We are the dreamers of dreams.

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  1. We are the dreamers of dreams. We are the people that can make ourselves lucid and we all thrive in that.

    We have been dreaming for a very long time and none of us truly know why we haven't awoken, but most of us don't seem to care. We live in a world in which we have complete control over ourselves.

    Some of us awaken some stay for much, much longer. Are some of us dead, or are we all just dreaming?

    Here are the "rules":

    We are all lucid dreamers. We can change appearance at will, give ourselves impossible abilities when we feel the need, and we are never truly harmed.

    Many of us are just sleeping people that happened to become lucid. Some of the people don't even need to be lucid. A player can just portray a character as they might act in a dream.

    The only catch is that the dreamers cannot always control the world around them. Each dreamer has a personal landscape (created by the player) that they are familiar with, but most dreamers (due to the nature of dreams) find themselves wandering into each others worlds. They often meet other dreamers but due to the irrationality that dreaming can bring, they hardly ever believe other people to be anything more than figments of their own creation.

    Players' personal design is only limited by their creativity and general etiquette. You can be just about anything you wish to be.

    Traveling/interacting with another player's world should be a focus here, but players can just have fun expressing how their character would change their own world. As a jump-in might imply, players can simply hop in like a random dreamer who recently put their head down to sleep.

    I'm hoping that this design fits the section well and allows for plenty of players to be able to hop in and just get creative. This is my first attempt at any sort of RP here, so I'm trying something broad.

    My goal here is to just have some simple character interaction in any sort of setting a character might "thrive" in.

    With that, I'm going to start a short bio and describe my character's setting. Bio's aren't necessary and can be posted in this topic, or the OOC.

    (And here's the OOC thread: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/we-are-the-dreamers-of-dreams-ooc.56116/ )


    Name: Mikael
    Gender: Male
    Age: (Unknown to Mikael)
    Height: Shifting between 5'10"-7'0"

    Appearance: Mikael is a tall and very pale being. His physical features can be simulated by looking through a horribly unfocused camera lens. His features are so blurred that the most that can be made of him is a general shape of a human body. No organs, eyes, or small appendages can be made out. Mikael doesn't appear to be wearing clothes but due to his constant blurriness he doesn't need them.

    Personality: Mikael is extremely new to the dreamscape and lucid dreaming. He, like all beings of his experience, is almost completely unaware that he leads (or possibly lead) a waking life. He is confused and has barely achieved the ability to control his personal environment. Currently, Mikael is in a very discomposed state of mind and is trying to piece his new setting together.

    Dreamscape: Mikael's dreamscape in empty. Nothing but a white backdrop as far as the eye can see. This is reflected by his amateur status as a lucid dreamer. Since Mikael is still collecting his thoughts, random ideas tend to form into objects in his dreamscape, or his mind may change part of his setting. These changes often disappear soon after being made up, since Mikael still can't completely focus his mind into making a stable home.


    Mikael had never breathed a more neutral breath of air. Or at least that was how he felt. Breathing was never really something Mikael had ever focused on in his life before, other than when he felt ill. However, this felt off. Mikael has never in his life questioned why he was breathing normally, but after brief contemplation, Mikael discovered why this had irked his interest out of him. Mikael realized that at regular intervals and at far too long of periods, he wasn't breathing at all.

    So to put it simply, Mikael was breathing normally, but at times he wasn't. That was good. Or bad. But he wasn't dying, so what of it?

    In fact, Mikael found that he didn't even need to breath which was rather relaxing considering how confounded he was. He also figured that he didn't need to see, mostly because there was literally nothing around him worth looking at. Mikael was surrounded by absolute nothingness, with the exception of light. However, light wouldn't do him much good if there was nothing to look at. So, Mikael thought for an extensive amount of time about what might be worth looking at.

