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  1. [​IMG]

    As I catch up with my group of friends we start talking asking about each other’s lives. We will soon be leaving and going off on our own in a couple of years and we want to do something together for one last time. So later that week we meet up at a local restaurant and start talking about things to do. Someone says spend a weekend at the beach but we all groan at the lack of originality, so a few more ideas are pitched until someone says a camping trip in the mountains right outside of town. We all came to agreement on it and laid out plans. Some of would bring food, a few of us will bring tents, and those of us with guns will bring a gun. As we counted down the days, we found a spot way out from the the city to the point we didn't have phone service. We unpacked and loaded our gear, lugging it down trails and paths for half the day setting up camp for the first night. The second day we pack up, and move further in as the sun comes up, we think we are moving in a single direction but we head off course. We find a natural spring with a waterfall by midday and set up there for the next two days. We wake up after the second day to make it back out and can't remember which way to go. We try the way we think but it brings us out to a ridge overlooking a small valley. Once we realized it we set up camp there on the ridge, no way to contact the outside, no way to find the way home, and no obvious way out. The only food we have is the three days’ worth of food we brought and the drinks we brought. We know we won't make it long out here if we don't do something but will we be able to handle the pressure of fighting for our survival and way back home or will we lose ourselves.

    Note the setting is The Black Mountain Range in NC. The time of year is summer.
    1. Obviously we follow all Iwaku rules
    2. Mother Nature is relentlessness, she can kill. This means dehydration, starvation, poison, and other natural killers will be brought in.
    3. This is being played as real people which means either you or you will find a real picture and make the character close to you as you feel like making it. DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME IF YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE DOING SO.
    4. You will respect each other in the OOC thread, I do not tolerate any form of bullshit and I will kill you off if you cause any form of problem but I will have a mod look at it after three complaints to me.
    5. I allow the use of drugs and alcohol, and sex can happen but this goes back to rule 1. So make a suggestive post and then fade to black.
    6. If anytime I take something to far in the RP such as the things I say or situation I put us through let me know in a PM and I will tone it down a bit if I see that I am going to far.
    7. Have fun.
    8. Not really a rule just remember that some people like visuals so link to pictures if you can/want too.
    9. Guns are fine too but only one.
    10. Lastly if you have any plot twists of your own to add, shoot me a PM. I want to make this a group thing and I might be the GM but that doesn't mean you guys don't have good ideas too.
    11. If you accept the rules as they have been written on the end of you character sheet put, "I will survive"
    Character Sheet
    (Unless I have to explain something I'm going to make this as straight forward as I can)

    [Insert Image here]
    Height & Weight:
    Physical Appearance: (this means your outfit as well)
    Personality:(You should list strengths and weaknesses in here, do this in first person)

    What did you bring:(Five to ten items. Think about how much space they take up and what they weigh. If you bring a gun it has to be civilian issue and ammunition doesn't take up space as one of the five to ten items but it will be considered in the bulk. Knives and other bladed objects are okay if they are logical.)
    What are you wearing:(Think about where we are so dress accordingly)
    Acceptance code:(in the rules)
    Theme Song: (Why not)

    This is my CS (open)

    Tyler Lee


    Height & Weight:
    5'10" 143 lbs.

    Physical Appearance:
    A tall and lanky fellow Tyler is the epitome of what modern culture automatically calls a stoner aside from his recent loss of hair. His grey eyes cut through bullshit when he is fed up but they carry a happy glint most of the days. If you can have 0% body fat content on your body then he has that, and there are signs that he is working out with a bit of muscle mass and toning. His skin tales of his normal attire with tan lines of a tank top and board shorts. His toothy smile when he is at his happiest show coffee and nicotine stained teeth that are almost perfect thanks to braces. With few scars on his body he has crazy stories for them. He keeps his nails well clipped and trims most of his body hair to keep it in order . He has one tattoo, it's the molecular formula of THC.

    For the most part a laid back person with a go-with-the-flow-because-fate-dictates-most-of-our-life attitude. When I notice A problem I stand up and speak, my mouth getting me into and out of most of the troubles I find myself in. I'm not much of a fight by nature finding it causing more problems than it solves. I shift in between leadership and following when the situation dictates. My strong points have to be my general knowledge of about everything, my jack-of-all trade skill set, my outgoing nature, and my ability to jury-rig something out of nothing. My obvious weaknesses are I'm not strong, when I get upset I lose my shit on everything, I don't like to be bothered when I am trying to do something, and my pride.

