We bought a Minecraft realm.

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  1. Well. I did anyways XD. A subscription through january for a REALM server. it's going to be a gothic RP server. already built some nice roads between build spots, natural villages with good mining spots, and a desert with a flying ship hovering by it. Working on the dwarven style merchant city. big continent with lots of nice features, it came out as a pretty nice spawn actually. Pretty happy with it. i've hidden chests all over the place, and secret dungeons with Named weapons att he end of them. BWAHAHAHA! I'm a rather Mad architect...

    Anyone who want's to join, It's called Corvussania, and since i havent doen realms before i dunno if i have to invite you by your minecraft name or what so... ya. ^_^ AND i am Only inviting Iwaku members to it!
    Yay exclusive!
  2. I have no idea how Realms works.
  3. Any Mods being used?
    Or is it a vanilla server?
  4. Realms are vanilla. they have independant servers that are always open. thought it'd be a good test run to see if i want to invest in a server myself.
  5. So, is the Iwaku server the test run then?
  6. well, i am only nviting Iwaku members. theres plenty of structures and such set up for adventuring.
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  7. Alright, thanks. :)
    Is there an IP address we need, or do we just search for the server name?
  8. Give me your minecraft name and i'll invite you. looks like how it works.
  9. WashingtonBroski
  10. Alright guy, highly recommend getting in here, it's awesome the amount of effort he put into making it seem like a lived-in world. I already set up across the Southern Sea, around a Savannah and desert.

    For those of you who know,

    Arxis Rises!
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  11. My minecraft name is 'wingedandwicked.' Probably won't sign on for a bit, but if you could add me to the whitelist that would be lovely!
  12. In vited both of ya ^_^ elcome to Corvussannia. The city tot eh north-Banarast, isn't done yet. but the walled City AMOSS down the east road is ready for houseing, and so is the city across the desert, follow signs, and I'll be around at the starting point to give out goodies. ^_^
  13. Add ZOMGodzilla.

    You're using creative to make these adventure areas, I'm guessing?
  14. Correct, and invited! postign screenshots soon
  15. Been fun so far, below is a screencap and coords for a village with a desert temple spawed right next to it if anybody wants it.

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  16. I was interested until you said RP server. Sorry bruh, survival is the way for me.
  17. well it's set to survival, and there aren't alot of handouts. just a themed world. Like we said earlier, Realms servers are vanilla aswell.
  18. Name is wheelblader, I'll definitely take a look next time I log in.
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