    He decided that a mirror would do quite nicely and soon enough a small looking glass lightly bumped into what felt like his left cheek. To his disappointment, the mirror had little worth looking at other than a faintly peach (but mostly white) blur.
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  2. Alana had been standing still for several moments now. She was unsure of whether or not it could be called standing, however, due to her lack of physical legs. She knew the sensation of her feet touching ground was there but yet she also knew that if she were to look down there would be no legs in sight. No ankles, nor feet, nor toes. Just absolute nothingness. From her waist down Alana had nothing visibly holding her up. She appeared to be floating, suspended in perfect stillness. As she remained unmoved her mind focused on finding her center, trying to pull herself back from what felt like total imbalance.

    The thin robe of hers rippled like a calm stream and it's faded, light blue color reminded her of the chilling cool air lightly touching her arms and neck. Everything felt weightless and disconnected. Maybe this is why she didn't feel so well. Her emotions and thoughts were teetering around her as if they were weightless and uncontrollable as well. Everything was becoming more and more surreal as she tried harder and harder to grasp onto one comforting thought.

    "I am not alone" She thought.

    Her surroundings then, for an instant, felt more bearable. She wiggled her toes to feel short, smooth grass form beneath her.
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  3. Mikael had never truly felt lonely, although he felt he ought to. He was stuck in a blank world without any sort of direction or company to himself, yet he didn't feel completely alone. That, or loneliness was such a new sensation to Mikael that he simply couldn't recognize it. All around him was emptiness and that simply wouldn't satisfy Mikael as it was.

    However, in Mikael's mind, there was little that he could do to change this. So, he simply crossed what felt like his legs, and thought to himself.

    That was when Mikael stopped feeling his sense of quasi-loneliness and recognized a new guest for what he was.

    In front of Mikael sat a Monk who was wearing what Mikael believed to be Buddhist garb. The monk sat facing Mikael in the same cross-legged position with his eyes closed. His face and other features were difficult to focus on and Mikael didn't put much effort towards memorizing this man's face. He was bald and saying things that Mikael simply wasn't attentive towards.

    All knots undo into multiple ends.


    In order to bond, you must find other ends to tie with. That is the way we must work and thrive in order to prosper with each other.

    The monk was gone almost as quickly has he appeared leaving nothing but a single red string. The string was the most interesting thing Mikael had to look at since he saw his own blurry face in a small mirror.
  4. The grass felt so real. So much so, that Alana felt startled and picked up her invisible feet. Quickly the sensation left her and there was no more feeling of grass below. She immediately felt saddened because the grass to her, was progress. If she could re-imagine the grass to be real, maybe she could make sense of the rest of her environment. So she replanted her feet to the solid, lifeless floor. She then repeated the comforting mantra over and over in her mind.

    The grass reappeared all around her, crawling up around her feet and lighting the area around her in a nearly blinding light.

    She kept concentrating as she slowly stepped forward. All she could see around her was a world shrouded in mist. The mist was just transparent enough to peer through, though her vision was still fairly foggy. As she walked she looked at the green grass. It was lush and shimmering, like some ethereal lawn from the heavens. Just beyond the edge of the grass was a medium-sized pond.

    She approached the pond and knelt before the still surface. It almost appeared frozen due to how calm it was, but she became distracted by the sight of herself. Her reflection was clear enough to make out her bright golden eyes, and how her shoulder length hair seemed to be several shades ranging from dark brunette to faded blonde. She could also see the blue robe and it's delicate details, and her skin that almost appeared to have never aged.

    Then her sight refocused on a small strand floating upon the water.
    "What's this?" She reached for it and lightly pinched one end, pulling it up and away from the water. It was a completely dry red string.
  5. After a hard day of work and college classes, nothing felt better than laying down and going to bed. Of course, that was until you realized that you actually didn't finish everything that you were supposed to do that day. Like pay the damn water bill. Fuck it, He'll do that tomorrow. He'd been up since four and had been working all day. He put his head on his pillow and quickly succumbed to sleep.


    He was laying on his back, that much he could tell. He could also tell that some jackass had turned the lights on in his room. That jackass was probably his roommate and best friend. He put a hand over his eyes and rolled onto his side.

