Weird Smells That You Like

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  1. Since the human nose is so weird yet so delicate, what are some strange smells that you like but everyone else hates?

    For some reason, I've always liked the smell of gasoline :/ I don't know why. I'm not sure if it's normal or weird though.
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  2. I like the smell of a new book.
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  3. Yeah, new books smell nice.

    I also really like the smell of blankets I sleep with.
  4. Yeah, new books smell nice.

    However some older (not ancient lol or musty) books have a certain nice smell to them. Dunno how to describe it, but it makes me feel nostalgic since most of the books I got as a child were old books that my parents already read or even from my older relatives when they were young.

    I like experiencing the scents at a beach, early morning when it's still quite cold but you can feel the breeze on your face. Private (or semi-private???) beaches are more secluded and isolated from human crowds or most other people aside from family and friends, and it also adds to the experience and makes me remember the scents more positively.

    Also the new clothes smell can be good or bad depending.

    Oh: and fresh mountain air.
  5. Chlorine. More specifically, I guess the smell of a pool? I don't even like to swim, but I think they smell good. Gasoline is a pretty popular smell to like, and I like it too - but have you ever tried Diesel Exhaust? Oh man.

    Or the smell of a laundry vent when the dryer is going.
  6. The smell of the rain on a hot summer day, permeating everything from the dirt to my clothes.
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  7. A freshly flicked Zippo lighter.

    Reminds me of my grandfather who's had his same Zippo since he was 16. Recently he gave me one of my own despite knowing I don't smoke tobacco. Even though it's beyond Plain Jane with it's polished steel finish I can't help but adore it's simplicity.

    Also my own farts.
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  8. I am having a hard time thinking up "weird" scents. Because everything I think of is totally normal and not weird. D: Like rainy days, or that first smell of fall in the air.

    I guess that new shoe smell miiight be kind weird? But that seems normal too!
  9. Ah, yes. Nothing like your own brand of smell.
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  10. Gravy smells rather nice... When I can smell it, damn low functioning nose.
  11. I like the smell of baby powder.
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  12. New car smell. Dunno why, maybe it's because it smells clean and new.
  13. Weirdly, I like the smell of cigarette smoke. There's something about it that just makes me like it. Probably because my grandma on my dad's side used to smoke ALL the time, and I spent a lot of time with them when I was young. She stopped smoking a while ago.

    Gasoline is also a smell I really enjoy.

    As is the smell of freshly sawed sawdust.

    And newly cut grass.
  14. My nose is too sensitive to it. I've gotten a bloody nose just from being exposed to all the smoke.
  15. Ooh... Ouch...

    That actually reminds me:

    Hospitals. Hospitals have that sort of metallic clean smell to it that I like.
  16. New tires....o.O No idea why.
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  17. For those that have been on a submarine before, there is a machine-oiley scent to the air as the oxygen is produced and not natural. I'm not quite sure how to describe it or what the smell is, but I enjoy it. I guess the smell can be replicated in a machine shop, motor shop, or something similar.
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  18. This.
  19. New shoes.

    Clean laundry.

    And a car park basement.
  20. I reeaally like the smell of cardboard. *^*
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