah. I do have manners. I’m not mad at them. I just don’t know how I’m supposed to process that I have a sister, a twin fucking sister, and then in the same conversation get told that my biological father promised me to a man that can’t stand being near me. Oh but to make it better he made sure Middleton had to court me first.”
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    • "I am well aware of how powerful Harry is Mr. Middleton." Mrs. Weasley replied sharply, eyes narrowing dangerously. "What you are not aware of is that Harry has not been as powerful since the birth of his son." Lord Potter-Black had a son?! How in Merlin's name have they kept it quiet with all the annoying reporters surrounding and following their every move? The fuck, even Lord Malfoy couldn't keep the reporters at bay! What more if it were the Golden Trio? But, not being powerful? That was impossible. No wizard as powerful as Lord Potter-Black could tone down their magic, it would start killing them. Unless......"Are you telling me, Minister, that Lord Potter-Black is gay and has just given birth to his first born?" Hadrian asked slowly yet unsure, hoping that he was mistaken about his conclusion. It was by far the only thing he could think off besides slowly draining of one's magical core. What other symptom shows besides pregnancy? As the babe grows inside the stomach of its mother or other father, they would be in need of more of their parents magic as the days go by, just to create their own core. But if there was something wrong with the babe, the mother's magic will instinctively do everything to help out their child, the father's magic following suit. It is very rare in the wizarding world for a single parent to give birth, seeing as the babe will take more magic from its's mother as he or she does not have a significant other. It mostly happens to prostitutes down in Knockturn Alley. Children are after all a gift to everyone.

      Rose stared at her friend as if he were a newly found creature. Lord Potter-Black, gay? Hah, the Prophet would have a field with that ludicrous idea, especially Rita Skeeter. That woman was a menace to every witch and wizard, yet provided entertainment when needed so. "Minister, I do hope you understand what you're implying, don't you?" she asked with a raised brow. "If Lord Potter-Black has truly just given birth to his first born, then I'm afraid your dear friend is in grave danger." Wizards and witches who just gave birth were the most easy targets anyone could kill, their magical core restoring its magic, making the vulnerable to any attacks they receive, one of the reasons why they are not allowed to leave the manor without being accompanied by someone who can defend both of themselves. "This prophecy was also approved by Mother Magic, and if you four would like to hear it yourselves, then I have already gotten permission from the Headmistress to take the four of you, along with Travis and I, to the Ministry for you to hear it yourselves." Rose couldn't help but hum in response. She wondered, how far could they push her buttons before she would crack and make a fool of herself. Though it was unnecessary for the Minister to act so uptight. Was this how she always was even during her days in Hogwarts? She did like a good challenge, and this, she was going to win.

      Hadrian smirked as he saw the minister rubbed at her temples. It indicated that he and Rose were still in their game. "There is another piece of the prophecy that I should inform you about." The minister added. And by the sound of her tone, it was something Rose was not going to like, at all. "There was a mention of two marriage arrangements in the prophecy." Oh hell no, this was not happening. She had not heard the word marriage, and she was sure as hell it was not hers. "Being unsure as to if this was valid, I went through the magically binding contracts at another section of the library that have been witnessed by Mother Magic, and unfortunately your father did indeed arrange a marriage for the two of you." Hadrian observed as the minister took a quick glance at Townsend before continuing. "The first born daughter was placed in a marriage arrangement to the firstborn Middleton son. Approved for by your father Mr. Middleton." The last part was added in a hurry, but he chose not to notice it, too busy muling over the thought that he was going to be married. Fuck, he was going to be married and it was either to Townsend or Rose! And he didn't even know anything about that shit! "The second daughter was placed in a marriage arrangement with the first born son of the House of Lynn. Which was agreed too by your father, Mr. Lynn."

      Rose blinked once, then twice before letting out an ear piercing screech of "What?!" making Hadrian take an involuntary step back at the sound. Years of observing his muggle grandmother has ingrained to him that he should do what his muggle grandfather does whenever his grandmother decides to become a human banshee. Shut up and suck it up. "Are you telling me, that I have to marry someone I don't give a flying fuck about? Someone I hold no feelings besides hate and jea―you know what we aren't going there. I can't even stay in the same room with him without a fight! what more once we're married? I sure as hell won't be responsible for any death that occurs near the manor or whatever shithole we'll be forced to live in!" Hadrian involuntarily wince in pity at Lynn. Good god, nails against boards sounds like a lullaby compared to that sound. "Remember your slight issue with intimacy Aryn? You might need to get over that with your future husband over there. At least he's decent in the looks department." At that comment, Hadrian couldn't help but feel offended. He was not only descent in the looks department, but his physique was quite captivating too, thank you very much. And what the bloody hell did Travis mean Townsend has to get over with her intimacy with him? "Oh hell no!" He exclaimed with a hiss. He was not going to marry a woman who couldn't take grip on their anger for even a minute or so.