    "Oi, turn them lights off jerk. Some people need their beauty sleep!" He expected to be greeted with a smart ass comment followed by his roommate doing something else obnoxious. Instead, though, he was greeted by unexpected silence. "I know you're there jackass." He continued. "I swear to god if I have to get up and shove you out of this room I-" He removed the hand from his eyes as he spoke, and opened one of them to get a good look at his room. For a moment, he was at a loss for words. He was looking up at the ceiling, but it wasn't his ceiling. He shot straight up and looked around the room. He was in an empty square room with just a mirror. It looked like some sort sterilized secret government facility where they had experimented on people at.

    A million ideas went through Alex's head at once, though he kept coming back to one. Had he been kidnapped and was he about to be experimented on? On the bright side, he could gain cool mutant powers. Fuck yeah, Wolverine. Still, the chances of that actually happening were probably zero. He stood up and dusted off his jeans. Well, might want to check the only thing in the room. The large, person sized mirror standing smack in the middle of the room.

    He walked over to it and touched the glass surface. It was surprisingly cool to the touch, like he was touching cool water. He then attempted to move it, but found that it was also impossibly heavy, or bolted to the floor. He sighed, unsure of what to do as he looked at himself in the mirror. Wait....he was starting to remember. He was asleep! Yes, that was it! He was in the middle of a Lucid dream right now! Wait...you mean those things he did to help with that actually worked?

    ...huh. Well cool. So this was a lucid dream. He could look however he wanted too, right? Heh, this should be fun. Focusing his imagination, he began to imagine his own appearance changing. There was a slight breeze, and almost immediately his clothing had changed. He was wearing Reds clothes from pokemon, and had six poke balls attached to his belt! Hoh man, this was going to be fun! Why hadn't he gotten into Lucid dreaming sooner? Practice? Ha! This was easy.

    Focusing his mind again, he found was suddenly wearing a green tunic, with green pointed hat. In one hand was an exquisite sword, the other, a shield with the Hylian symbol on it. Yeah, he was going to love this now-

    "Hey, Listen!"

    ....Oh no. That had to have just been his imagination.

    "Hey, Listen!" Damn it. Not just his imagination. If that little pest of a blue fairy even so much as dared to come near him, he'd make sure it learned what 'annoying' was. "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!" The little fairy dropped something in front of him, a red string. Curious, he grabbed it with one of his hands, not noticing the shield and sword had both vanished. What, was this Legend of Zelda and the quest for the Red String or something? Man, Links job really has gone downhill....

    "Hey, Listen!"

    Oh, great. Navi was going to keep doing that until he...uhm, undreamed her, wouldn't she? Ah well, how bad cold it be, he could ignore her.

    "Hey, Listen!"

    Well, now he had to figure out what to do now. This was a Lucid dream, he could do anything he wanted to! He could-

    "Hey Listen!"

    Okay, this Legend of Zelda thing was getting old. He should try something else. Something with...pirates! Yes, pirates was good! Swashbuckling adventures, fighting on the high seas! Treasure! wome-

    "Hey, Listen!"

    And with that, his concentration was completely broken. The world around him violently began to rumble. Oh great! What the hell was happening now? He tried to keep his balance, but only succeeded in stumbling backwards into the mirror. Or, through it rather. There was a loud crashing noise as he fell through the mirrors surface.

    "...I was trying to tell you to listen...." The little fairy sighed, and winked out of existence as the room faded and he fell.
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  6. Mikael tied the string around his right wrist (or what would appear to be his right wrist). He couldn't lose the only piece of this world that captured his interest, and with nothing better to do Mikael made it his mission to hold onto it. It at least reminded him that he existed, which beat his prior feelings of loneliness by far.

    However, the string didn't fix much. The most Mikael gained from his time was a cryptic message from an old man and a piece of dainty string.

    Mikael was bored and tired of the place around him. He wanted to leave. He was tired of nothingness and bored with small discoveries. He wanted to learn things about his niche but knew too little to even begin to understand it. All he knew was that he was floating in a vast land of nothingness, and Mikael was tired of floating. Wait, floating?

    Mikael had realized that he was floating which was far from common for him. Mikael was a firm believer in his kind being bound to the floor, and like an angel with clipped wings, Mikael began to fall.

