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We Updated Iwaku and the Database only got deleted

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Aug 28, 2016.

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  1. YAY! We survived update day, with only one accidental fuckup of the style and a full database delete! :D Lucky us that we have backups every ten minutes, so zero data was lost. You can all thank @jared555 and Atabyte Hosting for that one! Diana was just really pissy for an hour or two while the backup reinstated. c____c


    The new style set is LIVE. Many of you may recognize this style system from other rp sites. :D It's a favorite and pretty awesome one cause it allows you to set CUSTOM COLORS. Don't like our default, choose from the premade color sets or set your own colors.

    All of our styles have been renamed PLUS one added extra style, so you have a flexible choice of background colors depending on how your eyes/devices work best.

    Midnight = Black background. It's the same as the old Black Night style.
    Dusk = Dark grey background. It's the same as the Thunder Grey.
    Evening = Medium grey background. It's the same as the Grey Mist.
    Daylight = Light grey background. It's NEW and it's in case white is too bright but the grey is too blah.
    Sunrise = White background. Its the same as Bright Light.


    OTHER NEW THINGS? I dunno, there might be little things here and there. 8D Stuff I can't remember, but prolly aren't super important.


    GROUPS. The new groups system is installed, but I didn't get a chance to FINISH prepping it in time for getting Iwaku open. So we'll be doing that over the next couple of days and opening it in time for the Open Registration. In the meantime staff will be working on the new GROUP POLICIES, so we can make sure they get moderated properly. <3

    There are some other random small updates that need to be done, but those involve things no one will really notice. It's all minor updates the site doesn't need to be closed to get done.


    As always, even when some bugs get fixed, new bugs will pop up. If you're having issues with your account or something looks weird or you get some asshole error, please use the Bug Thread in the HELP DESK BUG THREAD.

    If you send me private messages about bugs I will make grumpy faces at you.

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  2. Thanks for taking care of us, Diana!
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  3. Diana, just set the default theme to Evening and lock out the others. That way I don't have to worry about font color contrasts.
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  4. It's a little jarring on mobile but nothing I can't get used to. It looks neat though :) Albeit a little clunky in some areas.
  5. Just go back to AMOR and leave us alone here
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  6. Finally I can check my 7 mysterious alerts that have been tempting me like Satan all day!
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  7. The theme and new color options are my dream come true. Love it! Thanks, Diana! 8D
  8. Being able to match my theme colors to my avatar is my new favorite thing. Thanks, Diana c:
  9. I will, just as soon as I cause enough discontent.
  10. Seagreen link text?! Seagreen?!!! Diana, don't you know how difficult seagreen is to match with other colors?!!!!
  11. Thank you Diana. The new styles look beautiful. I am so excited about the groups! :D
  12. Just make all else black. Ezpz.

    Everything goes with black.
  13. Everything does go with black, and yay the site is back which awesome as
  14. God dammit now i am gonna be spending hours figuring out my perfect palette
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  15. yall are lucky it only took like two minutes or there would have been some HECK to pay
  16. [​IMG]
    ... *sniffs* Nope. My eyes aren't wet. I'm not sniffling! You saw nothing. *hides under cloak*
    Cake. Bloody hell. You took my cake away...
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  17. So, why exactly did we update for this new style? It seems like a case of fixing what wasn't broken
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  18. We were updating for the groups (which were heavily broken) and because regular updating is needed, the styles were just an extra thing. The groups are installed into iwaku, but they are not up yet because Diana didn't have time if she wanted to open the site as soon as possible. This has been pretty common during updates recently that not everything is finished when we open and we get new things over a few days/weeks after the update has "finished". We could keep the site closed until everything is completely done and only work on that, but member's tend to be pretty restless after only a few hours of down time, so more than a couple of days would probably give people heart attacks. Owl mom is just one little owl whom has to do all the updating on her own, it takes time :3
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