      Two pairs of eyes watched as Townsend took a quick glance at Travis before quickly ripping out her arm out of his grasp. Without missing a beat, she quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him towards her, making sure her fist connected with his stomach before throwing him over her shoulder. Who would've thought that within that tiny midget held a beast with such an amount of strength. "Do not talk to me about my issue with intimacy Travis. You learned it the hard way the first time." First time, huh? Did that actually mean that they had done more during their time together? He watched with curiosity as she headed over to where Mrs. Weasley stood. Despite the headmistress' warning, the young girl gave her no heed, eyes focused at the Minister. "Fuck that. You're trying to tell me that not only did I get stabbed and tortured by a man that was not my father, but that I wiped his memories and almost killed him, and he had no biological relationship with me?" She asked and Hadrian froze. Mrs. Weasley opened her mouth to reply but was cut off by Townsend yelling that she was not finished. "You're trying to tell me that the woman I buried, by m bloody self was not my mother? She was my mother. She took care of me, she's the one that taught me how to control my magic, and she is the only person who understood what happened to me since she got it worst that night." Everyone watched as she took a step back and took of her shirt, leaving herself in only her cami as she stood before the Minister, taking a deep breath before lifting the glamours, showing them all the scars that were on her forearms and at the long scar going down between her chest. Both their breaths hitched at the sight of a scar that was over her heart. "I realize, Minister, that you've heard about me. There's no way you wouldn't have, especially if you brought Travis in an attempt to control my anger. Big mistake, there assigning him as my new handler. But it's different when you see what that man, the man who I thought was my father did to me. Simply because I was a witch. Do NOT expect me to go through with a contract that I had no control over. I am not marrying someone I don't love, and I sure as hell am not marrying someone that was decided by a father that did nothing more than place me in a home that would end up doing this to me."

      As Hadrian gotten over his shock, he stared at the Minister for a few moments as the rising fury he had was being fuelled even more from the information he had recently discovered. "It would seem Minister, that you're not doing your job properly. It would also seem that you've been to busy spouting about S.P.E.W when you yourself could've prevent the cause of abuse between magical children and muggles!" He shouted, a slight wind picking up around them as his magic leaked out of control. "Unlike most muggles Mrs. Weasley, not all of them are accepting about witchcraft and magic, more so when it comes to religious people. Do you even know how it feels to be exorcised once a month? I assure you, it feels much worst than the Cruciatus Curse. Imagine your magic being stripped from you with a knife that was molten red from the intense heat it was forced into. Now imagine that same knife being inside you, slicing and stabbing at whatever it can touch, wanting an out in its cage. Isn't that such a wonderful experience?" He asked, eyes narrowing dangerously as he watched the Minister's eyes widen in shock. "I'm doing everything I can, being a Minister isn't an easy task, especially with all the laws about magical creatures." She explained hesitantly, eyes darting to the headmistress. "Are you bloody well kidding me?" Hadrian roared, his magic reacting and destroying the trinkets around the office. "Are you or are you not friends with an abused orphan who is currently missing? The same orphan who was treated so much worst than an elf? Can't you see it Minister? Not all magical children are able to have loving and doting parents that YOU have!"
      As Rose listened, a frown made itself know. She understood why Lynn had to ask. Having two very hot tempered persons get married, especially someone like Hadrian and Townsend, was not going to end up well. Sure their sexual tension was thick, oh so thick that it could choke her to death. Plus, she didn't want to marry someone who wouldn't want her in a romantic way, it just made her feel like she was being used, as if she was just a mere toy that could be easily replaced wit another one. "Unfortunately no. The contracts are magically binding, which means if they are not honoured then you can lose your magic entirely. Severus added a clause, his two daughters are to be courted before the marriage actually takes place.” The Minister answered truthfully with an apologetic smile. “I can’t say I understand your situation but I’m being upfront with you. The harsh reality that the four of you are going to have to deal with is that whether you want to be or not you’re going to end up involved in this. Even if you four don’t act on the prophecy others will. I can take you to the Ministry so that you can hear the prophecy yourselves if you desire. I have the marriage contracts here so you can look at them and see that I am telling you the truth.” Dear Merlin, she had actually brought the marriage contracts, but chose not to show it beforehand, but at least now was a good time to see if it were really real. "It would seem like a trip to Gringotts would also be in order, Minister. It would be also wise to call our solicitors to arrange everything important encase the marriage contract is actually real."
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