    He felt as though he was falling with his back towards the ground and his eyes towards the blank heavens. He had never felt a greater rush in his life. Mikael felt thrills that he had never experienced before as he fell. He crashed through the feelings of adrenaline like a plate glass window with shards that flew straight through him, and he had never felt more alive.

    Then, Mikael heard a loud splash and a cool sensation around him. He felt himself falling through water and soon realized that he was surrounded by what felt like a vast sea. He could see the seafloor hundreds of feet beneath him, but he wasn't moving towards it; he was falling away from it. Mikael rose (or fell) higher and higher until he could see the top of this ocean above him. He closed his eyes and braced for an impact. He was ready for the worst.

    He found himself inexplicably flying headfirst out of the water in a beautiful display. As if he were a whale or a dolphin launching himself from the sea, Mikael rose from the water and into the air leaving a glistening trail of water behind him. He felt the heaviness of the water fading from him as he rose higher and higher from the sea, and as soon as he felt the water's weight gone from him, Mikael's ascent ceased.

    He managed to catch a glimpse of where he had been before his return to the ground. He saw a vast and luminous grassland surround him, and a pond beneath him before he crashed into the water once more.
  7. Douglas had come to surrounded upon forest. He has gotten quite familiar with this setting. To his north there is a floating city that hangs weightless in a canyon. To the east the ocean to, the west the dessert, to the south the mountains.

    Douglas began to look around in search of any creatures here. None could be found. He knelt down and felt the earth under his bare feet and fragile hands. He felt a shifting in the ground. It wasn't an earthquake but more like the forest itself was shifting under him. He began to sprint through the forest. Bumping tree after tree as the branches scratched upon his skin. As he exited the forest he stumbled and felt something under his palms. He lifted his hand to find a red string. It was to be a keep sake and a memory of his first escaped encounter. He looked around. He had exited to the south and began his trek to the mountains.
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  8. Alex was falling, quite fast from the wind whistling past his ears. Well, that stupid little fairy had distracted him and now something was happening! He would have at least liked to have seen what that white room was about to begin with. He supposed he'd have to do something whenever he stopped falling, whenever that was. He felt really, really, tired though. He looked below him, not seeing ground or anywhere else to land. Just blackness. Well, a nap wouldn't hurt, now would it? He stuffed the red string into his pocket, and soon, he lost his lucidity.


    "Not good not good not good!" The voice rang out, it would have been heard from almost anywhere in the mountainous area below her. She was falling quite fast towards the ground. How the hell had she gotten here? Where was her ship? Her crew? HER RUM!?! She could live without the other two, but gods above where was her RUM?! A pirate wasn't a pirate without glorious rum! Oh, her idiotic crew members were drinking all of her rum right now, she could feel it! Worse yet, they probably are the ones who mutinied her and marooned her out here! Wherever here was!...right. Falling. From the sky. Into some mountains....welll, she had woken up in some worse situations.

    ....yeah, she should probably stop worrying about the rum now, and start worrying about trying to write a will while falling at mach five. Scratch that, there wasn't even time for that, there wasn't even time for her to say davy jones-

    She hit the side of one of the mountains with a loud crash, sending a plume of dust and smoke up quite high.

    "Oww...." She groaned, as she rolled down the slope she had landed on. Miraculously, she was alive, though she hurt all over and she was fairly sure she broke a bone or two. She was somewhat concerned that she was rolling down a slope, likely off into a cliff or ravine and she didn't really have the faculties to stop herself. Thankfully, she came to a stop just before rolling off a ledge, though. She wasn't going to be moving for awhile, however. Not without a really, really, good reason anyways.
  9. Alana stared at the string as she wondered what to do with it. What would a string be doing in a pond? Was it some sort of sign? It was a pretty big incongruity to find such an out of place object in such a serene place. She knew that wanted to keep it but wondered where to place it. She didn't have pockets, did she? She searched her robe and found a small breast pocket. Lightly, she folded the string and placed it inside. It should be safe there.

    Suddenly she heard a loud splash from the pond's surface. The sudden sound jolted her backwards. So much for this place being serene.