    What did you bring:
    25 feet of 550 para-cord
    Pack of cigarettes
    A big box of matches
    Colt LE901-16SE outfitted with vertical fore-grip, shoulder sling, three clips, and ACOG
    Paper back copy of The Unbearable Lightness of Being

    What are you wearing:
    New York Yankees flat-bill
    BMTH Tee
    Skinny Jeans
    Military regulation boots

    Theme Song:

    I am looking to make a ten person group.
    Five guys

    Five girls

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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Raven Smith
    Age: 16
    Height & Weight: 5'8" 180 pounds
    Physical Appearance: Athletic body style, wears blue jeans, black t-shirt and blue hoddie, ball cap with Skillet on it. Her eyes change color daily from blue to green so many say hazel.

    Personality:Very clam and collected most of the time but does have moments where anger takes over.Then it can be hard to clam Raven down. Tries to get along with everyone but it doesn't always go well and can hurt her feelings more easily but she tries to hide when someone does. Serious never seems to really get a simple joke. Creative is enjoys using imagination and thinking of new things. Doesn't do great in relationships. Can friends but you bring her life problems and she'll grow quiet not sure what to do for she hates picking a friends side.

    What did you bring: MP3, head phones, a portable charger, pocket knife, flash light with extra batteries, art sketch book and pens.

    The pocket knife
    Show Spoiler

    What are you wearing:Blue jeans, black t-shirt, blue hoddie, and a ball cap that has Skillet on it
    Acceptance code:I will survive
    Theme Song:

  3. Accepted :D
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  4. Dang this sounds awesome! I totally wanna join but I'm going on a trip...I guess it'll be fun to read though. :D
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  5. Well I need more people before I can start hah but you can watch all you want.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Elijah Zacharias Lorenz

    18 years old

    Height & Weight:
    5'9" and 160 pounds

    Physical Appearance:
    His hair is halflong and black. He mostly has it combed over one side of his face (emostyle) He wears low snake bites and has a tattoo on his arm to honour his mother. His build is quite muscular, thanks to sparring with his brothers. His skin shows multiple scars on his arms, back and legs, not from self harm but from having a mentally/physically abusive father. He uses eyeliner to make his grey blue eyes stand out and can also been seen wearing nail polish, just for the fun of it. His feet will mostly be covered with simple sneakers, Converse or Vans. He wears skinny (yet not too tight) jeans, mostly black, with chains attached to them or a belt that is only attached on one hip. On top he will wear band shirts or fun shirts, or anything you hand him really.

    He is a very gentle and loving boy, yet he will not hide his strong opinion. He is very peaceloving and will not start a fight over nothing, but he sure as hell knows how to stand his ground in a fight. He is not someone to just accept and do as told, unless he agrees or knows it is useless to go against the authority. However he will keep on challenging the system, and not just roll over and bark whenever he is told. He isn’t a person to hold grudges against anyone, unless you go very deep in hurting him. He likes to cause some mischief here and there and to joke around, taking life not too serious. This results in a constant smile on his face. If you are feeling down and want a laugh you should come to him, though if you want to talk about it he will have a listening ear also, though he doesn’t do too well in ‘serious’ situations.

    However there is a serious side to this boy. He just keeps it hidden and only lets it out when he is alone. You can see it back in his dark poetry and in some of his drawings. If you listen closely it is there in his music too. A lot of the songs he writes are based on his past, yet he won't just straight up tell you about his home situation. It is something he rather forgets than feel the sympathy or pity from others. He is happy to be away from that place and to be able to do what he wants, and no way in hell he will be going back to that family he left behind. Not without an excuse from his father, which is something that is never gonna happen.
    tattoo (open)
    He had gotten the tattoo on his right arm in secret. He designed it himself. A friend of him illegally inked him, since he was far too young to get a tattoo.