    Like the shattering of glass the still surface erupted with fountain of water rising up. A figure emerged and flew upwards unlike anything she had ever seen before. In a magnificent leap it appeared to have been falling upwards? How that was even possible, Alana had no clue. But like all things that go up, the figure came back down and crashed back into the pond. Sending droplets of water everywhere.

    She stood up as the figure was still in the air, and when it fell back in she wiped away the drops of water that splashed her face. The figure didn't look like an animal or beast of any kind, she thought for a moment before her chest tightened. She really wasn't alone now.
  10. Mikael returned to the water beneath him, only to find it was much more shallow than it had been, and the water wasn't nearly as vast as he had seen it. Mikael was lying face-down in a pond and he was astounded by it.

    Mikael found amazement in simply lying in the pond and taking in the underwater atmosphere. He took no notice to the plains around the pond or his nearby guest. What existed under the water was too fixating for him to look away.
  11. As Douglas was strolling through the fields leading to the mountains he heard a loud voice yelling, "Not good not good not good!"

    As he looked up he saw an extravagantly dressed person falling out of the sky and hit the side of the mountain. He knew that whoever this was they would need help after that kind of fall. He began sprinting towards the mountain side. When he arrived he began to climb the mountainside. As he started the climb he moved quickly. As he progressed his grip became weak and his arms began to fail him.

    He had now reached a platform. He rested here a while. Then he noticed a voice coming from under him. As he looked down he saw a creature with long grey arms with a small body and no eyes. It began licking the air with a gnarled toungue and sharp teeth. Thankfully it hadn't seen Douglas. But Douglas knew that he wasnt the target right now. It was the one who fell from the sky that would be easy prey.

    Wasting no time now he scurried up the mountainside hoping to not get noticed by this creature.

    As he reached where he saw the body hit the mountainside he scanned around himself to find this stranger. He finally laid eyes upon this odd person and upon better inspection noticed that this person had been rather lucky to get away with a few bumps and scratches.

    He bagan shaking this stranger to rouse her and warn her of the oncoming threat.
  12. Alana very hesitantly took a few steps to get a better look into the water, searching for a glimpse of what fell out of, and then back into the pond. She could see a human figure lying face down. She felt her heart drop with the sudden realization that whatever, whoever it was could possibly be dead. He or she didn't look like they were dead when they came up through the water. She stood like a statue watching for any movement. "Hello?"

    She placed one invisible foot into the water. To her surprise the water did not move as she stepped in, but yet she could still feel the liquid chill crawl up her ankle. The water would have certainly been more intriguing if she wasn't so worried about whether or not she just witnessed the strangest death of her life. She stopped once the water reached her knees.

    "Can you hear me? ... Hello?"
  13. Ow. Ow. Ow. Sweet Calypso, she was never doing that again. Whatever happened though, she was alive at least. Davy Jones wouldn't be stuffing her in any smelly locker yet. Unless, she did die and she became a ghost. The sudden realization that she could, in fact be a ghost made her attempt to sit up. The effort was futile, as she instead was greeted with a sharp pain from her muscles. Well, looks like she'd just lay here then, at least until she could move something.

    Unfortunately, she wasn't going to be getting that rest. She was laying face down in the dirt, and had not seen nor heard the boy approach. She did, however, feel him shaking her. Yeah, that didn't help with the soreness. She attempted to say something, to him, but failed miserably.

    "Owwwwww." She groaned again. "Sky diving into a mountain....not as fun as it sounds." She finally managed to get out. She would have liked to continue to lay there, but from the way the person was shaking her, he was either in a hurry or something was wrong. Well, she just fell out of the sky and into a mountain, so yeah, something was wrong. She supposed she should let this person know she was okay. She shakily forced herself to her hands and knees, pushing herself upright so she was sitting on her legs.

    "Got any rum?" She asked the kid as soon as she got herself situated, obviously not concerned with whatever it was he was trying to tell her.
  14. Mikael heard her words through the water as if they were being horribly distorted. The water seemed to morph her words into a bubbly mess, but that didn't stop him from understanding.

    He was startled. Nobody had ever said something so simple and understandable to Mikael since he woke up. This scared him and peaked his gradually-cultivating curiosity. Mikael rolled onto his back and slowly sat up on the surface of the water. He gazed at his new guest with his blank face and contemplated what she was.
  15. I dont but that is the least of your problems we need to get out of here now!

    He grabs this strangers arm and lifts her too her feet.

    We must move quickly it will be upon us shortly!
  16. She took the kids help, and allowed him to help her to her feet. She stretched her arms, and moved her legs, trying to work out the soreness in them. The kid spoke with a sense of urgency, as though he was running from something. Huh, well, whatever. Not really her problem. She completely ignored it and instead decided to get upset about something incredibly irrelevant.

    "What do you mean there's no rum! There's always rum!" She said, obviously shocked at the idea of being out of rum. Not a single day of her life, had she ever not had a bottle of rum somewhere on her person. She thought. Her memory was a little fuzzy. Whatever was the case, there was probably a bar around here somewhere so she could get a drink. She just had to find it.

    "Well, if there's no rum here, then I'll find my own way kid. I can smell rum a mile away. Thanks for checking up on me and all, but I'm just a bit sore. See ya!" She thanked the kid, as she turned to leave. "...now where the hell is my ship." She muttered as she began to walk towards the direction of that monster.
  17. Alana, again, stood motionless. When the strange new face moved sluggishly into a sitting position, she got a much better look. Instantly she was relieved knowing that the bizarre fall didn't kill this person. He was looking at her with an empty expression, and she had to squint her eyes at first only to realize he was terribly hard to see. All of his features were blurred as if his entire presence was out of focus.

    She was growing nervous quickly because she was doubting that this person was even there at all. Suddenly Alana began to feel shaky and imbalanced again at the thought of making this entire experience up. There was no way this man was real, he must have only appeared because of her mantra. She told herself that she was not alone here, and now, it is true. Like a wish that was suddenly granted.

    Yet she could not help but feel terrified. She didn't exactly wish for a random stranger to come careening out of a body of water, at least, that would be the last thing she expected. Her hands instinctively grabbed at the collar of her robe. She stared silently as she bounced back and forth between the idea that he was real, or imagined.
  18. As the monster emerges from the the mountainside it licks the air and approaches the girl. Douglas was stiffened with fear.

    Thinking to himself, 'It's different if i die but if she dies she's gone forever.'

    He moved quickly and tackled the monster wrestling it down and attacking its maul as it snaps at his knuckles.

    Douglas screams in pain. He looks back at the pirate and yells, "RUN!"
  19. Mikael scrutinized the woman, but grew bored with looking at her rather quickly. His gaze turned from her face as he began fiddling with the red string around his wrist. He wondered if this woman, despite giving him a friendly greeting, was going to be as cryptic and unhelpful as the old man.

    Coming to the realization that he was ignoring her, and possibly coming of as rude, Mikael stood up on the surface on the water, and held out his string-bound hand in order to shake hers.

    "I'm Mikael."
  20. She had almost, walked right into the monster as it came out from it hiding place. Her first reaction was to back up, quickly. SO this was the thing that had the boy in a urgent state...Maybe she should have paid more attention to him? Too late now, either way. For the monster, that is. She could handle the likes of it so long as the kid didn't get in the-

    The kid rushed past her, tackling the beast with his bare hands. She was dumbfounded, unable to act briefly as she pondered why someone would do something so stupid. The boy attempted to go for the beasts jaws, disabling its biting power. The plan backfired rather badly, and instead the boy got his hand bitten, rather badly.

    He then had the audacity to tell her to run. The little brat. She drew the flintlocks at her side as she walked towards the beast and the boy.

    "Two things kid. One, you're an idiot." She cocked both of the flintlocks as she neared the beast. "Two, I don't run." With that, she fired both of her flintlocks at the beast, the lead balls heading straight for one of the things arm and leg. She would have aimed straight for its head and chest, but some moron was blocking her line of sight. Right now, she needed to get its attention away from the kid. He was an idiot, but she wasn't about to let him get eaten by this beast, whatever it was.
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