    What did you bring:
    * His MP3 {Music is his life. He can't go a day without it, besides it is an old thing that can go on for ages without charging}
    * Sketchbook and pencil. {He is an artistic guy, in case he gotten some inspiration during their trip}
    * Swiss army knife {stolen from his daddy. It has all kind of helpful features}
    * Raincoat {In case of bad weather, you never know right?}
    * His cigarettes and a lighter {Yes, he smokes... }
    * Extra shoelaces {Again you never know when you might need it}

    What are you wearing:

    Acceptance code:
    I will survive

    Theme Song:
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  7. Accepted
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  8. I would love to make a female for this~
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  9. I would love to join this. Is it okay if I post a profile once I get home from work?
  10. [​IMG]
    Name: Ryanon Edigar
    Age: 18
    Height & Weight: 135, 5'6
    Physical Appearance: Shoulder length blue hair, blue eyes, average height and weight, curvy. Outfit Outfit
    Personality: I am kinda shy around new people, but like having loads of fun. I get nervous kinda easily, and make things awkward when i do. When I get upset i keep it to myself, but will also pull back from the group. But i like to make people laugh and smile, i can be adventurous and can get cocky sometimes, though i try not to. I don't really like being around new people much, but love my friends to death and would do anything for them. I can have a big mouth sometimes, picking fights i might loose, but usually it is in defense of people i love.
    What did you bring: Gun (colt Series ’80 Model 1911 in 45 ACP), MP3, headphones, novel, vape
    What are you wearing: Loose fitting black T-shirt, Light camo Jacket, Skinny Blue Jeans, Army boots, Grey beanie, necklace from dad.
    Acceptance code: I will survive
    Theme Song: Forgiven, by Disturbed
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  11. Consider it reserved:D

    You certainly can ^-^
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    wonderful! Thank you! :)
  14. [​IMG]

    Marianne Christine Finch
    Everyone calls her Ann or Annie


    ~:Height & Weight:~
    6'2" and 195 pounds

    ~:Physical Appearance:~

    Ann is a fairly leggy woman with a strong build. She rival's most men in muscle, and is often feared by others.
    Her brightly colored hair and snake bites really add to the punk ish ness of her features. She has one inch gauges in her ear. Her normal attire
    is dress casual, or to the situation, depending on where she is going. She doesn't care much about appearances, but she
    is practical, with a little bit of flare.

    Ann is a very, interesting female. Most girls like doing their hair, getting the right amount of makeup, or just being talkative and things like that. She even
    stands out from the group though because she doesn't talk almost at all. Ann is selectively mute, meaning she chooses to be so quiet that most don't hear her voice at all.
    Though she doesn't speak much, she makes up for it in body language. Ann usually brightens at the sight of friends or food, and her shoulders slouch when she
    gets sad or is forced to do something she doesn't like.

    When you do get to know Ann, she is awfully blunt with the few words she does say, and is strait to the point. However, some refer to her as a mother bear,
    and she is often not only the most prepared one, but she is also one of the most protective. She had taken fighting classes since she was a kid, and due
    to her height, often dwarfs some males as well. She has gone though a lot of teasing and bullying, and though she hates to show it, she does
    have a bit of a weaker side that she denies showing her friends, in fear they won't like her, or they wont understand it.
    She also writhes a lot when she sleeps, due to having PTSD

    ~:What did you bring:~
    A small first aid kit with three water purifying tablets inside
    A Phone and Headphones
    Extra Granola Bars
    Rain Jacket
    A small four foot section of rope
    A small book of poisonous wild plants
    Extra Compass on backpack
    A sketch book and pencils

    ~:What are you wearing:~
    A pair of thick jeans with no rips and tears, a short sleeved aqua blue v neck, a
    small necklace with a yin and yang charms on it, her gauges, and a pair of bright blue sneakers.

    ~:Acceptance code:~
    I will survive

    ~:Theme Song:~
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  18. [​IMG]
    Name: Hannah Emerson
    Age: 18
    Height & Weight: 5'1, 115lbs
    Physical Appearance: Hannah is a short, petite girl. She has a very white big smile that could light up any room.

    Personality: Hannah is smart when it comes to engineering things. She has spent a lot of time watching dual survivor with her dad and she's almost sure she can make the life jacket out of a pair of jeans. She is fun to be around and care free. She tries her best to get along with anyone. However, she is a firecracker that could go off at any time. Hannah my be small and quiet, but when she gets mad she can really make someone hate themselves. Hannah tries to stay away from getting angry.

    What did you bring: A canteen, cellphone, a four protein bars, rope, and a pocket knife.
    What are you wearing: outfit
    Acceptance code: I will survive
    Theme Song: Mz, Hyde- Halestorm.
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  20. Can I reserve the final female spot? I'll put up my CS asap.
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